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Barack, Michelle, Larry, and Donald

Posted in politics by roving on August 9, 2010

Lots of talk over the conservative airwaves about reasons or lack of  why Michelle Obama is was gleefully sticking it to the taxpayers with her yet another glamorous vacation that most of us can only dream of instead of being with her husband on his possible birthday.

Rush, Hannity and the rest have the list they have to go by on how far they can question the president. So far they have been doing  a pretty good job of it. Rush may have a jab in there now and then but hes careful about the length of time he will stay on the subject and he will not take any calls dealing with Obama’s hidden records.

I had on a talk radio show this afternoon and was listening to the host (Tom Sullivan) pretend confusion over why Barack and Michele took separate vacations. It was beginning to sound a little pathetic as most of conservative talk radio are sounding lately.   They absolutely refuse to talk about anything that could bring Obama down.

Larry Sinclair wrote a book, Cocaine, Sex, lies, and Murder? In it, he describes the relationship he had with Barack down the the description of Barack’s penis. He sent the book to Michelle.  Maybe one night, the temptation overcame her and she opened the book.

Michelle must know Obama is bi-sexual. I knew it the moment I saw him.  She doesn’t seem that naive.  Stuck up, racist,  and an embarrassment to this country but not a pushover.

Another thought, it wasn’t long ago Donald Young’s mother came out and said she thinks her son was murdered in order to protect Barack from his gay lifestyle.

It doesn’t take a genius to put things together. The amazingly unsolved murders of too many people all connected to Barack.  Mitchelle can and will do what she wants and Barack is helpless to stop her. She may be getting revenge on him, trying to ruin is re-election bid, just pissed off,  or knowing Barack will lose his next bid for president, is going to soak the tax payer for all we are worth. Enjoy it while she can.

Unlike the fake Mark Levin, There, I really said it.


Lou Dobbs Is A Warning To Others

Posted in politics by roving on November 15, 2009

Lou Dobbs is a warning to others. Do not talk about Obama’s birth certificate or you too will be out of a job. Dobbs resigned from CNN but he wouldn’t of had is contract renewed anyway so you could say he was fired.

Maybe Dobbs didn’t get the memo. Obama’s birth certificate is  off-limits. If anyone talks about it, your career or worse will be over. Shots were fired at Dobbs house. Donald Young wanted to come out about his and Obama’s relationship is now an unsolved murder. Lt Harris Jr who was cooperating with federal investigators over Obama’s stolen passport information is also a unsolved murder. It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. These murders will always remain unsolved and anyone with a brain knows it.

Obama all through the campaign has tried to silence anyone speaking about what he felt others shouldn’t know. attempting to shut down a radio station in Chicago not once but twice because they were going to discuss Obama’s pal Bill Ayers. The threats to shut down television stations for running campaign ads against him. Threatening to sue Stations and papers for anti Obama ads.

Now we come to the birthing issue. I still call Levin and the others cowards. Levin the constitutional expert doesn’t even have the balls to talk about Hillary Clinton’s eligibility problems   to be Secretary of Sate. Levin yells a lot, talks tough but hes a coward. Levin is such a coward he dares not let a liberal caller finish a sentence. They know damn well there is a problem but still remain mum on the subject. Rush Limbaugh lies to his audience claiming ignorance about Sinclair and the murder of Donald Young.

They are so afraid of Obama they wont ask the simple question of why Obama has spent over one million dollars to lawyers fighting lawsuits in court.  Reporters are the same. one reporter  has asked Obama’s press secretary about the birth certificate issue but didn’t push it.

Are the reporters pretending to ask real questions in fear they to will suffer repercussions? All they have to ask is WHY IS OBAMA FIGHTING THE LAWSUITS IF HE HAD ALREADY SHOWED HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE? How hard is that? The whole world knows about the court room dramas so ask the damn question! Stop pretending it isn’t happening.

I think they got the message and Lou Dobbs just showed them all Obama isnt messing around.

Obama’s “Pubic Hairs Were Shaved”

Posted in politics by roving on August 1, 2009

Larry Sinclair has written a book. A book about Obama. A book about Larry having sex with Obama. A book about Obama and Larry doing drugs. A book about Obama being involved in murder.

Larry says he is sending a signed copy of the book as a birthday present to Obama.

I admit when I first heard about Larry Sinclair I was skeptical but I found it strange he isn’t being sued for libel. Larry has been very vocal about his relationship with Obama and very persistent. I have read as much as I could about Sinclair and what he has gone through and I’m convinced the man is telling the truth.

exerpt from Larry Sinclairs book:

“…Barack is uncut, or uncircumcised. He was at most approximately eight to eight and a half inches in length. The girth was thin in nature and had a hook to the left (when facing him). Obama’s left testicle clearly hangs lower than his right (the testicle hangs lower but is not larger or smaller in comparison to the right one). His pubic hairs were shaved. The most telling part of Barack Obama’s penis is that under the head in the split he has (three to be exact) small pimple bumps. The bumps are not pimples per se, but are under the skin and lead downward on the shaft…”

What say you Obama??

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Donald Young And Larry Bland

Posted in politics by roving on March 16, 2009

Two names. Two men. Two gay men. Two gay men who attended Trinity Church in Chicago. The same church as Obama. These Two men  were murdered  less then thirty days apart.

It has been rumored Obama and Young were lovers.  Look at Obama and tell me he isn’t a bisexual. I could tell from the moment he opened his mouth and stuttered his first words. (not that there is anything wrong with that)

I find it a coincidence the two men were murdered right before the primaries season. I wouldn’t put anything against Obama or his flock. They have shown how mean and dirty they can get by having their so called truth squads, trying to shut down radio stations to prevent people from hearing the truth, and the violent tendencies his flock have demonstrated.

I can see Obama doing anything to get to the top. Look at who all he has discarded like they were nothing to get to where he is now. The minute someone is no longer useful or may make Obama look bad, they are gone and I think Donald Young would have made Obama look very very bad. Bad enough that Obama would have dropped out of the race and more then likely the end of his political career. Maybe Young wanted the world to know of his love. Maybe Obama didn’t want to take the chance of Young announcing to the world  of their relationship. It is very convenient Donald Young is no longer in his life.

Obama had Leo Donofrio, the lawyer filing suit against Obama in fear of his life. Web sites anti Obama being shut down, blogs being scrubbed, and computers being hacked. So is it so hard to believe someone close to Obama committed murder? I don’t think so. I wonder where Ayers was the night Donald Young was murdered. Obama has some very very violent “friends.” Men who have killed before.

Larry Sinclair  had given a affidavit to the Chicago police department stating Donald Young had called and text messaged him all the way up to his death. Sinclair suspected Young was calling and texting on Obama’s behalf trying to get information from Sinclair for Obama’s use. Sinclair says the only way Young could have gotten his number is from Obama.

How is it Wright announced the death of Young to his congregation BEFORE Young was pronounced dead? Why has it been over one year since anything has been heard about this case?