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O’Reilly’s Defense Of Obama’s Birth In Hawaii

Posted in politics by roving on June 6, 2010

O’Reilly thinks anyone who believes Obama was not born in Hawaii are kooks and uses the birth announcement in the Hawaii paper as proof somehow. Its a weak argument since anyone can place an ad in any paper but okay, lets go with that.

What if he were to find out there is proof the birth announcement was a total fraud? Well it just so happens there is proof its a fake announcement. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. my very own point of view.

Now, what say you pinhead?


Random Obama Thoughts/Questions

Posted in politics by roving on June 6, 2010

John Brennan was Obama’s campaign consultant at the time of the Obama passport break-in  and also the CEO of the company responsible for the break-in.  Why would Obama then bring this same man aboard his administration as  Obama’s counter terrorism adviser?  Was Brennan given the position as a job well done?  I would think Brennan would be the last person anyone would pick.  He couldn’t even mastermind a simple  break-in without being caught.

Lt Harris, a key witness in the passport scandal  was cooperating with the Feds when he was gunned down while sitting in his car. Is this not fishy as all hell? Is there even an investigation going on? Why do I get the feeling the  Harris’s family will never receive justice?

Donald Young, the man who attended the same church as Obama was going to come out and say he and Obama had a sexual relationship was also murdered and again, is there even an investigation going on?

What are the chances of two people being murdered who can also be tied to one man? One could be a coincidence, but two??

With Obama having every single record locked up and hiring lawyers to make sure no one ever sees them, shouldn’t that be sending alarm bells off in the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security,etc departments?  Why hide kindergarten records for crying out loud?

One day Obama was born in one hospital in Hawaii, another day, it’s a different hospital. Why is there no record of Obama’s mother ever being admitted into ANY hospital in Hawaii?

Why would the Kenyan government put a gag order on Obama’s family in Kenya and surround the grandmothers hut with police to keep reporters away after Obama’s grandmother said she was in the same room as Obama when he was born?

Seemed like one heck of a coincidence Obama’s grandmother held onto life until the day Obama came to see her…alone.  Why would she hang on? I had the impression Obama barely even visited her after reaching adulthood. I also could have sworn I read reports his grandmother was doing fine after leaving the hospital. Another clue Obama didn’t care about her: Obama waits over a month before deciding to have a service for her.

Why are there two different dates Of Obama’s grandmother death? Obama’s sister said in an email, she died two days before the election. Others stories say she died one day before the election. Well, which is it??

The secret service is glued to all presidents except the day Obama was in his grandmother’s apartment alone after she died. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what he was most likely doing.

Why would Obama say he is for the poor and helpless yet won’t help out his brother in Kenya who is living on $1 a month?  Obama let his Aunt who was in the U.S. illegally, live on welfare and also took what little money donated to his campaign from her only to return it when he got caught. If Obama is unable to show compassion for his own family, why would people think he would for them?

What does Obama have against babies that he thinks its okay to perform live birth abortions and if born alive, not to have it saved because the doctors are busy? I wonder if Obama tortured small animals when he was a little kid.

Who donated the millions of money into Obama’s election campaign from overseas?  Why is there no accounting for it yet McCain was forced to account for his contributions?

Why was there a big stink about wanting to see McCain’s birth certificate and medical records but none for Obama?

Why would the Hawaii paper purge a story they did about Obama that said he was born in Kenya?

Why is it, no one remembers Obama living at the address put in the birth announcements? I am from a very small all white town and I remember clearly when a black family moved into town.

Obama claims he isn’t against the 2nd amendment yet was never asked why he wanted to make it a crime if a homeowner used a gun against a home invader while he was in the senate.

Three different private investigators independently came  up with at least two different SS numbers Obama has used. One while being a Senator and  the current one being from the state of Connecticut that was issued to another man. Obama’s grandmother was able to get into SS records through her job. It wouldn’t have been much effort on her part. Even Rush Limbaugh thought this was strange yet said there are more important things to talk about. What? I think SS fraud is a very important thing to talk about and look into. Why would Rush think its not that important?

Why does the media continue to cover for Obama even when he shows his distaste of the press?  Are they so deep in the tank for him there is no climbing out?

Why is it Hannity, Beck and the others refuse to touch on Obama’s sealed records? They don’t even need to bring up the birth certificate because ALL his documents are sealed.  Were they threaten? How can we trust them if they will only talk about certain things?  They could bring Obama down in a few months by putting pressure on Obama to release his documents. There must be some really damaging things in them, yet they refuse. WHY? They keep harping Obama will be voted out in 2012. That is a long way off. Obama has already done much damage to this country. Two years are too long.

I put a lot of the blame for the downfall of America on these talk shows hosts and sites such as hot air, Drudge and others for being silent. Could it be for the hits these sites get and the growing audiences the talk shows are getting because Obama is in office? It makes absolutely no sense to me why they will not talk about these documents that Obama is using tax payer money to keep sealed.

Why does the LA Times refuse to release the tape of Obama at a Jew bashing party? They have had this tape since the campaign.

Is it me or did Obama purposely let the oil leak get out of hand so he can either take over the oil companies or shut them down?

Why hasn’t Obama ever talked about or visited the state of TN after the major flooding and loss of life that accured?

Why does it seem when there is a disaster, Obama decides this would be a good time for a dinner party or a date night?

Does Obama know how many states there are in the U.S? Does Obama have arthritis that prevents him from putting his hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem?

Where is the proof Obama legally changed his name from Barry to Barrack? There is zero documentation he did.

Why do Obama supporters not care Obama lies?  Why did they hate Bush for things that Obama is now doing and much more then Bush has done?

Why will no reporter fact check Obama’s bio’s?

what is that scar on Obama’s head? It just showed up one day.

Does Obama bow to our enemies because they know his secrets and are blackmailing him and while at it, making him look like a fool at the same time?

What did Bill Clinton say to Obama during their private meeting during the campaign? Does Obama and Clinton have things on each other and that is why Hillary is now our illegal Secretary of State?

What part of our Constitution does Obama think is flawed?

If Obama hates the U.S. so much, why live here?  Cuba would be more of his style.

Why did Nancy Pelosi use two different certificates showing Obama was eligible to run for president? One for all the states here and a separate one for Hawaii?

Here is what I think will happen over Obama’s hidden records. Nothing. Its to late. If the records were released now and it did show Obama was never eligible to be president, I suspect half of congress would be arrested for treason because they participated or looked the other way.

Kenyan Parliament AGAIN Says Obama Was Born in Kenya

Posted in politics by roving on April 11, 2010

How many times must Kenyan officials say Obama was born in Kenya before anyone cares?  From my count, the Kenyan Parliament has mentioned it four times now.   Once right after Obama “won” the election and now again last month.

The ministry of lands James Orengo said this as the parliament was working out their new Constitution pdf:   “If America was living in a situation where they feared ethnicity and did not see itself as a multiparty state or nation, how could a young man born here in Kenya, who is not even a native American, become the president of America?”

Tax payer funded far left NPR had even did a story on Kenyan born Obama dated in 2008! The same NPR who call birthers nuts.

African news called Obama Kenyan born when he was running for the senate. Obama’s grandmother says Obama was born in Kenya. The Kenyan ambassador said Obama was born in Kenya.  Michelle Obama called Kenya Obama’s “Home country.”

Why is everyone falling back on the bogus Hawaii said Obama was born in Hawaii when that is not what they said? Could it be because there are so many people complicit in one of the biggest frauds in the history of this country, half our government would be  put on trial for treason?

Why didn’t Cheney ask for any objections during the counting of electoral votes in the congress? The Constitution states he MUST ask for objections.

Beck, O’Rielly, MSM Forced To Defend Obama Over His Birth Certificate

Posted in politics by roving on April 7, 2010

By now millions have seen the tape of Michelle Obama calling Kenya Obama’s home country. Glenn Beck and other conservatives think Obama’s people are releasing tapes like that in order to bait the birthers and looking for reasons to mock them.  Glenn thinks Obama is poking at the birthers. Make them even more extremists.

What does Beck and the MSM use as evidence that convinces them beyond a doubt Obama was born in America? A news paper ad, a COLB that was proven a fraud, and the false assumption  Hawaii officials said he was born in Hawaii.

Anyone can  go out on the web and see for themselves all the stories and documents that show there is a big problem here. I’m sure Beck and the others have done just that yet are forced to call us kooks when they are the ones who come off as kooks by using what they have as “evidence.”

Mark Levin was talking to Hannity one night on Levin’s radio show and mentioned how large their listening audience has grown. Obama being in the White House has been very very good for them.

If you notice, certain things seems to be off limits to Glenn Beck and the MSM. Things like all his college records being sealed. Things that shouldn’t have anything to do with Obama’s birth certificate.  Why? Because his records would reveal the truth. Never in the history of the United States has so many records been sealed about a president, by a president. It was the very first thing Obama did after being sworn into office.

Obama knows  Fox News and the rest of the media  are not allowed to question the mountain of circumstantial evidence  showing there are huge questions of Obama’s nationality.

Obama is poking at Glenn Beck and the MSM then sitting back laughing as they all are  forced to defend him.

Michelle Says Kenya Is Obama’s Home Country

Posted in politics by roving on April 4, 2010

Michelle slips  up about Obama about Obama “home country.” To bad the media is so corrupt and keeps the truth hidden from the public.  Its just more evidence Obama wasn’t elected. Obama was selected to be president. McCain did everything he could to throw the election.

Obama’s Birth Doctor Was Obama Senior’s Neighbor

Posted in politics by roving on March 6, 2010

Why is Obama fighting the release of his birth certificate? He has it in his possession yet chooses to post a fake COLB.  Why will no judge consider looking at any evidence? What are they afraid of? Why did Cheney break constitutional law by not  asking for any objections during the vote?  Why does Beck, O’Reilly and others continually cite Fact Check when it was found even they committed a fraud?

Inspector Smith, the man who says he was able to get Obama’s birth certificate out of Kenya by bribing a guard, which caused   the firing of the top national police police officer of Kenya  during the cowardly judge Carter debacle stumbled onto more information.

The doctor whos signature is on the Obama Kenyan birth certificate was a neighbor of Obama senior at the time Obama was born as was reported in the All Africa news website. The story had to do with the daughter, now a judge forgiving the person of her fathers unsolved murder. Yes, it sad but its who the news article  says lived next to Obama senior who is important. The same doctor everyone claimed was in a different part of the country at the time of Obama’s birth. James Ang’wa

read more at Free Republic

If Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Silly, Why All The Eligibility Bills?

Posted in politics by roving on February 18, 2010

Several states are working on introducing bills that will require presidential candidates  prove they are eligible.  Arizona not only wants the information from the candidates but wants state officials to double check  them. Other states have contacted Arizona to find out more about their bill.

Well gee. Why are states introducing these bills? They never thought of doing this before. Why now? Is it their way of saying us birthers may have a point? Maybe it bothers the states that Obama has not released any of his documents like it bothers anyone who has even half a brain.

I don’t expect Obama to run for another term but if he would, what would the people think if he decided to skip any state that has the eligibility bill in effect?  What possible excuse could they come up with? Would Levin, Beck, and the others have their orders to be silent or make fun of birthers  be allowed to talk about it?

What about the MSM? I wonder if they would somehow ignore Obama skipping states to camapign in. There would no way to spin it for Obama.

When or if it comes out Obama never was eligible to be president, there is a whole lot of people who have a whole lot of explaining to do.

Anyone with even an once of common sense knows something is very very wrong when anyone running for president puts every one of his documents under lock and key.  The talk show hosts and MSM are so intimidated they refuse to even bring that part  up. I cant help but wonder why not. My guess is they know if any of his documents are released it will lead to his not being a natural born citizen.

These bills being introduced is the states way of saying they will let Obama do himself in or not bother running again because they know…

Fellow Birthers, Your Not Crazy. We Are Growing

Posted in politics by roving on February 12, 2010

The polls show more and more people are questioning Obama’s eligibility.  Even in CA As Obama’s popularity drops the polls will only go higher.

Once again while listening to the radio, the host said Obama has proven beyond doubt Obama was born in Hawaii and once again came up with zero examples.

When people like Beck or O’Reilly do cite “evidence” they bring up the image of a COLB Obama posted on his website, the birth announcement planted in the paper, and the wishy washy statement from the Hawaii Official that really didn’t answer the question. This is all they have.  Only an idiot or someone  desperate to keep sleeping dogs lay would use that as evidence. Obama being president has been very well for talk shows and Fox News.

I don’t think they are idiots. They have their marching orders.  Put down anyone  questioning Obama’s past or your out of a job…or worse.

Its very very odd not one big time radio host or anyone on Fox News bring up the fact that Obama through executive order had ALL his records sealed right after being sworn into office and to this day is fighting the release of his records in courts throughout the country.  Very odd indeed. Remember during the campaign Fox News was told to lay off Obama for awhile.

Obama’s own Grandmother said she was in the hospital room when Obama was born in Kenya. Some laughingly claim she was talking about HER son.  Soon after making that statement the Kenyan government surrounded her hut and kept reporters away.

A respected African  newspaper did a story about  Kenyan born Obama running for Senate.

The Hawaiian paper also had a story which called Obama Kenyan born until they cleaned up the story.

The Kenyan government sealed all of Obama’s records. (or destroyed)

The Kenyan ambassador said it is already well known Obama was born in Kenya.

Obama has seen and held his birth certificate yet releases a COLB. Why? (because that is what is issued to children born overseas)

The COLB has been discredited by three different  experts as being a fraud. Link 1 /Link 2

Fact check is unreliable because they have ties with Obama.

At the time Obama was born, anyone from from the states or from another country could obtain a Hawaiian COLB.

Anyone can have a birth announcement put in a paper and not live there.

The address given with the birth announcement has been proven Obama never lived there.

One of the many social security cards numbers Obama had/has show he was born on the east coast. Numbers found by a private detective who retired from working in Scotland Yard.

Not one doctor, nurse, aide, or hospital has come forward claiming Obama was born there.

Obama’s sister says Obama was born in one hospital, Obama names a different hospital.

There are no records in any hospital in Hawaii showing Obama’s mother or Obama had ever been admitted for ANYTHING.

Obama told a marine he met in 1980 he was born in Kenya.

You get the idea.  If everything was put up against Beck and the others arguments, well, they look a little silly. It just proves the point. They dare not let information get out. Its as if they all received the same talking points.

The biggest clue there is a cover-up is the FACT not one of the big shot TV or radio personalities will not even discuss the fact Obama has released ZERO documents and has lawyers working around the clock to keep them that way.  The birther “facts” outweigh the after-birthers “facts.”

What say you O’Reilly?

Oh Oh, AZ Is Pushing For A Eligibility Bill

Posted in politics by roving on February 12, 2010

If the eligibility bill passes in AZ that has a total of 40 supporters,  all eyes will be on Obama. Will he skip AZ during the next campaign or will he as I predict, decide not to run for re-election?

Even if AZ doesn’t pass their bill, I still don’t look for Obama to run.  This time around, we may have a republican candidate  who wants to win and ask questions of why Obama has all his records sealed and hit him about all his communists racists friends. unlike McCain who threw the election to Obama. Of course his failure as the most dumbest president we have ever had in our history wont help him.  His news  media hacks wont be able to help him this time around.

Its kind of a shame he wont run. I would love to see him stutter and look clueless during the debates without the help of his teleprompter.

The Right Side Of Life has the eligibility bill story at their website.

Read it and weep Obama.

“Conservative” Posters And Blogs Have Convinced Me

Posted in politics by roving on February 7, 2010

Congratulations. After reading your countless put downs of people wanting to see the Obama’s birth certificate, you have finally convinced me.

Lets just pick and choose what part of the constitution matters. We will just sit back and wait till Obama is voted out of office then go back to following the constitution.

After all whats the big deal? So what Obama sends lawyers all over the country fighting the release of documents that are normally released by anyone running for president.

If you have no problem with that, well then that’s good enough for me.  After all, we who just wanted to see Obama’s sealed records are just kooks.

Oh great ones, I agree we are just to stupid not to be able to handle more then one thing at a time. Lets just concentrate on Obama’s policies. That is more important then a illegal sitting president.  Its much better to wait and hopefully undo all the damage Obama is able to create by serving his full time.

NOT! No matter what you say, how many names you all call us, you can not and never will change our minds. Just as we will never change yours.

There was a problem with McCain and his BC. Did McCain hire lawyers to keep it hidden? No. He showed it. Yet for some reason asking Obama to show his makes us other conservatives look like kooks.

Lets not talk about  why the media is ignoring the issue.

  • A major TV talk-show host reported that he was ordered not to raise the birth certificate issue or risk losing his job.
  • FCC officials threatened to yank broadcasting licenses, break up conglomerates, and make the enactment of the Fairness Doctrine “look mild” in comparison to other consequences.
  • In at least one corporate TV headquarters, memos were circulated to all on-air employees not to mention the birth certificate issue, as well as other specific subjects like Obama’s Illinois lawyer’s license, his college records, etc., under both implied and explicit threats.

Sounds to me like you and the others  are the true kooks.

Okay Obama, I have A Question About Your Policy

Posted in politics by roving on February 5, 2010

Okay to question my policy, not my faith…or my nationality.”  Barack Obama .

I don’t question your faith. I already know your a Muslim. You yourself admitted it on CNN.

I have a question about your policy. Mr. Obama, why is it the day of your swearing in, the very first thing you did was sign a executive order 13489 sealing all your records?

Is it a common policy to have lawyers running all over the country fighting the release of records that are normally released by anyone running for president?

Real Reason Obama Will Be One Term President

Posted in politics by roving on January 27, 2010

Even though the kings of radio refuse to mention it and the print media publish lies, more people are becoming concerned about all the records Obama has sealed and continues to fight in court to keep them that way. Just 51% of Americans believe Obama is eligible.

Contrary to what the media continually  repeats, Obama DID NOT release his birth certificate.  The COLB he put on his website is not a birth certificate. What he released, is the same COLB anyone in the world could get from Hawaii. We know he has the long form. He said so in his book while rifling through his Grandmothers things.

Obama had mentioned months ago that he may be a one term president then again said it with his “Rather be a good one term president then a mediocre two time president.”

Obama has fought off lawsuit after lawsuit of people trying to force him to produce his birth certificate along with all his other records.  All judges so far are afraid to look at any evidence and  instead used the weak excuse “No standing.”

Sooner or later Obama will be found out and he knows it. Leo Donforio is representing over 20 closed down dealerships which in the end will force Obama to turn over his hidden records.

Several states are working on legislation that would require anyone running for president provide proof they are natural born citizens. All it would take is just ONE state to pass this law and Obama is finished.

The left make fun of us who only want to see the proof by calling us birthers. I’m proud to be a birther. For the ones who have no problem with Obama hiding EVERYTHING all the way down to his medical records, you would be good candidates for someone trying to sell bridges to.

I have yet to hear from anyone of why Obama would seal all his records. They call him a genius but Obama refuses to even show his grades.

What I believe his college records would show is, his schooling was paid for with foreign aide.  How did he pay for his education with no job?  His medical records would show his drug use and the country he came from.

Just some of what Obama is hiding and refuses to release. There is plenty more he has hidden but I would settle for these:

1 Certified copy of original birth certificate

2 Columbia University transcripts

3 Columbia thesis paper

4 Campaign donor analysis requested by 7 major watchdog groups

5 Harvard University transcripts

6 Illinois State Senate records

7 Illinois State Senate schedule

8 Law practice client list and billing records/summary

9 Locations and names of all half-siblings and step-mother

10 Medical records (only the one page summary released so far)

11 Occidental College Transcripts

12 Schedules for trips outside of the United States before 2007

13 Passport records for all passports

16 Scholarly articles

17 SAT and LSAT test scores

18 List of all campaign workers that are lobbyists

Even if Obama’s birth certificate shows he was born in Hawaii ( I don’t believe it would) he still wouldn’t be eligible to be president due to his father  British citizenship.

Judge Carter Loses His Balls

Posted in politics by roving on October 29, 2009

Well, that was a big waste of time. Judge Carter has decided somehow votes trump the Constitution when he granted motion to dismiss. Although I knew he was going dismiss  anyway because he was possibly, 1. paid off. or 2. threaten.

If you compare Judge Carter from when the case first came into his court to the last day in court, its fairly obvious something got to him.  He was practically grabbing at air trying to find a way to drop the whole thing then. So he took some time to think up some excuses that seem plausible in his own mind. Its to bad he didn’t stand in front of a mirror and read aloud what he just wrote.

Judge Carter saying the voters voted for Obama is one reason for dismissal is a slap in the face of the millions who have fought and died for this country.  Its bad enough Obama thinks the Constitution is flawed but when we now have judges totally ignoring the Constitution, we are in big trouble.

Judge Carter is also now a psychic. Out of desperation to dismiss he accuses Orly Taiz of committing future crimes by alleging she was going to have witnesses commit perjury. I’m no lawyer but I would think this alone would be a very strong argument on appeal.  Do we or do we not have a right to face our accusers?

Judge Carter also becomes bizarre by saying we we have a duty to pay our IRS taxes but have no right to question Obama’s eligibility.

Judge Carter made it sound as though he had his mind made up from day one which gives me the impression he purposely wasted our time.

I fear we have no honest Judges left in this country and the longer Obama is in office and able to appoint even more judges, our rights are finished.

The way his order is written, I wonder if he even wrote it at all or maybe he had is new law clerk write it for him. You know, the one with ties to Obama.

The whole court system is corrupted.

The Fix Is In. Eligibility Case Will Be Dismissed

Posted in politics by roving on October 18, 2009

Kinda strange Judge Carter would hire a new lawyer as his clerk who works for a law firm that has Robert Bauer who is  one of Obama’s lawyers  and who’s  wife   is Obama’s communication director, Anita Dunn.

Siddharth Velamoor was hired right before Judge Carter starting acting different. Once all gung ho to get the truth, pushing Orly to hurry because he didn’t want this case delayed due to our troops needing to know the truth  and now looking like he wants to dump the whole thing and he is now the one taking his old sweet time making a decision we all know he is going to make. Probably stalling to waste everyone’s time is my guess.

I wonder what could have possibly happen to make Judge Carter do a 180? Hmm. Money? Threats? Who knows but this whole thing stinks. No wonder Obama’s lawyers were so excited.  They have a man on the inside.

Talk about corruption. geesh.

more The Post & Email

Orly Taitz Side Of The Story

Posted in politics by roving on October 6, 2009

For those that are afraid to go to her site because once again google is claiming he blog is an attack site, here is what she posted…

What I’ve noticed it that Obama supporters are publishing some COMPLETE GARBAGE calling it unofficial transcripts. In reality they are distorting each and every word I am saying and trying to show me in a negative light. Somebody by name “Waveydavey” has written such garbage and distortions and Phil from “Right  side of Life” posted it.

When the transcript of the October 5 hearing is ready, I will post it.
In reality I carried most of the hearing on my shoulders.

Kreep showed up an hour late and was not prepared. He did not have any precedents, he did not provide a substantial argument.

I have provided numerous points and precedents in the argument and counted any and all ridiculous assertions by the US attorneys claiming that no one citizen of this country has standing to bring challenge to this massive fraud and treason perpetrated upon the citizens of this nation by the usurper and his accomplishes (as you understand US attorneys didn’t use this very language and definitions). the public was applauding me repeatedly.

Kreep also lied to the judge, where he stated that I have written on my blog that people should sue Kreep.  I never written that- the man is a pathological liar- it is appalling what he and Wiley Drake are doing. Drake is telling the public, media and donors that I was thrown of the legal team, so that all the donations go to Kreep. Somebody, also, told the judge that I have written on my blog to  people to  call the judge.  It never happened. I tried to correct the record but the judge would not let me speak further.

What concerns me more then anything else, is that Judge Carter sounded completely different from what he was in prior hearings on July 13 and September 8.

On July 13 I was entitled to get a Default judgment against Obama and postdefaultdiscovery, as I have properly sued Obama as an individual fora fraud that he committed as an individual before the election. I demanded from Judge Carter default or, if he is refusing to give me the default, I demanded a leave of court to get an interlocutory appeal.

US attorney showed up at the hearing as a party of interest, representing USA and demanded to be served with the pleadings. He was stating that Obama was supposed to be served through the US attorneys office. I countered by stating that the service through US attorneys office is done, and defense by US attorneys at the expense of the tax payers is allowed only when a person is sued as a governmental official for what he did as an official. Obama defrauded the whole Nation, before becoming the president, by claiming to be eligible, and “we the people” should not pay for his defense, I served him properly and I am supposed to get a default judgment against him and a post judgment discovery.

Judge Carter refused to give me the default. He twisted my arm time and again and pressured me to serve Obama yet again through the US attorneys office.  At three different occasions at 10:40, 11:01 and 11:07 of the hearing judge Carter has assured me that if this deal is made, if I serve the US attorneys office, the case will be heard on the merits expeditiously   and will not be dismissed on technicality.

As I was refusing, I stated that I have great concerns that the US attorneys will be playing games, as they did in prior cases and will try to dismiss this case on technicality such as jurisdiction os standing.

Please read 10:40 line 5.

Court (meaning judge Carter ) is saying “In talking to you this way you are basically told, we are going to get to the MERITS (emphasis added)  of this very quickly.   The government is just asking for what THEY believe is proper service.”  He did not state that I didn’t serve Obama properly, he is saying what They, the government, believes is the proper service.

At 11:01 line 13. he says “I wish this would be resolved on it’s MERITS QUICKLY. And he is either not the president or he is”

At 11:07 line 1  Judge Carter states “I mean if he is not president, he shouldn’t be president, if he is he should be. And we need to resolve it on the MERITS”

On September the 8th judge Carter told the US Attorneys West and DeJutte that the chance of him granting motion to dismiss due to lack of standing is extremely law and he is ready to rule and have a hearing on this on Sept 11 in 3 days.
At that time Gary Kreepsqueezed himself in the case representing 2 out of 48 plaintiffs and demanded more time. The hearing was postponed by nearly a month.

During this month something happened. At October 5 hearing Judge Carter sounded as a completely different person. He did not sound as a brave Marine any more. He sounded scared, intimidated by somebody or something. He was trying to find ways to dump this case on another court- like DC court, drag his feet by telling us to plead the case again or   dismiss on technicality- claiming no one has standing.

I poured my heart out for over an hour, and at least he didn’t come up with a negative decision right then and there, but I am concerned. We had a clear deal back in July.

If Judge Carter makes a 180 degrees turn now and rules for Obama and does not give me expedited discovery and hearing on the merits as he repeatedly promised during the July 13 hearing, then I and my clients were defrauded by the court.  Then there is no system of justice for the citizens of this country.