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The Media and Conservatives Afraid Of Obama’s Birth Certificate

Posted in politics by roving on April 16, 2011

  Mark levin has been pleading with his listeners, beware of  Donald Trump saying he cannot be trusted because of his past campaign donations to Democrats and calling for Bush’s impeachment over Iraq. What really scares Levin is the birth certificate talk. He makes fun of those in his listening audience by demanding Harry Reid release his birth certificate. Levin also says the birth certificate is a losing issue.

What Levin fails to mention when talking about Trump, his hero Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat before seeing the light. Who is to say Trump also opened his eyes and sees where the Democrats are talking this country? Levin also repeatably makes remarks how the liberals ignore the constitution or try and change it. Yet Levin does the same thing when it comes to Obama’s self admitted duel citizenship. Total silence from the great one.

Just today while listening to another conservative talk radio show, the host brought up two things that other conservatives continually bring up. The problem is, the caller agreed without thinking it through just like Levin and the others refuse to do but I have the answer as to why they are wrong.

The most desperate sounding right sided talk radio personalities has to be John Gibson and his side kick Angry Rich. Gibson is so misinformed he sounds silly even bringing up the subject. Its to the point now when I hear him start to mention the birth certificate, I turn the station. totally brain dead on the subject…or are they?

What I find the most odd of all from  the conservatives who claim the birth certificate is a dead issue, refusing to even talk about all the other records Obama has locked up. I can’t come up with an explanation for that. Obama has locked up every single piece of documentation,  and all we hear from the media and especially from  “our side” is crickets.  Odd indeed.

Question, why was it okay demanding McCain release his birth certificate but not Obama’s?  I suspect I will never hear the answer from Levin.

Now for the answer of the two statements we hear over and over.

1. Its a trap. Obama will release the birth certificate and it will make Republicans look like fools.

2. Hillary Clinton would have brought the birth certificate into the light if she found something wrong.

3. Its a distraction. We should be focused on getting Obama out of office and other things he is doing to this country.

1. I have been hearing this trap thing for over 2yrs now. There is no trap.  Why spend all that money fighting the release of the documents? Pretty expensive and time consuming trap. Obama let a decorated veteran go to jail just so he could spring this trap on us sometime in the future? Okaaay.

2. The Clinton’s are dirty. They have plenty of secrets they would like kept that way. One thing Obama is good at is finding out a persons weak spot. Its how he wins elections. Look at what he did to Ryan in the Senate race in IL as well as Obama being able to kick everyone off the ballot on his side so there wasn’t much of choice left for the voters.

Clinton has things on Obama and Obama has things on the Clinton’s. I would have loved to have been in the room where Obama and Bill Clinton had a private meeting for over an hour during the campaign. You know, when suddenly Bill was behind Obama and he made Hillary his illegal Secretary of State? ( it explicitly says in the constitution no member of congress or senate can be Secretary of State)

3. According to Levin and others we are too stupid and are not able to multitask.  Our argument is, we use anything and everything to bring down Obama.

Levin is upset Trump is ahead in the polls. Well maybe the others should take a cue from Trump and stop being such wussies. I can’t say I trust Trump 100%. Yes I have problems of who he donated money too but Trump is the only one who is really going after Obama and going after him hard.

What Levin, Beck, the media and others are more afraid of is if it does come out Obama was never born here, they have egg on their faces. The media we can understand. They have been in the tank and covering for Obama since day one.  We have been begging Republicans and conservatives who have the power to take this on even if its just the other records Obama has hidden and all they do is ignore or make fun of us.

Any fool can see there is something really wrong here. Why would someone running for president hide all his records? Even something as normal as Senate records and medical papers.

A woman called into Rush’s show and told him if it does come out Obama has no birth certificate, he, along with the others should be ashamed of themselves.  Bravo. I agree. This whole thing has been shameful. This could of ended during the campaign by never letting up. Release your documents.


Levin, Rush, and Savage

Posted in politics by roving on July 5, 2010

I have started to lose interest in talk radio. They participate in the cover-ups in Obama’s past. Sometimes they throw a crumb out there but not much.  Some of the big name blogs are the same. Hot Air being one from the top of my head.  With no proof whats so ever, they declare Obama born in Hawaii and ignore all the other evidence showing he was not.

If I didn’t know better,  I could swear Levin and the rest of the conservative talk show hosts are having a grand old-time with Obama being in power. Obama gives talk radio any number of subjects to object too. It’s that or they are being watched and are under orders of what will be allowed or not allowed to talk about. They are  very careful just how far they go. I can almost hear the eggshells cracking in the background.

Mark Levin on Obama: “He is not a dictator even though he acts like one, sounds like one, and thinks like one. There I said it.” What? This statement makes no sense at all. You hear that?  The sound of eggshells cracking are very loud .

Levin is probably the worse of them all.  Levin claims to be a constitution expert. He even cites the federalists papers now and then. So, it seems odd Levin never brings up the fact that Obama’s father was a British citizen.  Levin out of all of them should know that alone disqualifies Obama from office.  Levin has never brought up the fact that VP Cheney was constitutionally required to ask for objections during the electoral count.

Levin also has a problem debating liberal callers. Oh wait, He doesn’t debate them.  He calls them a name and hangs up on them. Sometimes he will fire off a bunch of questions to the liberal caller, not give them any time to answer and hang up saying they didn’t want to answer.  I heard him once ask a lib caller 4 questions. One after another, then hang up. Not giving the lib any chance at all to get a word in. What is Levin afraid of?  Why would any lib call his show knowing he wont be able to finish a sentence?  However, if you bought any of Levin’s books or heaped praise after praise on him, you have all the time in the world to talk. Heck, he may even come back to you after a break. Is Levin afraid to debate?  I know I love it when a lib is taken apart bit by bit. But time after time, Levin wont do it.

The best talk show host to take on a lib in my opinion would have to be Gibson. He purposely takes calls from Libs. He lets the whole world see just how uninformed, racists, and uneducated they are.  He is also very funny. Along with Angry Rich and Christine.

Mark Levin calls the Obama regime a “soft tyranny.” He will then proceed to say what all Obama has done. How much of the private market he has taken over, the rights we have and will lose. On and on he goes. By the time Levin is done, he just described a hard tyranny. I wonder what would be considered a hard tyranny in his eyes?  If any caller calls it a hard tyranny, or goes to far in describing Obama, I can almost hear the panic in his voice.  “Be careful” Levin will say to a caller. Or, “I don’t think I will be in trouble for that. What do you think Mr. Producer?” In trouble from whom?

Levin calls everyone a backbenchers. Hell even I have seen where Obama was going before Levin did. I have written blogs in the past that predicted what Obama was doing weeks before Levin or even the others seen it.   It was just a couple of days after the oils spill that I knew Obama purposely wanted that oil to come ashore so he can say, “See? This is what happens when we drill.” Then it  gives him an excuse to shut down drilling. Levin brags what he says will be repeated tomorrow. It’s very rare I ever seen that happen.  Now Rush, yes. What Rush says will make the rounds of the MSM. It will be taken out of context or even be misquoted but he’s out there in all the broadcasts.  I have started to listen to Levin less and less.

I have a job so I’m not able to listen to Rush’s program all the way through but as of yet I haven’t heard Rush or Levin talk about the Blago trial. About how Obama had lied to the FBI and how that should get Obama arrested.  Why are they silent on this trial going on? It’s very puzzling.

Rush has “Open line Friday.” Yeah, right. He says we are boring but he is willing to talk about anything his callers want to talk about. All that is except Obama birth certificate, his dual citizenship, or anything that could get Obama kicked out of office.  Open line Friday my ass.  Rush, Levin, and Savage  call Obama a narcissist  yet in the same breath say how great they themselves are.

Every now and then Rush will tease his audience by bringing up the fact Obama has never shown his birth certificate. It’s the way he does it though. He tries to do it in a lighthearted way.  They all leave out the fact that Obama has paid $2 million or so trying to keep it hid.  A man who worked in the Hawaiian government during the election has come out and says he would swear in court there is no birth certificate on file for Obama is completely ignored.

Savage is very hard to listen to. Savage will bring up the fact Obama is not a natural-born citizen. He will bring up the crimes that Obama has committed.  The problem is, the only way you would be able to hear it is if you listen to the whole show. He goes after Obama hard but he jumps all over the place. He plays music, he talks about where he ate and how it messed up his body. His latest illness.   Look, I could care less about his last bowel movement or his personal life. I want the dirt on Obama.  Savage also seems to have problems with women. I admit I don’t listen often but every time he brings up a woman politician, he puts them down. He seems to have a special hatred for Sarah Palin.  I have heard him on numerous times get his facts completely wrong on her.

I seen McCain purposely throwing the election. I’m not sure how Savage feels about that but try telling Rush or Levin that. See how long you last on the line or even getting past the call screener. I do know Savage feels Obama was selected for President and I agree with him. It was so obvious.  Where he is wrong though, he blames Sarah Palin for McCain’s loss. It was Palin who brought the energy to the campaign. It was her the people wanted to see. Not McCain.  If it wasn’t for Palin, McCain wouldn’t have gotten as many votes as he did.  Savage really needs to get over his sexists attitude.

My guess…talk radio gets a lot of listeners because they hope one day they will really go after Obama.  They like me, will give up when they  realize,  they wont or can’t.   They continually harp about how important it is to vote this fall when if they would had gone after him from day one, Obama wouldn’t be president now and we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Thanks for nothing guys.  Some things are more important than how many people you can get to listen to the shows.

Was Obama Tipped off By Fitzgerald?

Posted in politics by roving on April 15, 2010

A woman who says she is a judge called into the Mark Levin show back in 2008 said she thinks Obama was tipped off and there was a cover-up in by Fitzgerald or someone in his office in order to protect Obama.  The judge is curious of why the wire taps were ended so suddenly.

Why did Fitzgerald end the investigation into Blago so soon? The judge in the upcoming trial has already said some documents will not be released. Seeing as how all judges to date have helped in the cover-up into Obama not releasing his documents that are sealed by using a strange excuse of “no standing” I can guess who’s name is most likely in the documents the judge says may not be made public.

Obama’s Fix For Social Security

Posted in politics by roving on March 29, 2010

Social Security is broke. More money is being paid out then coming in. So many people are out of work and baby boomers are retiring, Social Security will be paid through general funds. (as though it hasn’t always been anyway)

Never fear though. Obama has an idea to save social security and it only took common sense to figure it out after seeing the key cuts in ObamaCare.

In order to save Social security, Obama will need less people collecting benefits. Take a look at the time line of what Obama does to the seniors to “help them” get off the social security rolls.

Here is Mark Levin reading some of what is in ObamaCare. Pay attention to what happens with our seniors and you tell me if Obama didn’t target them.

Mark Levin Wants His Utopia NOW DAMMIT!

Posted in politics by roving on March 25, 2010

Obama promised a paradise on earth if only the people would elect him. Well, Mark Levin is tired of waiting.

John Gibson Should Be Near The Top

Posted in politics by roving on February 19, 2010

I always liked John Gibson when he had his own show on Fox News. Gibson is now on radio and for me he is a good alternative to Rush. I like Rush but at times he can spend up to an hour or longer just talking about himself and playing clips of what others in the media say about him and frankly its getting pretty old.

Mark Levin spends a good portion of his show reading other peoples blogs and claiming how he is always the one who came up with things first. I don’t have a radio show but  I have, along with many others I’m sure who also don’t have a nightly show have actually put two and two together long  before he ever did.  Levin has backbenched me a few times.

Rush will take a couple  liberal callers and he will let them talk. Mark Levin will take liberal callers but refuses to let them get a whole sentence out before cutting them off. If I were a lib, Levin is the last person I would call. If you love Levin, hell, he may even hold you over during commercial break so you can heap more praise on him.

John Gibson has a high rate of liberal callers. This is what I like. Let them talk then debate them. If you want to get into the mind of a liberal, Gibson’s show is a good place to be. He has a fast paced show and a new subject every half hour. Listening to Rush or some of the others spend the whole 3hrs talking about health care gets rather boring. They leave out  whole sections of other things just as important.

I don’t agree with everything Gibson says but then I don’t agree with everything anyone says. Finding someone you agree with 100% of the time is impossible.

Being that Gibson takes in a lot of liberal callers, the show is a good learning tool of actually hearing a liberal’s point of view  then hear Gibson tear it down by asking a few simple questions or pointing out the true facts. Gibson shows them how hypocritical they are.

I tried listening to liberal talk radio only to here conservative callers speak facts and the liberal host come back  with lies and quickly hang up. No wonder Air America failed and all the other liberal talk shows do so badly.

The Gibson show is also very humorous. Christine is a hoot. Angry Rich says it like it is.

CIA Pays Pastor Manning A Visit. Hey Mark Levin, Heads Up

Posted in politics by roving on November 18, 2009

Pastor Manning released a video saying his arrest is coming because of a previous video he had made in which they claim he made threats to Obama.

I listened to the “threat video”  and there was no threat made against Obama in it. He only said Obama should be arrested for treason, tried, and sentenced to death because Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

Two CIA agents working for homeland security and two Detectives paid Manning a visit in his church. Manning expects to be arrested in a few days.

So, here we go. Obama is starting to come after people who are speaking their minds and opinions. My question is, who will stand up for, and help defend Pastor Manning? Oh, hey, I know. Why Mark Levin. Of course! This would be perfect for Mark Levin. He should want to be all over this.

Levin is president of Landmark legal foundation. Levin has offered to use  his foundation to defend the lawyers for free who wrote the guidelines in interrogation techniques. 

I wonder what Levin would say if his help was asked for in the defending of Manning because Obama’s thugs are going after a U.S. citizen for using his 1st amendment rights by using a bogus charge? This should make Levins mouth water.

I can answer that. Levin will ignore it. His has his orders. Do not talk about Obama keeping all his records hid. Do not talk about Hillary not being qualified to be Secretary of State. Do not talk about Obama campaigning for his cousin in Kenya when Obama was Senator then thousands murdered because his cousin lost. Including women and children locked in a church then set on fire killing everyone inside.

Levin, Rush, Hannity, Beck, and all the others will not talk about anything that will  force Obama out of office. Wake up. These people are frauds.


Lou Dobbs Is A Warning To Others

Posted in politics by roving on November 15, 2009

Lou Dobbs is a warning to others. Do not talk about Obama’s birth certificate or you too will be out of a job. Dobbs resigned from CNN but he wouldn’t of had is contract renewed anyway so you could say he was fired.

Maybe Dobbs didn’t get the memo. Obama’s birth certificate is  off-limits. If anyone talks about it, your career or worse will be over. Shots were fired at Dobbs house. Donald Young wanted to come out about his and Obama’s relationship is now an unsolved murder. Lt Harris Jr who was cooperating with federal investigators over Obama’s stolen passport information is also a unsolved murder. It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. These murders will always remain unsolved and anyone with a brain knows it.

Obama all through the campaign has tried to silence anyone speaking about what he felt others shouldn’t know. attempting to shut down a radio station in Chicago not once but twice because they were going to discuss Obama’s pal Bill Ayers. The threats to shut down television stations for running campaign ads against him. Threatening to sue Stations and papers for anti Obama ads.

Now we come to the birthing issue. I still call Levin and the others cowards. Levin the constitutional expert doesn’t even have the balls to talk about Hillary Clinton’s eligibility problems   to be Secretary of Sate. Levin yells a lot, talks tough but hes a coward. Levin is such a coward he dares not let a liberal caller finish a sentence. They know damn well there is a problem but still remain mum on the subject. Rush Limbaugh lies to his audience claiming ignorance about Sinclair and the murder of Donald Young.

They are so afraid of Obama they wont ask the simple question of why Obama has spent over one million dollars to lawyers fighting lawsuits in court.  Reporters are the same. one reporter  has asked Obama’s press secretary about the birth certificate issue but didn’t push it.

Are the reporters pretending to ask real questions in fear they to will suffer repercussions? All they have to ask is WHY IS OBAMA FIGHTING THE LAWSUITS IF HE HAD ALREADY SHOWED HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE? How hard is that? The whole world knows about the court room dramas so ask the damn question! Stop pretending it isn’t happening.

I think they got the message and Lou Dobbs just showed them all Obama isnt messing around.

Mark Levin, Ya Big Dope

Posted in politics by roving on October 25, 2009

Is it just me or is Mark Levin getting more and more boring to listen to? Instead of talking about a whole lot of issues, he sucks up a lot of air time playing clips of what Regan said or reading other peoples blogs. 90% of the time he talks about the health care bill. There is a whole more going on then the health care bill.

I have emailed him a couple times calling him a coward because that is what he is. Rush and the rest are also cowards for not talking about the lawyers Obama has in court fighting the releases of his records. Never mind the birth certificate. Mark Levin is a fake. He brags how much he knows about the constitution but never brings up the FACT Obama’s father was never an American citizen. He is either a coward or was paid off.

If anyone calls him who is a liberal, he refuses to let them finish a sentence. Maybe some of us would like to know what a liberal has to say. I believe in free speech for all. Levin does not.

If a conservative calls in and tries to bring up for example, troops in the U.S. and camps, he cuts them off and says they are nuts.

I dream of the day Obama’s records are finally brought to the light and listen to these so call I love America talk shows hosts explain why they kept their mouth shut.

You want to bring Obama down, Bring up Obama hiding every single record he has lawyers hiding from everyone. Obama would be out of office in less than a month and maybe brought up on charges.

I think Mark and the rest love having Obama in office, their ratings have never been better.

As for the soldiers and camps, explain this. They talk about quarantines. Explain that Mark Levin, ya big dope.

Obama’s Rules Of Engagement Is Killing Our Soldiers (read by Mark Levin)

Posted in politics by roving on September 13, 2009

“You are either with us or against us.” Obama who has bowed down to a king, chummed it up with  dictators, refuses to recognize a  legal election, disses our allies, wants major cuts in the military, and with his new rules of engagement,  has shown where he stands.

This is the story as read by Mark Levin of what happen in Afghanistan Sept. 8. 2009  Because of Obama’s rules of engagement, we needlessly lost men that  day.

Our soldiers do not deserve to have this man as their commander in chief.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Obama’s Presidency Is Good For Talk radio

Posted in politics by roving on September 9, 2009

I’m beginning to wonder if maybe people like Mark Levin are thankful Obama is president. With Obama in office, his and the other talk radio hosts ratings are going through the roof.

History was made today in a court room. A  date is set for trial concerning  Obama’s eligibility yet has anyone heard a peep about it from Levin or the others?

I listen to Mark levin daily and frankly hes beginning to make me sick. Hannity, just keeps repeating everything day after day. He gets boring after awhile. Mark Levin however keeps boasting about how great he is and how he is a know it all with the Constitution yet not a word about Obama having a father was not an American.

I have read if anyone calls Hannity and the caller tells the screener they want to talk about Obama’s birth certificate, she becomes a bitch or just hangs up on them.

Something has happen with Levin and Hannity. Either they were threaten or they took a pay off to keep silent because they won’t even discuss Obama hiding all his other records. Never mind his birth certificate. Now why wouldn’t they even mention that?

Could you imagine if it was McCain who was the one fighting the release of his records? It would be on all the news channels and talk radio daily.

When or if it comes out Obama can not produce his birth certificate, I’ll be sure to tune into Hannity and the others and listen to their explanations of why they participated in the cover-up.

Then I hope they are finished. As far as I’m concerned, they are traitors.

Bill O’Reilly And Shawn Hannity Are Sellouts

Posted in politics by roving on May 26, 2009

He needed to include the biggest sellout, Mark Levin. The so called expert on the constitution.

Manning does have a point. What is stopping them from talking about the birth certificate? Where they threaten? Were they paid off? What other reason could there be? Its a legitimate subject. Obama has released no records.

Michael Berry: I No Longer Contest Obama Was Born In Kenya

Posted in politics by roving on May 15, 2009

Michael Berry sitting in for Mark Levin put it out there for millions of listeners after getting a earful from an uninformed liberal caller.

Michael may no longer contest the fact Obama isn’t constitutionally qualified to be president but I and millions of others will. The conservative talk show hosts are always talking about the constitution but they do exactly what the liberals and democrats do. Ignore certain parts of it.

We Torture Our Own Soldiers

Posted in politics by roving on April 23, 2009

The so called crimes Obama and the democrats say Bush and company tortured our enemies even though it worked and  thwarted attacks on the U.S.The funny thing is, the torture  is EXACTLY what   our own special forces go through yet its okay for our own people to  be tortured but people trying to kill is we are to do nothing? This is why the lawyers said the techniques would be okay. Its what our soldiers go through to be prepared for combat. Why would Obama be okay for our soldiers to be “tortured” but not a terrorists???

Its just one more of many many examples of Obama hating the U.S. and wanting our country destroyed. Obama is doing everything he can do to tie our hands behind our back. I could swear he is begging for another attack on our soil.

What exactly does Obama think is okay in trying to get information from a terrorists?? Offer milk and cookies if they talk?

Our CIA had captured some really bad people recently yet didn’t interrogate them but instead handed them over to the military.  Can’t say I don’t blame them.  Why go to prison for putting a bug in someones cell.

What is going to  happen is, we will capture someone but will be afraid to do anything and the interrogators will demand everything in triplicate for each and every step which in turn will slow us down opening us up for disaster.  But then thats the purpose. Be attacked.

Why would Obama want us to be attacked? If the attack was big enough, he may try to suspend elections so he can hold onto power. Obama is already trying to ruin the country financially and an attack would put us over the tipping point.   He could suspend our liberties and start throwing people into camps or prisons. Obama didn’t hang out with Bill Aryres for nothing.

If anyone notices, Obama refuses to release the good information the interrogators were able to get from the terrorists. Its because Obama doesn’t want anyone to know. Obama cares more for them then he does for us. You can tell a lot about a person from the way he treats his family and he treats his family very badly. I know I would never let my brother live in a little shack on $1 a month.

One good thing about all this. Mark levin is pissed and has offered his services for free to the lawyers Obama wants to prosecute. Even John Waynes daughter, a lawyer herself has offered to help defend them.

Levin will force Obama’s administration to let EVERYTHING come out. Let the people see who  the real evil ones are.

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Mark Levin Has A Message For Homeland Security

Posted in politics by roving on April 18, 2009

If Homeland Security  messes with any conservatives civil liberties, Mark Levin will personally sue them. To bad he wouldn’t throw in Obama’s birth certificate in with it.