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Satan Controls The Press

Posted in politics by roving on June 5, 2010
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I don’t know how else to explain what happens anytime Israel defends herself.  It makes no difference what the facts are, Israel will be blamed.

I cringe whenever Israel strikes back after rocket attacks on Israeli civilian populations and most recently the Flotilla incident because I know what is coming next. The press will not report the facts. Instead they will twist the story so it looks like Israel  was the provocateur.

Videos and documents have been posted of exactly what went down before and during the boarding of the Flotilla yet the press pretty much ignores it all. How can the press and the people be so blind?  The  hatred the press, world leaders, and the people have for Israel is numb minding.  The only answer I can come up with is Satan has taken control. He has blinded them, taken away all reasoning and caused them to become ignorant. They continually try to spread their disdain for Israel over the airwaves.

When Israeli commandos boarded the so-called ship of peace I waited to see what the U.S. reaction would be. Knowing both Obama and Hillary Clinton are anti semitic, I wasn’t surprised by their reactions.

It was after that, the first thing that popped in my head was, is this the beginning of the end? Are we fast tracking towards the last days?  The world is standing against  Israel just as the bible said would happen.

It amazes me how many people must not read the bible. It lays it all out. Do they not realize Israel cannot be defeated?   God will step in before Israel is destroyed. Then there will be hell to pay. Obama may think he is the Messiah but he isn’t nothing more than a two-bit Chicago thug agitator.  The problem is, he will take America down with him even though I will bet  most Americans side with Israel.  (except the majority of American Jews which is mind-boggling in itself)


When Someone Dies

Posted in Uncategorized by roving on May 1, 2010
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It always feel surreal when someone close to you dies. You look out the window and the world just goes on as if nothing has just happen. You want the world to just stop if only for a minute to acknowledge a persons life has just ended.

I’m a twin. My twin brother was killed when he was a few months old. People say one twin “knows” if the other is in pain. Since I was just a baby when it happen, all I can say is it feels like something is off a little. Its hard to explain. A piece of a puzzle is missing. My mother was also a twin and her twin had died young and when I talked to her about this feeling, she told me she also felt the same thing. The something not quite right feeling has been with me all my life.

I was living with my ex-wife trying to give it one more shot the day my younger brother was killed. I had no idea he was staying at my moms in Stockton that weekend. I also didn’t know he had gone to Nora after a bachelor party. As far as I knew he was with his family in Freeport.

When my ex-wife came home from Casey’s she told me there was a man killed by a train in Nora that morning. My first thought was of my brother. I to this day have no idea why. I tried shaking it off and was thinking of calling him but went about my business.

An hour later I opened the door to answer the knock and saw a Stockton police officer standing there. He didn’t have to say a word. I looked at him and yelled NO and ran into the bathroom locking the door behind me. My ex-wife was given the news by the police.

Just a week before my mother died we had a talk about death. She had tried watching Greg’s wedding video for the hundredth time but couldn’t get past the first 5 min. before breaking down.

Mom opened up to me. She apologized for my life in VA. not doing more to protect me and expressed regret for not having my twin moved from Richmond to Stockton for reburial.

I asked her if she was afraid to die and if she believed in God. She said yes to being scared of death and no in believing in God. How could God take away two of her sons?

I told her she may be blaming the wrong person. She should look at Satan for blame. They’re deaths wasn’t natural and Satan wants her to blame God. Satan will do what it takes to deceive people. She didn’t say anything. She just stood there. A week later she was dead.

They say God works in mysterious ways and uses others to get a message or to help another. I have no idea if I was used or not. My hope is she thought about it and made her peace.

“For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not anything, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.”

I make it a point to take time out to remember all those that I knew who have passed away because as long as I’m alive they will not be forgotten.

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Ted Kennedy In Heaven. Unlikely

Posted in politics by roving on August 29, 2009
WASHINGTON - JANUARY 20:  Senator Ted Kennedy ...

Every Sunday Ted Kennedy went to church. Every Sunday Ted Kennedy blasphemed God.

Anyone can be a good person but if you harm a child, it makes no difference what good deeds you have done, you will pay in the end.

Do I think Ted Kennedy asked for forgiveness for the slow murder of Mary Jo and voting for abortions? No. If someone killed someone then thought it was hilarious and would joke about for years afterward  and not even say he was sorry to her family, I don’t see him asking for forgiveness. After all, he’s Ted Kennedy.

All the sweet prayers his family said over his cold dead body will do no good. Its to late.

If I were a minister, priest, or whatever and I knew a  baby killer was sitting in the pews, I would make sure every Sunday I would mention God knows you before your born and God help anyone who kills Gods child.

Ted voted NO on defining a unborn child as eligible for SCHIP

Voted NO prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion

Voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem lines

Voted NO on notifying parents of minors who get out of state abortions

Voted NO on criminal penalty for harming unborn fetus during other crime

Voted NO on partial birth abortions

Voted NO on maintaining ban on military base abortions

Voted NO on banning partial birth abortions

Voted No on banning human cloning

If Ted Kennedy could come back and warn Obama to change his stance on abortions, Obama is so vain, he would still refuse. After all, he is a God in his own mind.

Burn baby burn

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HotAirPundit: Obama Speaks On Abortion And A Baby Is Heard Crying In The Background (Video)

Posted in politics by roving on May 17, 2009

HotAirPundit: Obama Speaks On Abortion And A Baby Is Heard Crying In The Background (Video).

This is God speaking to Obama. That’s the way I see it. We all know there is a special place waiting for Obama when his time comes. Then he will see who the real Messiah is. For all anyone knows, this baby crying in the background as Obama jabbers on about choice, could be the Messiah.

Obama heard the baby and it appeared to me he seemed to almost lose his train of thought.

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Will God Save Us Or Destroy Us

Posted in politics by roving on March 1, 2009

I dont go to church, I haven’t read the bible in a few years, I did used to watch a few televangelists until they started getting arrested one by one.  I do believe in God though and sometimes wonder when he is going to take all our protection away. My personal opinion is on 9/11 God showed us he can and will lift the protection   if things don’t change.

Well so what did the people do? They elected a man who is the complete opposite of God. A man who thinks HE is God. A man who gets a cheap thrill wanting babies to be aborted at will. A man who every time he opens his mouth, a new lie comes out. A man with blood on his hands and who has a lot to answer for when his time comes.

Maybe there is hope. Maybe, just maybe God will step in and put an end to the madness of a USURPER running this great country that no longer feels like a great country. It makes me sick thinking about all the lives lost defending this country and constitution only to have a man elected who seems bound and determined to destroy us.

It has gotten to the point of being drained from the hope of someone stopping Obama and waiting for the media to snap out of it and start reporting the truth,  then the feeling of hopelessness, I’ll grab onto just about anything.

Lame Cherry also believes in God and prays to him. Lame Cherry says God gives signs of what is coming and the latest gives me some hope. Again.

“I have been receiving a series of messages from the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it is about my personal life and sometimes it is about national events, so it takes time and prayer if I invest it to track down the full meaning. I have not tracked down the full meaning, but I do believe a removal of an American leader is on the horizon by the hand of God through powers behind the scenes.

For three messages within a week, I have received about the last kings of Judah, or the vassal kings. These leaders were appointed by the empire of the day Babylon and removed by that empire when they rebelled or failed to carry out the directive they were put into power for.
When I receive messages more than once, it means a great source enforcing this outcome is being initiated by God.

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