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The Media and Conservatives Afraid Of Obama’s Birth Certificate

Posted in politics by roving on April 16, 2011

  Mark levin has been pleading with his listeners, beware of  Donald Trump saying he cannot be trusted because of his past campaign donations to Democrats and calling for Bush’s impeachment over Iraq. What really scares Levin is the birth certificate talk. He makes fun of those in his listening audience by demanding Harry Reid release his birth certificate. Levin also says the birth certificate is a losing issue.

What Levin fails to mention when talking about Trump, his hero Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat before seeing the light. Who is to say Trump also opened his eyes and sees where the Democrats are talking this country? Levin also repeatably makes remarks how the liberals ignore the constitution or try and change it. Yet Levin does the same thing when it comes to Obama’s self admitted duel citizenship. Total silence from the great one.

Just today while listening to another conservative talk radio show, the host brought up two things that other conservatives continually bring up. The problem is, the caller agreed without thinking it through just like Levin and the others refuse to do but I have the answer as to why they are wrong.

The most desperate sounding right sided talk radio personalities has to be John Gibson and his side kick Angry Rich. Gibson is so misinformed he sounds silly even bringing up the subject. Its to the point now when I hear him start to mention the birth certificate, I turn the station. totally brain dead on the subject…or are they?

What I find the most odd of all from  the conservatives who claim the birth certificate is a dead issue, refusing to even talk about all the other records Obama has locked up. I can’t come up with an explanation for that. Obama has locked up every single piece of documentation,  and all we hear from the media and especially from  “our side” is crickets.  Odd indeed.

Question, why was it okay demanding McCain release his birth certificate but not Obama’s?  I suspect I will never hear the answer from Levin.

Now for the answer of the two statements we hear over and over.

1. Its a trap. Obama will release the birth certificate and it will make Republicans look like fools.

2. Hillary Clinton would have brought the birth certificate into the light if she found something wrong.

3. Its a distraction. We should be focused on getting Obama out of office and other things he is doing to this country.

1. I have been hearing this trap thing for over 2yrs now. There is no trap.  Why spend all that money fighting the release of the documents? Pretty expensive and time consuming trap. Obama let a decorated veteran go to jail just so he could spring this trap on us sometime in the future? Okaaay.

2. The Clinton’s are dirty. They have plenty of secrets they would like kept that way. One thing Obama is good at is finding out a persons weak spot. Its how he wins elections. Look at what he did to Ryan in the Senate race in IL as well as Obama being able to kick everyone off the ballot on his side so there wasn’t much of choice left for the voters.

Clinton has things on Obama and Obama has things on the Clinton’s. I would have loved to have been in the room where Obama and Bill Clinton had a private meeting for over an hour during the campaign. You know, when suddenly Bill was behind Obama and he made Hillary his illegal Secretary of State? ( it explicitly says in the constitution no member of congress or senate can be Secretary of State)

3. According to Levin and others we are too stupid and are not able to multitask.  Our argument is, we use anything and everything to bring down Obama.

Levin is upset Trump is ahead in the polls. Well maybe the others should take a cue from Trump and stop being such wussies. I can’t say I trust Trump 100%. Yes I have problems of who he donated money too but Trump is the only one who is really going after Obama and going after him hard.

What Levin, Beck, the media and others are more afraid of is if it does come out Obama was never born here, they have egg on their faces. The media we can understand. They have been in the tank and covering for Obama since day one.  We have been begging Republicans and conservatives who have the power to take this on even if its just the other records Obama has hidden and all they do is ignore or make fun of us.

Any fool can see there is something really wrong here. Why would someone running for president hide all his records? Even something as normal as Senate records and medical papers.

A woman called into Rush’s show and told him if it does come out Obama has no birth certificate, he, along with the others should be ashamed of themselves.  Bravo. I agree. This whole thing has been shameful. This could of ended during the campaign by never letting up. Release your documents.


Satan Controls The Press

Posted in politics by roving on June 5, 2010
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I don’t know how else to explain what happens anytime Israel defends herself.  It makes no difference what the facts are, Israel will be blamed.

I cringe whenever Israel strikes back after rocket attacks on Israeli civilian populations and most recently the Flotilla incident because I know what is coming next. The press will not report the facts. Instead they will twist the story so it looks like Israel  was the provocateur.

Videos and documents have been posted of exactly what went down before and during the boarding of the Flotilla yet the press pretty much ignores it all. How can the press and the people be so blind?  The  hatred the press, world leaders, and the people have for Israel is numb minding.  The only answer I can come up with is Satan has taken control. He has blinded them, taken away all reasoning and caused them to become ignorant. They continually try to spread their disdain for Israel over the airwaves.

When Israeli commandos boarded the so-called ship of peace I waited to see what the U.S. reaction would be. Knowing both Obama and Hillary Clinton are anti semitic, I wasn’t surprised by their reactions.

It was after that, the first thing that popped in my head was, is this the beginning of the end? Are we fast tracking towards the last days?  The world is standing against  Israel just as the bible said would happen.

It amazes me how many people must not read the bible. It lays it all out. Do they not realize Israel cannot be defeated?   God will step in before Israel is destroyed. Then there will be hell to pay. Obama may think he is the Messiah but he isn’t nothing more than a two-bit Chicago thug agitator.  The problem is, he will take America down with him even though I will bet  most Americans side with Israel.  (except the majority of American Jews which is mind-boggling in itself)

Expel Obama For Failing 3am Test

Posted in politics by roving on June 18, 2009

North Korea has been giving Obama the finger since day one. They are firing off rockets when and where they want. In July they are planning on firing a  long-range ballistic missile toward Hawaii. Meanwhile Obama is wanting to take away our missile defenses.

Obama doesn’t want to meddle in the Iranian elections. This is our chance to stand behind the Iranians who dream of freedom. That is what we do. Well except for Obama. He wants to wait and see what happens before saying anything. Obama comes off like a wimp. Or is he taking orders from his king in Saudi Arabia? Maybe he was told not to take sides?

Even Hillary is getting edgy being forced to watch Obama look like a coward by not coming out against Iran for killing their people for wanting freedom. I bet it sucks to be her. Strange how both Clinton’s have been so silent. But then people who could harm the Clinton’s commit “suicide” while the  people who could harm Obama become unsolved homicides. A in your face kinda thing Chicago style.

I know Obama will be a one termer unless the vote fraud is three times worse then the one that put Obama in office.  What Obama doesn’t seem to realize, yes most of the dealerships he closed down were donors to the Republicans but I wonder how many Democrat’s worked at them dealerships?  Not to mention every day a few more people snap out of the Messiah haze they were put in. But he needs to go now. There is plenty of impeachmentable offenses he has committed. Lets get rolling on them, throw his ass out and start rebuilding this country.

Obama, The Sleeper Cell

Posted in politics by roving on May 20, 2009

There is a man in charge of this country doing more damage then any terrorist could do besides taking lives. Not that Obama wouldn’t like to do that.

We have a man running this country who has accomplished nothing in his life. The only thing he has done  is read what’s in front of him written by someone else.  Everyone Obama has hanged out with hate the U.S. and or are criminals.  In the senate Obama couldn’t even remember how to vote and when he did, there were a few times he “accidentally voted wrong.”

Obama would like to set the prisoners free from Gitmo. The men who would kill you rather then look at you. Obama wants to do away with our nukes inviting other countries that hate us to attack us. Obama is cutting back on development of new weapons making us weaker and  so other countries can catch up. What other reason would it be?

Obama is trying with all his might to destroy the economy so we all are dependent on the government. He is taking over companies, making sure the fail and throwing more and more people out of work every day.

Obama is raising taxes on everyone making sure there will be no extra money for us to spend and get the economy moving again.

Obama wants to take away the peoples SUV’s yet he uses one. He says we are the problem yet he flies in a man thousands of miles away to make him a pizza. He flies another thousand miles to give a little speech about how we are causing global warming. He thinks we keep our houses to warm yet it was so hot in the White House everyone had to take off their suit jackets. He sends his plane to New york to terrorize the people.

While people suffer through disasters and unemployment, Obama parties and continues with his rhetoric how its OUR fault.

When Obama speaks, the stocks drop. Obama sees this happen but doesn’t shut up because that’s what he wants to happen. Obama is going by Hitlers playbook and just like Hitler the people fall for it.

What has me wondering is why are the republicans so quiet? Are they being threaten? Does Obama have other sleeper cells here ready to do is bidding if they protest to loudly? Sure now and then they make a feeble attempt to fight back but mostly they are silent. All it would take is for just one of them to stand up and ask Obama for all his records he has put under seal and this nightmare goes away.  We throw people like Pelospi and Clinton in prison for helping in the cover-up, pick up the pieces and get this country back on track.

As it stands now all the terrorist’s have to do is sit back and let Obama bring us down without lifting a finger.

Suicide Bombings Are Now Good

Posted in politics by roving on April 26, 2009

When President Bush was in office the Democrats would be in front of the cameras every time another suicide bomber killed people saying how wrong this war is. We are in a quagmire. The war is lost.

Now that the Messiah is the pretend President, we have the unconstitutional Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton making yet another dumbfounded idiotic statement. “I think that these suicide bombings … are unfortunately, in a tragic way, a signal that the rejectionists fear that Iraq is going in the right direction.”

If this whole Obamanational Government wasnt so pathetic it would almost be funny.  Now suicide bombings are a good thing. It shows progress.

It is so embarrassing to be an American right now.

What’s So Funny Hillary?

Posted in politics by roving on April 9, 2009

Why is it Obama and Hillary think other peoples misfortunes are hilarious? Obama goes on 60 minutes laughing and giggling over the American peoples hardships and now Hillary thinks it funny when pirates take over a ship with Americans aboard. Did Hillary get into Obama’s stash?

God help America.We have crazies in charge.

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Another Obama Doh Moment(s)

Posted in politics by roving on April 3, 2009

If it wasn’t bad enough Obama giving the queen of England a Ipod with Obama’s speech’s on it while his wife feels her up, Obama goes over to Saudi Arabia and bows to the King. That or he is kissing the Kings ring. It’s hard to tell.

Does anyone tell the Obama’s the do’s and don’ts of what to do when in other peoples countries?

Of course the bowing to a King may have been on purpose. A servant bowing to his master. I feel a little dirtier with Obama over in other countries embarrassing us. We are so screwed.

Now in steps Hillary. Reporters calling into a conference call for briefings from Hillary instead get a sex line.  Mistake? I really doubt it. Hillary and Obama don’t like each other. Hillary has the goods on Obama and is only a secretary of state because of that. I’ll lay odds that sex number was given out on purpose to embarrass Hillary.

I notice as soon as Obama leaves the country the stocks go up. If he would stay away for a year or so I might be able to make back what I lost.

Was Hillary Set Up?

Posted in politics by roving on January 30, 2009

I had blogged when Obama first mentioned wanting Hillary as secretary of state as being unconstitutional. Obama being Obama decided to ignore it just as he has ignored it for himself. After all, the constitution is flawed. Hillary knows herself she should be ineligible to be secretary of state.

I had asked if maybe Obama’s reason for picking Hillary was because Hillary was blackmailing him. I still think that’s the reason because  it’s so obvious there is no love between the two. Obama and Hillary are two very smart conniving people playing against each other. Bill Clinton told Obama how things were going to be done during that private lunch between the two after Hillary lost her bid to run for president.

Now  Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit against Hillary on behalf of state department employee as it should be.  I agree with the lawsuit because frankly I’m getting tired of the constitution being trampled just because of who the person is.

What I would do if I were Hillary is find out if there is a connection between Obama the state department employee Mr. Rodearmel who is filing suit against Hillary.

What a great move by Obama to get rid of Hillary once and for all. She gave up her senate seat. I don’t know if Hillary could get her seat back once giving it or not. I wouldn’t think she could since resigned her seat.

oops Hillary had her chance to come out and tell the world Obama wasn’t qualified during the campaign. I speculated she didn’t out of fear of angering the black vote. If Hillary would  come out with the truth on Obama now, she could be charged for covering up a crime. Because she has known from day one Obama is unqualified.

Obama has her in check. I wont go so far as to say checkmate. After all, this is a Clinton. You don’t mess with a Clinton. You may end up committing suicide from a couple of bullets in the back of the head.

I think I’ll go get some ice cream.

Obama Using Hillary To Get Past His Own Qualifications?

Posted in politics by roving on November 30, 2008

Obama is a smart man. I’m wondering if he took constitutional law on purpose so he would know how to mess with it.

My personal opinion on why he chose Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State is because he knows he isn’t qualified to be president. He knows millions love Hillary and in choosing her he will make her supporters happy.  He also knows the Constitution forbids Hillary to be Secretary of State. Article 2 section 6

“No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the United States which shall have been created, or the Emoluments whereof shall have been increased during such time; and no Person holding any Office under the United States, shall be a Member of either House during his Continuance in Office.”

I wouldn’t put it past Obama choosing her because her supporters will ignore the constitution and since they ignore it for her, maybe they will for him also.

I know all about the saxbe fix It still doesn’t make it right. Obama will use her for awhile to please the ones who love her then come up with some excuse to get rid of her. Hillary, normally a bright woman (even though I disagree with her on some things) isn’t acting smart right now. She has seen first hand how Obama stabbed her and anyone else in the back who gets in his way.