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Barack, Michelle, Larry, and Donald

Posted in politics by roving on August 9, 2010

Lots of talk over the conservative airwaves about reasons or lack of  why Michelle Obama is was gleefully sticking it to the taxpayers with her yet another glamorous vacation that most of us can only dream of instead of being with her husband on his possible birthday.

Rush, Hannity and the rest have the list they have to go by on how far they can question the president. So far they have been doing  a pretty good job of it. Rush may have a jab in there now and then but hes careful about the length of time he will stay on the subject and he will not take any calls dealing with Obama’s hidden records.

I had on a talk radio show this afternoon and was listening to the host (Tom Sullivan) pretend confusion over why Barack and Michele took separate vacations. It was beginning to sound a little pathetic as most of conservative talk radio are sounding lately.   They absolutely refuse to talk about anything that could bring Obama down.

Larry Sinclair wrote a book, Cocaine, Sex, lies, and Murder? In it, he describes the relationship he had with Barack down the the description of Barack’s penis. He sent the book to Michelle.  Maybe one night, the temptation overcame her and she opened the book.

Michelle must know Obama is bi-sexual. I knew it the moment I saw him.  She doesn’t seem that naive.  Stuck up, racist,  and an embarrassment to this country but not a pushover.

Another thought, it wasn’t long ago Donald Young’s mother came out and said she thinks her son was murdered in order to protect Barack from his gay lifestyle.

It doesn’t take a genius to put things together. The amazingly unsolved murders of too many people all connected to Barack.  Mitchelle can and will do what she wants and Barack is helpless to stop her. She may be getting revenge on him, trying to ruin is re-election bid, just pissed off,  or knowing Barack will lose his next bid for president, is going to soak the tax payer for all we are worth. Enjoy it while she can.

Unlike the fake Mark Levin, There, I really said it.

Michelle Says Kenya Is Obama’s Home Country

Posted in politics by roving on April 4, 2010

Michelle slips  up about Obama about Obama “home country.” To bad the media is so corrupt and keeps the truth hidden from the public.  Its just more evidence Obama wasn’t elected. Obama was selected to be president. McCain did everything he could to throw the election.

Designer For Michelle Obama Goes Bankrupt

Posted in politics by roving on March 13, 2010

Gee, I wonder why? The Economic Times

Michelle has over 20 servants waiting on her hand and foot and not one had the guts to tell her, “Michelle, you look ridiculous. Please don’t go out in public like that. Don’t believe the fashion magazines, they’re just sucking up.”

Gosh, I wonder why this boob belt thing never swept the country? Maybe because Michelle looks like a idiot?

Seriously, she has to be the biggest embarrassment for the fashion industry that has ever set foot in the White House.

Who wouldn’t want a giant hose clamp wrapped around their waist?  Its so hip. I will give her a thumbs up for being seen in public wearing the clothes she puts on. It takes guts to be seen in public like that.

Obama Dissed Our Allies, They Dissed Obama

Posted in politics by roving on October 3, 2009

Yesterday was a good day. Hearing We lost out on the Olympics put me in a good mood. One reason was because Obama and the media had egg on their face. The other reason, being in Illinois, I know the whole state would suffer from the games being in Chicago. The windy city is to corrupt. Our state is broke and Mayor Daley would only put us deeper in the hole.

Obama couldn’t help himself and still trashed the U.S. while begging for the games to be here. Michelle sacrificed herself for us. Ever notice how its always about the Obama’s? Michelle tells what she thinks is a sob story. The real sob story is  the poor blacks who had the misfortune of using  the hospital she was a member of the board of. Even more disgusting is the rat infested, no heat, and crumbling low income housing Rezko built for the poor with the help of Obama while a mile away Obama lived in luxury.

Obama is going to take away the protection of our allies leaving them open for attack or invasion by Russia and or China. Maybe a missile strike by Iran. The world has always look on America as someone who will protect them. A deterrent so to say to countries who cant be trusted.  Obama has told them to take a hike. Your on your own.

Yesterday they told Obama to take a hike. Mmm mmm mmm.

I Hope Michelle Obama Isn’t Going To Be Punished With A Baby

Posted in politics by roving on June 23, 2009

Captures I hope Michelle Obama is just getting plump and not pregnant. We see the slobbering love affair the press has with the Obama’s now. Can you imagine what would happen if she was pregnant? You think they don’t report the news or ask hard questions now? Wait and see what happens if Michelle is expecting. Everyone may as well just turn off the news because that is all that will be reported on.

Iranian protesters beg Obama to help them. Say something. Show that he is on their side while people are killed fighting for justice. Obama invites the Iranian diplomats to a BBQ on the 4th (While North Korea threatens to fire a missile towards Hawaii)  Obama goes for ice cream. Maybe a quick round of golf.  A young woman is shot dead doing nothing but standing there while Harry Smith gushes over Obama being a dad to the country. Obama doesn’t want to be involved in the fight. A least not until he can see for sure which way it will go.

Obama is either a coward or he doesn’t believe in  freedom or justice for the Iranian people unless it somehow benefits him because he has plans for the U.S. to be under a dictatorship. He has already started with all his czars. The taking over of companies. Wanting to say who earns what. Forcing people to be volunteers. Forcing those of us who pay for our health insurance to pay for ours and those who have none. If its against the constitution, Obama is for it.

If Michelle is pregnant, this country will go down even faster because there will be no press to question any of it.