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The Word Black Is Racist

Posted in politics by roving on November 27, 2009

The word black should be removed from the dictionaries and anyone mentioning the word is racist.

Sounds a little silly doesn’t it?  I swear it seems to me some people just sit around all day and think up just the dumbest things they can call racists. They have no life and live to try and make others more miserable and guilty. It doesn’t work but they give it their best shot.

Its Democrats who do this. The weird thing is, its the Democrats who have been the racists for years. After over 100 yrs of being racists, who are they to tell the rest of us what or who should be considered racist?

To this day they continue to be racists by trying to keep the blacks down and in their place by offering them all kinds of free money and programs in the hopes they wont pick themselves up and try and make something of themselves.  The blacks remind me of the Jews who voted for Obama. Obama hates the Jews but the Jews ignore what is in their face and vote for him anyway.  The blacks keep voting for a party who keeps them in check by reminding them how they can’t make it on their own. The Democrats idea for prosperity for the blacks are food stamps and welfare because they know once they are on that long enough, its very hard to get away from it and if they want to continue to receive welfare they need to keep voting Democrat .  Its a very neat trick.  Its a lie but hey, it works.

Joy Behar apparently had nothing to do one day while taking a dump and came up with an idea. Hey I could go on TV and prove to everyone how a moron thinks by asking the question, isn’t it racist to call it Black Friday?

Its hard to fathom how people like this even gets on TV.  Surely there are brighter people out there trying daily to break into TV or radio.  I think its time to give a few people one.  The ones we have now are so out there, they really need some professional help.

The word racists should be next to the word Democrat in the dictionary.  Joy needs to look into the history of her party before calling anyone a racist. That includes all Democrats.

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Stop Your Bitching And Demand Obama’s Birth Certificate

Posted in politics by roving on November 26, 2009

The phonies on talk radio moan and groan about Obama. (there are exceptions)Levin almost has a stroke at times yelling about what Obama is doing to this country. A few Republicans come out and complain how Obama is wrecking the economy.

Rep. Deal (GA) is writing a letter to Obama asking him to release his birth certifacate. Gee. How forceful.  I’m sure Obama will file that in the trash without even reading it. Besides, I think he is just saying he is going to write to Obama just to appease his voters. He isn’t going to do anything.

It would be so easy to stop Obama in his tracks by publicly demanding Obama release his birth certificate and other records over and over. Ask him why he is having lawyers fighting their release. The answer could be interesting once he got past all the stuttering trying to come up with an excuse.

If they truly cared about this country, demand it. It would stop and reverse everything Obama has done and is planning on doing to this country.

That is the simplest way of doing it. Screw waiting to vote the bums out. Obama has already done historic damage in just one year.  One can only imagine how this country can survive another 3 years of communists ideals.

Its frustrating to hear some Republican Reps. say how disappointed and puzzled they are in the ones asking to see Obama’s birth certificate and continually site false quotes from Hawaii officials,the  false birth address published in the Hawaiian paper, the proven fraud fact check put out there, and the reporter not bringing these things up. I wonder what the Reps would say to that?

It all comes down to three things being the reason they refuse to see what’s in front of them.

1. They are being threaten with a nuclear suitcase ready to go off if they admitted they know he isnt qualified.

2. Obama’s henchmen got all the dirt on everyone and threaten to embarrass them if they try anything funny.

3. Obama is black. We must NEVER offend a black person.

Our Reps. come off as ridiculously uninformed and stupid.  They don’t really have that much to do. It would take a few minutes to check out the facts for themselves. But then I know they know Obama belongs in a hut somewhere in Kenya but dare not say so.




I Fear For Sarah Palin’s Safety From Also The Press

Posted in politics by roving on November 22, 2009

After watching the video of Sarah Palin’s first stop on her book tour, I’m wondering if perhaps Sarah is taking to big risk with how up close and personal she gets with the crowds.  Sure she has police and security but so did Kennedy.

Andrea Mitchell of NBC news bullied her way through the crowd, trying to shove the cops arms away as though she was royalty  and stuck the Time Magazine in Sarah’s face wanting to know what Sarah thought of the picture they used for the cover trying to shock her. Sarah didn’t bite and did a good job of answering her question. Andrea, trying to get a rise out of her kept pressing Sarah for more answers to other questions. Sarah answered them then moved on. After all, she was there for the fans. Not someone who claims they are a reporter from what they claim is a news organization.

It was the look on Mitchell’s face that struck a cord with me. It was a look of pure hatred. If looks could kill, Sarah would be a dead woman.

We know how the liberals are. We read their blogs and the comments. Nothing but hatred. They cheer when people die. Sarah should not be so close to the crowds because one of these liberals with so much hate for Sarah could one day snap. We see liberals all the time slip into conservative crowds trying to create trouble in the hopes it makes nation wide news.

If a liberal has no problem tearing a unborn baby apart limb by limb, assassinating presidents, blowing up buildings, killing policemen, or letting someone like Terry Schiavo die a slow painful death by starvation,  Running people down who later die with no remorse, (Rick Sanchez CNN) why would they have a problem of harming Sarah?

The hate for Sarah from the left-wingnuts is almost close to them being insane. You mention Sarah’s name and they come unglued. Its amusing to watch but how far would they go with their hatred?

What I don’t understand is WHY so much hatred for this woman? (besides her not aborting her baby) We hate Obama but not like the left-wingnuts hate Sarah Palin.  They become psychotic whenever her name is mentioned.  The left-wingnuts hate Sarah want to stop Sarah so bad, they may do something stupid.

The press also shows their hatred and contempt for Sarah on the news channels. But Andrea Mitchell, well, the next time she gets close to Sarah Palin, I hope someone searches her for a weapon.

This country can not afford to lose Sarah Palin

Buying Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue” Felt Like Buying Porn

Posted in politics by roving on November 21, 2009
Going Rogue

First I went to our Wal-Mart. Checked the book section twice. No Sarah Palin book. So I did my shopping and decided to try our local book store on the way home.

Our book store is small and cramped. There was no Sarah Palin book displayed in the window. That was my first clue. There were maybe 8 people in there which makes the place feel crowded. They really picked a bad place for a book store. Someone is always in your way.

The store is so small, instead of having books facing outward so a person can see the cover, they put them on the shelves like they do in a library.

As I walked in I glanced at the table near the door to see if the book would be there.  No book. I walked to the counter thinking maybe they would have it prominently displayed for the customers to see. No book. I walked to the nonfiction part of the store and looked at the display of books there. I see the  book that Bill Ayers wrote for Obama displayed outward so you can’t miss it.

As I’m standing there staring at Obama’s book wondering what the chances of me getting caught if I slipped his book in so only the binder is showing, I glance towards counter where the clerk is standing. After seeing him, I realized, it may be a slim chance Sarah’s book is even here.  He was tall, black hair, thin, with a goatee.  He had liberal written all over him.

I decided to circle the store for the 3rd time. I’m thinking, this is the place that when a Harry Potter book comes out, they open at midnight and make such a  big deal about a stupid fiction book.

I was finally going to give up and leave the store when I walked by the front of the counter, a person who had just paid for a book was walking away, I see it. The store put Sarah’s book near floor level and almost impossible to see if anyone is standing there to pay for a book.

I reached down to get it and put it on the counter. The man looks at the book, makes a slight face, mutters something and says, oookaaay. He tried to make me feel as though the book should be put in a paper bag.

As I proudly  walked back to my car, I noticed I was parked to a white van with a Obama 08 bumper sticker. I looked at the van, looked back at the store and just KNEW that van was his.

So I got my book and will take it to work with me and read it during breaks and make sure all the liberals there see it and dare them to say anything. I hope they do. I would love to hear examples of how stupid Sarah is and how not qualified to be president she is then ask them to give me examples on what  Obama had done that made him so  qualified. Naming a post office in Africa isn’t going to cut it.

Examples are what will stump them. A liberal can never win a argument when asked for examples. (based on fact) Saying Sarah, is dumb, not qualified, a joke, can’t talk good isn’t going to be good enough.  Sorry.

The Racists Media And Obama Supporters

Posted in politics by roving on November 20, 2009

Obama’s campaign was more about race and, well, lets face it. Lies. Bold right on your face lies. You know, things like the most transparency open government ever, all bills will be posted on-line for 3 days for all of us to see before being voted on among  many other lies to numberous to mention here.

 The media so desperate for racism stories would just make them up. The “Kill him” comes to mind. The media would show up at tea parties, look and look for any sign they think may be racists and zero in on that and ignore all the other signs. Out of thousands of people, they judge them by one or to people.

Almost daily the media shows how racist they are by calling people showing up at tea parties, “teabaggers.” constantly talking about whites as though they are the scum of the country. Cris Mathews is the leader of the racists. Making snide remarks about people waiting to meet Sarah Palin at a book signing. Did he see any signs saying blacks not allowed? No. Were there any blacks there? I’m sure there were.

I find it odd Cris and the others have a problem with whites but if Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton hold a extortion rally they dont mention the sea of blacks who showed up. They wouldnt dare do it.

Why don’t they report about the black conservatives who are singled out and beaten because they have different beliefs? If union members beat up people or try and intimidate them into remaining silent, why is it Cris has no problem with that?

The media seems to be desperate wishing harm to come to Obama just so they can say see? I told you so. The problem is, they don’t know their history. It’s the Democrats and the left who assassinate presidents. It’s the Democrats who hung blacks in trees. It’s the Democrats who wanted to keep blacks in their place. We don’t want a hair on Obama’s head harmed because then the media and his supporters will turn Obama into more of a God then they already think he is. It’s the left who they should fear.

The media and leftwingnuts are also racists against conservative women. They make fun of Palin, call her dumb, make sexist jokes about her. They say she is  insignificant and a joke yet have no examples of why she is a joke. When debating about Sarah with a conservative, the left is chewed up and spit out.

If Sarah Palin is so insignificant, why report about her every move? Shouldnt they be ignoring her? Afer all shes a nobody right? 

What the media and the leftwingnuts have done is taken racism, and turned it into a joke. Racism means nothing any longer. They killed it. Now when racists is mention, they get an eye roll and a here we go again.

They have effectively set racism back 50 years.


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CIA Pays Pastor Manning A Visit. Hey Mark Levin, Heads Up

Posted in politics by roving on November 18, 2009

Pastor Manning released a video saying his arrest is coming because of a previous video he had made in which they claim he made threats to Obama.

I listened to the “threat video”  and there was no threat made against Obama in it. He only said Obama should be arrested for treason, tried, and sentenced to death because Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

Two CIA agents working for homeland security and two Detectives paid Manning a visit in his church. Manning expects to be arrested in a few days.

So, here we go. Obama is starting to come after people who are speaking their minds and opinions. My question is, who will stand up for, and help defend Pastor Manning? Oh, hey, I know. Why Mark Levin. Of course! This would be perfect for Mark Levin. He should want to be all over this.

Levin is president of Landmark legal foundation. Levin has offered to use  his foundation to defend the lawyers for free who wrote the guidelines in interrogation techniques. 

I wonder what Levin would say if his help was asked for in the defending of Manning because Obama’s thugs are going after a U.S. citizen for using his 1st amendment rights by using a bogus charge? This should make Levins mouth water.

I can answer that. Levin will ignore it. His has his orders. Do not talk about Obama keeping all his records hid. Do not talk about Hillary not being qualified to be Secretary of State. Do not talk about Obama campaigning for his cousin in Kenya when Obama was Senator then thousands murdered because his cousin lost. Including women and children locked in a church then set on fire killing everyone inside.

Levin, Rush, Hannity, Beck, and all the others will not talk about anything that will  force Obama out of office. Wake up. These people are frauds.


Nuclear Plant 50 Miles From Thomson. What Could Go Wrong?

Posted in politics by roving on November 17, 2009
Nuke Plant_01-30-09_5

I live in IL and a little closer to Thomson and Byron IL then I care to be at the moment.  There are times I can see the cloud  the Byron nuclear pant produces.

Obama is considering sending the worlds most dangerous men to our prison in Thomson IL. The people in Thomson are really hurting. When the prison was built the people were promised it would be full of prisoners and create many jobs. Some put their life savings into businesses only to end up losing everything because they foolishly believed the politicians.

Our military, taxpayer, hating  Sen. Durbin is all for sending the terrorists to Thomson. His reasoning is, it will create thousands of jobs and because nothing has happen at Guantanamo Bay, that means nothing will happen at Thomson.

For one thing Guantanamo is surrounded by water with trained soldiers guarding them. Another thing, What will happen to property values in Thomson? Who would want to buy a house in a town that houses the worlds most dangerous men and have a bullseye painted on the whole town not to mention all surrounding towns. The jobs Durbin is talking about, is he saying the prisoners will guarded by civilians? Most important, there is no nuclear plant near Guantanamo.

The Byron nuclear plant is only 50 miles from Thomson. Even less by the way the bird flies. The nuclear plant would look like a real nice target to some pretty nasty men who would just love to put a little fear in the lives not to mention kill thousands of innocent civilians.

Talk about a perfect storm. Durbin and Obama are truly insane.

Lou Dobbs Is A Warning To Others

Posted in politics by roving on November 15, 2009

Lou Dobbs is a warning to others. Do not talk about Obama’s birth certificate or you too will be out of a job. Dobbs resigned from CNN but he wouldn’t of had is contract renewed anyway so you could say he was fired.

Maybe Dobbs didn’t get the memo. Obama’s birth certificate is  off-limits. If anyone talks about it, your career or worse will be over. Shots were fired at Dobbs house. Donald Young wanted to come out about his and Obama’s relationship is now an unsolved murder. Lt Harris Jr who was cooperating with federal investigators over Obama’s stolen passport information is also a unsolved murder. It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. These murders will always remain unsolved and anyone with a brain knows it.

Obama all through the campaign has tried to silence anyone speaking about what he felt others shouldn’t know. attempting to shut down a radio station in Chicago not once but twice because they were going to discuss Obama’s pal Bill Ayers. The threats to shut down television stations for running campaign ads against him. Threatening to sue Stations and papers for anti Obama ads.

Now we come to the birthing issue. I still call Levin and the others cowards. Levin the constitutional expert doesn’t even have the balls to talk about Hillary Clinton’s eligibility problems   to be Secretary of Sate. Levin yells a lot, talks tough but hes a coward. Levin is such a coward he dares not let a liberal caller finish a sentence. They know damn well there is a problem but still remain mum on the subject. Rush Limbaugh lies to his audience claiming ignorance about Sinclair and the murder of Donald Young.

They are so afraid of Obama they wont ask the simple question of why Obama has spent over one million dollars to lawyers fighting lawsuits in court.  Reporters are the same. one reporter  has asked Obama’s press secretary about the birth certificate issue but didn’t push it.

Are the reporters pretending to ask real questions in fear they to will suffer repercussions? All they have to ask is WHY IS OBAMA FIGHTING THE LAWSUITS IF HE HAD ALREADY SHOWED HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE? How hard is that? The whole world knows about the court room dramas so ask the damn question! Stop pretending it isn’t happening.

I think they got the message and Lou Dobbs just showed them all Obama isnt messing around.

Doctors Who preforms Abortions

Posted in politics by roving on November 14, 2009
Human fetus, age unknown

After reading the story about Abby Johnson, the former director of a planned parenthood clinic, I have to wonder about the doctors who perform the abortion.

Abby was in the room with the doctor who was performing an ultrasound guided abortion.  She held the probe over the woman’s  abdomen  so the doctor could see the fetus on the monitor. What she saw made her resign from her job.

Abby saw the probe go into the uterus and the “Baby moving and trying to get away from it.” She realized this was a human being and was fighting to survive but “All of a sudden, I mean, it was over, just,  in the blink of an eye. And I just saw the, I just saw the baby just literally, just  crumble, and it was over.”

Now what kind of doctor would be able to do something like this and not be bothered at all? A sick doctor. One with a warped mind. That’s who.

If we were able to look into the childhood of these abortion doctors would we see teens torturing and killing small animals? Do they get a sexual satisfaction playing God?

How can a doctor who takes the Hippocratic oath then turn around and tear a little baby apart limb by limb ? What kind of parents raise people like that?

What the  abortion laws did was prevent theses doctors from becoming serial killers.




Buy Health Insurance Or Go To Prison. Who Goes?

Posted in politics by roving on November 8, 2009

For those us of who will refuse to buy health insurance after our workplaces kick us out of their plan because it would be cheaper for them to just pay the penalty,  we could face fines and prison time, Who exactly would do the time?

Lets say I was married. I have a wife and 2 children.  The wife and I decide not to have any health insurance because we don’t want to live under communist rule and this is our way of protesting. We both have jobs.

Do they haul the husband off to prison? does both the husband and wife go to prison? Does the Government take away the 2 children and place them under state custody?

Since our prisons are over crowed now and they have been releasing prisoners early because of the lack of room, will they build special prisons just for the freedom fighters?  Maybe put them in camps?

Because Obama is “the one we have been waiting for,” maybe we will just replace the murderers and rapists in prison now because we dared to go against him. After all, it is all about Obama and his control over his subjects isn’t it? We must never speak against the chosen one.

In Obama’s mind, who would be more of a danger to his ego? Killers or people who speak out against him?   He would send both parents to prison, take the kids away to indoctrination school so they grow up to be good sheep

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Feeling Like All Hope Is Lost?

Posted in politics by roving on November 8, 2009

There are many many times I feel as though we no longer live in the Untied States of America. Its becoming an embarrassment. We have a man in office who can not stand this country and is hell bent on destroying it.

Just when I think all is lost, I read something Sarah Palin has said or written and it calms me. She gives me hope for the future. The left demonizes her by making fun of her and calling her stupid when they have who has to be the dumbest joke as an excuse as their leader. Its almost sad the way they blindly defend him.   They come off sounding just as dumb as Obama.

For all those who need need a breather from the insanity going on in Washington, relax and enjoy. There IS hope out there.

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Democrats. The Party Of Yes

Posted in politics by roving on November 7, 2009

Democrats have been falsely calling the Republicans the party of no. We all know the reason the Republicans are saying no to the Government take over of our lives. Well I call the Democrats the party of yes.

Raise taxes on the poor. YES

Vote to raise just about any tax that comes before them. YES

Ignore the Constitution. YES

Take one persons money  away to give to others who refuse to work. YES

Take away freedom of speech. YES

Make excuses for minorities involved in crimes. YES

Make it a hate crime if minorities are beat up but not when it happens to whites. YES

Against civil rights. YES (Continually voted against civil rights)

Against self protection. YES (Obama himself while in the Senate wanted it to be a crime to use a gun in your own home when protecting yourself)

Ban legal gun ownership. YES

Take  money meant for the military and use for their own pet projects. YES

Weaken the military. YES

Dems don’t have to pay taxes until caught, then not punished. YES

Put the tax cheats in power. YES

Take over private business. YES

Tell CEO’s of private companies what they can earn. YES

Throw people in prison for not buying health care. YES

Force laws on the people but not on themselves. YES

Tax everything we can think of. YES

Make laws to take away freedoms. YES

We know better then you. YES

Punish the people for using sugar and fats. YES

Lie lie and lie some more. YES

Kill babies but not killers. YES

Take illegal campaign contributions. YES

Only hold Republicans up to ethical conduct. YES

Force only Republicans to produce medical records, college records, Senate records, passport records, BIRTH CERTIFICATES, ets. YES



“I Will Stand BY Muslims Should political Winds Shift In Ugly Direction”

Posted in politics by roving on November 6, 2009

Obama said this in his book that Bill Ayers wrote. The argument is Obama was talking about American Muslims. Okay fine. I will take Obama’s word on that even though he tells lie after lie.

The massacre at Ft Hood by a Muslim and Obama’s way of reporting it raised my interest.

Obama apparently not realizing he was on TV Obama was giving his shout out to someone in the audience and thanking everyone for organizing and being there. After almost 3 minutes of gushing over himself he finally mentions the Ft Hood shootings.

Today another thing Obama said peaked my interest. “We don’t know all the answers yet. And I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts,”

Hasan, (the shooter) is a Muslim. He was born in the U.S. but put down he is a Palestinian on forms.

Hasan would try and convert his patents to the Muslim religion.

Hasan shouted Allahu Akbar. (God is great) before opening fire.

Hasan expressed some anger about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hasan posted  about suicide bombers. ( authorities haven’t proven he did post it yet) equating them with soldiers who throw themselves on grenades to save others.

If I were in the military, a police officer, or anyone who requires a gun for the job I would be suspicious of anyone who is a Muslim.  Sleep with one eye open kinda thing.

In my opinion a soldier who believes in the Muslim religion does not belong in the military. Especially the U.S. military.  For one, Muslims are cowards. They wont fight face to face. They prefer suicide bombings or the planting of bombs. Muslims normally run when faced with the enemy. The so called bible they read is full of hate and killing.

Obama who this past summer jumped to conclusions because a officer had arrested a black man now warns eveyone not to jump to conclusions because Hasan is a Muslim. Hmm.





Lance Has A New Walker

Posted in politics by roving on November 5, 2009

Lance has been on SSI for about 15yrs or so. Lance is 51yrs old. You name it, he has it. Lance is a walking medical dictionary. He is able to name about any ailment known to man.

Lance claims to have epilepsy. He says he has a implant so if he feels a seizure coming on he just swipes the thing with a magnet that is worn around the wrist. I never see him wear this magnet. I also have never seen him have a seizure. I have purposely tried giving him one by “showing” him the  flashing lights from a jukebox lighter have.  Twice. Even though he says Walmart lights can throw him into a seizure, I got nothing.

Lance claims to have a ton of health problems. By rights he should be dead.  As a matter of fact, he said the doctor told him he had 5yrs left. This was 6 or 7yrs ago.

Lance got a walker. He doesn’t really use it. He pushes it. He will lift it 3 inches off the ground and walk over grass.  The back legs on the walker lost the wheels or whatever was on them so he cut slits in tennis balls and put them on the back legs.

One day I get a call from Lance wanting me to pick him up from his therapists. Lance loves going to shrinks. He also loves going to support groups. He went to a bereavement support group because the apt he moved to didn’t allow dogs so he had to give his away.  Anyway, When I pulled up, he was in a wheelchair. I asked him now what the hell is wrong? He said his bones are going to hell. I had to help him get out of his chair and walk him to the passenger side.

When I pulled up to his building, he got out of my car with no help and hobbled to the wheelchair. I wasn’t surprised at all. I have seen him carry a cane and not use it till he reached the doctor office doors.

Last week I got another call. Lance was wanting me to pick him up from the CVS because he bought a new walker and he couldn’t carry it home.

When I got there, I picked up the box that held the walker. Its a nice walker. Has pouches to carry stuff in. I hope some day when or if I need a walker, its just like that one. Except I want one equipped with a radio/TV.

Lance limped to my car while I put the walker in my backseat.  When we pulled up to his housing unit, people looked out their windows and one man started walking towards us. Lance gets out of the car and now limping even worse.  He walked like one leg was shorter then the other and had a club foot.  I carried the walker to his apt and left.

A few days later I get another call. Lance wants a ride to K-Mart so I went to get him before heading where I needed to go.

Lance comes out using his fancy mancy walker. There is no limp and he is back to just pushing it. Not using it. I’m thinking, maybe if frail and handicapped people would just get a walker. they would be cured.

Now I’m all for people who deserve SSI to collect SSI. Lance is scamming the system and I can’t believe the people at SS are so stupid.  If we could get rid of the fraud going on, SS wouldn’t be in so much trouble.

Just a side note. Lance is married. His wife is also on SSI. When they got married, they ended up getting one check so were actually getting less money.

About a yr after being married, they decide maybe they should get a divorce so Lance moves out and got his own SSI check.

I asked Lance a few days ago if they were still going to get divorced. He said no. So I asked him, you mean, your going to stay married but not live together?? He says yes.

This is yours and my money. Lance has never paid a cent in taxes in his life. When he was working, he got back everything he paid into it.

You decide. I took this short video of Lance using his old walker. Me, I say he is scamming the system.



Vodpod videos no longer available.


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A Democrat Who Is Republican

Posted in politics by roving on November 4, 2009

A friend at work voted for Obama. He absolutely hated Bush. He watches the three news networks for all his information so I can see how he would think the way he does. He only hears the Democrats side of news stories.  In other words, he is very very uninformed and brainwashed.

What really gave it away was when he told me a couple times “Obama is the hardest working President we ever had.”  He word for word mimicked the network news.  Of course he has yet to tell me exactly what it is that Obama has done that was so hard and good for the country. All I see is someone who put our Grandchildren  in debt, ignores the Constitution, parties a lot, travels around to other countries, and plays a whole lot of golf. I may ask him next time what he thinks Obama has done just out of curiosity and a good laugh.

What I have noticed about my friend is we think alike on things.

We agree on:

Lower taxes.

For the death penalty.

Against paying taxes for welfare cheats.

Freedom of speech.

Everyone should have equal rights.

To many laws using the excuse, because its “for the children.”

Drill for oil.

Against taxing for things that they claim “isn’t good for us.”


I should inform him that just maybe he has been voting for the wrong party.  The Democrats are for:

High taxes

Against death penalty unless its a innocent baby in a womb

For giving welfare cheats our tax money, and I’ll throw in tax cheats.

Against freedom of speech unless its something in their favor.

Some have more rights then the majority.

They use “Its for the children” as an excuse to take away more of our rights.

Against drill for oil. Would rather we be hostage to other counties and at the same time help other countries drill.

They treat us like little children thinking they know whats best for us only so they have more power over our lives.

Intolerant. (look at a liberal comments if you have the stomach)

I’m thinking he doesn’t really know what Republicans stand for. If he would just take the time and study both sides he would realize we are not the enemy.  its the Democrats who want to intrude in his life, shut him up and take his money.

I may ask him if he Knows the difference between the two. Something tells me he does not.

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