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Liberals Sicken Me

Posted in politics by roving on May 23, 2010

The word liberal should be included in the definition of the word hypocrite. Along with the definitions gullible, brain dead, racists, communists and violent.

What Bush had done  during his presidency angered the libs. Yet Obama does the same thing  but more and the libs look the other way.

Obama can stand there in front of the cameras and tell a new lie every day and the libs just don’t see it or hear it. What we see there is brain damage in action.

The press fall over themselves slobbering over Obama while not telling the whole story, ignoring stories that put other liberals in a bad light, or out right lie in their stories. Meanwhile Obama bashes the press even though they are helping him.

Why would a liberal choose not to hear the truth? Why would they read or watch news stories that cover for Obama? Is it the brain damage effect? Are they afraid of hearing the truth? Its it like being in love with someone so much, you make excuses for that person when they cheat on you. You ignore what is in your face.  The one you love uses you over and over and spits you out, yet you just can’t let go. You take the abuse hoping the loved one will change.

How can they not be sicken when Obama travels around the country bowing down to dictators, apologizing for make believe wrongs we did?

Does it not bother them Obama and the rest of the Democrats never read the AZ bill yet condemn it anyway?  Do the liberals know the AZ law is more lenient to illegals then the Federal law?  Most likely not. Why are the liberals okay with what Mexico does to the people sneaking over the border there? Do they not know they are raped, beat, robbed and thrown in prison?  Do they just not care because it isn’t happening to them?

When the president of Mexico gave his speech in front of congress and all of the democrats gave him a standing ovation for bashing the U.S.,  why didn’t that anger the liberals? Do they hate this country that much?  The Mexican president stood up there and lied and the liberals just sucked it all in wanting to believe its true. The United States is a hateful racists country.

Not one tea party protester has ever been arrested or committed a crime. They have not beat anyone up or called anyone names. Yet the liberals do beat people up, call others names, commit acts of violence.  Do they not see who the true haters are. Why not?

Why would a liberal want the U.S. at the mercy of our enemies when it comes to oil? The only reason the oil spill happen in the Gulf was because of liberals. Oil companies are forced to go out farther, and dig deeper for oil. which in turn makes it more dangerous and harder to get. Meanwhile we have so much oil closer to shore and on land that its seeping all over.

Wind power is going to raise our electricity rates up to 40%. Its also unreliable. We have a wind farm not far from where I live and most times then not, they are standing still. Who do you want to bet will be the first to complain about higher energy bills when its all because of them in the first place?

Socialism has not worked ANYWHERE yet for some reason they think it will work here. Why would it? Sooner or later there wont be any money left to pay for all the programs they want.  Since when has a poor man ever hired anyone?

Why do the liberals think people want to come to this country so bad? Do they even know? Well let me help you idiots out. Its because of the freedoms. They are escaping the tyrannies in their own countries.

You see you liberal morons, if Obama and you all had your way, our country would be just like the countries they are escaping from.  Most Mexicans are conservative.  They believe in and want what you hate so much.

If this country turned to Obama’s way, there would be no more illegals wanting to sneak into this country because we would just like their own country and the liberal are so blind, they can’t see that.

Maybe  Liberals think if they pretend hard enough, life will be all about unicorns and skittles.


John Gibson Should Be Near The Top

Posted in politics by roving on February 19, 2010

I always liked John Gibson when he had his own show on Fox News. Gibson is now on radio and for me he is a good alternative to Rush. I like Rush but at times he can spend up to an hour or longer just talking about himself and playing clips of what others in the media say about him and frankly its getting pretty old.

Mark Levin spends a good portion of his show reading other peoples blogs and claiming how he is always the one who came up with things first. I don’t have a radio show but  I have, along with many others I’m sure who also don’t have a nightly show have actually put two and two together long  before he ever did.  Levin has backbenched me a few times.

Rush will take a couple  liberal callers and he will let them talk. Mark Levin will take liberal callers but refuses to let them get a whole sentence out before cutting them off. If I were a lib, Levin is the last person I would call. If you love Levin, hell, he may even hold you over during commercial break so you can heap more praise on him.

John Gibson has a high rate of liberal callers. This is what I like. Let them talk then debate them. If you want to get into the mind of a liberal, Gibson’s show is a good place to be. He has a fast paced show and a new subject every half hour. Listening to Rush or some of the others spend the whole 3hrs talking about health care gets rather boring. They leave out  whole sections of other things just as important.

I don’t agree with everything Gibson says but then I don’t agree with everything anyone says. Finding someone you agree with 100% of the time is impossible.

Being that Gibson takes in a lot of liberal callers, the show is a good learning tool of actually hearing a liberal’s point of view  then hear Gibson tear it down by asking a few simple questions or pointing out the true facts. Gibson shows them how hypocritical they are.

I tried listening to liberal talk radio only to here conservative callers speak facts and the liberal host come back  with lies and quickly hang up. No wonder Air America failed and all the other liberal talk shows do so badly.

The Gibson show is also very humorous. Christine is a hoot. Angry Rich says it like it is.

Liberals Have No Soul And Their Days Are Numbered

Posted in politics by roving on February 14, 2010

Trying to understand liberals can give a person a headache but after years of watching them I think I have come pretty close to understanding them.

Liberals and Democrats are the true party of hate. The hate just seethes through every pore of their being. Its so bad, it will be their undoing.

Its because of Republicans we still have free speech and what freedoms we have left. A Democrat would like nothing more then to shut you up and impose more and more restrictions on freedom.

Why Liberals think the garbage they spew every day is going to bring people behind them is strange to say the least. Why would anyone want to wake up and hate day in, day out? The answer is simple. They have  no compassion except for themselves. Its the conservative who protects their freedom of speech. Its the conservative who fights in wars to keep them free. So what do they do to our fighting men? Undermine them.  Call them baby killers.

Liberals are racist. Why is it, the liberals are the only ones who keep bringing up Obama’s color? Its because THEY are the true racists. Cris Mathews  admitted on live TV he is a racist. He thinks about skin color all the time. Just as do pretty much all liberals.  The saying “thou protest to much.” fits liberals perfectly.

Its difficult for a liberal to make it through a day without bringing up race.  Even Senators can’t help themselves. In trying to make people think they are not racists, their true colors shine bright. Diane Feinstein is a good example of a racist.

The newspapers are losing customers at a fast rate because of the lies they print. Take the story from the NY Times.  The story says Palin pocketed $100,000 of the Tea Partiers’ money. A 100% lie. Even if it were, she is a private citizen and can do what she wants. I don’t hear him complain about Bill Clinton or others collecting money for their own pocket.

The story in the NY Times is FULL of lies. One after another. This is why they are going under. Who wants to read false stories? Why would a paper allow lies to be published? News papers are in the business of printing the news, and above all fact checking  making sure what they report is accurate. Op-Ed or not. This is just one example out of thousands of intentional false stories.

A favorite tactic of a liberal is they will see a story they know is a lie or not quite the whole story but feel if they keep repeating it and spreading it around, it will become true.

MSNBC is comparable to skin head TV. They do the same thing as the skin heads. They preach hate. The pervert Olbermann is the king of hate on MSNBC.  They hope something happens to Obama with the way they preach every day how dangerous the right wing are. The problem is, if they would look at their history, they would realize if someone did do harm to Obama, it would be a liberal who did it.

MSNBC, CNN and the rest of them are losing more and more viewers. Just like the newspapers, who wants to hear about the hate they have for others and the lies they report?

Another  problem for the print and news media is the internet. The web is a fact checker. They know this but count on the millions who have no web connection and gamble on the ones that do, will just sit back and take their word for everything.

The fact there is a web and the news people know they are printing lies show they have no soul because how  could they say the things they do, or write the things they write and not feel a pang of guilt knowing they are telling a lie?  A person who has no soul can. They feel nothing unless of course it effects them personally. Liberals are instinctively selfish.

Liberals fake concern. For example, if a conservative  had sex with a 12 yr old girl, he would be a outcast They would claim they want him killed. Roman Polanski has sex with a young girl and its because the girl wanted it.

Al Sharpton can create a riot which causes a man to be murdered, it okay. If a conservative had done that he would be finished.  It just goes on and on.

It is impossible for a liberal to debate because all they have to work with are lies. It makes it much harder so they may take you on for a few minutes before they fall back on name calling because they get frustrated they have no real facts to back themselves up with.

Liberals should have the word hypocrite in front of the name and they know it but because they have no soul, they just  don’t care.

There are a couple of  problems for the Liberals of today. Their Alinsky rules are no longer effective.  As a matter of fact some are being used effectively against them. They have pretty much run the word racist into the ground and set back race relations 30 years.

Probably the  biggest problem for liberals and the media are the people who have never cared about politics, are pouring out of the woodwork.  They try and kid themselves only thousands showed up in Washington when in fact it was millions. But hear this, for every person that showed up in Washington last year, 10 more were at home wishing they could have gone.

Thanks to the lies the media puts out there every day and the liberals trashing people like Sarah Palin, you make us stronger by the day by adding more and more people who never would have bothered with politics before and who now have open their eyes.  Like They say, You have waken the sleeping giant and we outnumber you. America loves the underdog.

For that, I really do thank you and wish for you to keep it up.  Your doing yourselves in and its very entertaining to watch.

The Real Party Of Hate And Racists

Posted in politics by roving on January 7, 2010

Lest we forget. it was the Democrats against civil rights in the 60’s. They felt it was not right if blacks had the same rights as whites. It was a Democrat who formed the KKK.

After checking out how racists and full of hate the left is, I realized it could take a month to give all the examples so I decided to close my eyes and pick just a few.

All one has to do really is tune into CNN, MSNBC, and the other left-wing newscasts and there is a good chance someone will let a racists and hateful comment slip.

Ed Schultz on MSNBC  continually calls the Republicans names and calling them racists and a party of hate yet Ed, himself is just one of many many Democrats and liberals who wear the crown of hate. The things they say, no Republican dare say yet they get away with it. Just a couple of examples of the hate speech the loser pukes up on his show:

The why the hell is my face so puffy I can barely see my eyes, Schultz hopes congresswoman Bachmann would come on his show and commit suicide“Do you think we could get Mechelle Bachman to slit her wrists right here on the Ed Show? “Could you imagine what would happen if Hannity had said that about someone on his show?

The drunk Randi Rhodes more then once called for the assassination of President Bush.  Anyone do that to Obama and you may have goons showing up at your door.

Alec Baldwin We would stone Henry Hyde to death! We would stone him to death! We would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes and we’d kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families.

Racists US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor: “Gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging….a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male.”

Jew Hater Hillary Clinton: When she was running for the Senate, it was reveled and  witnesses by three people  she had called Bill Clinton’s campaign manager “A fucking Jew bastard.”

Extortionists Al Sharpton caused the death of a man and a business burned to the ground when he incited a riot chanting “Blood sucking Jews.”

Bill Maher: Well there is so much to choose from. This man probably hates his mother.

Obama: You can spin it anyway you want, Just as the left tried to do when Obama flipped off people three different times during speeches, he compared Sarah Palin to a pig. Oh, and made fun of special needs kids with his bowling remark.

I could give example after example of how racists and disgusting the liberals are. One only has to go to a left-wing blog and look at comments. I often wonder what kind of parents raised people like that.  Do they talk that way in front of their kids? At social gatherings? If they grew up in my Grandmothers house, she would have run out of soap. In person, they are probably scared of their own shadow.  Wouldn’t surprise me none if a good percentage of them have a spousal abuse records.

Doing Bad Was Good For Me

Posted in politics by roving on December 24, 2009

I see the horror going on in schools today. Little kids being forced to sing praises to Obama. Textbooks omitting large parts of history. Some printing lies. Teachers trying to force their ideologies onto the students. Look at the colleges. 9 out of 10 professors are liberal.  Now look at the students.

If a conservative speaker is invited to speak, the students shout them down or become violent. They only believe in their own freedom of speech because a typical liberal is selfish. Where did they get their thinking from? Teachers mostly. After the teachers are done molding the students brain into their way of thinking, the news media takes over and keeps up with the brainwashing.

A liberal is allowed to call a republican a Nazi. Or call for the assassination of a sitting president. If a conservative said anything bad about their sitting president, a liberal will act shocked as if they never heard of such a thing. Liberals are the perfect definition of what two faced is.

I didn’t pay much attention in school so maybe I was spared being brainwashed by teachers. I tired thinking back if the teachers tried pushing off their political views onto the students and I just don’t know. I do remember being forced to watch the Watergate hearings and being bored out of my mind.  I liked Nixon but can’t remember what the teachers had said about him. I remember being forced to read a couple books. One being the Animal Farm and thought it was the stupidest book I ever read. Of course now it all makes sense.

I had more important things to do in school then studying. Things like sketching. I was always drawing something. If I couldn’t think of what to draw, I would sketch the room I was in. Tying thread around flies and letting them go. It took some practice catching a fly then tying thread around its head without popping its head off.

I was also always reading books. My favorite book I read while in school was Red Badge Of Courage. I was reading a couple books a week. I would put the book in the textbook while in class and read. I barely paid attention to what the teacher was saying.

My mother sent me to the counselor a few times during the years I was in school thinking maybe I had a learning problem and each time I went they gave me tests. I always aced them so they would tell my mother there was nothing wrong with me.  I just wasn’t trying. This was true.  I didn’t care for school. My senior year I was skipping school one or two days a week.

The hardest I ever studied was in the 8th grade. We needed to pass the constitution test to get into high school and because the high school was in a different building I didn’t want to be embarrassed and have to stay behind. I did quite well on the test. The only time I studied was when I had to in order to pass. So I read the text books more then I listened to the teachers.

Thanks to not paying attention in class, I was able learn on my own. Now, I read history and love anything to do with history. In school I thought how dumb. Why are we reading about dead people and things that happen so long ago?

I had signed up under the delayed entry program with the Navy while a senior so I already knew what I was going to be doing after graduating. Why bother with school?

I did graduate with just enough credits and a month later at 17, I was serving my country. This is when I DID study. People who fail tests in boot camp will be set back and need to do it over again. No way, no how was I going through that again.  A person could almost taste the fear when we would get text results back. I seen some pretty big men crack, breaking down and crying like babies because of the training. I never cracked but probably would have if I failed a test.

Brainwashing did work in the Navy because I paid attention. Before getting out of the service they asked if I wanted to take a course on how to deal with being a civilian. I thought, how stupid. No I think I will do just find thank you.

When I came home  I wasn’t able to cope very well. I sat around day after day doing nothing. The thought of suicide was always there in the front of my mind. I didn’t know why I was so depressed. My step father was worried so called the local recruiter to ask if anyone in the area was home on leave so I could hang out with them. He saw it. The brainwashing. Me, I didn’t know what was wrong with me.  I came very close to ending it all before I slowing started to come out of it.

Now I realize I was brainwashed and I saw the same thing happening during the campaign and still see it. We who wasn’t brainwashed knew Obama was lying even then. Today Obama is still telling  lie after lie and his people still ignore them.  But like what happen to me, some are coming out of the brainwashing. It just didn’t take me as long.

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What I Don’t Know Wont Hurt Me

Posted in politics by roving on December 19, 2009

If everyone knew all the news, the whole news and not sound bites, stories ignored, and convenient news stories that suddenly end before the whole story could be told, Obama would still be a Senator collecting a paycheck voting present.

I never take the news on face value. Fox News included. Fox is also selective about what they report. For example, you will never hear Fox News reporting about all the records Obama has sealed. No one even knows what grades he got in school. I assume they are pretty embarrassing seeing as how he acts. Its shame it has come to this but everything needs to be double checked.  It makes me wonder how many lies the news reported before we were able to check for ourselves.

Why anyone would watch the news is a mystery to me. Why would people want to watch channels like CNN, MSNBC, etc or read blog sites like potty mouth KOS KNOWING they are not telling the whole story and just not reporting stories that could make a difference on how people think?

I have thought about it and all I can come up with is they don’t want to know the truth. Maybe it makes them feel less guilty. Its the way I feel about going to doctors. What I think I don’t know wont hurt me.

I have a friend who only watches the news for all her information so when I tell her some things, of course she never heard about it before. She refuses to get on the web to check out facts.  Her excuse for voting Democrat? Her family has always voted Democrat. So in her case I guess it makes no difference if the news told her the truth or not. But I stand by my reasoning for most of the others.

Conservatives are more likely to read both sides of a story. I do when I can stomach it and get past the foul language and wishing everyone would die part.  Most liberals eventually grow out of liberalism later in life but there are some who just can’t handle being on their own and feel no one should be. They remind me of a child going through the terrible twos.  They jump around, scream until they get their way. There is no reasoning with them. You try and debate them, they call you names or always work Bush’s fault into it.

A good place to start and see just how much the news spins and seem to leave important things out of their stories is News Busters.

Its I refuse to know the truth  people who keep CNN and the rest on the air. They don’t want to know the whole story. It makes them feel better.

I Fear For Sarah Palin’s Safety From Also The Press

Posted in politics by roving on November 22, 2009

After watching the video of Sarah Palin’s first stop on her book tour, I’m wondering if perhaps Sarah is taking to big risk with how up close and personal she gets with the crowds.  Sure she has police and security but so did Kennedy.

Andrea Mitchell of NBC news bullied her way through the crowd, trying to shove the cops arms away as though she was royalty  and stuck the Time Magazine in Sarah’s face wanting to know what Sarah thought of the picture they used for the cover trying to shock her. Sarah didn’t bite and did a good job of answering her question. Andrea, trying to get a rise out of her kept pressing Sarah for more answers to other questions. Sarah answered them then moved on. After all, she was there for the fans. Not someone who claims they are a reporter from what they claim is a news organization.

It was the look on Mitchell’s face that struck a cord with me. It was a look of pure hatred. If looks could kill, Sarah would be a dead woman.

We know how the liberals are. We read their blogs and the comments. Nothing but hatred. They cheer when people die. Sarah should not be so close to the crowds because one of these liberals with so much hate for Sarah could one day snap. We see liberals all the time slip into conservative crowds trying to create trouble in the hopes it makes nation wide news.

If a liberal has no problem tearing a unborn baby apart limb by limb, assassinating presidents, blowing up buildings, killing policemen, or letting someone like Terry Schiavo die a slow painful death by starvation,  Running people down who later die with no remorse, (Rick Sanchez CNN) why would they have a problem of harming Sarah?

The hate for Sarah from the left-wingnuts is almost close to them being insane. You mention Sarah’s name and they come unglued. Its amusing to watch but how far would they go with their hatred?

What I don’t understand is WHY so much hatred for this woman? (besides her not aborting her baby) We hate Obama but not like the left-wingnuts hate Sarah Palin.  They become psychotic whenever her name is mentioned.  The left-wingnuts hate Sarah want to stop Sarah so bad, they may do something stupid.

The press also shows their hatred and contempt for Sarah on the news channels. But Andrea Mitchell, well, the next time she gets close to Sarah Palin, I hope someone searches her for a weapon.

This country can not afford to lose Sarah Palin

Buying Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue” Felt Like Buying Porn

Posted in politics by roving on November 21, 2009
Going Rogue

First I went to our Wal-Mart. Checked the book section twice. No Sarah Palin book. So I did my shopping and decided to try our local book store on the way home.

Our book store is small and cramped. There was no Sarah Palin book displayed in the window. That was my first clue. There were maybe 8 people in there which makes the place feel crowded. They really picked a bad place for a book store. Someone is always in your way.

The store is so small, instead of having books facing outward so a person can see the cover, they put them on the shelves like they do in a library.

As I walked in I glanced at the table near the door to see if the book would be there.  No book. I walked to the counter thinking maybe they would have it prominently displayed for the customers to see. No book. I walked to the nonfiction part of the store and looked at the display of books there. I see the  book that Bill Ayers wrote for Obama displayed outward so you can’t miss it.

As I’m standing there staring at Obama’s book wondering what the chances of me getting caught if I slipped his book in so only the binder is showing, I glance towards counter where the clerk is standing. After seeing him, I realized, it may be a slim chance Sarah’s book is even here.  He was tall, black hair, thin, with a goatee.  He had liberal written all over him.

I decided to circle the store for the 3rd time. I’m thinking, this is the place that when a Harry Potter book comes out, they open at midnight and make such a  big deal about a stupid fiction book.

I was finally going to give up and leave the store when I walked by the front of the counter, a person who had just paid for a book was walking away, I see it. The store put Sarah’s book near floor level and almost impossible to see if anyone is standing there to pay for a book.

I reached down to get it and put it on the counter. The man looks at the book, makes a slight face, mutters something and says, oookaaay. He tried to make me feel as though the book should be put in a paper bag.

As I proudly  walked back to my car, I noticed I was parked to a white van with a Obama 08 bumper sticker. I looked at the van, looked back at the store and just KNEW that van was his.

So I got my book and will take it to work with me and read it during breaks and make sure all the liberals there see it and dare them to say anything. I hope they do. I would love to hear examples of how stupid Sarah is and how not qualified to be president she is then ask them to give me examples on what  Obama had done that made him so  qualified. Naming a post office in Africa isn’t going to cut it.

Examples are what will stump them. A liberal can never win a argument when asked for examples. (based on fact) Saying Sarah, is dumb, not qualified, a joke, can’t talk good isn’t going to be good enough.  Sorry.

Liberals. Kind. Friendly. Helpful. Understanding.

Posted in politics by roving on September 26, 2009

Liberals are the biggest joke. They are for freedom, free speech, helping your neighbor, and saving the planet.

In reality they are for themselves. If they don’t get what they want, they suppress others  freedoms, beat their neighbor, destroy property.

This was just a small part of what happen at the RNC. Did the Conservative do these things at the DNC? Did any conservative spit in peoples faces or burn cars? No because we actually DO believe in freedom of speech. We do believe in respecting others property.

1.5 million march on Washington. No teargas, no arrests, no mess, and no problems. Could anyone imagine if 1.5 million liberals marched on Washington would be like?  They would have to call out the national guard like they had to at the RNC.  Despicable.

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The hypocritical democrats

Posted in politics by roving on August 23, 2009

If the Democrats wasn’t so pathetic it would be almost laughable.  When Bush was president and the unemployment went up to 5%, they were all saying we were doomed.  recession was upon us. The figures for Obama go down from 9.5 to 9.4% using funny math, everything is looking good. The recession is over. Were on our way to a jobless recovery.

Bush left office with  650billion deficit and they were all up in arms. Obama’s deficit is going to run up to 10 trillion or more and that seems to be okay because well, its Obama bankrupting the country and that makes it good.

left-burning-GWB-effigy1 Posters of Obama being plastered all over as the Joker is racists. People calling Obama another Hitler is racists and very very wrong. We shouldn’t say them things about Obama. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Yet Bush being compared to Hitler, the Joker, signs calling for Bush’s house to be bomb, burning Bush in effigy, making a movie about a Bush assassination  was fine. Its freedom of speech.

Bush spying on Americans (even though they cannot come up with even one American it actually happening to) was unconstitutional. Obama not dropping it must be okay because I hear nothing from them in protest. Obama wanting people to turn in other people, wanting them to get into others faces, calling out his thugs to silent the opposition must also be okay with them because it isn’t Bush doing all that. If it were, could you imagine the news outcry and the coverage that would have gotten?

We put up with a hell of a lot from the Democrats during Bush’s presidency and now its been payback time.  Even the MSM and the libs are having problems trying to keep our side in check. They continually call us racists, right wingers, and wingnuts and it isn’t working.

What they must not have realized was WE outnumber THEM. Most have been staying silent, letting the slander and goading happen.  Obama thought everyone would love him. He was going to bring the world together and it would be nothing but rainbows and sugar candy. We would all hold hands and just let communism take hold of this country with no fight.  Well, he thought wrong. One thing Americans love is freedom.

I will give Obama this. He has jerked the sleeping giant awake, forced them to look again at our constitution and do not like seeing where we are headed.  People who have never been involved in politics and never really paid attention are now rising up to be heard.

I personally now of a person who changed from Democrat to Republican and I’ll lay odds there are thousands just like her.

It must suck  for the libs to have their own playbook used against them.  Your games no longer work but it is working against you.  The beauty of it is the Democratic Reps are stuck between a rock and a hard place. No matter what they do, their days are numbered.

AX034842 You overplayed your hand and it has come back to bite you. Now that’s priceless

It’s We The People. Not We The Liberals

Posted in politics by roving on August 7, 2009

Torture Bush! Kill Bush! Bush is a baby killer. Bush is a Hitler. Pictures of Bush looking like a monkey. Pictures of Bush looking like the JOKER. It went on and on for almost 8 years while the press cheered them on. The right sat silent in public letting their lies and half truths be told throughout the country. Sure, we called them no good bastards in private but we pretty let them do what they wanted.

Code Pink interrupting congressional hearings, protesting outside recruiting offices. Recruiting offices being vandalized.  Chasing recruiters out of schools.

Cindy Sheehan bringing her media worshipers to film her and few people protesting Bush in Texas and reporting on her fake outrage every night.  Her son would had been ashamed.

Left wing blogs saying the most disgusting things I ever heard. Their blogs and the comments should be a pay site 18 or over  due to vulgar language and violence.  They danced in glee when people died. I still can’t get over how they acted over Tony Snow. I never seen such hatred. What kind of parents raised these people?  By the way, is it possible for just one not to throw the F bomb in every single sentence?

Liberals refusing to let people speak by shouting  down any speaker who were invited to colleges they didn’t agree with.

The spitting on, the beating  on, and the name calling they did to the people during the campaign didn’t make the news but the fake stories did like “KILL HIM” (never happen)

Obama telling his followers to “Get in their face.” Obama giving the finger to people he doesn’t like making it look innocent. Every day Obama tells a new lie yet the media lets it slide.

Now the people who have been pushed around, lied to, and intimidated, have said enough is enough. Its time to fight back. We want answers. Not the daily lies being fed to the American people. More and more they are voicing their displeasure of where this country is headed.

The liberals are shocked. The opposition needs to be silenced. So they are starting to send in their goons to townhall meetings. Obama is calling for neighbors to snitch on each other. He wants his followers to get in their faces again. Obama does his part by having his own fake townhall meetings nad news conferences stacked with supporters and the people given the questions in advance so he is able to answer them and look intelligent while doing so.

The liberals are saying how can this be? What gives others who doesn’t believe in what we do the right to speak up? We are the only ones allowed to speak damn it! This is an outrage! How dare they!

Well guess what you liberal lying commies. Its WE THE PEOPLE. Not WE THE LIBERALS. Or WE THE DEMOCRATS. Your going down so get ready.  You had your chance and it sure didnt take long to blow it.  WE THE PEOPLE are taking our country back. We out number you!

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