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Liberals Assassinate Presidents

Posted in politics by roving on August 21, 2009

We conservatives don’t want a hair touched on Obama’s head. We know if anything should happen to Obama all his communistic values, all his bad ideas,  daily lies and gaffs would be forgotten. Instead there would be riots, pulling people out of cars and beating them, while others burn down businesses. But the worst part would be the press. You think gag me with a spoon coverage is bad now? Multiply that by 10 if anything happen to Obama.  The truth of Obama would be forever swept under the rug never to be seen again or 50yrs.

The only ones who keep bringing up the danger Obama is in are the people in the liberal press. Its like they wish something would happen. Maybe by bringing it up almost daily, they are hoping someone would act.

Its the liberals with the violent history. The Democrats are the ones who formed the KKK. They are the ones who beat, hanged and shot the blacks in the south. They are the ones who called for segregation.

Obama’s friend Bill Ayers set off bombs and killed innocent people. He had wanted to kill a room full of young servicemen with their dates in a dance hall but it didn’t work out. Obama’s pastor is the one who spoke about hate of the white people and of the U.S.  Its the liberals who go around setting buildings on fire and destroying personal property in the name of saving the planet.

Abe Lincoln: Assassinated by the Democrat John Wilkes Booth

James Garfield: Assassinated by Charles Guiteau.  Was a Democrat campaigning for Horrace Greeley in the hopes if Horrace won, he would be a part of the administration but when Greeley lost Guiteau became  a Republican campaigning for Grant but Garfield won nomination so Guiteau went with him  thinking he could work in Garfield’s administration. Charles was a nut and was insane long before he killed Garfield.

William McKinley: Assassinated by left winger Leon Czolgosz.

John F. Kennedy: Assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. A Marxist. Who joined the Young’s People Socialists League.

If anything should happen to Obama, the first place I would look is at the liberal Democrats. They are the ones obsessed with something bad happening to Obama. We want Obama arrested. We want the world to see the crook Obama is.  We want Obama to fall flat on his face as he is doing now. The longer Obama goes on talking, the more of a clown he becomes and we enjoy that.

May Obama live to be impeached and deported back to his home In kenya.


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  1. Austin G said, on January 12, 2012 at 11:26 am

    like a typical conservative, you twist the truth. democrats are not the same as liberals. they had a flip back in the 1930s. every assassination before that threshhold was on a liberal republican. and every one afterwasrd on a liberal democrat. the KKK came up in the 1860s, far before this flip. and the KKK is also described as a “far-right” organization. DEMOCRAT DOES NOT MEAN LEFT WING. visit a history in politics class instead of pretending to know what youre talking about. so yes, democrats did form the KKK. they did hang and prosecute blacks. but that was back when they had conservative values. “left winger” no, conservative democrat. your information is invalid

  2. Anonymous said, on February 26, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    …*facepalm*… read a book before you make posts like this.

  3. ralph martin said, on February 27, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    Yea what was that guy that shot Gabby? Oh yea left wing conspiracy nut. Nice try libs.

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