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Snow Once, Shovel Snow Three Times

Posted in politics by roving on December 28, 2009

Man made global warming has passed over NW Illinois and dumped 15 inches of snow on us. a couple inches melted before we got another 4 inches.  Throw in some freezing rain here and there makes a person want to grab AL Gore by the nose, shove his face in a snowbank and ask him to explain this.

Okay. It snows. The snow plows drive by going faster then they should which throws snow smack dab onto the sidewalk.  You grab a shovel and set to work. The snow isnt bad to shovel unless a plow throws all the extra snow, salt, slush, and ice right on top of your walk. Its the equivalent of shoveling cement.

You start with a positive attitude and begin to clear the sidewalk so the whole walk shows. This lasts for about 5 minutes when you decide a path is good enough.

After 45 minutes of hard work making a path you finish and go back into the house so you can now work on getting the feelings back in your fingers before going to your real job. Meanwhile the plow goes flying by throwing it all back on your sidewalk.   You have just shoveled for nothing.

This last time it snowed, we played games like this 3 times when I decided I had enough and refuse to shovel what the plow threw back on my walk. Let the city fine me. I did more then my part.I am not going to keep shoveling over and over because of one snowfall.

Some have it even worse. Like people living on a corner. They not only have twice the area to clear, the plows like using corners to pile up the snow. Some piles can be taller then a person and the city expects the homeowner to take care of it.

I wonder how many have had heart attacks shoveling what the plow drivers threw on their walks or driveways.  I can almost see the plow driver seeing someone struggling to shovel their driveway and looking in their mirror as they go flying by laughing at the destruction they caused.

I would like to go by a snowplow drivers house after a snowfall. I’ll lay odds all they have to shovel is what fell from the sky.

if the city has a problem with my walk, they can bring the plow driver here and he can shovel what he threw on my walk.  If that was done, you can bet they would slow down.

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Doing Bad Was Good For Me

Posted in politics by roving on December 24, 2009

I see the horror going on in schools today. Little kids being forced to sing praises to Obama. Textbooks omitting large parts of history. Some printing lies. Teachers trying to force their ideologies onto the students. Look at the colleges. 9 out of 10 professors are liberal.  Now look at the students.

If a conservative speaker is invited to speak, the students shout them down or become violent. They only believe in their own freedom of speech because a typical liberal is selfish. Where did they get their thinking from? Teachers mostly. After the teachers are done molding the students brain into their way of thinking, the news media takes over and keeps up with the brainwashing.

A liberal is allowed to call a republican a Nazi. Or call for the assassination of a sitting president. If a conservative said anything bad about their sitting president, a liberal will act shocked as if they never heard of such a thing. Liberals are the perfect definition of what two faced is.

I didn’t pay much attention in school so maybe I was spared being brainwashed by teachers. I tired thinking back if the teachers tried pushing off their political views onto the students and I just don’t know. I do remember being forced to watch the Watergate hearings and being bored out of my mind.  I liked Nixon but can’t remember what the teachers had said about him. I remember being forced to read a couple books. One being the Animal Farm and thought it was the stupidest book I ever read. Of course now it all makes sense.

I had more important things to do in school then studying. Things like sketching. I was always drawing something. If I couldn’t think of what to draw, I would sketch the room I was in. Tying thread around flies and letting them go. It took some practice catching a fly then tying thread around its head without popping its head off.

I was also always reading books. My favorite book I read while in school was Red Badge Of Courage. I was reading a couple books a week. I would put the book in the textbook while in class and read. I barely paid attention to what the teacher was saying.

My mother sent me to the counselor a few times during the years I was in school thinking maybe I had a learning problem and each time I went they gave me tests. I always aced them so they would tell my mother there was nothing wrong with me.  I just wasn’t trying. This was true.  I didn’t care for school. My senior year I was skipping school one or two days a week.

The hardest I ever studied was in the 8th grade. We needed to pass the constitution test to get into high school and because the high school was in a different building I didn’t want to be embarrassed and have to stay behind. I did quite well on the test. The only time I studied was when I had to in order to pass. So I read the text books more then I listened to the teachers.

Thanks to not paying attention in class, I was able learn on my own. Now, I read history and love anything to do with history. In school I thought how dumb. Why are we reading about dead people and things that happen so long ago?

I had signed up under the delayed entry program with the Navy while a senior so I already knew what I was going to be doing after graduating. Why bother with school?

I did graduate with just enough credits and a month later at 17, I was serving my country. This is when I DID study. People who fail tests in boot camp will be set back and need to do it over again. No way, no how was I going through that again.  A person could almost taste the fear when we would get text results back. I seen some pretty big men crack, breaking down and crying like babies because of the training. I never cracked but probably would have if I failed a test.

Brainwashing did work in the Navy because I paid attention. Before getting out of the service they asked if I wanted to take a course on how to deal with being a civilian. I thought, how stupid. No I think I will do just find thank you.

When I came home  I wasn’t able to cope very well. I sat around day after day doing nothing. The thought of suicide was always there in the front of my mind. I didn’t know why I was so depressed. My step father was worried so called the local recruiter to ask if anyone in the area was home on leave so I could hang out with them. He saw it. The brainwashing. Me, I didn’t know what was wrong with me.  I came very close to ending it all before I slowing started to come out of it.

Now I realize I was brainwashed and I saw the same thing happening during the campaign and still see it. We who wasn’t brainwashed knew Obama was lying even then. Today Obama is still telling  lie after lie and his people still ignore them.  But like what happen to me, some are coming out of the brainwashing. It just didn’t take me as long.

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Health Insurance Questions: Jail Time

Posted in politics by roving on December 22, 2009

Sending someone to jail for not having heath insurance is rarely brought up and when it is,  there are no details about it. I would think this would be brought up over and over.  We can forget about the news mentioning it. They are to far in the tank to bring it up.

I’m still waiting for answers to my questions I posted awhile back.

A married couple with two kids refuse to purchase mandated health insurance. Who does the time? The father, mother, or both?

What if the mother is a stay at home mom and the dad gets sent to jail. How does she survive?  Does the mother receive welfare?

Does he do his time after work and on weekends so he would still have a job?

If both parents work, and they both refuse to purchase health care, do they both go to jail? What happens to their children?  Will the government take custody?  Do they get the children back after time served?

If they send a person to jail for the whole year, what happens when they get out and now have no job?

Will it be a felony or a misdemeanor?

Will it be on their record the rest of their life?

If someone is arrested for not buying health insurance, do they have standing to sue Obama over his eligibility?

Where in the constitution does it say the government has this kind of power?

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What I Don’t Know Wont Hurt Me

Posted in politics by roving on December 19, 2009

If everyone knew all the news, the whole news and not sound bites, stories ignored, and convenient news stories that suddenly end before the whole story could be told, Obama would still be a Senator collecting a paycheck voting present.

I never take the news on face value. Fox News included. Fox is also selective about what they report. For example, you will never hear Fox News reporting about all the records Obama has sealed. No one even knows what grades he got in school. I assume they are pretty embarrassing seeing as how he acts. Its shame it has come to this but everything needs to be double checked.  It makes me wonder how many lies the news reported before we were able to check for ourselves.

Why anyone would watch the news is a mystery to me. Why would people want to watch channels like CNN, MSNBC, etc or read blog sites like potty mouth KOS KNOWING they are not telling the whole story and just not reporting stories that could make a difference on how people think?

I have thought about it and all I can come up with is they don’t want to know the truth. Maybe it makes them feel less guilty. Its the way I feel about going to doctors. What I think I don’t know wont hurt me.

I have a friend who only watches the news for all her information so when I tell her some things, of course she never heard about it before. She refuses to get on the web to check out facts.  Her excuse for voting Democrat? Her family has always voted Democrat. So in her case I guess it makes no difference if the news told her the truth or not. But I stand by my reasoning for most of the others.

Conservatives are more likely to read both sides of a story. I do when I can stomach it and get past the foul language and wishing everyone would die part.  Most liberals eventually grow out of liberalism later in life but there are some who just can’t handle being on their own and feel no one should be. They remind me of a child going through the terrible twos.  They jump around, scream until they get their way. There is no reasoning with them. You try and debate them, they call you names or always work Bush’s fault into it.

A good place to start and see just how much the news spins and seem to leave important things out of their stories is News Busters.

Its I refuse to know the truth  people who keep CNN and the rest on the air. They don’t want to know the whole story. It makes them feel better.

Messiah’s Do Not Bow

Posted in politics by roving on December 19, 2009

Obama bowed YET again. This time in Copenhagen. Not sure if the guy was Chinese or Japanese. As Obama was going down the line shaking hands, he came across an Asian and couldn’t help himself and just had to bow down  to him.

Earth to Obama: Messiah’s DO NOT bow. People bow  to YOU.  I don’t recall Jesus bowing to anyone. People not only got on their knees for Jesus, one even washed his feet.

Really Obama, your giving Messiah’s a bad name. I have never read your bible the Quran but I highly doubt that pervert Muhammad bowed to anyone. You of all people would know if he did or not.

So just a reminder, people bow to you. please try and control yourself and act like the the  gift to the world you think you are. Your going to disappoint your flock by showing weakness.

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My Personal Hell

Posted in Uncategorized by roving on December 16, 2009

During my lunch break at work I had purchased a coke, opened it and set it on top of the snack machine while I got some chips to go with my sandwich. After retrieving my chips, I reached up to get my coke and forgot I had opened it. I tilted it and it poured on top of my head.

This got me to thinking about just a few things that I have done that was embarrassing.

Swimming Pool Hell:

I had a baggy pair swim trunks and One day I was going off the high dive jumping into the water feet first so my trucks would poof out. I yelled out a couple times I was a parachute. (I was a teen) After doing this 5 times or so, the lifeguard finally pulled me aside to tell me every time my trunks proofed out, nothing was hidden.

Another day I was doing cannon balls off the low board and my trunks had split wide open in the back. I had no idea until almost an hr later when a friend pointed it out to me.

Swimming under water, I had my eyes closed but knew I was getting close to the edge. I was planning on getting out of the pool. I reached up to the side of the pool but unknown to me a girl was in front of me getting out of the pool. I had grabbed her bikini just as she was halfway out of the pool and I  pulled them all the way down. After that, I learned to swim under water with my eyes open.

After at least 5 yrs or more since I had gone swimming, I decided I would one hot summer day. My new trunks felt nice and tight so I didn’t bother to tie them.   I made a running dive from the side of the pool and as soon as I hit the water, my trunks were around my ankles.

Playing Jokes On People Bigger Then You:

While in the Navy, a friend would always take a swig of my soda so I thought I would be funny and cut a small slit near the top.  I sat down next to him and set my soda down knowing he would take a drink. He picked it up, took his drink and soda ran down his chin. He thought maybe he was just careless and tried  taking another drink. Again soda ran down his chin. He looked at the can, looked at me, and I started running. He caught me on the other end of the ship and convinced me not to do that again.

Never put a one of them bangers in a cigarette and accidentally give it to a bigger man.  Its funny, but in the end, it just isn’t worth it.


Taking small kids to the grocery store. I learned the hard way, its best to bribe them to be quiet while waiting in the checkout. They may be innocent but the things they say can make a person cringe. How am I supposed to know why the woman in front of me is so fat? The thought of hot dogs looking like penises never entered my mind.

After finishing our meal at a packed Pizza Hut, I dropped the fork and bent down to pick it up. On my way up, this very cute baby, ( I would say at least 6 months old) grabbed my hair with his hands full of pizza sauce and would not let go. The parents of the child kept telling the kid to let go of the nice mans hair but he wasn’t having none of it.  After what seemed like an eternity, the baby grew tired of humiliating me and let go. I wiped  the pizza sauce out of my hair, accepted the parents apologies and left to pay my bill.

Taking the kids trick or treating. I worked 3rd shift most of the time my kids were small and I always took them out trick or treating. Coming to one house, we knocked and the door opened. My son with his keen eyes saw some toys way in the back of the house and took off on me into this strangers house, got down on the floor and started paying with some kids toys. It took 5 minutes to talk him into putting the toys down and come back to me.

Pulling in the bank drive through for some money, my son was dozing. He suddenly woke up thinking we were at McDonalds and started yelling he wanted a happy meal. The whole bank could hear him through the intercom.


I had a craving for a BBQ sandwich at KFC and to save time I used the drive through. I was told to pull ahead while they prepared my order. This is good. It means it will be fresh. I’m not sure how long I waited but finally I got out of my car to go inside to see what the hell was taking so long. I come face to face with the “Sorry, we’re closed” sign.  I pounded on the door until one of them came to me. I told him my situation and they started yelling at each other trying to figure who was to blame. In the end, they gave me my BBQ plus another for free.

Wisconsin Hell:

I have always said WI is full of people who became lost and gave up trying to get out of the state so decided the hell with it, We’ll just live here.

When on a county road in WI the signs don’t tell you what direction your going. They are marked with letters only. You may be on county road KK. It would be a great help if, oh I don’t know, maybe have the sign say, S. KK?

I went to meet a friend In WI. It was daylight and took me 90 minutes to get where I needed to be. On the way home, There was a town I didn’t want to go through because it was a little confusing the way the streets were laid out and decided I would just go around it.  Sounded pretty simple to me. An hour and a half later I was right back where I started. I decided I would go through this stupid town. It took me 4hrs to get home.

If your bored or maybe you bought a new car you want to break in. Gas up for  a drive to WI and good luck.  Maybe you too will become a cheese head.

A Joke Gone To far:

I had just separated from my wife and sleeping in my mothers basement until I was able to save enough for my own place.

I don’t remember the reason for the 6 helium balloons but thought I would play a quick joke on my mother.

I tied the balloons stings around the door handle but kept the balloons on the other side of the door so when she opened the door, the balloons would come at her.

I heard her pull up. I heard her open the door. She didn’t turn on the light. I then her her yelling. I was trying not to laugh until I heard her struggling.  She must of gotten tangled up in the balloons and I heard her almost begging and she was saying  “Please don’t hurt me.”  I felt sick. I was just about to go up there and let her know it was nothing when suddenly I heard her say, ” Damn you Barry.”   She said she didn’t know what it was. She kept pushing something away away and it kept coming back at her. She thought she was being attacked by a person. I never played another joke on her.


Met a woman and we decided to go out to eat. We ordered our meal and was brought our drinks. I was being my suave self when I took a sip of my drink through the straw only to have the straw stuck to my lip when I looked up. Okay. I guess you had to be there.

I have been on a few dates during my life. Before the internet I used the singles classifieds. I made a ad, left a recorded message and like magic, women called.

It never worked out. Blind dates really suck. I had a hard time finding one that I could connect with. If they connected with me, then I had to con my way out of not wanting to see them again. I don’t like it and will never do blind dates again.

I made a 45 min. drive to meet a woman in a town I never been in. I parked my car, locked the doors and got into her car. She gave me the complete tour. We had a nice dinner but I knew it wasn’t going to work. I think she felt the same way. She took me to my car. I reached into my pocket for my keys but they weren’t  in there.  I look in the car and see they are nice and safe in the ignition.  The police in that town will not unlock car doors. One hour later and $30 lighter, I was on my way. My date was nice enough to wait with me though.

One woman I did connect with and I thought she connected with me. We met in a park to talk. We talked and talked. I thought finally. This is it.  She gives me her number and told me to call her. The next day, I call her.  It went something like this…

Her: Hello?

Me: Hi

Her: Why are you calling me?

Me: You told me to.

Her: I didn’t MEAN for you to call. I thought you knew it wasn’t going to work out.

Me: What?

Her: ‘click’

Me: Hello?

Me: What the hell?

Michael Berry: “Obama Is A Blip”

Posted in politics by roving on December 2, 2009

Michael Berry knows Obama should be sitting in a hut with his brother in Kenya and not the White House but is letting it slide because in history we have our blips and Obama is a blip.

I don’t agree with Berry. I’m glad he knows Obama is a foreigner who should not be where he is but Obama has broken our laws. He needs to be arrested, tried, jailed, then deported.