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The hypocritical democrats

Posted in politics by roving on August 23, 2009

If the Democrats wasn’t so pathetic it would be almost laughable.  When Bush was president and the unemployment went up to 5%, they were all saying we were doomed.  recession was upon us. The figures for Obama go down from 9.5 to 9.4% using funny math, everything is looking good. The recession is over. Were on our way to a jobless recovery.

Bush left office with  650billion deficit and they were all up in arms. Obama’s deficit is going to run up to 10 trillion or more and that seems to be okay because well, its Obama bankrupting the country and that makes it good.

left-burning-GWB-effigy1 Posters of Obama being plastered all over as the Joker is racists. People calling Obama another Hitler is racists and very very wrong. We shouldn’t say them things about Obama. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Yet Bush being compared to Hitler, the Joker, signs calling for Bush’s house to be bomb, burning Bush in effigy, making a movie about a Bush assassination  was fine. Its freedom of speech.

Bush spying on Americans (even though they cannot come up with even one American it actually happening to) was unconstitutional. Obama not dropping it must be okay because I hear nothing from them in protest. Obama wanting people to turn in other people, wanting them to get into others faces, calling out his thugs to silent the opposition must also be okay with them because it isn’t Bush doing all that. If it were, could you imagine the news outcry and the coverage that would have gotten?

We put up with a hell of a lot from the Democrats during Bush’s presidency and now its been payback time.  Even the MSM and the libs are having problems trying to keep our side in check. They continually call us racists, right wingers, and wingnuts and it isn’t working.

What they must not have realized was WE outnumber THEM. Most have been staying silent, letting the slander and goading happen.  Obama thought everyone would love him. He was going to bring the world together and it would be nothing but rainbows and sugar candy. We would all hold hands and just let communism take hold of this country with no fight.  Well, he thought wrong. One thing Americans love is freedom.

I will give Obama this. He has jerked the sleeping giant awake, forced them to look again at our constitution and do not like seeing where we are headed.  People who have never been involved in politics and never really paid attention are now rising up to be heard.

I personally now of a person who changed from Democrat to Republican and I’ll lay odds there are thousands just like her.

It must suck  for the libs to have their own playbook used against them.  Your games no longer work but it is working against you.  The beauty of it is the Democratic Reps are stuck between a rock and a hard place. No matter what they do, their days are numbered.

AX034842 You overplayed your hand and it has come back to bite you. Now that’s priceless


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  1. gayle said, on August 23, 2009 at 7:35 am

    Well all those nit wits that go to the polls and vote without checking out the candidates caused this. They wanted change….well by gosh they got it. They deserve this. The problem is that those of us who saw him for what he was from the beginning are getting their change, These are adults, not children. They will learn the hard way that some things you cannot say “I’m Sorry” and make it all right. You make a bad choice and have to live with it. They have hurt a lot of people. Changing their minds or party affiations now does absolutely NOTHING to un do the damage they have done. It is unforgiveable

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