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What Next. Squirt Guns?

Posted in politics by roving on August 29, 2009

Second hand smoke blown into a face.

Putting a bug on a leg.

Playing music.

Put a bag over a mans head and have him pretend to be dead.

Have some power tools sitting out in the open. Pick one up and turn it on.

Saying if they don’t talk they will kill their family.

Putting a few drops of water on a mans face.

This is what the left is having a fit about. Its torture! No. what is is though is laughable and actually worked!

I would love to see how the left would get info out of a terrorist. I have yet to see any of their ideas. Their to busy criticizing how its being done.

What the left does love though is showing the enemy how we get info so when they are captured, they will know we are bluffing and no harm will come to them if they refuse to talk.  I’m sure our enemies are having a big laugh at us about now. If the left had their way they would tell them troop movements so they would have time to get away and  none of them  could get hurt.

Instruments of Torture album cover

If it were me and I had a man who just killed 3,000 people sitting in front of me, I would pull out his fingernails. I would break his kneecaps. I would do what it took to save more lives.  It would be a two-fer. Getting info and a little payback all at once.

I’m surprised Obama is letting the military use real bullets in the war. Maybe if the plan he now has to  lose the war in Afghanistan doesn’t work, he will pass out squirt guns to our troops. (with warm water. Cold water would be a shock) After all, we are also using tanks and planes. The enemy has neither. It doesn’t seem right. We need to make it more fair so  that there isn’t so many of the enemy killed at once.

I think every soldier should only be allowed to kill 3 enemy combatants a week. Agreed? Or is that to many?

Seriously, if we are attacked again, I put ALL the blame on the lefties, Democrats and King Obama. The blood will be on your hands.

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