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The Last Living Witness

Posted in Uncategorized by roving on April 22, 2011

My mother passed away a few yrs ago and at the age of 51, there has never been a day that has gone by I haven’t thought about the past at least once.  I was talking to my son a few days ago and he brought up my past and asked me some questions and I realized I am the only one left who knows what happen so I thought I would write it down  as a written record. Its a condensed version of a daily life till age 10.

Not only do parents need to be extremely careful  how they treat their children during their impressionable ages, it is also testament that bad childhoods does not mean the child grows up doing the same too their own.

Scientists have come out with a drug that can erase bad memories. I’m not so sure that is a good thing. What would replace chunks of memories? Blank spots? Would that not be frustrating? Wouldn’t the person know something bad happen but just can’t remember it? Bad memories could also be used as good.

Richmond VA. Oct. 1959. A young pregnant woman and her Navy husband travel to IL so she can visit her family and gives birth to twin boys.

When the time comes to head back to VA, the new mothers father begs her not to go. He tells her he feels something bad is going to happen. She brushes it off. She is in love. Her father told her if she insists  on going back, she will not be going in the car that brought them due to the tires being being bald and he himself will drive her and the twins back to VA.

Jan. 1960 Richmond VA.  The father is drunk while one of the 3 month old twins lays next to him on the couch. The mother is giving the other a bath. The baby is being fussy which frustrates the father.  Rather then  picking the baby up and trying to sooth him, he goes a different route by beating him until he is dead.

When he realizes what he has done, he tries talking the mother into a story they could give the police about how the baby died. He suggests they go with the baby falling down the stairs. How he possibly thought that would work, I have no idea.  He decides they will sleep on it and call the police in the morning.

The next morning, the mother decides not to stick with the story and the father is placed under arrest. The mother still in love, bails him out of jail. In the end, the father is dishonorably discharged from the Navy and given a 2yr prison sentence. My mother waited for him.

This is where my memories kick in at around 2 0r 3 and I asked my mother later in life if I dreamed it or if actually true. She confirmed that my memories were true.

We lived  on the 3rd floor of a 3 story apt. building that looked more like a huge house.  By the time my memories start, I have a younger brother now.

My father as changed since the death of my twin. There is hatred for me now. I can only assume why. Being an identical twin, I may have been a daily reminder of what he had done.

My father was a drunk and womanizer. My mother found out he had fathered another child with another woman. He was gone a lot and when gone, he wouldn’t leave money for food. My mother would “visit” neighbors around supper time in the hopes they would invite us for supper. My mother lost a lot of weight.  However she made sure we had something to eat. I remember lots of oatmeal.

When my father was home, the rule was, I would stand or sit in a corner until he was done with his meal before I was allowed to eat. Needless to say, most times I ate a cold meal.

Thunderstorms at first was a scarey event for me because I knew what was going to happen. My father would pick me up, carry me downstairs onto the large open porch. Then he would would go back inside, lock the door and leave me out there alone. At first I would scream and cry while banging on the door begging him to let me back in.  After a few times when I realized thunderstorms didn’t hurt me, I grew too love them even to this day.

One bright sunny day, I was playing on our long gravel driveway when I saw my father driving down it towards me. I realized he wasnt going to stop and was coming right for me. I kept backing up until  a fence blocked me from going any farther. I begin screaming until some of the neighbors came out to see what was going on. When my father saw the “witnesses,” he stopped the car, came over to me and held me while pretending to act concerned. It confused me because we had made eye contact when he was coming at me with his car. This episode plagued me for years.

At bed time, sometimes after using the belt on me, he would grab a couple more belts too be  used  and tie me down in bed at night. His excuse was it  would keep me away from my younger brother. I had this habit of crawling into my brothers crib and falling asleep with him.

I can remember while being tied down, seeing the shadows of my father and mother from the crack under the bedroom door walking by now  and  wishing he would come in and hold me. Sometimes I would call out for him.  I did love him.

IL 1963. My mother finally had enough of his running  around and decided to take the train back to IL and move in with her parents. We lived there until we I was 10yrs old and my mother remarried.

Our first night there we slept on the living room floor and woke to the smell of bacon and eggs.  That smell was the greatest thing I ever smelled.

Things changed pretty quickly. I never told my mother what happen until I was an adult. It was the first time in my life my  mother pretty much called me a liar. Its a frustrating feeling when your own mother doesn’t believe you or doesn’t want to hear it. So there were things I never told her that happen. My mother worked 1st shift so she had no idea what was going on.

Looking back, I think my grandmother who had raised a houseful of kids was now starting over and raising two more. My Grandfather however was happy we were there.

We learned the new rules pretty quickly and grew to fear our Grandmother.  She was smart and only did most things when we were alone with her.  We never told anyone what was going on because when you’re a small child and never seen anything different, you assume its normal.

We learned kids are to be seen, not heard. When eating at the dinner table, you are to keep your head down and not speak unless spoken to. Too this day I sometimes  find myself looking down at my plate while I eat.

If you don’t like what is for supper, you went to bed with no supper. No supper and belts was the main punishment for just about anything.

My brother and I spent most of our childhood sitting in a room next to the living room. We could play but play quietly.

Bedtime was around 6pm. 12 months out of the year. Unless of course our Aunt would come over with her kids. If we made any noises at bedtime, either our Grandmother would come up with the belt or slipper or at times make our mother do it. I preferred my mother. She would tells us to yell out as she tapped us with the belt.

No TV. When we were allowed to watch TV it was Lawrence Welk or sometimes the Wide World of Sports.  Most times we could only hear the TV because it was out of site while we were in the little room.

If we didn’t take our nap and instead made a little to much noise that suit her, our Grandmother would first beat us then get herself a snack and grab a chair to sit down next to us and proceed to eat it while mentioning how good it tasted.

My Grandmother instilled it into my head I was a troublemaker. She called me the “leader.”  I was the one who was to blame for anything and everything.

My mother met a man at the fireman’s ball and ended up pregnant by who  she didn’t know was married.  The baby girl was with is for awhile until one day when I came home from 1st grade and the baby wasn’t there. I went room to room looking for her. I begin to cry.  My Grandmother came to me and asked why I was crying. I asked her where the baby was. She told me it was gone. I asked her what I did wrong to make the baby go away and if I was in trouble. It was the first and only time she showed compassion towards me and said it wasn’t my fault.

The baby was put up for adoption. To this day I blame my Grandmother.  Odds are she made my mother do it. The good news is, my sister found us years later.

We were allowed no friends except for our cousins and the two boys who lived next door to us. They also didn’t have it so well. My 2nd story bedroom window looked down into their bedroom. I could see them getting beat with a belt by their father quite a few times.

My Grandmother had it in her head that I had to use the bathroom every day.  She would sit on a chair next to me while I was on the toilet giving me hints on how to go and if I didn’t, she brought out the enema bag. This became almost a daily thing until I was 7 and almost died on the way to the hospital due an obstruction of the bowel.

My brother and I were eating breakfast at the table while my Grandmother was on the phone in the living room. The bread in the toaster didn’t pop up and began to burn. My brother and I whispered to each other about what we should do. He wanted to tell her. I vetoed him and reminded him we were not allowed to talk. It was probably a no win situation anyway.

The kitchen filled with smoke from the burning toast and my Grandmother finally noticed it. She said her goodbyes on the phone then came into the kitchen. She began yelling at us and asking why we didn’t say anything. I reminded her of her #1 rule of not talking. This did not make her happy and she grabbed the two pieces of toast and began cramming them down my throat.  I was choking and couldn’t breathe but she wouldn’t stop until I swallowed it.

My brother broke a rule although I don’t remember what rule it was and locked him into the basement. I could hear him pleading to let him out. Grandmother told me there was a very bad man down there who was going to get my brother. I begged her to let him out. She just kept telling me what the bad man was going to do to my brother.

My brother one day made the huge mistake of instead of calling me by my full first name, he abbreviated it. He found out what soap tasted like that day. I had learned long ago soap isn’t very tasteful. I first learned the taste of soap when I came running into the house pointing to my open mouth making grunting noises. I was able to get out that a butterfly flew into my mouth. The cure…soap.

During punishments with belts, shoes, or whatever was handy, the pants had to come down. She was determined we would feel her wrath. My pants were down a lot. After all, it made no difference if it was someone else who did the bad thing, I was the “leader” and deserved it.

Even something as innocent of asking your mother what them bumps were on her chest was just cause for punishment and no supper although that was one of the times my Grandmother made my mother use a belt on me. She just sat with me for awhile then told me to yell out as she pretended to hit me.

I became really shy and timid in school. In the first grade I had to use the bathroom but was afraid to raise my hand and ended up going in my pants.  When the teacher saw what I did, she said she was going to send me home to change clothes. I became frighten. I think she knew somehow what was going on at home and told me not to worry. Everything will be okay.   I don’t know what my teacher told my Grandmother but noting happen. I changed my pants and went back to school. My Grandmother never talked about it.

I was led to believe the birds were watching every move I made and would report back to my Grandmother. Anytime I noticed a bird, I would stand there not moving until it flew away.

One day I was playing with a caterpillar until my Grandmother told me they climb into your ear and have babies. I was deathly afraid of them for years.

When I became an adult, I tried telling my mother what was going on behind her back. She wouldn’t listen. We used to sit near the curb almost everyday and we could tell by where the shadow of the house fell on the street when our mother would be home for work. I asked her if she knew why we did that. She answered because we missed her.  I told her yes we did miss her but that wasn’t the main reason. We knew when she came home, most of the things our Grandmother did would stop.

My mother met a man when I was 1o and had a daughter with him. I suspect my mother married him so she could get out of our Grandmothers house. Or my Grandmother pressured her to marry him so we would get out. My stepdad loved my mother and I dont think she realized she loved him too until after he died.

I didn’t get along with my step dad but I saw the tears in his eyes as I was on the bus headed for Navy boot camp. From that day on, we were okay.

My younger brother was killed over 20yrs ago. It was before our adopted out sister found us. We used to lay in bed at night scheming of ways we were going to find her.   My mother never got over my younger brothers death.

I hadn’t seen my father since I was 5 and when the internet came out, my #1 purpose of using it was to find him. I did find him but he had died a couple yrs before.

I have left some things out because some are too fuzzy to piece together.  I did have some good times. Especially with my Grandfather.  It was devastating when I was 12 and being be told he died.

Not long before my mother died, she told me she was sorry for staying with my father. Her excuse she gave was, “He was good looking.”

Over the years she would talk about bringing my twin to IL from VA.  It was a regret of hers for not following through.

I took what had happen to me as a child and used it as an example of  how not to treat others and how to raise kids. I think it worked out pretty well.

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The Media and Conservatives Afraid Of Obama’s Birth Certificate

Posted in politics by roving on April 16, 2011

  Mark levin has been pleading with his listeners, beware of  Donald Trump saying he cannot be trusted because of his past campaign donations to Democrats and calling for Bush’s impeachment over Iraq. What really scares Levin is the birth certificate talk. He makes fun of those in his listening audience by demanding Harry Reid release his birth certificate. Levin also says the birth certificate is a losing issue.

What Levin fails to mention when talking about Trump, his hero Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat before seeing the light. Who is to say Trump also opened his eyes and sees where the Democrats are talking this country? Levin also repeatably makes remarks how the liberals ignore the constitution or try and change it. Yet Levin does the same thing when it comes to Obama’s self admitted duel citizenship. Total silence from the great one.

Just today while listening to another conservative talk radio show, the host brought up two things that other conservatives continually bring up. The problem is, the caller agreed without thinking it through just like Levin and the others refuse to do but I have the answer as to why they are wrong.

The most desperate sounding right sided talk radio personalities has to be John Gibson and his side kick Angry Rich. Gibson is so misinformed he sounds silly even bringing up the subject. Its to the point now when I hear him start to mention the birth certificate, I turn the station. totally brain dead on the subject…or are they?

What I find the most odd of all from  the conservatives who claim the birth certificate is a dead issue, refusing to even talk about all the other records Obama has locked up. I can’t come up with an explanation for that. Obama has locked up every single piece of documentation,  and all we hear from the media and especially from  “our side” is crickets.  Odd indeed.

Question, why was it okay demanding McCain release his birth certificate but not Obama’s?  I suspect I will never hear the answer from Levin.

Now for the answer of the two statements we hear over and over.

1. Its a trap. Obama will release the birth certificate and it will make Republicans look like fools.

2. Hillary Clinton would have brought the birth certificate into the light if she found something wrong.

3. Its a distraction. We should be focused on getting Obama out of office and other things he is doing to this country.

1. I have been hearing this trap thing for over 2yrs now. There is no trap.  Why spend all that money fighting the release of the documents? Pretty expensive and time consuming trap. Obama let a decorated veteran go to jail just so he could spring this trap on us sometime in the future? Okaaay.

2. The Clinton’s are dirty. They have plenty of secrets they would like kept that way. One thing Obama is good at is finding out a persons weak spot. Its how he wins elections. Look at what he did to Ryan in the Senate race in IL as well as Obama being able to kick everyone off the ballot on his side so there wasn’t much of choice left for the voters.

Clinton has things on Obama and Obama has things on the Clinton’s. I would have loved to have been in the room where Obama and Bill Clinton had a private meeting for over an hour during the campaign. You know, when suddenly Bill was behind Obama and he made Hillary his illegal Secretary of State? ( it explicitly says in the constitution no member of congress or senate can be Secretary of State)

3. According to Levin and others we are too stupid and are not able to multitask.  Our argument is, we use anything and everything to bring down Obama.

Levin is upset Trump is ahead in the polls. Well maybe the others should take a cue from Trump and stop being such wussies. I can’t say I trust Trump 100%. Yes I have problems of who he donated money too but Trump is the only one who is really going after Obama and going after him hard.

What Levin, Beck, the media and others are more afraid of is if it does come out Obama was never born here, they have egg on their faces. The media we can understand. They have been in the tank and covering for Obama since day one.  We have been begging Republicans and conservatives who have the power to take this on even if its just the other records Obama has hidden and all they do is ignore or make fun of us.

Any fool can see there is something really wrong here. Why would someone running for president hide all his records? Even something as normal as Senate records and medical papers.

A woman called into Rush’s show and told him if it does come out Obama has no birth certificate, he, along with the others should be ashamed of themselves.  Bravo. I agree. This whole thing has been shameful. This could of ended during the campaign by never letting up. Release your documents.

Get Off Your High Horse “Independents”

Posted in politics by roving on September 26, 2010

I have been noticing it more and more. People calling into talk radio bragging they are an “independent” Like they think they are Gods gift to the world and need their butts continually kissed.  “Hello, I’m one of them independents.” Well big whoopdeedoo.  Half the people calling in I think are really Democrats. Some are Republicans afraid to admit it just so they can bash the Republican party. Or they may be feel embarrassed to admit they are Republican.

I heard one radio personality ask an “independent” caller a series of questions. The Independent turned out to be a Republican. Even the radio personality had to tell him ‘Um, you’re a Republican.”

I don’t believe in independents. You either believe in one way or the other. If you like high taxes and more government control, you’re a Democrat. If you prefer smaller government and lower taxes, you’re a Republican.  An Independent is a like a spoiled child begging for attention. If they don’t get their way, they will vote for the other side out of meanness, being gullible,or like some who voted out of white guilt.

When I hear someone call themselves a Independent, my first thought is so what and I picture a baby sucking on a pacifier.

Barack, Michelle, Larry, and Donald

Posted in politics by roving on August 9, 2010

Lots of talk over the conservative airwaves about reasons or lack of  why Michelle Obama is was gleefully sticking it to the taxpayers with her yet another glamorous vacation that most of us can only dream of instead of being with her husband on his possible birthday.

Rush, Hannity and the rest have the list they have to go by on how far they can question the president. So far they have been doing  a pretty good job of it. Rush may have a jab in there now and then but hes careful about the length of time he will stay on the subject and he will not take any calls dealing with Obama’s hidden records.

I had on a talk radio show this afternoon and was listening to the host (Tom Sullivan) pretend confusion over why Barack and Michele took separate vacations. It was beginning to sound a little pathetic as most of conservative talk radio are sounding lately.   They absolutely refuse to talk about anything that could bring Obama down.

Larry Sinclair wrote a book, Cocaine, Sex, lies, and Murder? In it, he describes the relationship he had with Barack down the the description of Barack’s penis. He sent the book to Michelle.  Maybe one night, the temptation overcame her and she opened the book.

Michelle must know Obama is bi-sexual. I knew it the moment I saw him.  She doesn’t seem that naive.  Stuck up, racist,  and an embarrassment to this country but not a pushover.

Another thought, it wasn’t long ago Donald Young’s mother came out and said she thinks her son was murdered in order to protect Barack from his gay lifestyle.

It doesn’t take a genius to put things together. The amazingly unsolved murders of too many people all connected to Barack.  Mitchelle can and will do what she wants and Barack is helpless to stop her. She may be getting revenge on him, trying to ruin is re-election bid, just pissed off,  or knowing Barack will lose his next bid for president, is going to soak the tax payer for all we are worth. Enjoy it while she can.

Unlike the fake Mark Levin, There, I really said it.

Levin, Rush, and Savage

Posted in politics by roving on July 5, 2010

I have started to lose interest in talk radio. They participate in the cover-ups in Obama’s past. Sometimes they throw a crumb out there but not much.  Some of the big name blogs are the same. Hot Air being one from the top of my head.  With no proof whats so ever, they declare Obama born in Hawaii and ignore all the other evidence showing he was not.

If I didn’t know better,  I could swear Levin and the rest of the conservative talk show hosts are having a grand old-time with Obama being in power. Obama gives talk radio any number of subjects to object too. It’s that or they are being watched and are under orders of what will be allowed or not allowed to talk about. They are  very careful just how far they go. I can almost hear the eggshells cracking in the background.

Mark Levin on Obama: “He is not a dictator even though he acts like one, sounds like one, and thinks like one. There I said it.” What? This statement makes no sense at all. You hear that?  The sound of eggshells cracking are very loud .

Levin is probably the worse of them all.  Levin claims to be a constitution expert. He even cites the federalists papers now and then. So, it seems odd Levin never brings up the fact that Obama’s father was a British citizen.  Levin out of all of them should know that alone disqualifies Obama from office.  Levin has never brought up the fact that VP Cheney was constitutionally required to ask for objections during the electoral count.

Levin also has a problem debating liberal callers. Oh wait, He doesn’t debate them.  He calls them a name and hangs up on them. Sometimes he will fire off a bunch of questions to the liberal caller, not give them any time to answer and hang up saying they didn’t want to answer.  I heard him once ask a lib caller 4 questions. One after another, then hang up. Not giving the lib any chance at all to get a word in. What is Levin afraid of?  Why would any lib call his show knowing he wont be able to finish a sentence?  However, if you bought any of Levin’s books or heaped praise after praise on him, you have all the time in the world to talk. Heck, he may even come back to you after a break. Is Levin afraid to debate?  I know I love it when a lib is taken apart bit by bit. But time after time, Levin wont do it.

The best talk show host to take on a lib in my opinion would have to be Gibson. He purposely takes calls from Libs. He lets the whole world see just how uninformed, racists, and uneducated they are.  He is also very funny. Along with Angry Rich and Christine.

Mark Levin calls the Obama regime a “soft tyranny.” He will then proceed to say what all Obama has done. How much of the private market he has taken over, the rights we have and will lose. On and on he goes. By the time Levin is done, he just described a hard tyranny. I wonder what would be considered a hard tyranny in his eyes?  If any caller calls it a hard tyranny, or goes to far in describing Obama, I can almost hear the panic in his voice.  “Be careful” Levin will say to a caller. Or, “I don’t think I will be in trouble for that. What do you think Mr. Producer?” In trouble from whom?

Levin calls everyone a backbenchers. Hell even I have seen where Obama was going before Levin did. I have written blogs in the past that predicted what Obama was doing weeks before Levin or even the others seen it.   It was just a couple of days after the oils spill that I knew Obama purposely wanted that oil to come ashore so he can say, “See? This is what happens when we drill.” Then it  gives him an excuse to shut down drilling. Levin brags what he says will be repeated tomorrow. It’s very rare I ever seen that happen.  Now Rush, yes. What Rush says will make the rounds of the MSM. It will be taken out of context or even be misquoted but he’s out there in all the broadcasts.  I have started to listen to Levin less and less.

I have a job so I’m not able to listen to Rush’s program all the way through but as of yet I haven’t heard Rush or Levin talk about the Blago trial. About how Obama had lied to the FBI and how that should get Obama arrested.  Why are they silent on this trial going on? It’s very puzzling.

Rush has “Open line Friday.” Yeah, right. He says we are boring but he is willing to talk about anything his callers want to talk about. All that is except Obama birth certificate, his dual citizenship, or anything that could get Obama kicked out of office.  Open line Friday my ass.  Rush, Levin, and Savage  call Obama a narcissist  yet in the same breath say how great they themselves are.

Every now and then Rush will tease his audience by bringing up the fact Obama has never shown his birth certificate. It’s the way he does it though. He tries to do it in a lighthearted way.  They all leave out the fact that Obama has paid $2 million or so trying to keep it hid.  A man who worked in the Hawaiian government during the election has come out and says he would swear in court there is no birth certificate on file for Obama is completely ignored.

Savage is very hard to listen to. Savage will bring up the fact Obama is not a natural-born citizen. He will bring up the crimes that Obama has committed.  The problem is, the only way you would be able to hear it is if you listen to the whole show. He goes after Obama hard but he jumps all over the place. He plays music, he talks about where he ate and how it messed up his body. His latest illness.   Look, I could care less about his last bowel movement or his personal life. I want the dirt on Obama.  Savage also seems to have problems with women. I admit I don’t listen often but every time he brings up a woman politician, he puts them down. He seems to have a special hatred for Sarah Palin.  I have heard him on numerous times get his facts completely wrong on her.

I seen McCain purposely throwing the election. I’m not sure how Savage feels about that but try telling Rush or Levin that. See how long you last on the line or even getting past the call screener. I do know Savage feels Obama was selected for President and I agree with him. It was so obvious.  Where he is wrong though, he blames Sarah Palin for McCain’s loss. It was Palin who brought the energy to the campaign. It was her the people wanted to see. Not McCain.  If it wasn’t for Palin, McCain wouldn’t have gotten as many votes as he did.  Savage really needs to get over his sexists attitude.

My guess…talk radio gets a lot of listeners because they hope one day they will really go after Obama.  They like me, will give up when they  realize,  they wont or can’t.   They continually harp about how important it is to vote this fall when if they would had gone after him from day one, Obama wouldn’t be president now and we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Thanks for nothing guys.  Some things are more important than how many people you can get to listen to the shows.

Hawaiian Elections Clerk Admits Participating in Election Fraud

Posted in politics by roving on June 19, 2010

Tim Addams, a senior Hawaii election clerk has admitted twice now that there is no birth certificate on file for Obama and no record in any hospital showing Obama was born there. WND has the story of Addams.

What’s missing from the story: Tim Addams has admitted to election fraud and the cover-up of the fraud by keeping silent.  I can only guess  why he waited to so long to come forward to tell his story.  He most likely voted for Obama. Maybe he figures its safe to admit the fraud because he knows nothing will happen. He sees others being made fun of and called names. He sees judge after judge   too afraid to hear the evidence so they boot the cases out against Obama using the excuse of  having no standing. The fraud has gone on for so long now, it’s too late to do anything about it. Officials are on record lying and if a judge allowed the evidence in, it would cause havoc in the government. The cover-up is wide spread and deep.

Here we have a man admitting to a crime and not one person in law enforcement does anything. What about our talk show heroes? Limbaugh. Silent. Levin. silent. Beck. silent. Any other time our glorious talk show hosts would be pushing for an investigation. They wont because all of them are frauds or cowards. Take your pick. Normally the FBI would be all over election fraud  but because its Obama, its hands off.

Addams says he would swear in court he is telling the truth. Well Mr. Addams, just for kicks, how about contacting the state’s attorney general. Tell them what you know. Or, you could turn yourself in to the FBI.  That would be good for starters.

Watching The News. I Don’t

Posted in politics by roving on June 13, 2010

I think it was in the month of August 2009 I stopped watching the news. It started because of what the news refused to cover. Instead of vetting Obama, it was a continual attack on Sarah Palin. Even today the L.A. Times is still hiding a video tape they have of Obama at pro terrorist  Jew bashing party.

They reported rumors, innuendos, and Saturday night live skits as facts against Sarah Palin and ignored Obama’s past.  What they did a report of it, was sugar coated. A person waking up from a coma would have thought Sarah Palin was running for president.

The media went after anyone who dared stand up to Obama. We knew more about Joe the plumber then some of us know about our own families in just 24hrs. All because he dared question Obama.

Just the sound of Obama’s voice was like fingernails across a blackboard. I knew about everything coming out of his mouth was a lie and it was frustrating watching the media let him get away with it. CNN had to correct Obama when he said his Muslim faith. The media even went so far as to puff up his resume by calling him a Constitutional law professor which was just an outright lie.

I saw a couple of his campaign speeches and was struck at how the audiences seem to be under a spell. It was as if Jim Jones was alive and well.

I was forced to drop my local newspaper because of the biases in the editorial sections. It was a steady stream of pro Obama, anti McCain/Palin hype.

I no longer watch my local news because they will bring up “president” Obama. Just the sound of that makes my skin crawl. I would rather read the news online from all different sources.  I will however watch news clips on the web if I feel I need to hear it. For those who would like to see just how bad the media is, I suggest visiting Newsbusters.

I have always been a news junkie. Before the web I would keep switching between the three major news networks getting as much news as I could. Now I wonder how much of what I was told were lies. I highly doubt I will ever watch a whole newscast ever again.

Obama Purposely Letting Oil Come Ashore

Posted in politics by roving on June 9, 2010

Lets get real. This oil leak is a dream come true for Obama and the Dem’s to try and shut down drilling. Obama has been trying since day one to bring the U.S down on her knees and this oil leak is prefect. Now he can use this spill to push his cap-and-trade which will cost 2 million jobs.

If Obama isn’t purposely  letting the oil come ashore, why would he not listen to Jindal when he was asking for help to prevent the oil from coming to shore? Why would Obama turn down help from the Dutch three days after the explosion? The Dutch offered to come in with oil skimming ships free of charge. What was the Obama’s regimes response to this offer? “No Thanks.”

Obama may be making a mistake bringing charges against BP because Obama is more  guilty then BP.  Maybe if we are lucky, he will get himself kicked out of office.

The Bush administration gave deep water horizon six citations for safety concerns and Obama gave them awards and let them cut corners.

This oil leak lays 100% on the Dem’s and the liberals heads. Because they refuse to allow drilling on land or closer to shore, oil companies are forced to drill farther and farther out which makes it very dangerous.

How in the world Obama’s supporters can sit there and say Obama is doing all he can blows my mind.  Are these people that dense?

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O’Reilly’s Defense Of Obama’s Birth In Hawaii

Posted in politics by roving on June 6, 2010

O’Reilly thinks anyone who believes Obama was not born in Hawaii are kooks and uses the birth announcement in the Hawaii paper as proof somehow. Its a weak argument since anyone can place an ad in any paper but okay, lets go with that.

What if he were to find out there is proof the birth announcement was a total fraud? Well it just so happens there is proof its a fake announcement. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. my very own point of view.

Now, what say you pinhead?

Random Obama Thoughts/Questions

Posted in politics by roving on June 6, 2010

John Brennan was Obama’s campaign consultant at the time of the Obama passport break-in  and also the CEO of the company responsible for the break-in.  Why would Obama then bring this same man aboard his administration as  Obama’s counter terrorism adviser?  Was Brennan given the position as a job well done?  I would think Brennan would be the last person anyone would pick.  He couldn’t even mastermind a simple  break-in without being caught.

Lt Harris, a key witness in the passport scandal  was cooperating with the Feds when he was gunned down while sitting in his car. Is this not fishy as all hell? Is there even an investigation going on? Why do I get the feeling the  Harris’s family will never receive justice?

Donald Young, the man who attended the same church as Obama was going to come out and say he and Obama had a sexual relationship was also murdered and again, is there even an investigation going on?

What are the chances of two people being murdered who can also be tied to one man? One could be a coincidence, but two??

With Obama having every single record locked up and hiring lawyers to make sure no one ever sees them, shouldn’t that be sending alarm bells off in the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security,etc departments?  Why hide kindergarten records for crying out loud?

One day Obama was born in one hospital in Hawaii, another day, it’s a different hospital. Why is there no record of Obama’s mother ever being admitted into ANY hospital in Hawaii?

Why would the Kenyan government put a gag order on Obama’s family in Kenya and surround the grandmothers hut with police to keep reporters away after Obama’s grandmother said she was in the same room as Obama when he was born?

Seemed like one heck of a coincidence Obama’s grandmother held onto life until the day Obama came to see her…alone.  Why would she hang on? I had the impression Obama barely even visited her after reaching adulthood. I also could have sworn I read reports his grandmother was doing fine after leaving the hospital. Another clue Obama didn’t care about her: Obama waits over a month before deciding to have a service for her.

Why are there two different dates Of Obama’s grandmother death? Obama’s sister said in an email, she died two days before the election. Others stories say she died one day before the election. Well, which is it??

The secret service is glued to all presidents except the day Obama was in his grandmother’s apartment alone after she died. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what he was most likely doing.

Why would Obama say he is for the poor and helpless yet won’t help out his brother in Kenya who is living on $1 a month?  Obama let his Aunt who was in the U.S. illegally, live on welfare and also took what little money donated to his campaign from her only to return it when he got caught. If Obama is unable to show compassion for his own family, why would people think he would for them?

What does Obama have against babies that he thinks its okay to perform live birth abortions and if born alive, not to have it saved because the doctors are busy? I wonder if Obama tortured small animals when he was a little kid.

Who donated the millions of money into Obama’s election campaign from overseas?  Why is there no accounting for it yet McCain was forced to account for his contributions?

Why was there a big stink about wanting to see McCain’s birth certificate and medical records but none for Obama?

Why would the Hawaii paper purge a story they did about Obama that said he was born in Kenya?

Why is it, no one remembers Obama living at the address put in the birth announcements? I am from a very small all white town and I remember clearly when a black family moved into town.

Obama claims he isn’t against the 2nd amendment yet was never asked why he wanted to make it a crime if a homeowner used a gun against a home invader while he was in the senate.

Three different private investigators independently came  up with at least two different SS numbers Obama has used. One while being a Senator and  the current one being from the state of Connecticut that was issued to another man. Obama’s grandmother was able to get into SS records through her job. It wouldn’t have been much effort on her part. Even Rush Limbaugh thought this was strange yet said there are more important things to talk about. What? I think SS fraud is a very important thing to talk about and look into. Why would Rush think its not that important?

Why does the media continue to cover for Obama even when he shows his distaste of the press?  Are they so deep in the tank for him there is no climbing out?

Why is it Hannity, Beck and the others refuse to touch on Obama’s sealed records? They don’t even need to bring up the birth certificate because ALL his documents are sealed.  Were they threaten? How can we trust them if they will only talk about certain things?  They could bring Obama down in a few months by putting pressure on Obama to release his documents. There must be some really damaging things in them, yet they refuse. WHY? They keep harping Obama will be voted out in 2012. That is a long way off. Obama has already done much damage to this country. Two years are too long.

I put a lot of the blame for the downfall of America on these talk shows hosts and sites such as hot air, Drudge and others for being silent. Could it be for the hits these sites get and the growing audiences the talk shows are getting because Obama is in office? It makes absolutely no sense to me why they will not talk about these documents that Obama is using tax payer money to keep sealed.

Why does the LA Times refuse to release the tape of Obama at a Jew bashing party? They have had this tape since the campaign.

Is it me or did Obama purposely let the oil leak get out of hand so he can either take over the oil companies or shut them down?

Why hasn’t Obama ever talked about or visited the state of TN after the major flooding and loss of life that accured?

Why does it seem when there is a disaster, Obama decides this would be a good time for a dinner party or a date night?

Does Obama know how many states there are in the U.S? Does Obama have arthritis that prevents him from putting his hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem?

Where is the proof Obama legally changed his name from Barry to Barrack? There is zero documentation he did.

Why do Obama supporters not care Obama lies?  Why did they hate Bush for things that Obama is now doing and much more then Bush has done?

Why will no reporter fact check Obama’s bio’s?

what is that scar on Obama’s head? It just showed up one day.

Does Obama bow to our enemies because they know his secrets and are blackmailing him and while at it, making him look like a fool at the same time?

What did Bill Clinton say to Obama during their private meeting during the campaign? Does Obama and Clinton have things on each other and that is why Hillary is now our illegal Secretary of State?

What part of our Constitution does Obama think is flawed?

If Obama hates the U.S. so much, why live here?  Cuba would be more of his style.

Why did Nancy Pelosi use two different certificates showing Obama was eligible to run for president? One for all the states here and a separate one for Hawaii?

Here is what I think will happen over Obama’s hidden records. Nothing. Its to late. If the records were released now and it did show Obama was never eligible to be president, I suspect half of congress would be arrested for treason because they participated or looked the other way.

Obama Voters At My Workplace

Posted in politics by roving on June 5, 2010

The people at my workplace overwhelming voted for Obama. ( I wonder how the job search is going for most of them) A friend of mine at work voted for Obama. When Obama “won” the Nobel Peace Prize, he wasted no time coming to me to gloat. When I asked him what Obama did to earn the prize, he had no answer.

We don’t talk politics often because we are friends and I figure what would be the point. He will continue to think Obama is god like no matter what the facts are.

My friend isn’t the kool-aide drinking kind of liberal. He does have a little common sense and we do agree on some things like all the waste in welfare. We both personally know people gaming the system. We agree they all should be drug tested before collecting welfare.

My friend and I also agree we pay too much in taxes and there are programs that could be done away with.  I would say he is almost a blue dog Democrat but not quite.  He is against gun ownership, falsely believing crime is higher because of it. We agree child molesters should serve life with no parole or be executed.

Since we haven’t talked about Obama in a very long time, I have no idea if he has had a change of heart or not. I have been tempted to ask him what he thinks of the hope and change now but I’m not sure I want to hear his answer.

My workplace is a union shop. UAW. However it’s not like the big three. We make a fraction of what they make with less benefits.  We have never gone on strike.  There had been times we have forgone a pay raise to help out the company. We also gave up our pension so they could pay for the waste treatment cleanup.

Our contract is up in Dec. The company wants us to postpone negotiations for one year. The union put it to a vote. We all know work trickles in and we have people laid off who will most likely never be called back. So I was surprised when the vote came back no.

I immediately went to the union president and told him I want out. The union is an embarrassment and just greedy. I was told I couldn’t get out of the union.

The company tried a different tack. They had a plant wide meeting to explain why they wanted to postpone contract talks.

What they had to say was an eye opener. They almost didn’t make payroll a few times, they had to borrow money for the first time in their history to keep the doors open, they wasn’t paying suppliers on time, customers were slow in paying for work done, profits dropped  50% after Obama was elected. We are now 25% below  what they used to be, and all management took a 25-35% pay cut they will most likely never get back.

The main gripe of the union members isn’t the pay. It’s the health insurance.  It seems some have actually paid attention to what is going to happen. Our premiums will not go down $2000 a year as Obama said they would but go up. The members want some kind of guarantee they will not increase as though the company has a say into what the insurance companies charge us.

The company repeated every time someone brought up the subject, no one knows what is going to happen for sure. Congress passed a 2,000 page health bill that hasn’t been read and slowly things are being found out about it that does not look good. The full impact wont happen till 2014. My friend the Obama voter was nodding his head in agreement.  I almost wanted to slap him. Its people like him are the reason we are in this mess to begin with.

This still didn’t satisfy a couple of the members.  I’m not sure what they want. Maybe they want the company to absorb the cost of the rising premiums. The union is a fraud. They demand all kinds of things then when people end up losing their job because of the higher costs, they blame the company??

I told one person the whole insurance premiums is moot anyway because the insurance companies will be run out of business as was the purpose of Obama’s  so we will be forced to receive rationed ObamaCare.

I was glad the company had this meeting with the Obama supporters. Its obvious the company hasn’t done as well since the Democrats took over both houses of congress in 2007.

Our next vote on the contract talks is in a couple of weeks. I suspect this time the vote will be different. If it isn’t, then it will show me Obama voters are truly brain-dead and there is no hope for them.

Satan Controls The Press

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I don’t know how else to explain what happens anytime Israel defends herself.  It makes no difference what the facts are, Israel will be blamed.

I cringe whenever Israel strikes back after rocket attacks on Israeli civilian populations and most recently the Flotilla incident because I know what is coming next. The press will not report the facts. Instead they will twist the story so it looks like Israel  was the provocateur.

Videos and documents have been posted of exactly what went down before and during the boarding of the Flotilla yet the press pretty much ignores it all. How can the press and the people be so blind?  The  hatred the press, world leaders, and the people have for Israel is numb minding.  The only answer I can come up with is Satan has taken control. He has blinded them, taken away all reasoning and caused them to become ignorant. They continually try to spread their disdain for Israel over the airwaves.

When Israeli commandos boarded the so-called ship of peace I waited to see what the U.S. reaction would be. Knowing both Obama and Hillary Clinton are anti semitic, I wasn’t surprised by their reactions.

It was after that, the first thing that popped in my head was, is this the beginning of the end? Are we fast tracking towards the last days?  The world is standing against  Israel just as the bible said would happen.

It amazes me how many people must not read the bible. It lays it all out. Do they not realize Israel cannot be defeated?   God will step in before Israel is destroyed. Then there will be hell to pay. Obama may think he is the Messiah but he isn’t nothing more than a two-bit Chicago thug agitator.  The problem is, he will take America down with him even though I will bet  most Americans side with Israel.  (except the majority of American Jews which is mind-boggling in itself)

Liberals Sicken Me

Posted in politics by roving on May 23, 2010

The word liberal should be included in the definition of the word hypocrite. Along with the definitions gullible, brain dead, racists, communists and violent.

What Bush had done  during his presidency angered the libs. Yet Obama does the same thing  but more and the libs look the other way.

Obama can stand there in front of the cameras and tell a new lie every day and the libs just don’t see it or hear it. What we see there is brain damage in action.

The press fall over themselves slobbering over Obama while not telling the whole story, ignoring stories that put other liberals in a bad light, or out right lie in their stories. Meanwhile Obama bashes the press even though they are helping him.

Why would a liberal choose not to hear the truth? Why would they read or watch news stories that cover for Obama? Is it the brain damage effect? Are they afraid of hearing the truth? Its it like being in love with someone so much, you make excuses for that person when they cheat on you. You ignore what is in your face.  The one you love uses you over and over and spits you out, yet you just can’t let go. You take the abuse hoping the loved one will change.

How can they not be sicken when Obama travels around the country bowing down to dictators, apologizing for make believe wrongs we did?

Does it not bother them Obama and the rest of the Democrats never read the AZ bill yet condemn it anyway?  Do the liberals know the AZ law is more lenient to illegals then the Federal law?  Most likely not. Why are the liberals okay with what Mexico does to the people sneaking over the border there? Do they not know they are raped, beat, robbed and thrown in prison?  Do they just not care because it isn’t happening to them?

When the president of Mexico gave his speech in front of congress and all of the democrats gave him a standing ovation for bashing the U.S.,  why didn’t that anger the liberals? Do they hate this country that much?  The Mexican president stood up there and lied and the liberals just sucked it all in wanting to believe its true. The United States is a hateful racists country.

Not one tea party protester has ever been arrested or committed a crime. They have not beat anyone up or called anyone names. Yet the liberals do beat people up, call others names, commit acts of violence.  Do they not see who the true haters are. Why not?

Why would a liberal want the U.S. at the mercy of our enemies when it comes to oil? The only reason the oil spill happen in the Gulf was because of liberals. Oil companies are forced to go out farther, and dig deeper for oil. which in turn makes it more dangerous and harder to get. Meanwhile we have so much oil closer to shore and on land that its seeping all over.

Wind power is going to raise our electricity rates up to 40%. Its also unreliable. We have a wind farm not far from where I live and most times then not, they are standing still. Who do you want to bet will be the first to complain about higher energy bills when its all because of them in the first place?

Socialism has not worked ANYWHERE yet for some reason they think it will work here. Why would it? Sooner or later there wont be any money left to pay for all the programs they want.  Since when has a poor man ever hired anyone?

Why do the liberals think people want to come to this country so bad? Do they even know? Well let me help you idiots out. Its because of the freedoms. They are escaping the tyrannies in their own countries.

You see you liberal morons, if Obama and you all had your way, our country would be just like the countries they are escaping from.  Most Mexicans are conservative.  They believe in and want what you hate so much.

If this country turned to Obama’s way, there would be no more illegals wanting to sneak into this country because we would just like their own country and the liberal are so blind, they can’t see that.

Maybe  Liberals think if they pretend hard enough, life will be all about unicorns and skittles.

When Someone Dies

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It always feel surreal when someone close to you dies. You look out the window and the world just goes on as if nothing has just happen. You want the world to just stop if only for a minute to acknowledge a persons life has just ended.

I’m a twin. My twin brother was killed when he was a few months old. People say one twin “knows” if the other is in pain. Since I was just a baby when it happen, all I can say is it feels like something is off a little. Its hard to explain. A piece of a puzzle is missing. My mother was also a twin and her twin had died young and when I talked to her about this feeling, she told me she also felt the same thing. The something not quite right feeling has been with me all my life.

I was living with my ex-wife trying to give it one more shot the day my younger brother was killed. I had no idea he was staying at my moms in Stockton that weekend. I also didn’t know he had gone to Nora after a bachelor party. As far as I knew he was with his family in Freeport.

When my ex-wife came home from Casey’s she told me there was a man killed by a train in Nora that morning. My first thought was of my brother. I to this day have no idea why. I tried shaking it off and was thinking of calling him but went about my business.

An hour later I opened the door to answer the knock and saw a Stockton police officer standing there. He didn’t have to say a word. I looked at him and yelled NO and ran into the bathroom locking the door behind me. My ex-wife was given the news by the police.

Just a week before my mother died we had a talk about death. She had tried watching Greg’s wedding video for the hundredth time but couldn’t get past the first 5 min. before breaking down.

Mom opened up to me. She apologized for my life in VA. not doing more to protect me and expressed regret for not having my twin moved from Richmond to Stockton for reburial.

I asked her if she was afraid to die and if she believed in God. She said yes to being scared of death and no in believing in God. How could God take away two of her sons?

I told her she may be blaming the wrong person. She should look at Satan for blame. They’re deaths wasn’t natural and Satan wants her to blame God. Satan will do what it takes to deceive people. She didn’t say anything. She just stood there. A week later she was dead.

They say God works in mysterious ways and uses others to get a message or to help another. I have no idea if I was used or not. My hope is she thought about it and made her peace.

“For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.”

I make it a point to take time out to remember all those that I knew who have passed away because as long as I’m alive they will not be forgotten.

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Bush Didn’t Do These Things

Posted in politics by roving on April 27, 2010

We are almost a year and half into the Obama dictatorship and Obama, along with the media and the democrats still blame Bush for all of Obama’s   failures.

Bush didn’t:

Cause the bank failures

High unemployment

Apologize to the world for America

Bow down to our enemies.

Disrespect our friends

Attend a racists church

Hang out with a murderer and terrorists.

Attend a Jew bashing party

Insult handicapped people

Make fun of people who have religion and are gun owners

Take over American companies

Having a goal of  running Insurance companies out of business

Speak to everyone but whites to help his party to hold onto power come Nov.

Put the United States trillions into debt

Make the United States weaker

Get our soldiers killed with new rules of engagement

Say he wouldn’t raise our taxes but do it anyway

Say he wants to bankrupt coal companies

Wants our electricity and all energy prices to skyrocket

Have the media continually cover for him

Take as many vacations

Receive praise from dictators for being like them

Fire CEO’s of American companies

Treating Israel as the enemy

Used the dead soldiers  coming home as a photo-op

Would allow his brother to live in a hut surviving on $12 a year

Think rich people are evil even though he himself is one of the rich ones.

Take over almost 50% of our economy

Have pictures of himself plastered all over the White House

Stand there with his head cocked up looking down at everyone

Used a teleprompter for simple meetings

Lack of news conferences (9 months and counting)

Take his podium everywhere

Hide every single document about his past

Purposely ruin the economy

Turned the White House into party central

Receive millions of dollars from mysterious overseas donors

Teach other community organizers on how to intimidate others

Take credit for others work

Wanted  it to be a crime to defend yourself with a gun against a home intruder

Obama did these things.