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Sarah Palin’s “Going Rouge” Conclusion. (Suspicion Confirmed)

Posted in politics by roving on January 1, 2010

My first advice to all you people who hate Sarah Palin,  do not read her book.  It would be much easier to remain uninformed and blind then to try and find fault.

It took a  bit to even find her book at the local book store since they had it hidden but I persevered and walked out with my copy of Going Rouge.

The book was a little slow at first but got better with every turn of the page. Or it could be I was just anxious to get going to the meat and potatoes. Mainly, the presidential campaign.

Sarah’s book gave me a few surprises I didn’t know about.  ( thanks to the media) For example, the left making fun of her because it took so long to go through college only to find out unlike Obama who obviously someone paid for his education, (if he really had one) Sarah paid for it all on her own so had to take breaks and actually get a job in order to save up the money for another semester.

Sarah was able to work with both Democrats and Republicans unlike Obama who shuts out Republicans from all bargaining because… “I won.” Then complain how the Republicans refuse to contribute ideas.

When you put everything Sarah has accomplished and compare it to Obama, its just plain embarrassing.  While Sarah was working hard  trying to pay her way  through school, Obama is smoking dope, doing cocaine, and getting everything handed to him.

While Sarah is sitting in church listening to how much God loves us all, Obama is sitting in church listing  how bad the whites and Jews are.

But what stood out the most to me was what I have said  all along. The McCain campaign purposely threw the election.  This book just confirmed it for me.  I’m sure Sarah may not think so but even she was shaking her head in bewilderment of the McCain strategy.

As I have said before I can only come up with a couple reason why McCain would throw an election.  Is there a nuke in a suitcase somewhere in the U.S. ready to blow if Obama loses?  Or maybe the powers to be saw a black man running for president and decided this is the time.  We need a black man in office.  I prefer the 2nd.

Just look at what Obama was able to get away with. The massive voter fraud.  Voter intimidation. The people with funny names donating money. The donations illegally coming from over seas.  But who do they investigate after the election? McCain who had listed all names and amounts donated to his campaign.

McCains campaign kept Sarah out of site. They refused to let her talk to even local reporters. They set her up to be shot down by Katy Couric who had taken hours of video tape and cut them up on purpose to try and embarrass Sarah.

The McCain campaign did nothing to stop the disgusting attacks on her family yet amazingly left Obama’s alone.

Sarah was allowed to be attacked over and over with lies and half truths while McCain’s people let it happen.

McCain’s people wouldn’t let Sarah speak about things important to her and the country.

McCain suspending his campaign right when they were climbing in the polls for  bogus bailouts talks. This from a man who who would never had done before. That was my first clue something isn’t right.

Sarah wanted to go after Obama hard about his shady relationships with people who hate this country.  The people at the campaign rally’s begged McCain to get tougher. McCain refused.

They put Sarah out there with no ammunition to fight with.  All she could do was wonder why and just take the hits.

The most telling was when McCain stood there in front of thousands desperate for him to do something. Anything, and all McCain could come up with is  we have nothing to fear from Obama.

The election was a no brainer.  No way Obama could had won it without help from McCain and/or his people.  The McCain people made a mistake. They didnt realize Sarah would be so popular. That wasn’t part of the plan. They needed to shut her up and keep her away from the people as much as possible. The people didn’t come to see McCain. They came to see Sarah. Why they might win if they let Sarah speak to much.

I enjoyed Sarah’s book while dreading the way it was going to end. I hope Sarah doesn’t give up on us.


Why Wasn’t Demanding To See McCain’s Birth Certificate racist?

Posted in politics by roving on August 14, 2009

obama-birth-certificate1 Isn’t it funny when it comes to the birthers, its racists wanting to see Obama’s birth certificate. It’s racists wanting to see ALL the papers Obama is spending a small fortune on trying desperately to keep hidden from public view. So, what papers HAS Obama released? As Obama or Gibbs would say… uh uh uh uh.

The left can’t seem to come up with a answer of WHY Obama refuses to release something as simple as his medical records so in desperation they just call people racists for asking questions.

I remember during the campaign the reporters demanding to see McCain’s records. Did McCain hire a team of lawyers in order to keep everything hidden? Why no he didn’t. He released them. It was a very simple perfectly normal thing to do. The public always demand to see records of anyone running for president.

Why is it then the reporters didn’t press Obama to release his? If I didn’t know better  its because already knew what is in some of them and being as how the media is in your face bias, it made perfect sense why they wouldn’t  want the public to know. Some were threaten.

If you pay attention to the TV media and newspapers its also very obvious they were all given the same talking points in trying to defend Obama. Everything they say has been debunked. All the way down to the ad in the paper announcing Obama’s birth. If the media actually did any investigating journalism, they would find Obama never lived at that address printed in the paper. The fake COLB Obama posted is  what his  sister has who was born in Indonesia. . Both hospitals claim he was born there.  White House spokesman Gibbs can’t seem to get straight what hospital Obama was born in. His sister also named both hospitals.

Why has no nurse,orderly, candy striper, or doctor come forward bragging about they delivered Obama? Why is there no record of Obama’s mother ever being admitted into either Hawaiian hospital? Why does the Hawaiian officials refuse to even authenticate the COLB Obama released over the web? How would that be a privacy problem? Obama himself released it.

I don’t see racists remarks about Obama. The main place I see racists remarks are in the left leaning blogs. We don’t care what color Obama is. We have this thing about Communists wanting to run the United States. We believe in freedom. Communists don’t.   If Condoleezza Rice was running for president I, and many other conservatives would have voted for her.

Is Allen Keyes racist for wanting Obama to release his birth certificate? What about all the other blacks who would like to see it?

If we are racists for wanting to see Obama’s sealed records, what did that make the people wanting to see McCains?

No answer? I thought so…

McCain Threw The Election. There, I Said It

Posted in politics by roving on August 7, 2009

I don’t know of many people that were ecstatic over McCain running for president. I know I wasn’t. McCain is to wishy washy. The only thing I liked about him was his stance on wasting money on pork.

McCain could have easily have won the election if he would have just said these four words at every campaign stop: “Obama, release your records.” But he wouldn’t because he knew, just like they all knew. Obama would had dropped out or been kicked out.  Even Hillary wouldn’t go that far and if she wouldn’t, then you know something isn’t right.  She wanted to be president to bad.

Right out of gate during the campaign McCain was soft. He refused to call Obama by his full name and if anyone used Obama’s middle name McCain chastised them. McCain seemed to stick up more for Obama then Obama’s own people.  He refused to hit hard on Obama’s past relationships with America haters.

It had gotten so bad, people were begging him to do something. Go after Obama and go after him with everything. Obama has been crooked most of his life. It wouldn’t had taken much effort to bring him down. McCain refused. Meanwhile Obama goes after McCain. Middle finger and all.

When McCain brought in Sarah Palin, I don’t think he expected the reaction she received from the people. She energized them. SHE brought in the crowds. Not McCain. When I voted, I voted for two reasons. One, I saw Obama as the communist he was, and the other was Sarah Palin.

McCain saw his numbers go up with Sarah.  McCain had a problem. Sarah was in it to win. That wasn’t the plan.  What to do? Well…

He suspends his campaign to go vote for the bank bailout. KNOWING this is not what the people wanted.  He seen how powerful Sarah could be so he hides her for a couple weeks then sets her up for ambush interviews giving her his talking points. He couldn’t have Sarah speaking for Sarah. That would only get the people even more excited. His own people started stabbing her in the back.

This isn’t when I thought to myself, this man is intentionally try to lose. That thought came over me during one of his campaign stops in Minnesota when he told a fearful crowd “ I admire Obama and his accomplishments and I will respect him. He is a decent person, and a person that you do not have to be scared as President of the United States.

That is when it hit me. McCain is not trying to win. What bothers me is why? Who is Obama? Is there someone behind the scenes who decided Obama was going to be president and we need someone to throw to the American people to run against Obama but not so hard that this person actually wins? I mean, come on, look at Obama. Hes dumber then a box of rocks. He can’t talk about anything without  someone feeding him the lines.

Obama broke laws during the campaign. Many laws.  He tried to stifle free speech, he committed the Logan act almost a half dozen times, he received illegal campaign donations, vote fraud,  and went after private citizens because they dared to speak their mind. Yet not one thing was done. Nada. they did try and go after McCain’s campaign finances though even though he reported everything.

If there were a recount of votes, Obama may have or may have not won but it would had been closer then what the final tally was.

The way I feel is this whole thing was a set up from the start. McCain should of easily beaten Obama even with the media on Obama’s side.

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Subtle Changes

Posted in politics by roving on January 8, 2009

For the first time in my life I found myself being careful who I talk to. Its not that there is a law agaisnt not talking about what I want or to who,(not yet anyway) its the ‘feeling’ that comes over me when I do.

At my job I can count on one hand how many people didn’t vote for Obama. As far as I know anyway because the ones who didnt are keeping it a secret.

I made the mistake of listening to a couple guys make fun of another who voted McCain. The one guy seemed to be sticking up for the McCain supporter. I kept my ears open for a week or so and sure enough anytime the talk turned to the McCain supporter it seemed as though this guy was sticking up for him. So one night I was put with him and I started some small talk and asked him what he thought about Obama and all the lies he has told. This guy tells me he voted for Obama. Just great. Here I thought he was sticking up for the McCain supporter when all along he was being sarcastic.

Now there is this feeling I get when I walk into a room. Being as how this guy has a pretty big mouth, they all now know how I feel about Obama. They wont say anything while I’m in the room. That isn’t the way they work. They wait for the person to leave before talking about them.

What is unbelievable is how much they don’t know about Obama. They all think the same way. He is good for change. We need a change. He had no clue about the birth certificate flap, his voting present 130 times, his crooked wife, the land deals, the born alive abortion, etc. Nothing. All they talk about is the change Obama will bring. Whats missing is I don’t hear them say what kind of change. Their main talking point is Obama isnt Bush.

Talking to a fellow Conservative last night, he started getting loud. He is very passionate. Off to the side a woman come walking up then backed off just listening. She is also a Obama supporter. I’m thinking, just great. More talk for the Obama crazies to laugh about.

The night of the election I was at work but getting updates through texts. After it was obvious Obama was going to win, I began feeling physically ill. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through the night.

A change came over the work place that night. Its something I cant describe. People can take this as being racist or not. Makes no difference to me. I’m just saying what I saw and felt.I don’t believe in political correctness. I don’t believe we should hide in closets and whisper what we feel.

Looking down the isle I saw all the blacks in the place all gathered together. Not working. Just talking. After about 20 minutes they broke up and went about their business. But when they came by me or when they were in the lunch room I could feel something was different. The impression I was getting was we won and now you cant tell us what to do any longer. Thats the best way I can come to the describing what I felt.  It only lasted for about a week or two before everything felt like it was back to normal.

I’m not the only one who has to now keep things hidden. I know of others at other work places are doing the same thing.

Uninformed voters are the scariest kind of people.