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Flight Surgeon Refuses To Go To Iraq

Posted in politics by roving on August 29, 2009

Well, it worked last time. Army Maj. Stefan Cook refused to be deployed to Iraq unless Obama proved he was eligible to be president.  The left was all up in arms about how he got away with it. Well To bad. McCain was forced to show his birth certificate. Obama should show his. Part of Obama’s problem is, he uses the courts to dig dirt on others. That’s how he got to be where he is today but when it comes to others trying to force him to show documents, he decides to spend over $1 million to keep them hidden.

Now its flight surgeon Cpt. Connie Rhodes  who is refusing her orders for deployment to Iraq until Obama produces a $12 piece of paper.

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Pull Our Troops Out Of Afghanistan

Posted in politics by roving on August 28, 2009

I was for the Afghanistan war. Also the Iraq war. As far as I’m concerned we did find weapons of mass destruction in the form of yellow cake. So the Iraq war did as it was supposed to do. Take down Saddam and get the weapons of mass destruction. The yellow cake is now safely in Canada.  It was kept quiet due to fears of the convoys being attacked before they were able to exit the country.

Our goal was supposed to get those responsible for 9/11 in Afghanistan. Chiefly, Osama Bin Laden.  U.S. casulties were relatively low considering it was a war after all.  Remember the nightly body counts the MSM feed us every night? Ted Koppel would read the list of all service men and women who were killed when Bush was president.

My how things have changed now that “The One” is in office. We no longer have the daily body counts from since the wars have started.  Code Pink is no longer out there defacing federal property of screaming in the faces of recruiters, we no longer have people taking to the streets this time calling Obama the baby killer even though the wars go on.

Since Obama has become Commander in Chief, the war in Afghanistan is no longer about finding Osama because Obama doesn’t think he is relevant any longer. He just said he was relevant during the campaign to get a few more votes.

The reason I want our troops out of Afghanistan is because Obama is getting our people killed. My guess is its intentional. Its obvious he has contempt for our military and country.  All one needs to do is follow his speeches when he travels overseas.

Reading the Miranda warnings to captured prisoners. What the hell? I remember when I served and being told I didn’t have the same rights at the civilians. Not sure how it is now but when I served we were told no interviews. If for some reason a news camera was around and the reporter wanted to ask questions, we were not allowed to talk with them. Freedom of speech? Not allowed in the military.  Civilians have their constitution and the military has their own. So why do we give the enemy civilian constitutional rights?

Retreating from the enemy if they enter a village or house in the hopes the enemy will come out and chase after you. This is a joke. The enemy are cowards. They don’t fight in the open.  They use human shields and go into buildings like places of worship or schools knowing we wont do anything about it.

I wonder how many of the enemy were able to later kill one of our people because we let them go?

Obama is wanting our military to fight a war with both their hands tied behind their back.  This is why Afghanistan will be lost. Much like Vietnam where we fought a war with one hand tied behind our backs.

Get our people out and get them out now unless Obama is serious and really wants to win. The way its looking, Obama is purposely losing.

Suicide Bombings Are Now Good

Posted in politics by roving on April 26, 2009

When President Bush was in office the Democrats would be in front of the cameras every time another suicide bomber killed people saying how wrong this war is. We are in a quagmire. The war is lost.

Now that the Messiah is the pretend President, we have the unconstitutional Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton making yet another dumbfounded idiotic statement. “I think that these suicide bombings … are unfortunately, in a tragic way, a signal that the rejectionists fear that Iraq is going in the right direction.”

If this whole Obamanational Government wasnt so pathetic it would almost be funny.  Now suicide bombings are a good thing. It shows progress.

It is so embarrassing to be an American right now.

Cheering Troops In Iraq A Fake

Posted in politics by roving on April 12, 2009

I know I wasn’t the only one puzzled over the sudden change from the eerily  quiet reception Obama normally gets from the troops to suddenly a overwhelming love for the Kenyan.

From Flopping Aces: According to a sergeant in Iraq: We were pre-screened, asked by officials “Who voted for Obama?”, and then those who raised their hands were shuffled to the front of the receiving line. They even handed out digital cameras and asked them to hold them up.

Take a look at the cameras. Notice anything? It looks like there are only two different kinds of cameras. All them people and only two different kinds of cameras. Who paid for these cameras? Obama? Us the taxpayer? Did they get to keep the cameras after Obama left?

I was beginning to think our men and women in uniform have lost their minds or something was put in their food that made them “see the light.”

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Obama Committed Fourth Logan Act Violation

Posted in politics by roving on February 2, 2009

This is just nuts. Four times Obama has been borderline treasonous. Four times nothing is done to stop him.  They just let Obama run from country to country behind a sitting presidents back.

The first time that (we know of anyway) happen in 2006 when Obama traveled to Kenya under the guise of a fact finding mission when in reality he was campaigning for his cousin Raila Odinga who when lost went on a murdering rampage.

Next Obama sends people to Canada to talk free trade. He denied it of course but we now know he lied. As a matter of fact he lied twice during that time. He lied to his supporters, then lied about denying he sent anyone to Canada. Its Obama. He cant help but lie.

After seeing he was able to get away with it twice, he moves onto his third crime. He goes behind President Bush’s back in Iraq trying to stall troop withdrawal so he could get the credit. Obama’s people were so brazen and knew nothing would happen, admitted it.

Now it has come out Obama was talking to Syria and Iran. “before winning the November 4 election, Obama unofficially used what experts call “track two” discussions to approach America’s two foes in the region.”

“Former defense secretary William Perry, who served in Obama’s election campaign, participated in some of these meetings focused on “a wide range of issues that separate Iran from the West: not only their nuclear program but the Middle East peace process, Persian Gulf issues,” Boutwell told AFP.

The Pugwash official declined to name the other participants, except to say they had considerable clout.

“We had very, very senior figures from both the Iranian policy establishment and from the US; people who have very close, good access to the top leaders in both countries,” Boutwell said.

“The Cable,” the blog of the specialist magazine Foreign Policy, said Iran’s permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (AIEA), Ali Asghar Soltanieh, was “among the Iranian officials who attended the Pugwash dialogues.”

Meanwhile, a group of experts under the auspices of the think tank, the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), announced Thursday that they met for more than two hours in Damascus with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The experts included Ellen Laipson, a former White House adviser under president Bill Clinton and a member of the Obama transition team.”

There is something very very wrong here.  I can’t help but wonder if it were anyone besides Obama, what would happen to that person?

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Mission Accomplished

Posted in politics by roving on January 26, 2009

Everyone remembers the day George Bush stood on the deck of the a aircraft carrier with the banner claiming Mission Accomplished behind him. The news media and the Bush haters never let it go. They mocked him over and over. The media didn’t let  out the truth except once that I can remember.

Wikipedia The banner stating “Mission Accomplished” was a focal point of controversy and criticism. Navy Commander and Pentagon spokesman Conrad Chun said the banner referred specifically to the aircraft carrier’s 10-month deployment (which was the longest deployment of a carrier since the Vietnam War) and not the war itself, saying “It truly did signify a mission accomplished for the crew. CNN Cmdr. Conrad Chun, a Navy spokesman, defended the president’s assertion. “The banner was a Navy idea, the ship’s idea,” Chun said.

The media made Bush’s life a hell and Bush just took it. The reporters were disgusting during press conferences. More then a few times David Gregory and the other reporters were so full of themselves trying to put words in Bush’s mouth, it was embarrassing to watch. I never seen such disrespect for a sitting president before. I dare them to try that with Obama.

Troops Give Bush Amazing Send off

Posted in politics by roving on December 28, 2008

Think the troops will like Obama as much as they love President Bush?

God bless President Bush and thank you.

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