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Before The Dems Dropped Death Panel That Wasn’t In There

Posted in politics by roving on August 14, 2009

It seems the only ones reading the death care bill are the people not in Washington. It took Sarah Palin to force The Democrats to show their hand. You know, Sarah. The stupid one.

The Democrats may say they have dropped that provision of the bill but remember there is more then one in the works. They will sneak it back in there at the last minute right before the vote. Or insert it into some other bill. They have to. Control of every aspect of your life is a Democrats dream come true. Saying if your going to live or die would be the ultimate rush.

Oregon  has a death panel. Ask Barbara Wagner. She’ll tell you. She had lung cancer that was in remission only to come back. Oregon would have had to pay $4000 a month for a lifesaving drug.  Instead, Oregon offered her a end of life pill at the cost of $50. ( I wonder if she has to pay for that out of pocket)

Barbara appealed the death panel ruling three times and three times they told her to die already. The drug company that makes the life saving pill offered it to her for free.

Obama calls the drug companies and insurance companies evil. Obama, look in the mirror. Now that’s pure evil.


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