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Timothy Gutierrez Has Standing

Posted in politics by roving on January 31, 2009

The judges have made up the excuse “You have no standing” in an effort to protect Obama  and hide the truth from the country that Obama was born in Kenya. Or if not that, because his father was born in Kenya making Obama ineligible.

Sooner or later someone will break through the wall and the judges will have to come up with a different off the wall makes no sense ruling of why a case cant be heard and then people will wonder just what in the hell is going on? But for now they are using the no standing excuse so I will go with that.

I don’t condone killing anyone or threatening to kill but right now there is man in custody who I would think does have standing. Timothy Gutierrez is accused of planning to kill Obama and blowing up the Mall of America.

If someone threaten a president, the time in prison would be a lot longer then if the person threaten a citizen. So, if I were Timothy I would ask for proof Obama is a natural born citizen.  If I were his lawyer I would argue Timothy had realized Obama posted a fake COLB and didn’t believe Obama was natural born. Or somewhere along them lines. I’m no lawyer but I’m sure a smart lawyer could come up with a good argument.

Obama, Piss Off The Media. Please!

Posted in politics by roving on January 31, 2009

Only a few days in office and Obama had already started to make the media a little annoyed. Campbell Brown  on CNN was a little upset when Obama of all people signed a executive order  on ethics putting tougher restrictions on lobbyists. Then turned around and wanted to suspend his own rules and wanted William Lynn as his deputy defense secretary. Who by the way was a lobbyist for a big defense contractor.  Talk about in your face corrupt. Sheesh.  Campbell said in her commentary, ” If you have no intention of abiding by your new rules, then don’t make new rules. That would be “actual” transparency.”

Obama managed to upset some news agencies when he wouldn’t allow them in the room to film Obama retaking the oaf of office for president. So upset they were, three news agencies refused to run the picture that was supplied of the ceremony from White House Photographer’s.

Recently Obama made a surprise visit to the press room and when a reporter tried asking a question, Obama got a little upset because the reporter wouldn’t give up.

During the campaign some reporters who dared questioned “the one” found themselves kicked off the plane. Carol Marin of the Sun-Times says “The press corps, most of us, don’t even bother raising our hands any more to ask questions because Obama always has before him a list of correspondents who’ve been advised they will be called upon that day.”

The White House having the greatest transparency ever in a administration got a “No Comment” when reporters asked about the drones that fired missiles Pakistan.   I think we will hear a lot of no comments while Obama is in the White House.

I realize its going to take a lot more of Obama angering the media before they snap out of their Obama loving haze and finally report the truth but its a start.

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Was Hillary Set Up?

Posted in politics by roving on January 30, 2009

I had blogged when Obama first mentioned wanting Hillary as secretary of state as being unconstitutional. Obama being Obama decided to ignore it just as he has ignored it for himself. After all, the constitution is flawed. Hillary knows herself she should be ineligible to be secretary of state.

I had asked if maybe Obama’s reason for picking Hillary was because Hillary was blackmailing him. I still think that’s the reason because  it’s so obvious there is no love between the two. Obama and Hillary are two very smart conniving people playing against each other. Bill Clinton told Obama how things were going to be done during that private lunch between the two after Hillary lost her bid to run for president.

Now  Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit against Hillary on behalf of state department employee as it should be.  I agree with the lawsuit because frankly I’m getting tired of the constitution being trampled just because of who the person is.

What I would do if I were Hillary is find out if there is a connection between Obama the state department employee Mr. Rodearmel who is filing suit against Hillary.

What a great move by Obama to get rid of Hillary once and for all. She gave up her senate seat. I don’t know if Hillary could get her seat back once giving it or not. I wouldn’t think she could since resigned her seat.

oops Hillary had her chance to come out and tell the world Obama wasn’t qualified during the campaign. I speculated she didn’t out of fear of angering the black vote. If Hillary would  come out with the truth on Obama now, she could be charged for covering up a crime. Because she has known from day one Obama is unqualified.

Obama has her in check. I wont go so far as to say checkmate. After all, this is a Clinton. You don’t mess with a Clinton. You may end up committing suicide from a couple of bullets in the back of the head.

I think I’ll go get some ice cream.

From The Kenyan National Assembly’s Own Mouth

Posted in politics by roving on January 30, 2009

There is a whole lot more out there showing Obama was born elsewhere then there are showing Obama was born here. All Obama has to show he was born in the U.S. is a fake COLB.

I seen other commenter’s mentioning the minutes of the Kenyan Assembly and when I received it in a email I went to read. The Kenyans know just like all our politicians know Obama was never qualified since day one to run for president. When it comes out I’m really curious of the excuses they will come up with.

This is the pdf file of the Kenan National Assembly. read it for yourself. I took the liberty of taking some screen shots.

Obama’s Goal

Posted in politics by roving on January 28, 2009

Since its obvious everyone in Washington, supreme court, news media, and a good chunk of the country knows Obama isn’t qualified to be president. Due to one, its very likely he wasn’t born in America and the other for sure is his father not being a natural born citizen, we are left wondering why there is such a massive cover-up.

The president of the senate on purpose never called for any objections during the counting of electoral votes. Justice Roberts isn’t some dolt who would have messed up giving the oaf by mistake. He knew there were going to be millions of people watching and I bet he practiced before giving it. I’m suspicious why during the second time of giving the oaf no film crew were allowed to witness it. Why only a recording and a couple of snapshots? Maybe some day it will be reveled why our constitution was allowed to be hijacked for one man.

My question right now is why does it seem Obama is purposely trying to wreak the economy and make the U.S. weaker? Is Obama some kind of super double agent raised to be the one to bring the U.S. to its knees?

Everyone with half a brain knows the Government can not create jobs. It has never worked before. Everyone knows socialism has never worked.  Obama is making the situation worse by creating even more government bureaucracy. Taking money away from the taxpayer and giving it to the non taxpayer will not create one single job. Giving more money to the banks didn’t work last time. Why would it this time? Take a look at where most of the money will be going that he wants. Most have nothing to do with creating jobs.

If Obama and the republicans were really serious about starting the economy right away, they would have given the American people the 750 billion dollar stimulus package. Not the banks. But yet again, we tax payers aren’t smart enough or deserve our own money back.

Obama’s job right now, and its a classic communist way of thinking, is to make us dependent on him. This will backfire on Obama and will bring the country down to even a worse financial mess.

So, my thoughts are, since Obama KNOWS he is not eligible to be president, he will make it impossible to be re-elected.  He knows some states may require proof of eligibility and since he can not provide it he will have to drop out.  His popularity will be so low, it will give him a good excuse.

The media as hard as they are trying can not continually cover for Obama without losing the last shred of credibility they have.

The real news has gone under ground for people wanting to learn the truth of whats happening around them as the media are reporting less and less of the truth and not covering stories that would be embarrassing for Obama.

Obama seems to be trying to fail on purpose and if he keeps doing what he is doing, he will succeed.  He may go down as the worst prime minister but he will have suceeded in his one or two goals. Bringing down a super power or having played the biggest joke in history and getting away with it. Or both.

America Suckered. Obama Is Next

Posted in politics by roving on January 27, 2009

Obama has never won a office fairly and squarely. He has relied on courts, voter fraud, and airing of dirty personal secrets to bring down his opposition. In every race Obama has been voted into office, he was losing. If it wasn’t for the media being in Obama’s corner for president, he would have lost that too.

The media made sure to keep pushing for McCain and the voters fell for it and he became Obama’s and the media’s easy victim. Obama could say whatever he wanted and McCain refused to attack Obama.

There was so much voter fraud and voter intimidation happening I wonder how much closer the votes would have been if they were counted over. I think it was a lot closer then Obama thinks.

Obama doesn’t love America. He despises it. Look at who he hung around with. All America haters. He has said the U.S. constitution is flawed more then once and the media wasn’t fazed in the slightest.  The first person he calls when getting into office isn’t the Prime Minister of England or any of our close allies. No, the first person he calls is a border line terrorist. President Abbas. Obama signs the order to close down GITMO, wants to give THEM constitutional rights and bring them onto U.S. soil.  He has made it harder for Americans to gather intelligence information. Obama wants the tax payers to pay for international abortions.  When exactly is he going to get around actually doing something for the American people?

Obama wants to give his first speech oversees in a Muslim capital.  Anyone notice anything? Anyone? In the first few days he has put Muslims before Americans. Now he sits down and talks to  Arab TV network Al-Arabiya and precedes to bash the United States…again. He can’t help himself.  Obama is a Muslim and he more then anyone knows there is only one way to please the hard core insane Muslim. Convert. Obama can sweet talk them and apologize for the U.S. all he wants. It will do no good.  According to the Muslims we must die for the simple fact we are not Muslim.

Obama thinks the only one who shouldn’t be punished for being rich is himself. He has the media fooled into thinking he likes them when they are just a tool and they will turn into his number one enemy as the media will soon find  out when the time comes and they finally open their eyes.  Right now the newscasters and reporters look like fools. Its like watching state TV.   By the time they wake up it may be to late though. I wonder if the reporters and newscasters ever watch themselves after being on the air?

The media are the first to jump on the first amendment rights when it effects them but  were silent when Obama tried silencing others right to the first amendment.   Now Obama is beginning to show his irritation to the media for asking harder hitting questions when all he wanted to do was shake hands.

Obama became the first “president” not to show up at the Salute the Heros Ball. Not to mention this past summer when he decided to shoot some hoops instead of visiting the injured troops.

Obama reminds of of a Chamberlain stepping off a plane waving a worthless piece of paper in his hand.

Countries like Russia saw how weak Obama was going to be by his response when they invaded Georgia. I’m sure they along with other countries that don’t exactly love us are ecstatic Obama wants to size down the military, dismantle our nukes, and the banning space weapons.

The people and the media who voted in the Kenyan will find out they been suckered but the Muslim countries will see Obama as the sucker.

Mission Accomplished

Posted in politics by roving on January 26, 2009

Everyone remembers the day George Bush stood on the deck of the a aircraft carrier with the banner claiming Mission Accomplished behind him. The news media and the Bush haters never let it go. They mocked him over and over. The media didn’t let  out the truth except once that I can remember.

Wikipedia The banner stating “Mission Accomplished” was a focal point of controversy and criticism. Navy Commander and Pentagon spokesman Conrad Chun said the banner referred specifically to the aircraft carrier’s 10-month deployment (which was the longest deployment of a carrier since the Vietnam War) and not the war itself, saying “It truly did signify a mission accomplished for the crew. CNN Cmdr. Conrad Chun, a Navy spokesman, defended the president’s assertion. “The banner was a Navy idea, the ship’s idea,” Chun said.

The media made Bush’s life a hell and Bush just took it. The reporters were disgusting during press conferences. More then a few times David Gregory and the other reporters were so full of themselves trying to put words in Bush’s mouth, it was embarrassing to watch. I never seen such disrespect for a sitting president before. I dare them to try that with Obama.

Air Raiding Villages And Killing Civilians

Posted in politics by roving on January 25, 2009

Obama who in his own way called our military personal murderers said we needed more troops in Afghanistan so we aren’t just air raiding village’s and killing innocent civilian’s during Bush’s administration, had the people on the left agreeing with him. Some Democrats called and are still calling for Bush’s head and to be tried for war crimes. Every chance the media had, they would bring up civilians that were killed. No matter in war, it happens. Nothing can be done to prevent it.

I personally think the media and the left jumped for joy each time a civilian was killed just so they could call Bush names. I have seen how the left acts during protests and during the republican convection and its not to hard to figure out they care nothing about others. Just go into a liberal blog and look at comments sometime. Their true self shines right through.

Now we have Drones striking in Pakistan and guess what? It killed innocent civilians Not just terror suspects!  How in the world did that happen? Bush was out there ordering our military to kill innocent people and now we have Obama doing the exact same thing. Of course Obama, promising the most open administration ever had…”No comment.” Hmm.

So, lets get this straight, if the military air raids villages and kills innocent people during war when Bush was president, that’s bad. If, however Obama is the one that is air raiding villages and killing civilians, its acceptable. Well it must be because I’m not hearing or seeing any protests from the democrats, the left or the media in fits of rage and calling for war crimes.

If Obama isn’t thrown out on his ass due to is eligibility or tried and impeached for crimes he has committed since being in the senate, this could be a fun 4yrs (if the country survives a communist leader of course)

Pay back my friends,  is a bitch.

Obama Commits Yet ANOTHER Crime

Posted in politics by roving on January 25, 2009

Obama commits another crime and once again as usual, nothing. Why do even the republicans let Obama  get away with crimes against the United States?  Even the so called fair and balanced Fox News skips over crimes Obama commits. Could it be because of who now owns a piece of Fox News and was able to force the news channel to drop the the banner Muslim riots during the riots in France. ?

In that, it is noted that Barack Obama had to take the oath of office twice. As the oath was administered, it is legal precedent that he was not President nor Prime Minister. The seriousness of this in legal court challenges is the fact when he then sat down and signed 3 executive orders as has been done since Ronald Reagan, he was not President nor Prime Minister of the United States.
Those official papers are null and void and as they have not been resigned before the public, Mr. Obama concerning those executive orders is operating not in the full authority of the Office of the President of the United States.
At the very least in legalities, Mr. Obama committed fraud as he signed those papers as President when he was not. The event was recorded and witnessed by millions of people. This is a legal matter which along with other legal matters has made Barack Hussein Obama an international war criminal, surpassing the charges leveled at George W. Bush.
For more, visit  Lame Cherry:

What happen to the lawyer who told WND back in November he’s organizing plans to challenge, even after the inauguration, every order, every proposal, every piece of paperwork generated by Obama.

“We will file lawsuits on his actions, every time. As long as we have money , we will keep filing lawsuits until we get a decision as to his citizenship status”

If he was serious, he better hurry because he’s falling behind.

How Long Before Obama Loses It and Before The Media “Gets It?”

Posted in politics by roving on January 24, 2009

I’m not a shrink but more of a people watcher. and I can say without hesitation Obama has a temper. I also think he has a mental problem. It has surfaced a couple times.

When in the senate Obama messed up a vote, which he did  more then a couple times, Obama’s fellow democrat  Hendon became angry at Obama for “mistakenly” voting the wrong way they almost came to blows. With the microphones off the two walked away and when Obama tried to put his hand on Hendon’s shoulder, Hendon slapped it away. Asked about the incident, Hendon said, “My memory is foggy on that issue. It’s going to remain foggy.”

A couple different times during the campaign Obama was getting a little upset with reporters asking questions.  The reporters didn’t see the warning signs of things coming  but I did and am sure others seen it too.

House and Senate Republicans expressed concern to the president about the amount of spending in the package. Obama’s response? “I won.” Obama shows who he is if you watch and listen. I knew someone exactly like him. He can’t help it. He needs to lie. He always brush’s off the lie when confronted with it. Like its no big deal. He also is a time bomb waiting to blow.

Politico: President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to the White House press corps Thursday night, but got agitated when he was faced with a substantive question.

Asked how he could reconcile a strict ban on lobbyists in his administration with a deputy defense secretary nominee who lobbied for Raytheon, Obama interrupted with a knowing smile on his face.

“Ahh, see,” he said, “I came down here to visit. See this is what happens. I can’t end up visiting with you guys and shaking hands if I’m going to get grilled every time I come down here.”

Pressed further by the Politico reporter about his Pentagon nominee, William J. Lynn III, Obama turned more serious, putting his hand on the reporter’s shoulder and staring him in the eye.

“Alright, come on” he said, with obvious irritation in his voice. “We will be having a press conference at which time you can feel free to [ask] questions. Right now, I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to you guys – that’s all I was trying to do.”

During Obama’s second swearing for president he wouldn’t allow press photographers in to witness it and instead used White House photographers to take them and distribute the pictures to the media for print. Out of protest, three news agencies refused to print the picture.

During the campaign some reporters who dared questioned “the one” found themselves kicked off the plane. Carol Marin of the Sun-Times says “The press corps, most of us, don’t even bother raising our hands any more to ask questions because Obama always has before him a list of correspondents who’ve been advised they will be called upon that day.”

Obama has only been in office a few days and its begining to come out. Can he control his temper for 4yrs? Not likely. Will there be a backlash from the press and maybe finally they do some real investigative journalism and look into his past? Possibly. Will it be to late to save our country? Very real possibility.

The Seven Laws Of The Obamanation

Posted in politics by roving on January 24, 2009

The First Law – When Obama makes a mistake, it is either ignored, or if it happens on a too public occasion to ignore, it is actually someone else’s fault. See Obama’s oath.

The Second Law – The United States government is now first and foremost a tool for promoting Obama’s cult of personality.

The Third Law – Despite the media’s already uncritical adoration of him, Obama will seek to bypass and subvert the media, to place his most valuable asset, his public image and his ability to shape the public’s perception of him, under his control.

The Fourth Law – Spread the worship around. Obama’s success in part owes itself to the ability to make others emotionally invested in his success, for generational or racial or political reasons. Obama’s secret is that he has no investment in their success.

The Fifth Law – Join up now. Belief is best implemented through action. Believing in a leader and actually working under him in some effort are two different things. Expect to see many more volunteer and community service programs, that will further embed tens of millions of Americans into the Cult of Obama.

The Sixth Law – The old way is the new way, and the new way is the old way. Some of Obama’s followers are slowly realizing that his progress and change simply mean repackaging everything that was in a new basket with a shiny new bow. Obama has no new ideas, as a matter of fact he has no ideas. He has plans, but they are not based on serious policies or the welfare of America, but his wishes and the wishes of his backers.

The Seventh Law – Never mention the Emperor is naked. The real secret is just how weak Obama is. Obama’s constant need for worship is a symptom of that weakness. So was his inability to stand up to Blagojevich and Burris. He surrounds himself with stronger men, because he is nothing more than a hollow image projected on the stage for everyone to worship.

For more in depth description to the seven laws go to SultanKnish

Federal Grand Jury

Posted in politics by roving on January 23, 2009

Leo has given up on the supreme court because he has lost faith in it but he does have some advice and would like everyone possible to see it.

All of us may one day serve as grand jurors in federal court, and I hope this article will educate the reader to his/her true power as granted by the Constitution. For that power, despite having been hidden for many years behind the veil of a legislative fraud, still exists in all of its glory in the 5th Amendment to the Constitution. The US Supreme Court has confirmed and reinforced that power.

So please, copy this report and paste it far and wide. It is not spin. It is not false. It is not for sale, it is not copyrighted by me, so paste and quote it freely. This report is the truth and we need truth, now, more than ever.

The Constitutional power of “we the people” sitting as grand jurors has been subverted by a deceptive play on words since 1946 when the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure were enacted. Regardless, the power I am going to explain to you still exists in the Constitution, and has been upheld by the United States Supreme Court despite the intention of the legislature and other legal scholars to make our power disappear with a cheap magic trick.

Repeat a lie with force and repetition and the lie becomes known as truth. In the case of the 5th Amendment to the Constitution, the power of the grand jury, to return “presentments” on its own proactive initiation, without reliance upon a US Attorney to concur in such criminal charges, has been usurped by an insidious play on words.
Most of this article is going to quote other scholars, judges and legislators as I piece together a brief but thorough history of the federal grand jury for your review. But the punch line is my personal contribution to the cause:


My input into this vital fight is no more than the analysis of a few carefully used words. It only took a small sleight of pen back in 1946 to hide our power, and it won’t take more than a few words to take that power back. But a proper overview is necessary for most of you who are unfamiliar with the issue at hand. So let me provide you with some history and then we’ll see what went wrong and how to correct it.

it’s clear that the Constitution intended to give the grand jury power to instigate criminal charges, and this was especially true when it came to government oversight. But something strange happened on the way to the present. That power was eroded by a lie enacted by the legislative branch. The 5th Amendment to the Constitution still contains the same words quoted above, but if you sit on a grand jury and return a “presentment” today, the prosecutor must sign it or it probably won’t be allowed to stand by the judge and the criminal charges you have brought to the court’s attention will be swept away. And the reason for this can be found in a legislative lie of epic proportions.

Read more at naturalborncitizen

Leave a Thank You Note To George Bush

Posted in politics by roving on January 23, 2009
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Barack fools us

Posted in politics by roving on January 23, 2009

Toronto Sun. by Michael Coren

Whole world will pay for America’s electoral mistake

A young student friend e-mailed me on Tuesday night.

“Have locked myself in my room because the place is full of little idiots — who cannot spell Barack Obama’s name and could not name one of his foreign or domestic policies — running around screaming obscenities about George Bush, conservatives and how Sarah Palin is a bitch. I love democracy!”

Even so, the people spoke. A victory for the hysterical Oprah Winfrey, the mad racist preacher Jeremiah Wright, the mainstream media who abandoned any sense of objectivity long ago, Europeans who despise America largely because they depend on her, comics who claim to be dangerous and fearless but would not dare attack genuinely powerful special interest groups. A victory for Obama-worshipers everywhere.

A victory for the cult of the cult. A man who has done little with his life but has written about his achievements as if he had found the cure for cancer in between winning a marathon and building a nuclear reactor with his teeth. Victory for style over substance, hyperbole over history, rabble-raising over reality.

A victory for Hollywood, the most dysfunctional community in the world. Victory for Streisand, Spielberg, Soros and Sarandon.

Victory for those who prefer welfare to will and interference to independence. For those who settle for group think and herd mentality rather than those who fight for individual initiative and the right to be out of step with meagre political fashion.

Victory for a man who is no friend of freedom. He and his people have already stated that media has to be controlled so as to be balanced, without realizing the extraordinary irony within that statement. Like most liberal zealots, the Obama worshippers constantly speak of Fox and Limbaugh, when the vast bulk of television stations and newspapers are drastically liberal and anti-conservative.

Senior Democrat Chuck Schumer said that just as pornography should be censored, so should talk radio. In other words, one of the few free and open means of popular expression may well be cornered and beaten by bullies who even in triumph cannot tolerate any criticism and opposition.


A victory for those who believe the state is better qualified to raise children than the family, for those who prefer teachers’ unions to teaching and for those who are naively convinced that if the West is sufficiently weak towards its enemies, war and terror will dissolve as quickly as the tears on the face of a leftist celebrity.

A victory for social democracy even after most of Europe has come to the painful conclusion that social democracy leads to mediocrity, failure, unemployment, inflation, higher taxes and economic stagnation. A victory for intrusive lawyers, banal sentimentalists, social extremists and urban snobs.

Also a defeat for one of the weakest presidential candidates in living memory.

Why would anyone vote for a man who seemed incapable of outlining his policies and instead repeatedly emphasized a noble but, if we are candid, largely irrelevant war record?

He was joined by a woman who was defended so vehemently by her supporters when it was cuttingly evident that she is years away from being, and perhaps never will be, a serious candidate for senior national office.

Most of all it was a terrible defeat for democracy and the United States. A politician of nothing defeated a nothing politician and a credulous electorate screamed in adoration. I fear we will all suffer very much indeed.


Its a shame some people from other countries can see through Obama yet our people fell for the nothingness of Obama.

I dissagree with his statement about Plain. If that’s who he is talking about. She was 95% more qualified then Obama and we would have been 100% better off if she was in the White House instead of the commie we now have.

Life: Imagine the Potential

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This is the first of the ads to come out from Of course this will mean nothing to Obama. He seems obsessed with killing babies.