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Big Loss For Faux News Internet Trolls

Posted in politics by roving on January 31, 2010
Fox News Channel controversies
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Faux News. I would see that in comments across the web in comment sections. I knew they were full of it and apparently so do most people across the country. In two recent polls Fox News IS number one as the most trusted news on television.  One by public policy polling and another done by Zogby.

The trolls continually lie about the bias of Fox News by confusing commentary with news reporting.  When I watched Fox I have always seen they would bring in both sides to voice their opinions.  Now flip tip to oh say MSNBC with Keith Olbermann. How often do you see both sides represented there? Olbermann is allowed to air his lies with no rebuttal.  I actually think he is slowly becoming more and more insane and keep expecting him to commit suicide on air as his ratings go further down the toilet. Maybe he will if Mark Levin ever releases the emails he received from women who dated him. From what I can gather from hints are, he is a pervert, momma’s boy, and lets just say, “its small.”  Olbermann wouldn’t dare have opposition on his show because they would literally destroy him in facts and he knows it.

The Faux News Trolls post their comments out of fear. Fear of the people hearing the news that other news channels refuse to report or just plain lie about.

There are so many stories the other news channels refuse to air so I will pick the latest story. Obama’s HUGE lie about how he would put a end to no-bid contracts and in reality  Obama gave $25 million to a campaign contributor in a no-bid contract. So far he has given more then $543 million from the “stimulus” away with no competition from other companies.

Remember Haliburton? Of course you do. The MSM made sure to bring it up almost nightly. They turned Haliburton into a household name.  If this was the Bush administration, Checchi & Company would also become a household name. For those of you who don’t watch Fox News, they are the ones who received the $25 million who just happen to big contributors in  the Democrat campaign.

Faux News Trolls need the people to remain clueless. Its a way the liberals would be able to take over the United States and form it into their own little communistic  idea of utopia. You control the news or how people get their news, and  the people become like dumbed down sheep. Kinda like what you saw at Obama rallies across the country during the election.

So next time you see a clueless Faux News Troll leaving a asinine comment you now know the reason. Fear.

By the way, The idiot did it again. He bowed to the Tampa mayor

Rockford IL Abortion Clinic Posts “Body Counts”

Posted in politics by roving on January 29, 2010

I don’t think I ever heard of a abortion clinic quite like the the one on Rockford IL.  They post body counts. They proudly proclaim to have killed 50,000 babies while Jesus was only able to save 50.

This Is. One. sick. clinic.

Real Reason Obama Will Be One Term President

Posted in politics by roving on January 27, 2010

Even though the kings of radio refuse to mention it and the print media publish lies, more people are becoming concerned about all the records Obama has sealed and continues to fight in court to keep them that way. Just 51% of Americans believe Obama is eligible.

Contrary to what the media continually  repeats, Obama DID NOT release his birth certificate.  The COLB he put on his website is not a birth certificate. What he released, is the same COLB anyone in the world could get from Hawaii. We know he has the long form. He said so in his book while rifling through his Grandmothers things.

Obama had mentioned months ago that he may be a one term president then again said it with his “Rather be a good one term president then a mediocre two time president.”

Obama has fought off lawsuit after lawsuit of people trying to force him to produce his birth certificate along with all his other records.  All judges so far are afraid to look at any evidence and  instead used the weak excuse “No standing.”

Sooner or later Obama will be found out and he knows it. Leo Donforio is representing over 20 closed down dealerships which in the end will force Obama to turn over his hidden records.

Several states are working on legislation that would require anyone running for president provide proof they are natural born citizens. All it would take is just ONE state to pass this law and Obama is finished.

The left make fun of us who only want to see the proof by calling us birthers. I’m proud to be a birther. For the ones who have no problem with Obama hiding EVERYTHING all the way down to his medical records, you would be good candidates for someone trying to sell bridges to.

I have yet to hear from anyone of why Obama would seal all his records. They call him a genius but Obama refuses to even show his grades.

What I believe his college records would show is, his schooling was paid for with foreign aide.  How did he pay for his education with no job?  His medical records would show his drug use and the country he came from.

Just some of what Obama is hiding and refuses to release. There is plenty more he has hidden but I would settle for these:

1 Certified copy of original birth certificate

2 Columbia University transcripts

3 Columbia thesis paper

4 Campaign donor analysis requested by 7 major watchdog groups

5 Harvard University transcripts

6 Illinois State Senate records

7 Illinois State Senate schedule

8 Law practice client list and billing records/summary

9 Locations and names of all half-siblings and step-mother

10 Medical records (only the one page summary released so far)

11 Occidental College Transcripts

12 Schedules for trips outside of the United States before 2007

13 Passport records for all passports

16 Scholarly articles

17 SAT and LSAT test scores

18 List of all campaign workers that are lobbyists

Even if Obama’s birth certificate shows he was born in Hawaii ( I don’t believe it would) he still wouldn’t be eligible to be president due to his father  British citizenship.

Disaster Relief Charity Donated Money For Obama Statue

Posted in politics by roving on January 26, 2010

I gave to the United way for years and years then found out how much money they kept for themselves as pay. I was disgusted thinking I was paying for someones new pool in their backyard.

I did give a few dollars to the Salvation Army then later find out they also do a little scamming themselves. Since I gave money and not gifts, I can only hope it will be used as intended.  I  will continue to give to our veterans and the Lions Club.

I didn’t give to any charity intended for Haiti because they had received billions of  U.S. tax dollars over the years and nothing changed. The money most likely went into the corrupt governments pockets.  Obama has pledged $150 million in aid to Haiti as soon as he can borrow the money from China.   Which will cost us more after interest. If the billions we gave vanished I will assume the $150 million will also.  As far as I’m concerned, I just gave.

Indonesia built a statue of Obama as a little boy and erected it near where he went to school. It’s purpose is to inspire children to follow their dreams.   The statue was paid for through donations. One donor was a disaster relief charity. The story left out the name of the charity.  I would think that would be a story alone.  How many other charities are giving money to things that have nothing to do with the intended purpose?

How does a statue qualify for using disaster relief charity funds? Sure the statue only coast $10,000 but using even one cent intended for people in need is wrong.

Shame On You John McCain

Posted in politics by roving on January 25, 2010
Sarah Palin addressing the Republican National...
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Sarah Palin endorsed John McCain. People are upset. Most seem to be upset at Sarah claiming this is some kind of test she was supposed to pass.

No sooner had Sarah announced her endorsement for McCain,  a former conservative congressman J.D Hayworth has decided to run against McCain.

I will lay odds Sarah didn’t go to McCain but he came to Sarah. I was waiting for it to happen and I was hoping she would turn him down. I’m not upset as some. Sarah feels she has a deep friendship with McCain. It boggles my mind why she feels friendship since he had stabbed her in the back countless times during the campaign and afterwords in interviews with the media.

I am thankful McCain gave us Sarah Palin. When I was casting my vote, It was Sarah who received it. Not John McCain. She gave life into a otherwise sad sad campaign. McCain is more fitting as a blue dog democrat and should be stripped of his republican stripes.

Sarah tried to win the election. McCain gave the election away. McCain’s people tried shutting Sarah up and hid her from the public. He saw the crowds she drew. She excited the base while he was sticking up for Obama.

Shame on you John McCain for putting Sarah in a no win situation.  You have had your time. Let it go. We conservatives don’t want you.

As for Sarah, I’ll let this one slide.

Obama Purposely Pushing Country To Civil Unrest?

Posted in politics by roving on January 20, 2010

There were calls made to Washington, emails & faxes, polls, Townhall meetings, marches on Washington, protests throughout the country, elections of Republicans in NJ, VA, and the  “Can you hear me now” win in MA with Scott Brown.

Yet Obama doesn’t hear the people. Obama vows to push ahead with a health bill less and less of the people want. The Democrats are talking about changing the rules to push the bill through. Others are talking about cutting it up into smaller pieces and inserting them into other bills so eventually we would have the health bill no matter what we think.

If I didn’t know better its becoming clearer and clearer Obama wants civil unrest. He wants the people in this country out there in the streets angry and fed up.  He is daring the people to just give him an excuse to bring the hammer down.

It should be obvious by now Obama is a narcissists. About the only ones who don’t see it are the hard core left and the media. The media can’t see it because they also are narcissist.

Obama, the left, and the media continually thumb their noses at average Americans with their clinging to guns and religion,  making comments about people like Joe the plumber, calling Americans terrorists, calling the average American racists, making fun of people who drive pickup trucks. I still don’t understand why people who drive pickup trucks is funny. Its the trucks and SUV’s that kept people working. They hate babies and make fun of people with disabilities.

Its also obvious Obama is not on America’s side when it comes to war on terror. Generals are confused on what they are supposed to do when capturing enemy combatants.   Obama gives the enemy constitutional rights and brings them to trial in American courtrooms. Obama has caused the death of soldiers with his orders to our soldiers not to go after the enemy if they retreat into villages or houses. Obama has threaten the CIA with crimes if they do their job causing them to second guess everything they do which puts lives in danger. The almost downing of an airline shows me just how whipped the CIA is.

Its becoming clearer and clearer someone is pushing the buttons ordering Obama what to say and do. Obama cannot go anywhere without his teleprompter. If the teleprompter breaks down, Obama is left there stuttering and reaching for words. If anything interrupts his reading of the promter, like a heckler, he is totally lost at how to react.

I do see a problem with his  plan though.  He will need more people behind him then he has now. The contempt Obama shows of the military wont help him. More and more states are turning against him. Some threatening to sue. More of the people are looking at our Constitution and reading up on it.

My feeling is Obama may create some kind of crises. Maybe let the Untied States be attacked and suspend the next presidential elections until “the crises passes.”  Again, he will fail because the people are beginning to open their eyes to who and what Obama is.

Even his dream of a National Security Force will not be strong enough to stop the people.

The Blame Bush Lie

Posted in politics by roving on January 18, 2010

Obama is coming into his 2nd yr of power while still blaming Bush for his screw ups even though Obama said the buck stops here.

I don’t know if the Obama supporters truly believe the economy is Bush’s fault or are truly misinformed.  Most of the blame can be placed on the biased media for repeatedly leaving out certain facts that are harmful to Democrats.

Ever notice when a Democrat does something unlawful or embarrassing they leave out the party affiliation or mention it in the middle or end of a story? If it were a Republican, party affiliation is the first thing they bring up.

Sarah Palin was criticized about the “bridge to nowhere”  but the media left out the fact that Obama voted for it. If Obama and the rest were so against it, why did they vote in favor of it?  If the media had done their job, they would have asked Obama that question.

At my job I had overtime. All the overtime I wanted. The overtime was so much, some of the people with lower seniority were mandated to work the 6 days a week. Much grumbling was going on so the company hired temps but it did no good. We were so busy, we even had a customer willing to pay for our plants power costs and overtime if we made their orders a priority.  We just seemed to never get caught up.

When 9/11 happen and after the shock lessened, I thought the overtime was finished. I was expecting a total crash and layoffs. Never happen.

Things were humming along until a little after 2006. Slowly but surly work began to slow down. Overtime ended. People were worried about layoffs. What happen?

What happen was the Democrats took power over both houses. The Democrats began pushing their agenda through that began hurting  economy.

It’s a fact the Democrats caused the bank failures. It’s a fact Bush and the Republicans tried repeatedly reigning in the Democrats warning them what was going to happen while the Democrats claimed over and over nothing was wrong. Obama himself personally had a hand in the collapse of the banks.  Obama sued Citibank forcing them to give bad loans to people who had no way of paying it back.

I was not happy when Bush signed the first stimulus. It made matters worse but what does Obama do after seeing it wasn’t working? Why do a 2nd stimulus of course that almost totally destroyed our economy. He has seen what both stimulus packages have done. It raised the real unemployment to almost 20%. Since this didn’t put us on par with 3rd world countries, he is talking about yet another one.

Obama wants to push through in cap and trade, health care reform, taxes on banks that will be passed onto the people, and more tax tax tax. He is bound and determined to economically destroy this country and the Democrats are on board to help him do just that.

To  the media, bloggers, people who leave comments all over the web talking about how Bush ruined the economy for 8yrs,  your fibs don’t work with me.  I experienced the economy. I know the truth and if you want to live in your little world of denial, that is your prerogative but do you think  it possible of ever telling the truth even if just a little bit?

Democrats are lucky most people get their news off the air and papers or they would had been history long ago.

Salvation Army Playing Games

Posted in Uncategorized by roving on January 15, 2010
The Salvation Army - To Give or Not to Give. . .
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Charities have been a let down for me. It used to be we would be given a list of charities at work and we could pick and choose which one we wanted to donate with using automatic deduction from our paychecks or one time payment. I always picked the suicide help line.  The suicide help line not only talked to people thinking about taking their lives but would talk to thoses who were just feeling lonely.

After a few years my workplace dropped them all and only gave us one choice. The United Way. I gave to them a few years until a few months after 9/11. I was disgusted where the money was going. The huge salaries were out of line and I wondered if my money was going to help or towards a paycheck so I stopped the donations.

After Obama stole the election, my thought when I saw the bell ringers out in force was I would never give to any charity except for military veteran charities  because I didn’t want my money going to Obama voters. I figured you voted for Obama, let Obama help you with his hope and change.  I did put a few dollars in the kettle anyway this past holiday.  I’m having 2nd thoughts again but this has nothing to do with Obama.

Now I’m wondering about the Salvation Army. Yes the Salvation Army helps families. There is no doubt about that. However what I learned about the gifts people donate I must wonder how much of the money donated actually makes it to families in need.

First, I have no idea if this happens all over the country. I’m just picking one Salvation Army center. Some may not  think its a big deal. To me, its just another let down.

This particular Salvation Army has names of families people on a Christmas tree and people can pick a family they would like to donate presents to.   The presents come flowing in all gift wrapped. What some may not know is, the family names are made up.

After the family leaves the presents, they are put in a room and opened. I can understand opening them up because some people can be mean or think they are funny by gift wrapping a lump of coal or something.  The gifts are then gone through and some are kept by the volunteers for their own family.

One particular gift almost got the Salvation Army busted. This person had picked a fake family name from the tree and sees the same gift at a Christmas party the Salvation Army was throwing. When confronted, The Army seemed shocked and promised to “investigate.” I wonder how that investigation is going…

On Christmas day the Salvation Army serves food to people in need. This past Christmas they served 80 families yet when reporting the number to the newspaper, they inflated the number to 180 families.  Why did they do that? I’m thinking if they can show the readers just how bad it is, people would pour more money into the Salvation Army.

Personally I have never donated a present to the Salvation Army. I have however donated to the Marines Toys for Tots program.  Formally being in the military, I KNOW the toys go to children in need.

If They Lied Then, Why Believe Them Now

Posted in politics by roving on January 12, 2010

I will never buy the Palin bashing book, Game Changer. Reading excerpts for free is fine by me. I hope this book finishes Steve Schmidt’s career or if we’re lucky he will switch over to the Democrats and take his “expertise” to the next Democrat running for president. He does that, Mickey Mouse could  beat whoever the Dems choose to run.

If the book is to be believed, that means about everything Sarah wrote in her book, Going Rogue was a lie. Hmm, who to believe. Sarah Palin the christian God fearing woman, or a bald headed looking dufuss?  I’ll stick with Sarah Palin. The giveaway that the book is full of lies against Sarah is they went overboard. Maybe if they stuck with a couple of things it may have sounded more believable. When I saw Sarah didn’t know the difference between North and South Korea, then I knew this book is full of crap. What I found odd was, I have yet to see excerpts of  how much of an idiot Obama was. To me, that’s just another clue.

This book is just another cover-up for the greatness of Obama from What I can tell so far. As much as I dislike Hillary, she is right. There was fraud. People were bused in to commit voter fraud during  the caucuses and after. There were many people reporting how Obama’s people were playing dirty.  I remember  the witnesses describing what had happen.  Voter fraud was happening in almost every state and all in favor of Obama.

This book is revenge mainly against Sarah because instead of reporters doing their job, they were up in Alaska digging through trash cans trying to find anything they could on Sarah Palin but couldn’t find anything so just made things up or reported rumors.  If they lied then, why should I believe them now? To this day the media reports half truths or refuse to report stories.  They continue to cover for Obama just as they did during the campaign.

Look, I have eyes and ears and I paid close attention the the campaign. Over and over I would ask myself what the hell is McCain doing? Why isn’t he going after Obama hard? It was a very frustrating campaign to watch. It hit me later they were losing on purpose and Sarah’s book only confirmed my belief. Everything possible they could do wrong, they did. I wasn’t the only one frustrated with McCain’s campaign. It was all over the blog-sphere. Schmidt was upset Sarah actually wanted to win the election.

I never seen a picture of Steve Schmidt before and when I finally did a few days ago, I could see why McCain lost. My first thought was, I wonder if he sucks his thumb every night before falling asleep while clutching his teddy bear. He reminds me of a spoiled child.

I seen how Katie Couric and Charles Gibson treated Sarah compared to how they treated Obama. They purposely tried tripping her up along with heavy editing to make sure she looked bad.  They repeatedly reported false rumors as fact.

Schmidt let the news media get away with the false reporting of any news to do with Sarah while stabbing her in the back with leaks.

As for the stories about racists remarks Clinton and Reid said,  nothing surprises me about the Democrats anymore. They are the party of hate and racists.  Only Democrats are allowed to break tax laws and continue to remain in office. Only Democrats are allowed to  spit in peoples faces, burn cars, trash anywhere they show up in in groups, silence free speech, become violent, etc.

The real game changer is coming. Its coming this fall then again in 2012

I don’t Remember Who I Voted For

Posted in politics by roving on January 11, 2010

Sounds ridicules doesn’t it?

I have yet to hear anyone who voted for McCain say they are glad Obama won yet I hear of more and more people who voted for Obama say they wished they hadn’t.  But what came out in the ppp poll press release really threw me.

The release has to do with the upcoming election in Massachusetts between Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Coakley. PPP went into detail of their findings.  As of right now its a dead heat. According to PPP its Brown at 48% versus Coakley with 47%. This is a shocker in itself but scroll down a little farther and you will see when asked if they voted for McCain or Obama, 7% answered someone else/don’t remember.  pdf

I wonder how many of the 7% are actually ashamed they voted for Obama.  So ashamed they  couldn’t even admit it to a computer controlled call.

I also notice Obama isn’t up there in Massachusetts speaking in Coakley’s behalf. I wonder why is that?

The Real Party Of Hate And Racists

Posted in politics by roving on January 7, 2010

Lest we forget. it was the Democrats against civil rights in the 60’s. They felt it was not right if blacks had the same rights as whites. It was a Democrat who formed the KKK.

After checking out how racists and full of hate the left is, I realized it could take a month to give all the examples so I decided to close my eyes and pick just a few.

All one has to do really is tune into CNN, MSNBC, and the other left-wing newscasts and there is a good chance someone will let a racists and hateful comment slip.

Ed Schultz on MSNBC  continually calls the Republicans names and calling them racists and a party of hate yet Ed, himself is just one of many many Democrats and liberals who wear the crown of hate. The things they say, no Republican dare say yet they get away with it. Just a couple of examples of the hate speech the loser pukes up on his show:

The why the hell is my face so puffy I can barely see my eyes, Schultz hopes congresswoman Bachmann would come on his show and commit suicide“Do you think we could get Mechelle Bachman to slit her wrists right here on the Ed Show? “Could you imagine what would happen if Hannity had said that about someone on his show?

The drunk Randi Rhodes more then once called for the assassination of President Bush.  Anyone do that to Obama and you may have goons showing up at your door.

Alec Baldwin We would stone Henry Hyde to death! We would stone him to death! We would stone Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes and we’d kill their wives and their children. We would kill their families.

Racists US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor: “Gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging….a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male.”

Jew Hater Hillary Clinton: When she was running for the Senate, it was reveled and  witnesses by three people  she had called Bill Clinton’s campaign manager “A fucking Jew bastard.”

Extortionists Al Sharpton caused the death of a man and a business burned to the ground when he incited a riot chanting “Blood sucking Jews.”

Bill Maher: Well there is so much to choose from. This man probably hates his mother.

Obama: You can spin it anyway you want, Just as the left tried to do when Obama flipped off people three different times during speeches, he compared Sarah Palin to a pig. Oh, and made fun of special needs kids with his bowling remark.

I could give example after example of how racists and disgusting the liberals are. One only has to go to a left-wing blog and look at comments. I often wonder what kind of parents raised people like that.  Do they talk that way in front of their kids? At social gatherings? If they grew up in my Grandmothers house, she would have run out of soap. In person, they are probably scared of their own shadow.  Wouldn’t surprise me none if a good percentage of them have a spousal abuse records.

America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians

Posted in politics by roving on January 3, 2010

We elected you (well not me) on a promise of hope and change. You’ve disappointed us. (well not me) In 2010, we are taking the country back.

If the video doesn’t work, click the title, if it still wont work, click HQ. For some odd reason the video will work then not work, work, not work.

Sarah Palin’s “Going Rouge” Conclusion. (Suspicion Confirmed)

Posted in politics by roving on January 1, 2010

My first advice to all you people who hate Sarah Palin,  do not read her book.  It would be much easier to remain uninformed and blind then to try and find fault.

It took a  bit to even find her book at the local book store since they had it hidden but I persevered and walked out with my copy of Going Rouge.

The book was a little slow at first but got better with every turn of the page. Or it could be I was just anxious to get going to the meat and potatoes. Mainly, the presidential campaign.

Sarah’s book gave me a few surprises I didn’t know about.  ( thanks to the media) For example, the left making fun of her because it took so long to go through college only to find out unlike Obama who obviously someone paid for his education, (if he really had one) Sarah paid for it all on her own so had to take breaks and actually get a job in order to save up the money for another semester.

Sarah was able to work with both Democrats and Republicans unlike Obama who shuts out Republicans from all bargaining because… “I won.” Then complain how the Republicans refuse to contribute ideas.

When you put everything Sarah has accomplished and compare it to Obama, its just plain embarrassing.  While Sarah was working hard  trying to pay her way  through school, Obama is smoking dope, doing cocaine, and getting everything handed to him.

While Sarah is sitting in church listening to how much God loves us all, Obama is sitting in church listing  how bad the whites and Jews are.

But what stood out the most to me was what I have said  all along. The McCain campaign purposely threw the election.  This book just confirmed it for me.  I’m sure Sarah may not think so but even she was shaking her head in bewilderment of the McCain strategy.

As I have said before I can only come up with a couple reason why McCain would throw an election.  Is there a nuke in a suitcase somewhere in the U.S. ready to blow if Obama loses?  Or maybe the powers to be saw a black man running for president and decided this is the time.  We need a black man in office.  I prefer the 2nd.

Just look at what Obama was able to get away with. The massive voter fraud.  Voter intimidation. The people with funny names donating money. The donations illegally coming from over seas.  But who do they investigate after the election? McCain who had listed all names and amounts donated to his campaign.

McCains campaign kept Sarah out of site. They refused to let her talk to even local reporters. They set her up to be shot down by Katy Couric who had taken hours of video tape and cut them up on purpose to try and embarrass Sarah.

The McCain campaign did nothing to stop the disgusting attacks on her family yet amazingly left Obama’s alone.

Sarah was allowed to be attacked over and over with lies and half truths while McCain’s people let it happen.

McCain’s people wouldn’t let Sarah speak about things important to her and the country.

McCain suspending his campaign right when they were climbing in the polls for  bogus bailouts talks. This from a man who who would never had done before. That was my first clue something isn’t right.

Sarah wanted to go after Obama hard about his shady relationships with people who hate this country.  The people at the campaign rally’s begged McCain to get tougher. McCain refused.

They put Sarah out there with no ammunition to fight with.  All she could do was wonder why and just take the hits.

The most telling was when McCain stood there in front of thousands desperate for him to do something. Anything, and all McCain could come up with is  we have nothing to fear from Obama.

The election was a no brainer.  No way Obama could had won it without help from McCain and/or his people.  The McCain people made a mistake. They didnt realize Sarah would be so popular. That wasn’t part of the plan. They needed to shut her up and keep her away from the people as much as possible. The people didn’t come to see McCain. They came to see Sarah. Why they might win if they let Sarah speak to much.

I enjoyed Sarah’s book while dreading the way it was going to end. I hope Sarah doesn’t give up on us.