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Obama Voters At My Workplace

Posted in politics by roving on June 5, 2010

The people at my workplace overwhelming voted for Obama. ( I wonder how the job search is going for most of them) A friend of mine at work voted for Obama. When Obama “won” the Nobel Peace Prize, he wasted no time coming to me to gloat. When I asked him what Obama did to earn the prize, he had no answer.

We don’t talk politics often because we are friends and I figure what would be the point. He will continue to think Obama is god like no matter what the facts are.

My friend isn’t the kool-aide drinking kind of liberal. He does have a little common sense and we do agree on some things like all the waste in welfare. We both personally know people gaming the system. We agree they all should be drug tested before collecting welfare.

My friend and I also agree we pay too much in taxes and there are programs that could be done away with.  I would say he is almost a blue dog Democrat but not quite.  He is against gun ownership, falsely believing crime is higher because of it. We agree child molesters should serve life with no parole or be executed.

Since we haven’t talked about Obama in a very long time, I have no idea if he has had a change of heart or not. I have been tempted to ask him what he thinks of the hope and change now but I’m not sure I want to hear his answer.

My workplace is a union shop. UAW. However it’s not like the big three. We make a fraction of what they make with less benefits.  We have never gone on strike.  There had been times we have forgone a pay raise to help out the company. We also gave up our pension so they could pay for the waste treatment cleanup.

Our contract is up in Dec. The company wants us to postpone negotiations for one year. The union put it to a vote. We all know work trickles in and we have people laid off who will most likely never be called back. So I was surprised when the vote came back no.

I immediately went to the union president and told him I want out. The union is an embarrassment and just greedy. I was told I couldn’t get out of the union.

The company tried a different tack. They had a plant wide meeting to explain why they wanted to postpone contract talks.

What they had to say was an eye opener. They almost didn’t make payroll a few times, they had to borrow money for the first time in their history to keep the doors open, they wasn’t paying suppliers on time, customers were slow in paying for work done, profits dropped  50% after Obama was elected. We are now 25% below  what they used to be, and all management took a 25-35% pay cut they will most likely never get back.

The main gripe of the union members isn’t the pay. It’s the health insurance.  It seems some have actually paid attention to what is going to happen. Our premiums will not go down $2000 a year as Obama said they would but go up. The members want some kind of guarantee they will not increase as though the company has a say into what the insurance companies charge us.

The company repeated every time someone brought up the subject, no one knows what is going to happen for sure. Congress passed a 2,000 page health bill that hasn’t been read and slowly things are being found out about it that does not look good. The full impact wont happen till 2014. My friend the Obama voter was nodding his head in agreement.  I almost wanted to slap him. Its people like him are the reason we are in this mess to begin with.

This still didn’t satisfy a couple of the members.  I’m not sure what they want. Maybe they want the company to absorb the cost of the rising premiums. The union is a fraud. They demand all kinds of things then when people end up losing their job because of the higher costs, they blame the company??

I told one person the whole insurance premiums is moot anyway because the insurance companies will be run out of business as was the purpose of Obama’s  so we will be forced to receive rationed ObamaCare.

I was glad the company had this meeting with the Obama supporters. Its obvious the company hasn’t done as well since the Democrats took over both houses of congress in 2007.

Our next vote on the contract talks is in a couple of weeks. I suspect this time the vote will be different. If it isn’t, then it will show me Obama voters are truly brain-dead and there is no hope for them.


Think ObamaCare Wont Deny You? Think Again

Posted in politics by roving on March 26, 2010

Our seniors are going to take a really big hit because of the cuts in their Medicare. Obama is stealing over $500 billion from the seniors and shifting it to Medicaid. Obama calls this a deficit cut and he just may be telling the truth because now that millions of people will be shifted into Medicaid, people will be refused treatment and care.  This is where Obama’s “Maybe your mother would be better off taking a pain pill” comes into play.

Walgreens in Washington State will be denying all new Medicaid patients. Do you think it will only be in the state of Washington? Do you think Walgreens will be the only one starting to refuse Medicaid patents? No. Its going to slowly spread across the United States. Why should Walgreens or any other business pay for a patient prescriptions out of their own pocket? If they do, they wouldn’t be in business for long.  In my state of IL they are behind something like 6 months in reimbursing businesses.

Premiums will and have started to skyrocket and people will not be able to afford to hang onto their health insurance even though Obama SAID our premiums would drop $2500 per employee. Within a few years, health insurance companies will be forced out. This has been Obama’s plan all along.

Its just common sense that health care will be rationed and in order for it to be rationed, there will have to be a panel to deny care due to cost and some will die because of it. So yes Virginia there will be death panels because we already have them.  People are denied all the time. In private insurance and government insurance.

Doctors are already beginning to quit or state they will be. Less doctors mean waiting lists. People will die while waiting for care.  With Obama’s plan there will be no escaping it. If the Republicans health plan was approved, the chances of being denied would have been reduced drastically because it would have opened up the insurance companies to competition and  a larger pool of people to cover for the sick.

The Republicans have a real good plan and with luck after they take back control and attempt to repeal the disaster Obama made into law,  we will see real reform. The Republican plan is 4 pages long with common sense ideas compared to Obama’s 2,000+ page of control, deny, and death.

Why not let a doctor talk about his experience from a comments section at Pajamas Media:

I am a pediatric physical therapist. I routinely treat children with private insurance, Medicaid, and private pay. Medicaid coverage is so poor that my decision making process is markedly different for children on government health care, as I know they will receive a fraction of the services needed to best deal with their conditions. Children with severe neurological conditions(traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury) are routinely denied treatment that any other insurance provider would deem necessary. Private health care companies pay for these treatments as they recognize the connection between improved health/ mobility/ independence and reduced lifetime health costs. Medicaid does not. Wisconsin Medicaid is particularly nonsensical. Everyone, including young children, have 35 lifetime physical therapy visits. Once they are gone, you can apply for more sessions, but in nearly all cases treatment is denied. Examples of recent denials I have received:

A 19 year old one year status post traumatic brain injury had gained the ability to hold her head upright and turn her head to track conversations and people in the room. (A HUGE DEAL- imagine not being able to control where you are looking!). She also gained improved ability to consistently bear weight through her legs when transferring out of her wheelchair. (Another big deal- her mother had been lifting her. Imagine lifting your teenager any time she needed to be moved). Denied- “No functional progress.”

A seven year old with cerebral palsy had frequent respiratory infections. In PT she gained the trunk control to sit independently and gained sufficient respiratory control to cough and to swallow her own saliva without choking. (The respiratory component is huge- when a child with limited motor control dies, it is generally due to pneumonia). Denied- “No functional progress.”

The hardest part of my job is talking with parents who know their child’s independence, health, and ability to safely get through the day will be compromised due to Medicaid restrictions. Increased government control over health care will wreak havoc among the countries most vulnerable populations, as having health insurance is not the same as getting appropriate health care.

The Democrats are not only using this health care as a way to control our lives, they are going to use it as a population control as well.

Talking To The Clueless Is Surreal

Posted in politics by roving on March 23, 2010

There is a man at work who is 100%  pro Obama. When Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize he came to me so he could gloat. He asked me if I had heard Obama won the prize. I said yes then asked him if he knew what the prize is for and what has he done to deserve it?  He couldn’t answer the question. I then asked him if he knew Obama was nominated only a couple weeks after being sworn in. All he could could come up with was “Well, Obama is going to make us liked around the world.” I told him that isn’t  the purpose of the prize. A person had to of already accomplished something.

This is your typical Obama supporter. Totally clueless. I can’t really blame him for being clueless. He doesn’t get on the web and gets all his news off the TV.

The surreal part is trying to tell a clueless person about Obama, what his purpose is, and what he has done. It sounds so unreal it makes me sound like the idiot. I mean how can a person who has done what Obama has done get elected in the first place? No normal American would want to touch Obama with a 10ft pole. Hes poison. His preacher, his friends, even his mother. All poison. I warned him during the campaign Obama was a border line Communist. He just laughed it off.

He likes this health bill Nancy Pelosi bribed other democrats to get passed. When I told him our premiums are going to double and triple starting next yr he doesn’t believe me.  I told him doctors will be quitting or forced out of practice because they are going to be taking a big hit and will not be able to afford to stay in business.  With in the next few years we are going to be seeing health insurance companies closing because they cannot stay in business covering everyone. Do the math.  I told him I was upset because being 100% pro choice except in the case of the mother being in danger, I have to pay for abortion of women who use it as birth control. His response, “You’re just saying that because you don’t like Obama.”

This man gets angry at people on welfare or scams SSI. He just doesn’t get it. Our premiums and taxes are going to go up so even more of our tax dollars will cover people who can’t or wont buy it themselves.

I was talking to another person. This person watches no news. She also doesn’t read the paper. She says its all bad news so why bother. When I told her  we all will eventually be getting out health care from the government she thought that sounded good. I told her the problem is, there will be rationing because this country can’t afford it. There will be waiting lists to see doctors. People will be refused life saving drugs because of the expense. Her, I turned around. Lot of good it does anyway because she doesn’t vote.

The problem is, the guy does vote and there are clueless millions just like him who also vote.

Try it sometime. Go up to a clueless Obama supporter. Tell the person about who Obama hung out with, his beliefs, all the czars, the lawyers who defended terrorists that are now in the justice department, how he is getting our people killed in Iraq and Afghanistan because of the rules of engagement, how Obama said he wanted to bankrupt coal mines,  how he wants our electricity bills to skyrocket, the many many lies Obama has told.

Tell them everything and you will see how surreal it is.

All That Blood Shed For Nothing.

Posted in politics by roving on March 18, 2010

All that blood. All the people who died for our freedoms at home and on foreign soil. All the people who saw the horrors of war. All the countries that looked at the United States for a voice against tyranny.

It looks like Obama may illegally and unconstitutionally force Health care down our throats. A lot of good it will do because when  doctors were polled, over 40% said they will either be forced out or will stop practicing medicine.  With a lack of doctors, comes rationing and lines. With caps on medicines, profits wont be big enough to work on finding cures.  Our health premiums will be anywhere from$12,000-$15,000 a year.  (I now pay $1500) 700,000+ jobs will be lost.

Obama will  be hiring over 12,000 new IRS agents to enforce the mandated heath care on the people. You refuse to buy health insurance, you will be fined. If you still refuse, you go to jail. I still don’t know who does the time. Do they haul away the father, the mother, or both? Once in jail, I would assume they would lose their jobs. So then what? What happens to the the children of the parents? Are they put in a foster home while the parent(s) do their time?


Said the constitution was flawed. His followers didnt care.

Wanted gas prices at the $7 gallon mark. His followers didn’t care.

Said babies were a punishment. His followers didn’t care.

Was for new coal mines but pledged to bankrupt them. His followers didn’t care.

Felt we didnt have the right to stay too warm in the winter and too cool in the summer. His followers didn’t care.

Tried to silence free speech. His followers didn’t care.

Spent 20yrs in a racists church then lied saying he never heard the hate speech. His followers didn’t care.

Hung out with home grown terrorists. His followers didn’t care.

Attended Jew bashing parties. His followers didn’t care.

Tried stalling troop movements in Iraq before the election. His followers didn’t care.

Called for turning in people for speaking out against him. His followers didn’t care.

Wants to track our cell phones and emails. His followers don’t care.

Obama says he doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying about what the rules are. His followers don’t care.

Obama is bankrupting kids who have yet to be born. His followers don’t care.

Has Communists in the White House. His followers don’t care.

Hired lawyers who voluntarily represented terrorists for free in the justice department. His followers don’t care.

Bows down to foreign powers. His followers didn’t care.

Turns his back on our friends. His followers didn’t care.

Will not allow the American flag raised in Haiti. His followers didn’t care.

Goes overseas and bad mouths the United States. His followers didn’t care.

Told lie after lie. His followers didn’t care.

Our enemies laugh at us. His followers didn’t care.

All that blood and lives lost for nothing in just one short year. You Obama people should hang your heads in shame

Buy Health Insurance Or Go To Prison. Who Goes?

Posted in politics by roving on November 8, 2009

For those us of who will refuse to buy health insurance after our workplaces kick us out of their plan because it would be cheaper for them to just pay the penalty,  we could face fines and prison time, Who exactly would do the time?

Lets say I was married. I have a wife and 2 children.  The wife and I decide not to have any health insurance because we don’t want to live under communist rule and this is our way of protesting. We both have jobs.

Do they haul the husband off to prison? does both the husband and wife go to prison? Does the Government take away the 2 children and place them under state custody?

Since our prisons are over crowed now and they have been releasing prisoners early because of the lack of room, will they build special prisons just for the freedom fighters?  Maybe put them in camps?

Because Obama is “the one we have been waiting for,” maybe we will just replace the murderers and rapists in prison now because we dared to go against him. After all, it is all about Obama and his control over his subjects isn’t it? We must never speak against the chosen one.

In Obama’s mind, who would be more of a danger to his ego? Killers or people who speak out against him?   He would send both parents to prison, take the kids away to indoctrination school so they grow up to be good sheep

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Republicans Health Care Plan

Posted in politics by roving on October 6, 2009

By reading liberal blogs I get the impression they think the Republicans don’t have a health care plan. Well not actually a impression but a fact. Of course it doesnt help matters much when…

1. Obama tells bold faced lies and says they don’t. That or he really is an uninformed moron.

2. The media is so far in the tank for Obama they wont report it and  choose to continue with the lie. The Messiah must not be confronted is their point of view.

The biggest difference between the two is the cost. Obama’s will tax us till we are broke and add trillions to the deficit. The Republican plan wont raise taxes, is more of a common sense plan.

I don’t know how many know this but health care came about to be used ONLY for things like hospitalizations. It was never meant to be used for seeing a doctor because you had a sniffle. The more that was added to the health insurance, the more the price went up.

Republicans want the people to be able to buy insurance across state lines. Each state has their own laws making it impossible to buy insurance out of your state so people are stuck with just a few companies. Insurance costs would drop considerably just by doing away with the nit picking laws each state has and open up competition.

Tort reform. the way it is now, if a doctor removes the wrong ingrown toenail, the patient is rewarded with enough money to retire for life. This also makes health insurance high.  They should only be rewarded enough to pay medical expenses and smaller amount of the jackpot. Each medical mistake is capped to a certain amount.

Tax credits. They would stop giving the employee a tax break for providing insurance to the employees and instead give it straight to the people. $2.300 per person and $5,700 to families.

Health insurance savings plans. Able to put money aside tax free for health catastrophes.

Obama wants to fine you if you don’t get health insurance up to $25,000 or one year in jail.  Of course if 48% of  doctors polled  that say they will quit if Obama’s plan passes, you may still have health insurance but no doctor to use it for.

637,000+ Lost Jobs Due To Obama’s Health Plan

Posted in politics by roving on August 31, 2009

Claims Adjusters, Appraisers, Examiners, and Investigators_1251699768881

This isn’t even counting all the people who work in directly in the health insurance field. Most claims adjusters work for health insurance companies. You could probably double the amount of lost tax revenue if Obama had his way with passing Government health care.

For the ones who claim he isn’t going to shut down health insurance companies, get real. Who can compete with the government?  He has always wanted a single payer system and the way the bill is written right now, he will get it.

Sure Obama’s health plan will require people but his people would be paid with tax money.  Knowing how the government works,  they would hire a whole slew of redundant people.  Offices would need to be supplied with $5,000  desks and chairs,  $10 rolls of toilet paper, etc.

Soon the money would begin to run out so like the post offices, they would need to shut some down forcing people to go farther and farther away so they can begin going through a slew of red tape in order to make a doctors appointment.

This is just further proof Obama isn’t the smartest bulb in the room.  Oh, wait. We dont really know that because he has never released his  college records. Well, if it took him three times to pass the bar, I’ll stand by my assumption Obama has no idea what hes doing. Hes just winging it.

Before The Dems Dropped Death Panel That Wasn’t In There

Posted in politics by roving on August 14, 2009

It seems the only ones reading the death care bill are the people not in Washington. It took Sarah Palin to force The Democrats to show their hand. You know, Sarah. The stupid one.

The Democrats may say they have dropped that provision of the bill but remember there is more then one in the works. They will sneak it back in there at the last minute right before the vote. Or insert it into some other bill. They have to. Control of every aspect of your life is a Democrats dream come true. Saying if your going to live or die would be the ultimate rush.

Oregon  has a death panel. Ask Barbara Wagner. She’ll tell you. She had lung cancer that was in remission only to come back. Oregon would have had to pay $4000 a month for a lifesaving drug.  Instead, Oregon offered her a end of life pill at the cost of $50. ( I wonder if she has to pay for that out of pocket)

Barbara appealed the death panel ruling three times and three times they told her to die already. The drug company that makes the life saving pill offered it to her for free.

Obama calls the drug companies and insurance companies evil. Obama, look in the mirror. Now that’s pure evil.