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Thanks A lot You Dumb Ass Voters In Illinois

Posted in politics by roving on August 21, 2009

My great corrupt state of IL is in big trouble with its budget. My state loves to spend other peoples money. Our Reps love giving themselves huge paychecks even though they deserve pay cuts for what they have done to this state.

I blame the voters of Illinois for a big chunk of our problems. Time and time again they vote in Democrats. Democrats only know how to raise tax, give money to people who refuse to go out and get a job, take away more and more of our rights, and care only about being in power.

I want to know when the hell these people are going to wake up and vote these thieves out of office. Our Republicans Reps are not REAL Republicans. More like Demoblicans. But they are still better then the tax and spend Democrats.

The personal freedom in Illinois is ranked at almost the very bottom. 49th out of 50 states yet here come the dumbass  voters voting the Democrats right back into office. Thank you, may I have another. Are the people in Illinois really just the dumbest people in the country or do they just not care?

The state is raising our drivers license from $10 to $30 Oct 11. They passed a “sugar tax” If you read this thing you have to wonder what the hell is our reps smoking? They raised our plate registrations from $78 to $79 a year. Their excuse is so they can buy new state police cars etc. I would like to know what they were doing with money they were already getting. We went $48 to $78 in one year for our car registrations. It almost doubled and they are STILL in trouble??

Everything The Democrats touch goes to hell. Its embarrassing living in this state. Our  Governor Blago chased thousands of jobs out of the state and now our new Governor wants to chase the rest out.

They know they can do what they want because they know the dumb asses will vote them right back into office. Look at Mayor Daley. The biggest crook of Chicago and the dumb asses vote him back into offices every time.

My city is run by Democrats. People are leaving and good paying jobs are vanishing.  The answer for falling revenue? Why raise taxes and fees of course.

Thanks a lot Dumb asses. Its not right I have to pay for dumb asses.

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