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Obama Purposely Letting Oil Come Ashore

Posted in politics by roving on June 9, 2010

Lets get real. This oil leak is a dream come true for Obama and the Dem’s to try and shut down drilling. Obama has been trying since day one to bring the U.S down on her knees and this oil leak is prefect. Now he can use this spill to push his cap-and-trade which will cost 2 million jobs.

If Obama isn’t purposely  letting the oil come ashore, why would he not listen to Jindal when he was asking for help to prevent the oil from coming to shore? Why would Obama turn down help from the Dutch three days after the explosion? The Dutch offered to come in with oil skimming ships free of charge. What was the Obama’s regimes response to this offer? “No Thanks.”

Obama may be making a mistake bringing charges against BP because Obama is more  guilty then BP.  Maybe if we are lucky, he will get himself kicked out of office.

The Bush administration gave deep water horizon six citations for safety concerns and Obama gave them awards and let them cut corners.

This oil leak lays 100% on the Dem’s and the liberals heads. Because they refuse to allow drilling on land or closer to shore, oil companies are forced to drill farther and farther out which makes it very dangerous.

How in the world Obama’s supporters can sit there and say Obama is doing all he can blows my mind.  Are these people that dense?

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