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Hawaiian Elections Clerk Admits Participating in Election Fraud

Posted in politics by roving on June 19, 2010

Tim Addams, a senior Hawaii election clerk has admitted twice now that there is no birth certificate on file for Obama and no record in any hospital showing Obama was born there. WND has the story of Addams.

What’s missing from the story: Tim Addams has admitted to election fraud and the cover-up of the fraud by keeping silent.  I can only guess  why he waited to so long to come forward to tell his story.  He most likely voted for Obama. Maybe he figures its safe to admit the fraud because he knows nothing will happen. He sees others being made fun of and called names. He sees judge after judge   too afraid to hear the evidence so they boot the cases out against Obama using the excuse of  having no standing. The fraud has gone on for so long now, it’s too late to do anything about it. Officials are on record lying and if a judge allowed the evidence in, it would cause havoc in the government. The cover-up is wide spread and deep.

Here we have a man admitting to a crime and not one person in law enforcement does anything. What about our talk show heroes? Limbaugh. Silent. Levin. silent. Beck. silent. Any other time our glorious talk show hosts would be pushing for an investigation. They wont because all of them are frauds or cowards. Take your pick. Normally the FBI would be all over election fraud  but because its Obama, its hands off.

Addams says he would swear in court he is telling the truth. Well Mr. Addams, just for kicks, how about contacting the state’s attorney general. Tell them what you know. Or, you could turn yourself in to the FBI.  That would be good for starters.


O’Reilly’s Defense Of Obama’s Birth In Hawaii

Posted in politics by roving on June 6, 2010

O’Reilly thinks anyone who believes Obama was not born in Hawaii are kooks and uses the birth announcement in the Hawaii paper as proof somehow. Its a weak argument since anyone can place an ad in any paper but okay, lets go with that.

What if he were to find out there is proof the birth announcement was a total fraud? Well it just so happens there is proof its a fake announcement. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. my very own point of view.

Now, what say you pinhead?

Random Obama Thoughts/Questions

Posted in politics by roving on June 6, 2010

John Brennan was Obama’s campaign consultant at the time of the Obama passport break-in  and also the CEO of the company responsible for the break-in.  Why would Obama then bring this same man aboard his administration as  Obama’s counter terrorism adviser?  Was Brennan given the position as a job well done?  I would think Brennan would be the last person anyone would pick.  He couldn’t even mastermind a simple  break-in without being caught.

Lt Harris, a key witness in the passport scandal  was cooperating with the Feds when he was gunned down while sitting in his car. Is this not fishy as all hell? Is there even an investigation going on? Why do I get the feeling the  Harris’s family will never receive justice?

Donald Young, the man who attended the same church as Obama was going to come out and say he and Obama had a sexual relationship was also murdered and again, is there even an investigation going on?

What are the chances of two people being murdered who can also be tied to one man? One could be a coincidence, but two??

With Obama having every single record locked up and hiring lawyers to make sure no one ever sees them, shouldn’t that be sending alarm bells off in the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security,etc departments?  Why hide kindergarten records for crying out loud?

One day Obama was born in one hospital in Hawaii, another day, it’s a different hospital. Why is there no record of Obama’s mother ever being admitted into ANY hospital in Hawaii?

Why would the Kenyan government put a gag order on Obama’s family in Kenya and surround the grandmothers hut with police to keep reporters away after Obama’s grandmother said she was in the same room as Obama when he was born?

Seemed like one heck of a coincidence Obama’s grandmother held onto life until the day Obama came to see her…alone.  Why would she hang on? I had the impression Obama barely even visited her after reaching adulthood. I also could have sworn I read reports his grandmother was doing fine after leaving the hospital. Another clue Obama didn’t care about her: Obama waits over a month before deciding to have a service for her.

Why are there two different dates Of Obama’s grandmother death? Obama’s sister said in an email, she died two days before the election. Others stories say she died one day before the election. Well, which is it??

The secret service is glued to all presidents except the day Obama was in his grandmother’s apartment alone after she died. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what he was most likely doing.

Why would Obama say he is for the poor and helpless yet won’t help out his brother in Kenya who is living on $1 a month?  Obama let his Aunt who was in the U.S. illegally, live on welfare and also took what little money donated to his campaign from her only to return it when he got caught. If Obama is unable to show compassion for his own family, why would people think he would for them?

What does Obama have against babies that he thinks its okay to perform live birth abortions and if born alive, not to have it saved because the doctors are busy? I wonder if Obama tortured small animals when he was a little kid.

Who donated the millions of money into Obama’s election campaign from overseas?  Why is there no accounting for it yet McCain was forced to account for his contributions?

Why was there a big stink about wanting to see McCain’s birth certificate and medical records but none for Obama?

Why would the Hawaii paper purge a story they did about Obama that said he was born in Kenya?

Why is it, no one remembers Obama living at the address put in the birth announcements? I am from a very small all white town and I remember clearly when a black family moved into town.

Obama claims he isn’t against the 2nd amendment yet was never asked why he wanted to make it a crime if a homeowner used a gun against a home invader while he was in the senate.

Three different private investigators independently came  up with at least two different SS numbers Obama has used. One while being a Senator and  the current one being from the state of Connecticut that was issued to another man. Obama’s grandmother was able to get into SS records through her job. It wouldn’t have been much effort on her part. Even Rush Limbaugh thought this was strange yet said there are more important things to talk about. What? I think SS fraud is a very important thing to talk about and look into. Why would Rush think its not that important?

Why does the media continue to cover for Obama even when he shows his distaste of the press?  Are they so deep in the tank for him there is no climbing out?

Why is it Hannity, Beck and the others refuse to touch on Obama’s sealed records? They don’t even need to bring up the birth certificate because ALL his documents are sealed.  Were they threaten? How can we trust them if they will only talk about certain things?  They could bring Obama down in a few months by putting pressure on Obama to release his documents. There must be some really damaging things in them, yet they refuse. WHY? They keep harping Obama will be voted out in 2012. That is a long way off. Obama has already done much damage to this country. Two years are too long.

I put a lot of the blame for the downfall of America on these talk shows hosts and sites such as hot air, Drudge and others for being silent. Could it be for the hits these sites get and the growing audiences the talk shows are getting because Obama is in office? It makes absolutely no sense to me why they will not talk about these documents that Obama is using tax payer money to keep sealed.

Why does the LA Times refuse to release the tape of Obama at a Jew bashing party? They have had this tape since the campaign.

Is it me or did Obama purposely let the oil leak get out of hand so he can either take over the oil companies or shut them down?

Why hasn’t Obama ever talked about or visited the state of TN after the major flooding and loss of life that accured?

Why does it seem when there is a disaster, Obama decides this would be a good time for a dinner party or a date night?

Does Obama know how many states there are in the U.S? Does Obama have arthritis that prevents him from putting his hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem?

Where is the proof Obama legally changed his name from Barry to Barrack? There is zero documentation he did.

Why do Obama supporters not care Obama lies?  Why did they hate Bush for things that Obama is now doing and much more then Bush has done?

Why will no reporter fact check Obama’s bio’s?

what is that scar on Obama’s head? It just showed up one day.

Does Obama bow to our enemies because they know his secrets and are blackmailing him and while at it, making him look like a fool at the same time?

What did Bill Clinton say to Obama during their private meeting during the campaign? Does Obama and Clinton have things on each other and that is why Hillary is now our illegal Secretary of State?

What part of our Constitution does Obama think is flawed?

If Obama hates the U.S. so much, why live here?  Cuba would be more of his style.

Why did Nancy Pelosi use two different certificates showing Obama was eligible to run for president? One for all the states here and a separate one for Hawaii?

Here is what I think will happen over Obama’s hidden records. Nothing. Its to late. If the records were released now and it did show Obama was never eligible to be president, I suspect half of congress would be arrested for treason because they participated or looked the other way.

News Media Act Stupidly Over Obama’s Birth Certificate…Again

Posted in politics by roving on February 27, 2010
United States President Barack Obama's birth c...
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Yet another news agency spreads misinformation about Obama’s birth certificate. Today Sky News did a story about “birthers” and falsely claimed Obama’s paper birth certificate was burned in a fire that destroyed many state records. There are four problems with this.

1. The Obama people claimed this happen

2. The media reports it as fact.

3. In Obama’s book Dreams of my father he writes he has the birth certificate in his possession.

4. The media Doesn’t seem to put two and two together and see that Obama lied, or they are ignoring this huge lie about the birth certificate being destroyed in a fire.

Glenn Beck compares birthers to terrorists. You see, Obama has been very very good to Beck. If not for Obama, Beck wouldn’t be where he is today. Getting to the bottom of Obama’s birth certificate would get Obama thrown out sooner. Beck, along with Fox News  wants to milk this presidency for all its worth.  Beck and O’Reilly just repeat  things that have been proven false for 2 yrs now and wouldn’t dare look into any of it himself.

Feb 26 it was posted in Post Mail Blog they have received pdf files from Hawaii showing the Hawaiian birth index has no record of Obama listed.  This does not surprise me at all. After all, there is no record of Obama or Obama’s mother ever being admitted into any hospital in Hawaii…ever.

The media wonders why they are becoming irrelevant.  Well its because every day people are doing the media’s job while they  sit there spinning the news, protecting terrorists, covering up stories, and calling every day Americans names.

Obama’s COLB Filed, NOT Registered

Posted in politics by roving on October 4, 2009

The fraud continues. As our Representatives who call the birthers nuts while at the same time appear ignorant over the issue of Obama’s eligibility, continue to ignore or investigate the growing evidence Obama is a fraud.

They happily do this as Obama appoints more radical Czars, bankrupts our country, illegally takes over private companies, more men die in Afghanistan  because of Obama’s new rules of engagement and his voting present on General McChrystal’s request for more troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

First we had Nancy Pelosi committing fraud by using two different certificates of eligibility for Obama to run for president, a fake birth announcement in the Honolulu paper giving out a address Obama’s mother didn’t live at, and now   Hawaii officials are covering up the fraud either voluntarily or through pressure.

MissTickly caught the clue a couple months ago and has been working on it since. From her research she has concluded Obama’s COLB is filed but STILL pending further review.

MissTrickly lays it all out in her blog

When will the media wake the hell up? Before or after Obama declares martial law?

Obama’s Parents Divorce Papers: #4

Posted in politics by roving on January 1, 2009

Found on Free Republic.

What can I say? I’ll just post what the person said. He sounded credible. We’ll see.


OK, fellow Freepers,

If you were listening on the Plains Radio around 7:45 Wed evening (last night), I was the guy who called in from Texas. Let me assure you that the 1964 divorce decree from Hawaii is NOT a hoax — it does exist.

With info that Ed gave me on Tuesday night off the air, I coordinated to have the package pulled at the ramp in Honolulu, placed into a Fed-Ex Next-Day envelope by a person at the terminal to get Ed the next day for last night’s show. It was originally scheduled for Two-Day Delivery for some reason — I think either by the PI or as as standard procedure of the Hawaii Courts. However, we WERE able to change the package to Next Day (afternoon) Delivery.

It arrived at LAX on time, shortly after midnight. HOWEVER, we hit a snag — the aircraft broke for approx 4 hours, apparently awaiting a part. The 747 finally took off at 6:47 am Wednesday, bound for Memphis, FedEx’s main hub.

As the morning passed, we began to realize that the package would not get to Ed’s local FedEx hub, and then out on a delivery truck to get to him. We tried to transfer it to another location to be picked up at that FedEx depot, to scan it for Wed’s show. However, we couldn’t pull it off in time to make a departure on Wed afternoon.

Ed will have it Friday at a changed location. Arrangements have been made — it’s very safe.

Additionally, I personally spoke with the PI in Hawaii myself Wednesday morning. Let me pass on what I can relay at this time:

– as I understand, because the decree was Certified, it came straight from the Court House to Ed; the PI did not have the opportunity to copy or fax it. (If you’ve ever ordered an old deed or lien that has to be copied from archived records or microfiche, it’s much the same — it’s mailed directly to the requester …)
– The PI did seem to have looked at the Digest version of the Divorce Decree, not the full version Ed is getting. His words to me, was “it’s very interesting”
– The PI did not know if the document indicated Obama Jr’s place of birth. However, in the early 60s in Hawaii, the place of birth oftentimes does appear in the notes.
– He told me also that the divorce decree was VERY hard to find and not readily searchable — not just a $30 fee at the counter. Significant research had to be conducted. It seems to have been hidden, possibly by Ann Dunham in her youth. (IMO, if it HAD been found already, Berg would have put it on his site along with other docs he’s posted: This is NEW documentation)
– The PI indicated that there’s evidence that Ann used at least one alias tied to this. It’s common knowledge that she used many names (Dunham, Soetoro, Sutoro, and variations thereof).
– There are other copies of the Divorce Decree going other places — the one going to Ed is NOT the only copy! There are back-ups going to other parties.

Ed Hale has more information that he will relay on the Lion’s Den on Friday night on Plains Radio.

Alan Keyes is slated to be on with Ed.

Plains Radio Link

Obama’s Parents Divorce Papers #3

Posted in politics by roving on January 1, 2009

This could be Ed Hales last shot at creditability. I for one am tired of being played with. Its beginning to sound like another API hoax. (who by the way is at it again) If anyone wants to read it, you will have to go there yourself. The man in nothing but a con artist. I wont put the link in here because I think he is only doing it to get the hits.

As for Ed Hale, the latest to me gives the impression things may not be as he originally said. I’m suspicious of why the PI didn’t look at the document. I know if it were me I wouldn’t be able to help myself.

Also if it were me, I would keep silent until I had the documents in hand and seen with my own eyes what are in them.  If Ed Hale says the documents never arrived or something happen en-route, most likely he wont be believed even if he is telling the truth.

The Obama people have wreaked havoc on websites anti-Obama and if Larry Sinclair is to be believed, threaten and tried killing him.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable having it announced to the world I was on my way to deliver evidence that could do Obama in.

I guess we will find out Fri. Jan 2. The latest:

“In his 7:45pm Plains Radio broadcast, this last night, Ed Hale backed down from his prior assertion of having gained even uncertain information about the Barack Sr. / Stanley Ann divorce decree containing language referring to Barack Jr. as being born in Kenya. Instead, Hale referred to an apparently tricky recollection… of an indeterminate person… referring to such a document’s generally referring to the place of birth of the children of the divorced parents. That is not what I heard from Mr. Hale on the 31st.

Two people reported during the broadcast that they had contacted Hale’s private investigator yesterday, who indicated he did not thoroughly read the documentation and does not know how it addresses Barack Obama Jr. — nor did he make a copy for himself. It would appear that Hale will receive a valid copy of this decree, probably Friday, 1/2. What it states will be what it states.

Forensic Document Examiner: Birth Certificate Not Evidentiary

Posted in politics by roving on December 30, 2008

“While addressing your attention to the featured article in The Right Side of Life, I.O. suggests one potential and essential reason that Barack Obama has spent approximately one million dollars to keep his actual Hawaiian birth certificate undisclosed:

Whatever it shows or fails to show, as to his place of birth, his Hawaiian birth certificate ostensibly demonstrates that Barack Hussein Obama I is his father. While not a new revelation, that would become compelling procedural evidence that he is not a natural born Citizen and is therefore not constitutionally permitted to be U.S. president.

On the other hand, Sandra Ramsey Lines explains why Obama’s “online COLB” is not evidence of Obama’s citizenship at all.”

Read more at Investigating Obama

Obama, end this now.

Obama’s Grief? Pic The Media Wont show.

Posted in politics by roving on December 25, 2008

article-1101566-02e387c1000005dc-992_468x286Pretty much we all saw the pictures of Obama dumping his beloved grandmothers ashes onto the rocks. You know, the grandmother Obama loved and considered to be one of the most important person in his life yet waits till he goes on vacation almost 2 months after she died to bother having a memorial for.

One commenter I saw pretty much added the whole thing up with one sentence. “Out from under the bus, into the wind.”

There is so much we don’t know about Obama. Its like the man just appeared with no past. His grandmother and mothers age seems to change every time there is a report about them. If we put everything together, I’ll admit it would make people look like kooks. Now it seems there is a question about exactly when his grandmother died. It’s  like a massive cover-up is happening. I think for now I wont take the questionable date of his grandmother dying real seriously until more comes out.  I hate to admit it all making sense. I never was one for conspiracy theories and this whole thing confuses me.

The media seems to be under some kind of spell. Because Obama cleared himself after investigating himself, the media thinks the whole thing  should be closed now and we are ready to move on. This is just a hint of what to expect from the media. I never thought about it before but before the Internet and all we had to rely on was MSM, I wonder how many lies we were told and we swallowed it all.

capture1This picture that the media isn’t showing pretty much sums the whole thing up for me of how Obama felt about his grandmother. Its almost like Obama and wife are gleeful that his beloved grandmother is gone and now is silenced forever?

Who is this man? Should his grandmother in Kenya be looking over her shoulder?

capture4More pictures can be found at

Obama Paying $3500 A Day For rent & Grandma

Posted in politics by roving on December 22, 2008

money-stacklrg1Obama and family are in hawaii renting out a 9 million dollar retreat for $3500 a day. By the time he is done with his vacation he will have spent over $40,000. Is  food covered in this $3500 a day rent?  That is a 1 year salary for a lot of people.

What I wonder is, what money is he using to pay for that kind of rent. Is it from his own personal savings? Or is he using the left over campaign money. Of course we will never know. We will never know anything if Obama and the press can help it.

Obama has been spending his days swimming, golfing and getting secret intelligence reports. Obama getting briefed every day on intelligence puts a shiver up my spine.

What I haven’t heard or read is Obama having a private memorial for his grandmother. I wonder what hes waiting for. Maybe he has forgotten. He’ll come back to the states muttering I know there is SOMETHING I was going to do in Hawaii but I just cant remember what it was.

Obama is one cold  human being. Treating someone who raised him, loved and not bother doing anything for two months. I think its just one of the signs of what kind of psycho he is. He puts her down during the campaign and now would rather play golf and swim instead of paying his respects. I don’t think the man has any kind of feelings in all his body. He throws anyone who gets into his way under the bus.

Maybe the secret service or one of his aides will whisper in his ear and jog his memory before he leaves.

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Obama’s Most Important Person In His life

Posted in politics by roving on December 16, 2008

Obama’s grandmother, the one who raised him that died before he was elected.  He had gone to visit her right before she died  curiously during the same time Andy Martin was trying to get the courts to open up his birth certificate records.

When Obama’s grandmother passed, nothing was done for 13 days. Obama didn’t go to her funeral. Instead he sent a letter to be read at her service. He says there will be a private family memorial later this month.

Obama and his family  plan on going to Hawaii for Christmas vacation. Nowhere  is there any mention of his plans about a private family  memorial for his grandmother.

Obama says his grandmother has always been the most important person in his life yet he let her sit for 13 days. He didn’t take his family to see her knowing she was gravely ill. The only pictures we have seen of Obama and his grandmother were ones taken years ago.

Would any of us let the “most important person in out life” sit for 13 days waiting to be buried then not even go to the memorial? I think not.

I’ll be curious to see if the press has forgotten about Obama’s planned memorial for his grandmother if he doesn’t have one.

In my opinion Obama is a fraud. I don’t think he really has any feelings. He doesn’t feel love or hate. Its just the feeling I get from reading about him, seeing his actions.  He goes around talking about how much he cares about this and that  but is all an act. The real most important person in Obama’s life is Obama himself.