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Levin, Rush, and Savage

Posted in politics by roving on July 5, 2010

I have started to lose interest in talk radio. They participate in the cover-ups in Obama’s past. Sometimes they throw a crumb out there but not much.  Some of the big name blogs are the same. Hot Air being one from the top of my head.  With no proof whats so ever, they declare Obama born in Hawaii and ignore all the other evidence showing he was not.

If I didn’t know better,  I could swear Levin and the rest of the conservative talk show hosts are having a grand old-time with Obama being in power. Obama gives talk radio any number of subjects to object too. It’s that or they are being watched and are under orders of what will be allowed or not allowed to talk about. They are  very careful just how far they go. I can almost hear the eggshells cracking in the background.

Mark Levin on Obama: “He is not a dictator even though he acts like one, sounds like one, and thinks like one. There I said it.” What? This statement makes no sense at all. You hear that?  The sound of eggshells cracking are very loud .

Levin is probably the worse of them all.  Levin claims to be a constitution expert. He even cites the federalists papers now and then. So, it seems odd Levin never brings up the fact that Obama’s father was a British citizen.  Levin out of all of them should know that alone disqualifies Obama from office.  Levin has never brought up the fact that VP Cheney was constitutionally required to ask for objections during the electoral count.

Levin also has a problem debating liberal callers. Oh wait, He doesn’t debate them.  He calls them a name and hangs up on them. Sometimes he will fire off a bunch of questions to the liberal caller, not give them any time to answer and hang up saying they didn’t want to answer.  I heard him once ask a lib caller 4 questions. One after another, then hang up. Not giving the lib any chance at all to get a word in. What is Levin afraid of?  Why would any lib call his show knowing he wont be able to finish a sentence?  However, if you bought any of Levin’s books or heaped praise after praise on him, you have all the time in the world to talk. Heck, he may even come back to you after a break. Is Levin afraid to debate?  I know I love it when a lib is taken apart bit by bit. But time after time, Levin wont do it.

The best talk show host to take on a lib in my opinion would have to be Gibson. He purposely takes calls from Libs. He lets the whole world see just how uninformed, racists, and uneducated they are.  He is also very funny. Along with Angry Rich and Christine.

Mark Levin calls the Obama regime a “soft tyranny.” He will then proceed to say what all Obama has done. How much of the private market he has taken over, the rights we have and will lose. On and on he goes. By the time Levin is done, he just described a hard tyranny. I wonder what would be considered a hard tyranny in his eyes?  If any caller calls it a hard tyranny, or goes to far in describing Obama, I can almost hear the panic in his voice.  “Be careful” Levin will say to a caller. Or, “I don’t think I will be in trouble for that. What do you think Mr. Producer?” In trouble from whom?

Levin calls everyone a backbenchers. Hell even I have seen where Obama was going before Levin did. I have written blogs in the past that predicted what Obama was doing weeks before Levin or even the others seen it.   It was just a couple of days after the oils spill that I knew Obama purposely wanted that oil to come ashore so he can say, “See? This is what happens when we drill.” Then it  gives him an excuse to shut down drilling. Levin brags what he says will be repeated tomorrow. It’s very rare I ever seen that happen.  Now Rush, yes. What Rush says will make the rounds of the MSM. It will be taken out of context or even be misquoted but he’s out there in all the broadcasts.  I have started to listen to Levin less and less.

I have a job so I’m not able to listen to Rush’s program all the way through but as of yet I haven’t heard Rush or Levin talk about the Blago trial. About how Obama had lied to the FBI and how that should get Obama arrested.  Why are they silent on this trial going on? It’s very puzzling.

Rush has “Open line Friday.” Yeah, right. He says we are boring but he is willing to talk about anything his callers want to talk about. All that is except Obama birth certificate, his dual citizenship, or anything that could get Obama kicked out of office.  Open line Friday my ass.  Rush, Levin, and Savage  call Obama a narcissist  yet in the same breath say how great they themselves are.

Every now and then Rush will tease his audience by bringing up the fact Obama has never shown his birth certificate. It’s the way he does it though. He tries to do it in a lighthearted way.  They all leave out the fact that Obama has paid $2 million or so trying to keep it hid.  A man who worked in the Hawaiian government during the election has come out and says he would swear in court there is no birth certificate on file for Obama is completely ignored.

Savage is very hard to listen to. Savage will bring up the fact Obama is not a natural-born citizen. He will bring up the crimes that Obama has committed.  The problem is, the only way you would be able to hear it is if you listen to the whole show. He goes after Obama hard but he jumps all over the place. He plays music, he talks about where he ate and how it messed up his body. His latest illness.   Look, I could care less about his last bowel movement or his personal life. I want the dirt on Obama.  Savage also seems to have problems with women. I admit I don’t listen often but every time he brings up a woman politician, he puts them down. He seems to have a special hatred for Sarah Palin.  I have heard him on numerous times get his facts completely wrong on her.

I seen McCain purposely throwing the election. I’m not sure how Savage feels about that but try telling Rush or Levin that. See how long you last on the line or even getting past the call screener. I do know Savage feels Obama was selected for President and I agree with him. It was so obvious.  Where he is wrong though, he blames Sarah Palin for McCain’s loss. It was Palin who brought the energy to the campaign. It was her the people wanted to see. Not McCain.  If it wasn’t for Palin, McCain wouldn’t have gotten as many votes as he did.  Savage really needs to get over his sexists attitude.

My guess…talk radio gets a lot of listeners because they hope one day they will really go after Obama.  They like me, will give up when they  realize,  they wont or can’t.   They continually harp about how important it is to vote this fall when if they would had gone after him from day one, Obama wouldn’t be president now and we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Thanks for nothing guys.  Some things are more important than how many people you can get to listen to the shows.


Hawaiian Elections Clerk Admits Participating in Election Fraud

Posted in politics by roving on June 19, 2010

Tim Addams, a senior Hawaii election clerk has admitted twice now that there is no birth certificate on file for Obama and no record in any hospital showing Obama was born there. WND has the story of Addams.

What’s missing from the story: Tim Addams has admitted to election fraud and the cover-up of the fraud by keeping silent.  I can only guess  why he waited to so long to come forward to tell his story.  He most likely voted for Obama. Maybe he figures its safe to admit the fraud because he knows nothing will happen. He sees others being made fun of and called names. He sees judge after judge   too afraid to hear the evidence so they boot the cases out against Obama using the excuse of  having no standing. The fraud has gone on for so long now, it’s too late to do anything about it. Officials are on record lying and if a judge allowed the evidence in, it would cause havoc in the government. The cover-up is wide spread and deep.

Here we have a man admitting to a crime and not one person in law enforcement does anything. What about our talk show heroes? Limbaugh. Silent. Levin. silent. Beck. silent. Any other time our glorious talk show hosts would be pushing for an investigation. They wont because all of them are frauds or cowards. Take your pick. Normally the FBI would be all over election fraud  but because its Obama, its hands off.

Addams says he would swear in court he is telling the truth. Well Mr. Addams, just for kicks, how about contacting the state’s attorney general. Tell them what you know. Or, you could turn yourself in to the FBI.  That would be good for starters.

Watching The News. I Don’t

Posted in politics by roving on June 13, 2010

I think it was in the month of August 2009 I stopped watching the news. It started because of what the news refused to cover. Instead of vetting Obama, it was a continual attack on Sarah Palin. Even today the L.A. Times is still hiding a video tape they have of Obama at pro terrorist  Jew bashing party.

They reported rumors, innuendos, and Saturday night live skits as facts against Sarah Palin and ignored Obama’s past.  What they did a report of it, was sugar coated. A person waking up from a coma would have thought Sarah Palin was running for president.

The media went after anyone who dared stand up to Obama. We knew more about Joe the plumber then some of us know about our own families in just 24hrs. All because he dared question Obama.

Just the sound of Obama’s voice was like fingernails across a blackboard. I knew about everything coming out of his mouth was a lie and it was frustrating watching the media let him get away with it. CNN had to correct Obama when he said his Muslim faith. The media even went so far as to puff up his resume by calling him a Constitutional law professor which was just an outright lie.

I saw a couple of his campaign speeches and was struck at how the audiences seem to be under a spell. It was as if Jim Jones was alive and well.

I was forced to drop my local newspaper because of the biases in the editorial sections. It was a steady stream of pro Obama, anti McCain/Palin hype.

I no longer watch my local news because they will bring up “president” Obama. Just the sound of that makes my skin crawl. I would rather read the news online from all different sources.  I will however watch news clips on the web if I feel I need to hear it. For those who would like to see just how bad the media is, I suggest visiting Newsbusters.

I have always been a news junkie. Before the web I would keep switching between the three major news networks getting as much news as I could. Now I wonder how much of what I was told were lies. I highly doubt I will ever watch a whole newscast ever again.

Random Obama Thoughts/Questions

Posted in politics by roving on June 6, 2010

John Brennan was Obama’s campaign consultant at the time of the Obama passport break-in  and also the CEO of the company responsible for the break-in.  Why would Obama then bring this same man aboard his administration as  Obama’s counter terrorism adviser?  Was Brennan given the position as a job well done?  I would think Brennan would be the last person anyone would pick.  He couldn’t even mastermind a simple  break-in without being caught.

Lt Harris, a key witness in the passport scandal  was cooperating with the Feds when he was gunned down while sitting in his car. Is this not fishy as all hell? Is there even an investigation going on? Why do I get the feeling the  Harris’s family will never receive justice?

Donald Young, the man who attended the same church as Obama was going to come out and say he and Obama had a sexual relationship was also murdered and again, is there even an investigation going on?

What are the chances of two people being murdered who can also be tied to one man? One could be a coincidence, but two??

With Obama having every single record locked up and hiring lawyers to make sure no one ever sees them, shouldn’t that be sending alarm bells off in the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security,etc departments?  Why hide kindergarten records for crying out loud?

One day Obama was born in one hospital in Hawaii, another day, it’s a different hospital. Why is there no record of Obama’s mother ever being admitted into ANY hospital in Hawaii?

Why would the Kenyan government put a gag order on Obama’s family in Kenya and surround the grandmothers hut with police to keep reporters away after Obama’s grandmother said she was in the same room as Obama when he was born?

Seemed like one heck of a coincidence Obama’s grandmother held onto life until the day Obama came to see her…alone.  Why would she hang on? I had the impression Obama barely even visited her after reaching adulthood. I also could have sworn I read reports his grandmother was doing fine after leaving the hospital. Another clue Obama didn’t care about her: Obama waits over a month before deciding to have a service for her.

Why are there two different dates Of Obama’s grandmother death? Obama’s sister said in an email, she died two days before the election. Others stories say she died one day before the election. Well, which is it??

The secret service is glued to all presidents except the day Obama was in his grandmother’s apartment alone after she died. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what he was most likely doing.

Why would Obama say he is for the poor and helpless yet won’t help out his brother in Kenya who is living on $1 a month?  Obama let his Aunt who was in the U.S. illegally, live on welfare and also took what little money donated to his campaign from her only to return it when he got caught. If Obama is unable to show compassion for his own family, why would people think he would for them?

What does Obama have against babies that he thinks its okay to perform live birth abortions and if born alive, not to have it saved because the doctors are busy? I wonder if Obama tortured small animals when he was a little kid.

Who donated the millions of money into Obama’s election campaign from overseas?  Why is there no accounting for it yet McCain was forced to account for his contributions?

Why was there a big stink about wanting to see McCain’s birth certificate and medical records but none for Obama?

Why would the Hawaii paper purge a story they did about Obama that said he was born in Kenya?

Why is it, no one remembers Obama living at the address put in the birth announcements? I am from a very small all white town and I remember clearly when a black family moved into town.

Obama claims he isn’t against the 2nd amendment yet was never asked why he wanted to make it a crime if a homeowner used a gun against a home invader while he was in the senate.

Three different private investigators independently came  up with at least two different SS numbers Obama has used. One while being a Senator and  the current one being from the state of Connecticut that was issued to another man. Obama’s grandmother was able to get into SS records through her job. It wouldn’t have been much effort on her part. Even Rush Limbaugh thought this was strange yet said there are more important things to talk about. What? I think SS fraud is a very important thing to talk about and look into. Why would Rush think its not that important?

Why does the media continue to cover for Obama even when he shows his distaste of the press?  Are they so deep in the tank for him there is no climbing out?

Why is it Hannity, Beck and the others refuse to touch on Obama’s sealed records? They don’t even need to bring up the birth certificate because ALL his documents are sealed.  Were they threaten? How can we trust them if they will only talk about certain things?  They could bring Obama down in a few months by putting pressure on Obama to release his documents. There must be some really damaging things in them, yet they refuse. WHY? They keep harping Obama will be voted out in 2012. That is a long way off. Obama has already done much damage to this country. Two years are too long.

I put a lot of the blame for the downfall of America on these talk shows hosts and sites such as hot air, Drudge and others for being silent. Could it be for the hits these sites get and the growing audiences the talk shows are getting because Obama is in office? It makes absolutely no sense to me why they will not talk about these documents that Obama is using tax payer money to keep sealed.

Why does the LA Times refuse to release the tape of Obama at a Jew bashing party? They have had this tape since the campaign.

Is it me or did Obama purposely let the oil leak get out of hand so he can either take over the oil companies or shut them down?

Why hasn’t Obama ever talked about or visited the state of TN after the major flooding and loss of life that accured?

Why does it seem when there is a disaster, Obama decides this would be a good time for a dinner party or a date night?

Does Obama know how many states there are in the U.S? Does Obama have arthritis that prevents him from putting his hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem?

Where is the proof Obama legally changed his name from Barry to Barrack? There is zero documentation he did.

Why do Obama supporters not care Obama lies?  Why did they hate Bush for things that Obama is now doing and much more then Bush has done?

Why will no reporter fact check Obama’s bio’s?

what is that scar on Obama’s head? It just showed up one day.

Does Obama bow to our enemies because they know his secrets and are blackmailing him and while at it, making him look like a fool at the same time?

What did Bill Clinton say to Obama during their private meeting during the campaign? Does Obama and Clinton have things on each other and that is why Hillary is now our illegal Secretary of State?

What part of our Constitution does Obama think is flawed?

If Obama hates the U.S. so much, why live here?  Cuba would be more of his style.

Why did Nancy Pelosi use two different certificates showing Obama was eligible to run for president? One for all the states here and a separate one for Hawaii?

Here is what I think will happen over Obama’s hidden records. Nothing. Its to late. If the records were released now and it did show Obama was never eligible to be president, I suspect half of congress would be arrested for treason because they participated or looked the other way.

Obama’s Life Is A Pulitzer Just Waiting To Happen

Posted in politics by roving on February 22, 2010
The Pulitzer Prize gold medal award.
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I am so fed up with all the stories About Palin. All the lies. All the fake concerns. There is nothing there. Get over it. Why not ask questions about Obama? Now that  is where the stories are.

Obama’s life is so full of hate, racism, lies, cover-ups, and law breaking it could keep a room full of investigative reporters busy for months.  Obama’s life is a Pulitzer prize. Why is there not even one reporter or interviewer willing or brave enough to ask Obama to his face some of the things Obama has done?

Why is there no investigations into Obama? Why no charges brought against him? Last I knew it was a crime to campaign for someone in a foreign country while a sitting Senator  like Obama did with his cousin in Kenya who when lost, had his thugs murder thousands of people including locking women and children in a church and burning it to the ground.

How is the investigation going into the money Obama received in illegal foreign contributions during his campaign? Why hasn’t Obama released donor names yet?  Is there an investigation? If so, what is taking so long?

How is that  murder investigation going of Lt Harris the key witness who was willing to cooperate with the investigation in the  break-in of  Obama’s passport records? Why do I have a feeling his murder along with the murder of Obama’s alleged lover from trinity church Donald Young will never be solved?

Why give Obama a pass when he sat in Trinity church listening to racist speeches for 20yrs  when Obama thought it right Imus lose his job over the “nappy ho” comment? Why not ask him if that is just a tad hypocritical.

Why is the LA Times still  not releasing a tape of Obama at a party along with known racists and Jew bashers? We all know he was there. Release it.

Why isn’t Obama being asked why his AG Eric Holder let the black panthers off after obvious voter intimidation?

Why isn’t Obama and his ACORN ties being questioned?

Isn’t any reporter curious how Obama paid for his college with no job? Why haven’t they gone out and interviewed  Obama’s classmates? After all, Obama is the one and should have classmates coming out of the woodwork bragging they went to school with him. Why has Obama never gone to a class reunion? He loves the attention. I would think he would jump on the chance to go. Since Obama refuses to release his grades, maybe a couple of classmates could confirm the genius of Obama.

Why is it there is no record of Obama legally changing his name back from Barry Soertoro?

Will  Blago say Obama met with him during the selling of a senate seat during his trial? Obama says he never met with Blago. Axelrod said he did. Would perjury charges be filed? A good investigative reporter would have found out the truth a long time ago but they don’t want to know.

Obama, Who the hell are you? Apparently everything you have been saying about your life is all made up. Some  of us already knew this but a good portion  of the population  would have known this  also if journalists did their job instead of going up to Alaska to dig around in Sarah Palin’s trash and trying to destroy her family with made up stories.

All CNN and the rest have to do to get their reputations back is report the truth. The whole truth. Its the only thing that will save them from distinction.  Come on, wouldn’t any of you like to have a Pulitzer? Its there waiting for you.

Fellow Birthers, Your Not Crazy. We Are Growing

Posted in politics by roving on February 12, 2010

The polls show more and more people are questioning Obama’s eligibility.  Even in CA As Obama’s popularity drops the polls will only go higher.

Once again while listening to the radio, the host said Obama has proven beyond doubt Obama was born in Hawaii and once again came up with zero examples.

When people like Beck or O’Reilly do cite “evidence” they bring up the image of a COLB Obama posted on his website, the birth announcement planted in the paper, and the wishy washy statement from the Hawaii Official that really didn’t answer the question. This is all they have.  Only an idiot or someone  desperate to keep sleeping dogs lay would use that as evidence. Obama being president has been very well for talk shows and Fox News.

I don’t think they are idiots. They have their marching orders.  Put down anyone  questioning Obama’s past or your out of a job…or worse.

Its very very odd not one big time radio host or anyone on Fox News bring up the fact that Obama through executive order had ALL his records sealed right after being sworn into office and to this day is fighting the release of his records in courts throughout the country.  Very odd indeed. Remember during the campaign Fox News was told to lay off Obama for awhile.

Obama’s own Grandmother said she was in the hospital room when Obama was born in Kenya. Some laughingly claim she was talking about HER son.  Soon after making that statement the Kenyan government surrounded her hut and kept reporters away.

A respected African  newspaper did a story about  Kenyan born Obama running for Senate.

The Hawaiian paper also had a story which called Obama Kenyan born until they cleaned up the story.

The Kenyan government sealed all of Obama’s records. (or destroyed)

The Kenyan ambassador said it is already well known Obama was born in Kenya.

Obama has seen and held his birth certificate yet releases a COLB. Why? (because that is what is issued to children born overseas)

The COLB has been discredited by three different  experts as being a fraud. Link 1 /Link 2

Fact check is unreliable because they have ties with Obama.

At the time Obama was born, anyone from from the states or from another country could obtain a Hawaiian COLB.

Anyone can have a birth announcement put in a paper and not live there.

The address given with the birth announcement has been proven Obama never lived there.

One of the many social security cards numbers Obama had/has show he was born on the east coast. Numbers found by a private detective who retired from working in Scotland Yard.

Not one doctor, nurse, aide, or hospital has come forward claiming Obama was born there.

Obama’s sister says Obama was born in one hospital, Obama names a different hospital.

There are no records in any hospital in Hawaii showing Obama’s mother or Obama had ever been admitted for ANYTHING.

Obama told a marine he met in 1980 he was born in Kenya.

You get the idea.  If everything was put up against Beck and the others arguments, well, they look a little silly. It just proves the point. They dare not let information get out. Its as if they all received the same talking points.

The biggest clue there is a cover-up is the FACT not one of the big shot TV or radio personalities will not even discuss the fact Obama has released ZERO documents and has lawyers working around the clock to keep them that way.  The birther “facts” outweigh the after-birthers “facts.”

What say you O’Reilly?

“Conservative” Posters And Blogs Have Convinced Me

Posted in politics by roving on February 7, 2010

Congratulations. After reading your countless put downs of people wanting to see the Obama’s birth certificate, you have finally convinced me.

Lets just pick and choose what part of the constitution matters. We will just sit back and wait till Obama is voted out of office then go back to following the constitution.

After all whats the big deal? So what Obama sends lawyers all over the country fighting the release of documents that are normally released by anyone running for president.

If you have no problem with that, well then that’s good enough for me.  After all, we who just wanted to see Obama’s sealed records are just kooks.

Oh great ones, I agree we are just to stupid not to be able to handle more then one thing at a time. Lets just concentrate on Obama’s policies. That is more important then a illegal sitting president.  Its much better to wait and hopefully undo all the damage Obama is able to create by serving his full time.

NOT! No matter what you say, how many names you all call us, you can not and never will change our minds. Just as we will never change yours.

There was a problem with McCain and his BC. Did McCain hire lawyers to keep it hidden? No. He showed it. Yet for some reason asking Obama to show his makes us other conservatives look like kooks.

Lets not talk about  why the media is ignoring the issue.

  • A major TV talk-show host reported that he was ordered not to raise the birth certificate issue or risk losing his job.
  • FCC officials threatened to yank broadcasting licenses, break up conglomerates, and make the enactment of the Fairness Doctrine “look mild” in comparison to other consequences.
  • In at least one corporate TV headquarters, memos were circulated to all on-air employees not to mention the birth certificate issue, as well as other specific subjects like Obama’s Illinois lawyer’s license, his college records, etc., under both implied and explicit threats.

Sounds to me like you and the others  are the true kooks.

Why Wasn’t Demanding To See McCain’s Birth Certificate racist?

Posted in politics by roving on August 14, 2009

obama-birth-certificate1 Isn’t it funny when it comes to the birthers, its racists wanting to see Obama’s birth certificate. It’s racists wanting to see ALL the papers Obama is spending a small fortune on trying desperately to keep hidden from public view. So, what papers HAS Obama released? As Obama or Gibbs would say… uh uh uh uh.

The left can’t seem to come up with a answer of WHY Obama refuses to release something as simple as his medical records so in desperation they just call people racists for asking questions.

I remember during the campaign the reporters demanding to see McCain’s records. Did McCain hire a team of lawyers in order to keep everything hidden? Why no he didn’t. He released them. It was a very simple perfectly normal thing to do. The public always demand to see records of anyone running for president.

Why is it then the reporters didn’t press Obama to release his? If I didn’t know better  its because already knew what is in some of them and being as how the media is in your face bias, it made perfect sense why they wouldn’t  want the public to know. Some were threaten.

If you pay attention to the TV media and newspapers its also very obvious they were all given the same talking points in trying to defend Obama. Everything they say has been debunked. All the way down to the ad in the paper announcing Obama’s birth. If the media actually did any investigating journalism, they would find Obama never lived at that address printed in the paper. The fake COLB Obama posted is  what his  sister has who was born in Indonesia. . Both hospitals claim he was born there.  White House spokesman Gibbs can’t seem to get straight what hospital Obama was born in. His sister also named both hospitals.

Why has no nurse,orderly, candy striper, or doctor come forward bragging about they delivered Obama? Why is there no record of Obama’s mother ever being admitted into either Hawaiian hospital? Why does the Hawaiian officials refuse to even authenticate the COLB Obama released over the web? How would that be a privacy problem? Obama himself released it.

I don’t see racists remarks about Obama. The main place I see racists remarks are in the left leaning blogs. We don’t care what color Obama is. We have this thing about Communists wanting to run the United States. We believe in freedom. Communists don’t.   If Condoleezza Rice was running for president I, and many other conservatives would have voted for her.

Is Allen Keyes racist for wanting Obama to release his birth certificate? What about all the other blacks who would like to see it?

If we are racists for wanting to see Obama’s sealed records, what did that make the people wanting to see McCains?

No answer? I thought so…

We Are Not Crazy. The Eligibility Cover up

Posted in politics by roving on August 5, 2009

Its been going on since last summer. People calling into radio shows trying to get the radio hosts to talk about Obama’s birth certificate only to have the screeners hang up on them. Total silence from the MSM. Except when they wanted McCain to release his birth certificate of course. Obama though got a free pass. Why? It was and still is frustrating. Now it seems the MSM has been given talking points when it comes to Obama’s birth certificate. They ALL say the same thing almost word for word even though everything they say has been debunked.

“we are in possession of a written account by a well known national talk show host who details how he was prohibited to discuss the controversy of Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility as president of the United States. This signed document cites exact dates and times when he was forbidden to discuss any aspect of the birth certificate controversy, and includes direct references to the individuals responsible for such prohibitions. Further, his statement identifies the individuals who originated the orders and their positions, and confirms that failure to adhere to the order would likely end his career in that industry. He also confirms that other, less specific but more menacing threats were implied during conversations with those making the subject off limits.”  Read it all at Canada Free Press

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out–
because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out–
because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out–
because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me–
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Obama’s Eligibility: An Intelligence Investigator’s June 10 Report

Posted in politics by roving on July 26, 2009

June 10, 2009 Report, updated July 18, 2009

The Territorial Public Health Statistics Act in the 1955 Revised Laws of Hawaii

I think that I now understand the legal background to the question of where Obama was born.

Let’s begin with the statement that Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health released on October 31, 2008.  The television and print media used this statement as a reason to prevent and treat with contempt any investigation into whether Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii.  But the language of the statement was so carefully hedged and guarded that it should have had the opposite effect.

“There have been numerous requests for Sen. Barack Hussein Obama’s official birth certificate. State law (Hawai‘i Revised Statutes §338-18) prohibits the release of a certified birth certificate to persons who do not have a tangible interest in the vital record.  Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawai‘i, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawai‘i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.”

It is understandable that after such an apparently definitive statement most news outlets, whether conservative or liberal, would accept this as sufficient grounds to relegate the controversy to the status of a fringe phenomenon.  Unless they happened to take the trouble to look into the “state policies and procedures” as laid down by the relevant statutes.  If they had done so, they would have seen that Dr. Fukino’s press release was carefully hedged and “lawyered” and practically worthless.  But the media in general should not be faulted.  The statement seems to roll out with such bureaucratic certainty and final authority.  I believed it to be significant until a Honolulu attorney mailed me the relevant statutes.  I was so surprised that I laughed out loud… more

Forgive The Media For They know Not What They Do

Posted in politics by roving on June 13, 2009

Years from now everyone will see this is the time where media has completely failed and the time journalism died.

Remember the speech Obama gave in Columbus Ohio saying that 25 police were being saved because of the bogus stimulus bill? Well, it seems these 25 officers were laid off before they even hit the streets. Because of a budget crises there, Columbus may have to lay off an additional 324 police officers.

Obama continually says he has created or saved 150,000 jobs and the next theft of America will save or create 600,000 jobs this summer. Yet there is no proof of this has happen. I sure haven’t seen any of this happening here in IL. The press wont confront Obama on where he got his figures from so the sheep blindly believe what Obama claims. After all, if the press doesn’t pressure Obama for answers, it must be true.

Back in Feb Obama told everyone Caterpillar would rehire some of their laid off employees if the stimulus passed. At the time Caterpillar had announced they were laying off 22,000 jobs. The problem is, the CEO of Caterpillar said no such thing and instead said they were going to have more layoffs before rehiring.

May 17 Caterpillar announced they were laying off another 2500 jobs. June 13. Caterpillar announces even more lay offs though haven’t said how many this time.

The unemployment figures are a little over 9% but the real unemployment numbers are closer to 15% When Bush was president with unemployment at 5% the MSM had a cow over it. The world was coming to an end. Now its not a big deal. To the media, things are beginning to turn around because Obama says so.

Body counts. Every day in the news if a member of the military was killed in Iraq or Afghanistan we would have to hear about the body count since the war started then hear about how the war is a failure.  Ted Koppel would name all the men and women killed. Now there is silence. No more daily body counts.

Obama is sending another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan and not a peep from the media.  No outrage. No Worst person in the world from bathtub boy, hide under his desk Olbermann.

GM and Chrysler shutting down dealerships by orders of Obama and nothing about the ones being shut down were Republican contributors.  The dealerships that sent money to the Democrats  were shut down because they didn’t send enough.  The other way around and the media would be calling for investigations. There would be televised hearings.

The media has this fetish about anyone running for president to release all papers. That is everyone BUT Obama. Obama has released nothing but his taxes. Everything else, he has hired lawyers to keep them under wraps and the media ignores it.  If I were a reporter I would be curious of why.

Obama said over and over during his campaign he would NOT raise taxes except for people earning over $200,000. Yet the first thing he did was raise the cigarette tax. Now he is coming after your health insurance, retired people, and even more “sin tax.”  With lie after lie the media refuses to call him on any of them.

Since Obama took over reporters and news commentators have a really tough job. They have to some how, day after day cover for Obama and spin the stories  trying with all their might to look and sound sincere without looking or sounding like dumb asses. From what I have seen, they have even failed at that.

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$688,000 Paid To Obama’s lawyer In Three Months

Posted in politics by roving on April 18, 2009

Politico If obama has paid this kind of money to his lawyer Bob Bauer in just three months, that makes the millions people claim he has paid seem reasonable.

As much as Obama loves money, the ONLY explanation of spending that kind of money to hide something so simple as a birth certificate is because Obama was not born in the U.S.  Tell me Obama supporters, what other reason is there? Oh, and it has to make sense. Not the usual your just racist, tinfoil hatter, its garbage. Give a real reason.

Since Bob Bauer most likely also knows Obama is inelgible his only reason for helping Obama is out of pure and simple greed. Lets just hope when it does come out, they not only go after Obama and his enablers, they also go after Bob Bauer.

Donald Young And Larry Bland

Posted in politics by roving on March 16, 2009

Two names. Two men. Two gay men. Two gay men who attended Trinity Church in Chicago. The same church as Obama. These Two men  were murdered  less then thirty days apart.

It has been rumored Obama and Young were lovers.  Look at Obama and tell me he isn’t a bisexual. I could tell from the moment he opened his mouth and stuttered his first words. (not that there is anything wrong with that)

I find it a coincidence the two men were murdered right before the primaries season. I wouldn’t put anything against Obama or his flock. They have shown how mean and dirty they can get by having their so called truth squads, trying to shut down radio stations to prevent people from hearing the truth, and the violent tendencies his flock have demonstrated.

I can see Obama doing anything to get to the top. Look at who all he has discarded like they were nothing to get to where he is now. The minute someone is no longer useful or may make Obama look bad, they are gone and I think Donald Young would have made Obama look very very bad. Bad enough that Obama would have dropped out of the race and more then likely the end of his political career. Maybe Young wanted the world to know of his love. Maybe Obama didn’t want to take the chance of Young announcing to the world  of their relationship. It is very convenient Donald Young is no longer in his life.

Obama had Leo Donofrio, the lawyer filing suit against Obama in fear of his life. Web sites anti Obama being shut down, blogs being scrubbed, and computers being hacked. So is it so hard to believe someone close to Obama committed murder? I don’t think so. I wonder where Ayers was the night Donald Young was murdered. Obama has some very very violent “friends.” Men who have killed before.

Larry Sinclair  had given a affidavit to the Chicago police department stating Donald Young had called and text messaged him all the way up to his death. Sinclair suspected Young was calling and texting on Obama’s behalf trying to get information from Sinclair for Obama’s use. Sinclair says the only way Young could have gotten his number is from Obama.

How is it Wright announced the death of Young to his congregation BEFORE Young was pronounced dead? Why has it been over one year since anything has been heard about this case?

The Cover-Ups Will Now Commence

Posted in politics by roving on February 22, 2009

What is it we are told over and over? Never sign something with out reading it first and if you don’t understand anything, ask.

I would think something as big as bankrupting our country would be worthy of a read over before voting. Obama is a habitual liar. Everyone knows this. It astounds me that they voted on this piece of crap stimulus bill  without knowing what was all in it.

It will take some time but  what is in the package is starting to filter out. Who knows how long it will take before it all is understood. Obama may have just found a way to keep his past and future crimes hidden and it has nothing to do with creating jobs.

I would like to meet the people who actually vote for Pelosi and Reed and ask them if they are insane or what. Surely they must be brain damaged. Maybe they could explain to me how they think the two give a crap about them or this country.

The far-reaching — and potentially dangerous — provision that no one knows about.

The provision, which attracted virtually no attention in the debate over the 1,073-page stimulus bill, creates something called the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board — the RAT Board, as it’s known by the few insiders who are aware of it. The board would oversee the in-house watchdogs, known as inspectors general, whose job is to independently investigate allegations of wrongdoing at various federal agencies, without fear of interference by political appointees or the White House.

In the name of accountability and transparency, Congress has given the RAT Board the authority to ask “that an inspector general conduct or refrain from conducting an audit or investigation.” If the inspector general doesn’t want to follow the wishes of the RAT Board, he’ll have to write a report explaining his decision to the board, as well as to the head of his agency (from whom he is supposedly independent) and to Congress. In the end, a determined inspector general can probably get his way, but only after jumping through bureaucratic hoops that will inevitably make him hesitate to go forward.

Chief political correspondent Byron York inquired with the office of a Democratic senator, one who is a big fan of inspectors general, I was told the RAT Board was “something the Obama administration wanted included in this bill.”

Read  the full story at dcexaminer

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More Proof Fitzgerald Is Protecting Obama

Posted in politics by roving on February 19, 2009

I would like to know why it took till AFTER the vote on the bankrupt America deal before it came to light Burris lied about not having any contact with anyone having something to do with Blagoojevich and selling of senate seats.

Obama needed Burris badly  to vote on the bill. Obama wanted Burris to have the senate seat. Obama of course will act dumb again and say he was out of the loop and had no idea.  What does anyone want to bet some knew Burris lied but kept quiet until after the vote. If so, then anyone hiding the information should also be prosecuted. Oh wait. Burris is a democrat. It was a bone head mistake. He just forgot to mention he tried raising money for Blago. Being a democrat that’s allowable. They also don’t have to pay taxes unless caught and when caught have nothing happen to them. Use the Obama defense. Works for him.

Fitzgerald had Burris on tape yet, after Burris lied in the impeachment hearing, Fitz stayed silent. He let a crime be committed. Just another reason people shouldn’t put their hopes on Fitz bringing Obama down. Fitz has had other chances to get Obama and let it go. I suspect he stopped the investigation into the selling of the senate seat to protect Obama. What we need is a special investigator to investigate Fitz.

What is it about Obama that has everyone so scared of him? The MSM is sitting on the biggest story of the century about  Obama’s birth certificate and how he is fighting the release of it. They all know about it but refuse to report it or do their own investigation.

NOW Democrats call for Burris to resign. Only because they have to. I wonder if they would have called for his resignation  before the vote? Unlikely.