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Get Off Your High Horse “Independents”

Posted in politics by roving on September 26, 2010

I have been noticing it more and more. People calling into talk radio bragging they are an “independent” Like they think they are Gods gift to the world and need their butts continually kissed.  “Hello, I’m one of them independents.” Well big whoopdeedoo.  Half the people calling in I think are really Democrats. Some are Republicans afraid to admit it just so they can bash the Republican party. Or they may be feel embarrassed to admit they are Republican.

I heard one radio personality ask an “independent” caller a series of questions. The Independent turned out to be a Republican. Even the radio personality had to tell him ‘Um, you’re a Republican.”

I don’t believe in independents. You either believe in one way or the other. If you like high taxes and more government control, you’re a Democrat. If you prefer smaller government and lower taxes, you’re a Republican.  An Independent is a like a spoiled child begging for attention. If they don’t get their way, they will vote for the other side out of meanness, being gullible,or like some who voted out of white guilt.

When I hear someone call themselves a Independent, my first thought is so what and I picture a baby sucking on a pacifier.


DNC Wants RNC To Sign Joint Civility Suit. (With A Straight Face)

Posted in politics by roving on March 27, 2010

The DNC has no proof of which party has shown”violence” against the democrats by throwing bricks through democratic office buildings but are working on the assumption Republican supporters are the ones doing it even though there are a lot of real Democrats along with most of the country also against the health bill. The Democrats with their fake concern wanted the Republicans to join them in signing a worthless piece of paper that called for “elected officials of both parties to set an example of the civility we want to see in our citizenry.”

“We also call on all Americans to respect differences of opinion, to refrain from inappropriate forms of intimidation, to reject violence and vandalism, and to scale back rhetoric that might reasonably misinterpreted by those prone to such behavior,”

If I were to document all the violence from the left against the right, I would need to open up another blog account so I could continue with part two.  If the Democrats and the media cant show its the Republicans throwing stones, they just make things up like saying they spit on Representatives and call them the N word. (Still waiting on the Video to pop up all over the place of that happening)

Maybe I can be of some help to the Democrats:

There was a movie made about assassinating a sitting U.S. President. Oh wait. That was done by the left against Bush.

Seniors were spat on, shoved, called names, police cars vandalized, dumpsters burned.  Opps. That was done by the left during the Republican convention.

Sarah Palins church was burned down. The gas line and phone lines were cut. Children were inside the church. Dammit, again, by the left.

A vice President contender was hung in effigy. Crap, that was done by the left to Sarah Palin.

Protesters with signs and yelling about wanting to  kill a sitting president.  Wait. That was towards Bush.

The vandalizing of military recruitment offices. The left again.

The shouting down and forcing Conservative speakers with threats of violence  to leave stages in colleges. Lefties. After all, only the left is allowed the privilege of free speech. How arrogant of the right not knowing that.

The assassinations of Lincoln and JFK by guess who. The left.

The hangings of blacks in the south, being against civil rights of blacks, and in favor of segregation. . Democrats of course.

Voting in KKK member Byrd for Senator  and who is still serving. Democrats

Voting in a Kennedy who let a woman die a slow horrible death while he covered his tracks. Yet again, Democrats. Hey Ted, bet you wish you have a nice cool glass of water about now.

Shots being fired at Lou Dobbs house. Lefties again.

Burning down of buildings and torching car lots in the name of the environment. lefties yet again.

By a complete sheer coincidence a shot fired in the air finds its way into the window of Republican’s Cantor campaign office.  Amazing! Who by the way says he receives threatening emails often because he is a Jew and we know how much the left hates the Jews.

The MSM calling every day  normal people terrorists.  Wishing certain Republicans death or illnesses on national TV.

The vile things Bill Maher says about Christians and Republicans on his show and the lefties clap and laugh.

Read some of the comments posted in the Huffington Post sometime. Oh, wait. Don’t do that. You may find its leftards who post the hate filled rhetoric. We can’t have facts shown by the right. Thats a no no. DO NOT GO THERE.

Nancy Pelosi calling Americans who disagree with her Nazis.

Wanting Conservative talk radio shows shut down so the people will only hear the White house talking points and  propaganda from the left.

Taking everything Rush Limbaugh says out of context and “making things up” yet says nothing about what people like Ed Schultz says on his radio program…and TV.

SO you Democrats with your fake concerns, you do not fool me at all. You people own the word rhetoric.  Before you blame the right, look in the mirror.

Only One Reason To Vote In Illinois

Posted in politics by roving on February 3, 2010
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There is only one reason to vote in Illinois. So we can have the right to bitch and complain about how the state is being run. Other then that, there really is no point in voting in Illinois. Time after time the people vote in favor of corruption, more spending, and increased taxes.

I didn’t vote for Republican Mark Kirk even though I knew he would win because I don’t see how he is any different then a Democrat.  Come November it will be like a Democrat running against a Democrat. We lose no matter which party wins.

Being the Land of Lincoln is a joke. Illinois is ranked at the bottom for personal freedoms. I prefer our state be called the Land of Zombies. Every election we vote away a little more of our freedoms.

There is a good chance we may have a Republican Governor come November but he will be pretty much useless if the zombies vote in Democrats.

Democrats are a strange breed. Why anyone would want high taxes, high fees, less freedoms, less free speech is beyond me.

As far as I’m concerned, Mark Kirk is a win for the Democrats. So Obama, you can feel assured. Your seat is safe no matter which one wins.

Congratulations from the Land of Zombies.

The Blame Bush Lie

Posted in politics by roving on January 18, 2010

Obama is coming into his 2nd yr of power while still blaming Bush for his screw ups even though Obama said the buck stops here.

I don’t know if the Obama supporters truly believe the economy is Bush’s fault or are truly misinformed.  Most of the blame can be placed on the biased media for repeatedly leaving out certain facts that are harmful to Democrats.

Ever notice when a Democrat does something unlawful or embarrassing they leave out the party affiliation or mention it in the middle or end of a story? If it were a Republican, party affiliation is the first thing they bring up.

Sarah Palin was criticized about the “bridge to nowhere”  but the media left out the fact that Obama voted for it. If Obama and the rest were so against it, why did they vote in favor of it?  If the media had done their job, they would have asked Obama that question.

At my job I had overtime. All the overtime I wanted. The overtime was so much, some of the people with lower seniority were mandated to work the 6 days a week. Much grumbling was going on so the company hired temps but it did no good. We were so busy, we even had a customer willing to pay for our plants power costs and overtime if we made their orders a priority.  We just seemed to never get caught up.

When 9/11 happen and after the shock lessened, I thought the overtime was finished. I was expecting a total crash and layoffs. Never happen.

Things were humming along until a little after 2006. Slowly but surly work began to slow down. Overtime ended. People were worried about layoffs. What happen?

What happen was the Democrats took power over both houses. The Democrats began pushing their agenda through that began hurting  economy.

It’s a fact the Democrats caused the bank failures. It’s a fact Bush and the Republicans tried repeatedly reigning in the Democrats warning them what was going to happen while the Democrats claimed over and over nothing was wrong. Obama himself personally had a hand in the collapse of the banks.  Obama sued Citibank forcing them to give bad loans to people who had no way of paying it back.

I was not happy when Bush signed the first stimulus. It made matters worse but what does Obama do after seeing it wasn’t working? Why do a 2nd stimulus of course that almost totally destroyed our economy. He has seen what both stimulus packages have done. It raised the real unemployment to almost 20%. Since this didn’t put us on par with 3rd world countries, he is talking about yet another one.

Obama wants to push through in cap and trade, health care reform, taxes on banks that will be passed onto the people, and more tax tax tax. He is bound and determined to economically destroy this country and the Democrats are on board to help him do just that.

To  the media, bloggers, people who leave comments all over the web talking about how Bush ruined the economy for 8yrs,  your fibs don’t work with me.  I experienced the economy. I know the truth and if you want to live in your little world of denial, that is your prerogative but do you think  it possible of ever telling the truth even if just a little bit?

Democrats are lucky most people get their news off the air and papers or they would had been history long ago.

A Democrat Who Is Republican

Posted in politics by roving on November 4, 2009

A friend at work voted for Obama. He absolutely hated Bush. He watches the three news networks for all his information so I can see how he would think the way he does. He only hears the Democrats side of news stories.  In other words, he is very very uninformed and brainwashed.

What really gave it away was when he told me a couple times “Obama is the hardest working President we ever had.”  He word for word mimicked the network news.  Of course he has yet to tell me exactly what it is that Obama has done that was so hard and good for the country. All I see is someone who put our Grandchildren  in debt, ignores the Constitution, parties a lot, travels around to other countries, and plays a whole lot of golf. I may ask him next time what he thinks Obama has done just out of curiosity and a good laugh.

What I have noticed about my friend is we think alike on things.

We agree on:

Lower taxes.

For the death penalty.

Against paying taxes for welfare cheats.

Freedom of speech.

Everyone should have equal rights.

To many laws using the excuse, because its “for the children.”

Drill for oil.

Against taxing for things that they claim “isn’t good for us.”


I should inform him that just maybe he has been voting for the wrong party.  The Democrats are for:

High taxes

Against death penalty unless its a innocent baby in a womb

For giving welfare cheats our tax money, and I’ll throw in tax cheats.

Against freedom of speech unless its something in their favor.

Some have more rights then the majority.

They use “Its for the children” as an excuse to take away more of our rights.

Against drill for oil. Would rather we be hostage to other counties and at the same time help other countries drill.

They treat us like little children thinking they know whats best for us only so they have more power over our lives.

Intolerant. (look at a liberal comments if you have the stomach)

I’m thinking he doesn’t really know what Republicans stand for. If he would just take the time and study both sides he would realize we are not the enemy.  its the Democrats who want to intrude in his life, shut him up and take his money.

I may ask him if he Knows the difference between the two. Something tells me he does not.

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Liberals Days Are Numbered

Posted in politics by roving on October 28, 2009


Add the fact so called “independents” are running away from Obama and a lot of Democrats who for some reason didn’t realize Obama was a commie,  there is going to be a whole lot more red.

Obama knows what’s coming. That’s why he is in such a rush to get his unconstitutional,  job killing, tax raising programs passed now.

I guess he can forget about this.

Will Media Help Sell the New Obama American Flag

Republicans Health Care Plan

Posted in politics by roving on October 6, 2009

By reading liberal blogs I get the impression they think the Republicans don’t have a health care plan. Well not actually a impression but a fact. Of course it doesnt help matters much when…

1. Obama tells bold faced lies and says they don’t. That or he really is an uninformed moron.

2. The media is so far in the tank for Obama they wont report it and  choose to continue with the lie. The Messiah must not be confronted is their point of view.

The biggest difference between the two is the cost. Obama’s will tax us till we are broke and add trillions to the deficit. The Republican plan wont raise taxes, is more of a common sense plan.

I don’t know how many know this but health care came about to be used ONLY for things like hospitalizations. It was never meant to be used for seeing a doctor because you had a sniffle. The more that was added to the health insurance, the more the price went up.

Republicans want the people to be able to buy insurance across state lines. Each state has their own laws making it impossible to buy insurance out of your state so people are stuck with just a few companies. Insurance costs would drop considerably just by doing away with the nit picking laws each state has and open up competition.

Tort reform. the way it is now, if a doctor removes the wrong ingrown toenail, the patient is rewarded with enough money to retire for life. This also makes health insurance high.  They should only be rewarded enough to pay medical expenses and smaller amount of the jackpot. Each medical mistake is capped to a certain amount.

Tax credits. They would stop giving the employee a tax break for providing insurance to the employees and instead give it straight to the people. $2.300 per person and $5,700 to families.

Health insurance savings plans. Able to put money aside tax free for health catastrophes.

Obama wants to fine you if you don’t get health insurance up to $25,000 or one year in jail.  Of course if 48% of  doctors polled  that say they will quit if Obama’s plan passes, you may still have health insurance but no doctor to use it for.

How A Democrat Wins Elections

Posted in politics by roving on October 5, 2009

I find it odd the majority of the people have the same beliefs as a Republican but the Democrats do so well getting elected. People may say its the independents that do it. I don’t believe in independents. You either believe one way or the other. True the Republicans haven’t been acting like Republicans in a while.

The Democrats need five things to win.

1. Have the media and papers on your side so they only report half truths about what you say or do. When a Democrat gets in trouble, make sure their party isn’t mention. If need be, mention party affiliation near the bottom of the story. Call the Republicans racists and pretend to be outraged at some comment they made but don’t bring up the same or worse deeds the Democrats have done.

2.  Make the people  think they are for the little guy. But look at their actions and history. They were against civil rights.  Say things like we wont raise your taxes but do it anyway. Hell, they make up silly excuses just to do it. The sugar tax comes to mind.  No, what a Democrat does is keep you down. They need you to fail so you come crawling to them for help hoping for a handout. Now they got ya.

3. Blame everything they did on the Republicans very loudly and often. You tell a lie long enough, it becomes fact.  Bank failures were all on the Dems AND Obama’s head but who do the people blame? The Bush administration who tried a few times to reign in Freddy and Fanny but to no avail because the Democrats lied that there was no problem with the banks.

4. ACORN. This is a must. ACORN is supposed to be bi-partisan but we all know that isn’t true. When is the last time you saw ACORN campaigning for a Republican?  ACORN can be helpful in getting Mickey Mouse and Pluto to register to vote.  They are also miracle workers because they are able to bring the dead back to life long enough to vote. Intimidation is also a helpful tool.

5. Suppress the military vote just like Virgina  is doing. You know, do things like send out ballets to the service people the day BEFORE the election. The Democrats  know the people in the military are mostly Conservative so their vote must be squashed. So what if they are  the reason we have a voting process. After all, these are Democrats. They only care about themselves.

So in a nutshell, there you have it. Hopefully ACORN will be taken out of the picture soon and maybe the playing field will be slightly more even.

My next lesson…how to make a mayo sandwich.