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637,000+ Lost Jobs Due To Obama’s Health Plan

Posted in politics by roving on August 31, 2009

Claims Adjusters, Appraisers, Examiners, and Investigators_1251699768881

This isn’t even counting all the people who work in directly in the health insurance field. Most claims adjusters work for health insurance companies. You could probably double the amount of lost tax revenue if Obama had his way with passing Government health care.

For the ones who claim he isn’t going to shut down health insurance companies, get real. Who can compete with the government?  He has always wanted a single payer system and the way the bill is written right now, he will get it.

Sure Obama’s health plan will require people but his people would be paid with tax money.  Knowing how the government works,  they would hire a whole slew of redundant people.  Offices would need to be supplied with $5,000  desks and chairs,  $10 rolls of toilet paper, etc.

Soon the money would begin to run out so like the post offices, they would need to shut some down forcing people to go farther and farther away so they can begin going through a slew of red tape in order to make a doctors appointment.

This is just further proof Obama isn’t the smartest bulb in the room.  Oh, wait. We dont really know that because he has never released his  college records. Well, if it took him three times to pass the bar, I’ll stand by my assumption Obama has no idea what hes doing. Hes just winging it.

What Next. Squirt Guns?

Posted in politics by roving on August 29, 2009

Second hand smoke blown into a face.

Putting a bug on a leg.

Playing music.

Put a bag over a mans head and have him pretend to be dead.

Have some power tools sitting out in the open. Pick one up and turn it on.

Saying if they don’t talk they will kill their family.

Putting a few drops of water on a mans face.

This is what the left is having a fit about. Its torture! No. what is is though is laughable and actually worked!

I would love to see how the left would get info out of a terrorist. I have yet to see any of their ideas. Their to busy criticizing how its being done.

What the left does love though is showing the enemy how we get info so when they are captured, they will know we are bluffing and no harm will come to them if they refuse to talk.  I’m sure our enemies are having a big laugh at us about now. If the left had their way they would tell them troop movements so they would have time to get away and  none of them  could get hurt.

Instruments of Torture album cover

If it were me and I had a man who just killed 3,000 people sitting in front of me, I would pull out his fingernails. I would break his kneecaps. I would do what it took to save more lives.  It would be a two-fer. Getting info and a little payback all at once.

I’m surprised Obama is letting the military use real bullets in the war. Maybe if the plan he now has to  lose the war in Afghanistan doesn’t work, he will pass out squirt guns to our troops. (with warm water. Cold water would be a shock) After all, we are also using tanks and planes. The enemy has neither. It doesn’t seem right. We need to make it more fair so  that there isn’t so many of the enemy killed at once.

I think every soldier should only be allowed to kill 3 enemy combatants a week. Agreed? Or is that to many?

Seriously, if we are attacked again, I put ALL the blame on the lefties, Democrats and King Obama. The blood will be on your hands.

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Ted Kennedy In Heaven. Unlikely

Posted in politics by roving on August 29, 2009
WASHINGTON - JANUARY 20:  Senator Ted Kennedy ...

Every Sunday Ted Kennedy went to church. Every Sunday Ted Kennedy blasphemed God.

Anyone can be a good person but if you harm a child, it makes no difference what good deeds you have done, you will pay in the end.

Do I think Ted Kennedy asked for forgiveness for the slow murder of Mary Jo and voting for abortions? No. If someone killed someone then thought it was hilarious and would joke about for years afterward  and not even say he was sorry to her family, I don’t see him asking for forgiveness. After all, he’s Ted Kennedy.

All the sweet prayers his family said over his cold dead body will do no good. Its to late.

If I were a minister, priest, or whatever and I knew a  baby killer was sitting in the pews, I would make sure every Sunday I would mention God knows you before your born and God help anyone who kills Gods child.

Ted voted NO on defining a unborn child as eligible for SCHIP

Voted NO prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion

Voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem lines

Voted NO on notifying parents of minors who get out of state abortions

Voted NO on criminal penalty for harming unborn fetus during other crime

Voted NO on partial birth abortions

Voted NO on maintaining ban on military base abortions

Voted NO on banning partial birth abortions

Voted No on banning human cloning

If Ted Kennedy could come back and warn Obama to change his stance on abortions, Obama is so vain, he would still refuse. After all, he is a God in his own mind.

Burn baby burn

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Flight Surgeon Refuses To Go To Iraq

Posted in politics by roving on August 29, 2009

Well, it worked last time. Army Maj. Stefan Cook refused to be deployed to Iraq unless Obama proved he was eligible to be president.  The left was all up in arms about how he got away with it. Well To bad. McCain was forced to show his birth certificate. Obama should show his. Part of Obama’s problem is, he uses the courts to dig dirt on others. That’s how he got to be where he is today but when it comes to others trying to force him to show documents, he decides to spend over $1 million to keep them hidden.

Now its flight surgeon Cpt. Connie Rhodes  who is refusing her orders for deployment to Iraq until Obama produces a $12 piece of paper.

Read more at Orly Taitz blog

Pull Our Troops Out Of Afghanistan

Posted in politics by roving on August 28, 2009

I was for the Afghanistan war. Also the Iraq war. As far as I’m concerned we did find weapons of mass destruction in the form of yellow cake. So the Iraq war did as it was supposed to do. Take down Saddam and get the weapons of mass destruction. The yellow cake is now safely in Canada.  It was kept quiet due to fears of the convoys being attacked before they were able to exit the country.

Our goal was supposed to get those responsible for 9/11 in Afghanistan. Chiefly, Osama Bin Laden.  U.S. casulties were relatively low considering it was a war after all.  Remember the nightly body counts the MSM feed us every night? Ted Koppel would read the list of all service men and women who were killed when Bush was president.

My how things have changed now that “The One” is in office. We no longer have the daily body counts from since the wars have started.  Code Pink is no longer out there defacing federal property of screaming in the faces of recruiters, we no longer have people taking to the streets this time calling Obama the baby killer even though the wars go on.

Since Obama has become Commander in Chief, the war in Afghanistan is no longer about finding Osama because Obama doesn’t think he is relevant any longer. He just said he was relevant during the campaign to get a few more votes.

The reason I want our troops out of Afghanistan is because Obama is getting our people killed. My guess is its intentional. Its obvious he has contempt for our military and country.  All one needs to do is follow his speeches when he travels overseas.

Reading the Miranda warnings to captured prisoners. What the hell? I remember when I served and being told I didn’t have the same rights at the civilians. Not sure how it is now but when I served we were told no interviews. If for some reason a news camera was around and the reporter wanted to ask questions, we were not allowed to talk with them. Freedom of speech? Not allowed in the military.  Civilians have their constitution and the military has their own. So why do we give the enemy civilian constitutional rights?

Retreating from the enemy if they enter a village or house in the hopes the enemy will come out and chase after you. This is a joke. The enemy are cowards. They don’t fight in the open.  They use human shields and go into buildings like places of worship or schools knowing we wont do anything about it.

I wonder how many of the enemy were able to later kill one of our people because we let them go?

Obama is wanting our military to fight a war with both their hands tied behind their back.  This is why Afghanistan will be lost. Much like Vietnam where we fought a war with one hand tied behind our backs.

Get our people out and get them out now unless Obama is serious and really wants to win. The way its looking, Obama is purposely losing.

1.4 Million vs $12

Posted in politics by roving on August 26, 2009

1.4 million. This is what Obama to date has paid his lawyers to keep his birth certificate AND all his other papers hidden from us.

All these blogs, MSM, and newspapers continually call us wingnuts, birthers, and every other name they can come up with because we want to see Obama’s documents. Its fairly easy to knock them all down with their so called facts. I’m pretty sure they were all given talking points because they all pretty much say the same thing.

If they were truly journalists, they would investigate this. I would think they would be just a little bit curious why Obama has spent so much money keeping everything under lock and key.  What on earth excuse could Obama have? Everyone else releases their records. Its really no big deal.

Instead of calling us names, Forget about the birth certificate just  grow a pair and just ask Obama why he is paying a team of lawyers over 1 million dollars to hide all his documents.  What on earth is he hiding in his medical records?

Even the conservative blogs call us names yet they are just as guilty of having no balls.  It makes me wonder why they arnt wondering why the only thing Obama has released was his tax forms and a abbreviated medical record.  Its a legitimate request.

So they refuse to talk about Obama’s records, but why are they ignoring THE FACT that since Obama’s father is a British citizen Obama is not qualified to be president. Obama himself admitted as much. That has nothing to do with being a wingnut. Its in the Constitution plain as day.

Next President Will Need Prosecution Czars

Posted in politics by roving on August 25, 2009

Its frustrating to see Obama and his crime family commit crimes and no one seems to care. Judicial watch keep uncovering new crimes yet do nothing. I don’t know exactly their purpose.  The Republicans see these crimes but say nothing. What is wrong with these people?

When Obama is impeached or voted out next election, the new President I hope will have her hands full investigating and prosecuting the Obama administration. The President will need to bring on czars to handle the overflow.

The first person who needs to be prosecuted is Obama of course for past and present crimes. They are so numerous its hard to keep it all straight. It could start from when he was a Rep. in IL and work to the present. That could take 10 czars just for him alone.  They could start with fraud and work their way up to treason. Its all out there for anyone to look up. I have blogged a few times of the crimes Obama has committed. If anyone had done even a small amount of what Obama has done they would be sitting in a federal prison right now. That’s a fact. You libs can deny all you want. You just choose to ignore it then lie. Its one of the reason the libs fail at everything they do. The truth does them in.

The libs were all up in arms saying Bush spied on Americans by listening in on phone conversations but they cant come up with  even one American the Bush admin. had spied on yet here we have Obama wanting neighbors to turn in neighbors and illegally spamming peoples email but we here nothing but silence from the left.

The libs had a heart attack over Cheney having private meetings with big oil. Obama has secret meetings with Pharmaceutical lobbyists  and we hear nothing but crickets from the libs. Obama also had secret meetings himself with big oil.

031202_VF_ValeriePlameThe libs were all up in arms over the outing of a desk jockey not in the field not in danger CIA agent Valerie Plame.  You know, the one who had her picture plastered in a magazine. People must hang for this they said. Well now we have  Terrorists lawyers showing pictures of REAL CIA agents to terrorists putting theirs and other CIA operatives at risk. Again, nothing from the left.  This is treason and how much does anyone want to bet the Obama admin does nothing?

Members of the Black Panthers intimidating voters on election day had charges dropped by Attorney General Holder saying since the defendants didn’t show up for court, the charges were dropped. Is that or is that not blatant piss off Americans or what?  I wonder what he would have done if it were the KKK  members standing  outside preventing people from voting.

Obama illegally fires inspector general Gerald Walpin.

This could go on and on. The crimes have been so many that Obama’s administrations hands are pretty much tied prosecuting anyone because they commit the same crimes.  They must know they will be lucky to make it through just this one term and it just shows how arrogant they are by not caring.

That’s okay though. The next administration will have 8 yrs to go after all of them. And I hope she does. She did a good job of cleaning up Alaska.

Alaska Gov Sara Palin Visits Troops in Kuwait

Obama Supporters Have Been Punked

Posted in politics by roving on August 24, 2009

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The hypocritical democrats

Posted in politics by roving on August 23, 2009

If the Democrats wasn’t so pathetic it would be almost laughable.  When Bush was president and the unemployment went up to 5%, they were all saying we were doomed.  recession was upon us. The figures for Obama go down from 9.5 to 9.4% using funny math, everything is looking good. The recession is over. Were on our way to a jobless recovery.

Bush left office with  650billion deficit and they were all up in arms. Obama’s deficit is going to run up to 10 trillion or more and that seems to be okay because well, its Obama bankrupting the country and that makes it good.

left-burning-GWB-effigy1 Posters of Obama being plastered all over as the Joker is racists. People calling Obama another Hitler is racists and very very wrong. We shouldn’t say them things about Obama. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Yet Bush being compared to Hitler, the Joker, signs calling for Bush’s house to be bomb, burning Bush in effigy, making a movie about a Bush assassination  was fine. Its freedom of speech.

Bush spying on Americans (even though they cannot come up with even one American it actually happening to) was unconstitutional. Obama not dropping it must be okay because I hear nothing from them in protest. Obama wanting people to turn in other people, wanting them to get into others faces, calling out his thugs to silent the opposition must also be okay with them because it isn’t Bush doing all that. If it were, could you imagine the news outcry and the coverage that would have gotten?

We put up with a hell of a lot from the Democrats during Bush’s presidency and now its been payback time.  Even the MSM and the libs are having problems trying to keep our side in check. They continually call us racists, right wingers, and wingnuts and it isn’t working.

What they must not have realized was WE outnumber THEM. Most have been staying silent, letting the slander and goading happen.  Obama thought everyone would love him. He was going to bring the world together and it would be nothing but rainbows and sugar candy. We would all hold hands and just let communism take hold of this country with no fight.  Well, he thought wrong. One thing Americans love is freedom.

I will give Obama this. He has jerked the sleeping giant awake, forced them to look again at our constitution and do not like seeing where we are headed.  People who have never been involved in politics and never really paid attention are now rising up to be heard.

I personally now of a person who changed from Democrat to Republican and I’ll lay odds there are thousands just like her.

It must suck  for the libs to have their own playbook used against them.  Your games no longer work but it is working against you.  The beauty of it is the Democratic Reps are stuck between a rock and a hard place. No matter what they do, their days are numbered.

AX034842 You overplayed your hand and it has come back to bite you. Now that’s priceless

Liberals Assassinate Presidents

Posted in politics by roving on August 21, 2009

We conservatives don’t want a hair touched on Obama’s head. We know if anything should happen to Obama all his communistic values, all his bad ideas,  daily lies and gaffs would be forgotten. Instead there would be riots, pulling people out of cars and beating them, while others burn down businesses. But the worst part would be the press. You think gag me with a spoon coverage is bad now? Multiply that by 10 if anything happen to Obama.  The truth of Obama would be forever swept under the rug never to be seen again or 50yrs.

The only ones who keep bringing up the danger Obama is in are the people in the liberal press. Its like they wish something would happen. Maybe by bringing it up almost daily, they are hoping someone would act.

Its the liberals with the violent history. The Democrats are the ones who formed the KKK. They are the ones who beat, hanged and shot the blacks in the south. They are the ones who called for segregation.

Obama’s friend Bill Ayers set off bombs and killed innocent people. He had wanted to kill a room full of young servicemen with their dates in a dance hall but it didn’t work out. Obama’s pastor is the one who spoke about hate of the white people and of the U.S.  Its the liberals who go around setting buildings on fire and destroying personal property in the name of saving the planet.

Abe Lincoln: Assassinated by the Democrat John Wilkes Booth

James Garfield: Assassinated by Charles Guiteau.  Was a Democrat campaigning for Horrace Greeley in the hopes if Horrace won, he would be a part of the administration but when Greeley lost Guiteau became  a Republican campaigning for Grant but Garfield won nomination so Guiteau went with him  thinking he could work in Garfield’s administration. Charles was a nut and was insane long before he killed Garfield.

William McKinley: Assassinated by left winger Leon Czolgosz.

John F. Kennedy: Assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. A Marxist. Who joined the Young’s People Socialists League.

If anything should happen to Obama, the first place I would look is at the liberal Democrats. They are the ones obsessed with something bad happening to Obama. We want Obama arrested. We want the world to see the crook Obama is.  We want Obama to fall flat on his face as he is doing now. The longer Obama goes on talking, the more of a clown he becomes and we enjoy that.

May Obama live to be impeached and deported back to his home In kenya.

Thanks A lot You Dumb Ass Voters In Illinois

Posted in politics by roving on August 21, 2009

My great corrupt state of IL is in big trouble with its budget. My state loves to spend other peoples money. Our Reps love giving themselves huge paychecks even though they deserve pay cuts for what they have done to this state.

I blame the voters of Illinois for a big chunk of our problems. Time and time again they vote in Democrats. Democrats only know how to raise tax, give money to people who refuse to go out and get a job, take away more and more of our rights, and care only about being in power.

I want to know when the hell these people are going to wake up and vote these thieves out of office. Our Republicans Reps are not REAL Republicans. More like Demoblicans. But they are still better then the tax and spend Democrats.

The personal freedom in Illinois is ranked at almost the very bottom. 49th out of 50 states yet here come the dumbass  voters voting the Democrats right back into office. Thank you, may I have another. Are the people in Illinois really just the dumbest people in the country or do they just not care?

The state is raising our drivers license from $10 to $30 Oct 11. They passed a “sugar tax” If you read this thing you have to wonder what the hell is our reps smoking? They raised our plate registrations from $78 to $79 a year. Their excuse is so they can buy new state police cars etc. I would like to know what they were doing with money they were already getting. We went $48 to $78 in one year for our car registrations. It almost doubled and they are STILL in trouble??

Everything The Democrats touch goes to hell. Its embarrassing living in this state. Our  Governor Blago chased thousands of jobs out of the state and now our new Governor wants to chase the rest out.

They know they can do what they want because they know the dumb asses will vote them right back into office. Look at Mayor Daley. The biggest crook of Chicago and the dumb asses vote him back into offices every time.

My city is run by Democrats. People are leaving and good paying jobs are vanishing.  The answer for falling revenue? Why raise taxes and fees of course.

Thanks a lot Dumb asses. Its not right I have to pay for dumb asses.

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Death Panels Could Be used To Bump Off “Enemies”

Posted in politics by roving on August 20, 2009
in a moment

I think everyone pretty much knows Oregon already has a “Death Panel.” Instead of giving a person life savings drug, chances

are good you will be offered a suicide pill. Texas also has “Death Panels” except they are run by hospitals. A few people called a “ethics committee” make the final say if the person lives or dies.

It makes one wonder what kind of person it takes to be on one of these panels. Does having a God complex help? Americans are known for being a compassionate people. Anytime there is a disaster somewhere in the world, Americans always stand up to the plate. We give more then any other country in the world to others in need.

Having a small group of people sitting around at a table deciding who lives and who dies goes against everything we Americans believe in. I wonder if they feel any kind of guilt.

If this were to go national, I could see abuses taken place. It may take time but sooner or later it would happen. Maybe someone in the White House or a person with a lot power is upset with someone because they are causing problems for them and the time comes when this person becomes very ill, who’s to say someone with that power directs the panel to deny care for that person?

I can see it now. Some people with a lot of power sitting around a table with a list of names who they would like bumped off.

Legalized murder is all these death panels are.

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“Its Bizarre, The Whole Bill Is bizarre.” (Congressman Manzullo)

Posted in politics by roving on August 16, 2009

Manzullo Illinois (and I)  actually have a sane Congressman. I know its hard to believe but when it came to cap and trade and the death bill, Manzullo is against both.

Manzullo has held town hall meetings and there were no yelling or protesting.  Another surprise for me. I had emailed him thanking him for his vote against cap and trade. If people are going to email their reps because they are angry, they should also email them and let them know they appreciate what they did.

Journal Standard: The Congressman said he has skimmed the entire 1,018 page bill, and has spent some 70 hours studying the legislation. “I’m about 40-percent through the bill, and it’s confusing for me, and I’m a lawyer,” Manzullo said.

Provisions of the health plan that are especially worrisome, according to the Congressman, include its cost, coverage, and the confusing rules and regulations of the legislation.

It’s bizarre, the whole bill is just bizarre,” Manzullo said.

“People need to go to their windows, stick their heads outside and scream ‘We’re not going to take this anymore!’,” Manzullo said Friday, Aug. 14, 2009, in an interview at The Journal-Standard.

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Why Wasn’t Demanding To See McCain’s Birth Certificate racist?

Posted in politics by roving on August 14, 2009

obama-birth-certificate1 Isn’t it funny when it comes to the birthers, its racists wanting to see Obama’s birth certificate. It’s racists wanting to see ALL the papers Obama is spending a small fortune on trying desperately to keep hidden from public view. So, what papers HAS Obama released? As Obama or Gibbs would say… uh uh uh uh.

The left can’t seem to come up with a answer of WHY Obama refuses to release something as simple as his medical records so in desperation they just call people racists for asking questions.

I remember during the campaign the reporters demanding to see McCain’s records. Did McCain hire a team of lawyers in order to keep everything hidden? Why no he didn’t. He released them. It was a very simple perfectly normal thing to do. The public always demand to see records of anyone running for president.

Why is it then the reporters didn’t press Obama to release his? If I didn’t know better  its because already knew what is in some of them and being as how the media is in your face bias, it made perfect sense why they wouldn’t  want the public to know. Some were threaten.

If you pay attention to the TV media and newspapers its also very obvious they were all given the same talking points in trying to defend Obama. Everything they say has been debunked. All the way down to the ad in the paper announcing Obama’s birth. If the media actually did any investigating journalism, they would find Obama never lived at that address printed in the paper. The fake COLB Obama posted is  what his  sister has who was born in Indonesia. . Both hospitals claim he was born there.  White House spokesman Gibbs can’t seem to get straight what hospital Obama was born in. His sister also named both hospitals.

Why has no nurse,orderly, candy striper, or doctor come forward bragging about they delivered Obama? Why is there no record of Obama’s mother ever being admitted into either Hawaiian hospital? Why does the Hawaiian officials refuse to even authenticate the COLB Obama released over the web? How would that be a privacy problem? Obama himself released it.

I don’t see racists remarks about Obama. The main place I see racists remarks are in the left leaning blogs. We don’t care what color Obama is. We have this thing about Communists wanting to run the United States. We believe in freedom. Communists don’t.   If Condoleezza Rice was running for president I, and many other conservatives would have voted for her.

Is Allen Keyes racist for wanting Obama to release his birth certificate? What about all the other blacks who would like to see it?

If we are racists for wanting to see Obama’s sealed records, what did that make the people wanting to see McCains?

No answer? I thought so…

Before The Dems Dropped Death Panel That Wasn’t In There

Posted in politics by roving on August 14, 2009

It seems the only ones reading the death care bill are the people not in Washington. It took Sarah Palin to force The Democrats to show their hand. You know, Sarah. The stupid one.

The Democrats may say they have dropped that provision of the bill but remember there is more then one in the works. They will sneak it back in there at the last minute right before the vote. Or insert it into some other bill. They have to. Control of every aspect of your life is a Democrats dream come true. Saying if your going to live or die would be the ultimate rush.

Oregon  has a death panel. Ask Barbara Wagner. She’ll tell you. She had lung cancer that was in remission only to come back. Oregon would have had to pay $4000 a month for a lifesaving drug.  Instead, Oregon offered her a end of life pill at the cost of $50. ( I wonder if she has to pay for that out of pocket)

Barbara appealed the death panel ruling three times and three times they told her to die already. The drug company that makes the life saving pill offered it to her for free.

Obama calls the drug companies and insurance companies evil. Obama, look in the mirror. Now that’s pure evil.