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Presumed Consent Organ Donation Is “For The Children”

Posted in politics by roving on March 7, 2010
Organ Donation
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I opted in to be an organ donor years ago.  This is the way it should be.   IL state sen. Dale Risinger wants to introduce a bill that will make all Illinoisans potential organ donors and will have to opt out if a person doesn’t want to be an organ donor.

From the pjstar: Joe Berry who has worked in hospital administration and was on the receiving end of a someone who had given consent to be an organ donor. Joe brought up the advances of pediatric medicine. “Pediatric patients who are dying because of liver failure can receive a transplanted liver to buy time to allow the child’s own liver to regenerate. When that happens, the donated liver can be removed, and the child’s own liver takes over.”

This is the trick started by Clinton. Use the children to push things through. After all, who isn’t for the children? How much freedoms have we lost for the children? Our taxes have gone up and up  for the children.

Look, the real reason Sen. Risinger  wants presumed consent is because he knows thousands will have no idea they are now organ donors.

With Obama in office and the Democrats in power, I expect the following news story story to happen more often. If Obama care passes, its game over. Seniors and low income people will have a even larger target on their back then they  have now.

MIAMI (WSVN) — A young mother died when, a lawsuit claims, she was taken off life support without her family’s permission.

It was supposed to be a day of joy for the Francois family. Twenty-six-year-old Caroline was giving birth to her third child at a local hospital.

The baby was born fine, but the next day things went terribly wrong for the young mother. “Her blood pressure remained high and continued to remain high,” said the family’s attorney, Loreen Kreizinger. “As a result of her uncontrolled hypertension, she had a bleed to the brain, which happened the next day after the baby was born.”

Caroline was put on life support. “It’s terrible,” said Kreizinger. “It’s probably one of the worst things I’ve personally ever experienced as an attorney, and I am also a nurse.”

According to the lawsuit, after Caroline was put on life support, the local hospital called the University of Miami organ donor program. An employee of the donor program went to the hospital and tried to meet with the family. “Mr. Francois never spoke with them and never gave consent,” said the family’s attorney.

But despite that, the lawsuit against the University of Miami claims that same employee, who is not a medical doctor wrote physician’s orders in Caroline’s chart which read: “Patient pronounced brain dead at 16:16 hours,” and, “Please discontinue all treatments including the ventilator.”

“We have evidence that he physically entered the room and actually turned off the ventilator,” said the lawyer.

Court testimony supports that shocking allegation. Caroline’s respiratory therapist was asked in a deposition, “Who physically took Caroline off the ventilator?” The therapist replied, “That’s a gentleman from organ procurement.”

In Caroline’s chart, her nurse wrote the employee from UM “turned off vent,” referring to the ventilator.

No one is saying why this employee might have pulled the plug, but Caroline’s doctor is very clear. In testimony, her doctor was asked, “Did you yourself at anytime make an assessment that Caroline was brain dead?” The answer: “No.”

“We have evidence that Caroline began to breathe on her own, both by a computerized respiratory printout and by handwritten notes of the respiratory therapist,” said Kreizinger.

Asked if she was implying that Caroline was breathing on her own and still taken off life support, the family’s attorney replied, “That’s right. That’s what we’re saying here.” More at WSVN

I am going to be changing my status to not being an organ donor and if this presumed consent law passes, I will be opting out.


Thanks A lot You Dumb Ass Voters In Illinois

Posted in politics by roving on August 21, 2009

My great corrupt state of IL is in big trouble with its budget. My state loves to spend other peoples money. Our Reps love giving themselves huge paychecks even though they deserve pay cuts for what they have done to this state.

I blame the voters of Illinois for a big chunk of our problems. Time and time again they vote in Democrats. Democrats only know how to raise tax, give money to people who refuse to go out and get a job, take away more and more of our rights, and care only about being in power.

I want to know when the hell these people are going to wake up and vote these thieves out of office. Our Republicans Reps are not REAL Republicans. More like Demoblicans. But they are still better then the tax and spend Democrats.

The personal freedom in Illinois is ranked at almost the very bottom. 49th out of 50 states yet here come the dumbass  voters voting the Democrats right back into office. Thank you, may I have another. Are the people in Illinois really just the dumbest people in the country or do they just not care?

The state is raising our drivers license from $10 to $30 Oct 11. They passed a “sugar tax” If you read this thing you have to wonder what the hell is our reps smoking? They raised our plate registrations from $78 to $79 a year. Their excuse is so they can buy new state police cars etc. I would like to know what they were doing with money they were already getting. We went $48 to $78 in one year for our car registrations. It almost doubled and they are STILL in trouble??

Everything The Democrats touch goes to hell. Its embarrassing living in this state. Our  Governor Blago chased thousands of jobs out of the state and now our new Governor wants to chase the rest out.

They know they can do what they want because they know the dumb asses will vote them right back into office. Look at Mayor Daley. The biggest crook of Chicago and the dumb asses vote him back into offices every time.

My city is run by Democrats. People are leaving and good paying jobs are vanishing.  The answer for falling revenue? Why raise taxes and fees of course.

Thanks a lot Dumb asses. Its not right I have to pay for dumb asses.

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I Hate You Illinois

Posted in politics by roving on March 13, 2009

Ahh, to live in the land of corruption. IL has a population of over 12 million people. Over half of the population are just plain, whats the word I’m looking for? Oh, stupid. They continually vote in the same corrupt politicians, then complain they are corrupt.

IL is run by Chicago. If we could get rid of Chicago, the rest of us would be better off. There are to many brain dead people living there and the rest of the state has to pay for the damage they cause.

We got rid of one Governor who chased thousands of jobs out of the state and now our new one wants to go after the rest of them that stayed.

CBS2 reports our Governor Pat Quinn wants to raise our taxes 50%, stick it to the working class people by raising the standard deduction exemption, and eliminate some some business tax breaks.

State lawmakers are also talking about raising gasoline taxes to pay for road and bridge construction. Fees on driver’s licenses and license plate stickers may also go up.

What I”m not seeing is any cut backs. Even with all the hikes the state still will be in the red.  We already pay $78 for our plates. What the hell are they doing with all the money that’s being raked in?

In my town, we have federal, state and city tax on our gas. Our gas prices are consistently above average compaired to the rest of the country. Our mayor had added sunshine taxes on gas, sales, phone, and electricity with the  promise they would drop off in one year. Well, surprise surprise, he extended them which I knew would happen the day they put the tax on there.

I guess they seen all of us getting that extra $13 temporary tax credit the Kenyan allowed us to have and the state didn’t like the idea of us have a few extra dollars so they will confiscated that and then some.

I feel the country is coming to a breaking point. By the time the USURPER is finished taking away most of what we earned and giving it away to others, sooner or later people are going to say enough is enough.  Maybe, just maybe the people who keep voting in these Democrats will finally open their eyes and see who the enemy is.

In the mean time, my FOID card can’t come in the mail soon enough.

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Why Arrest Blagojevich But Not Obama?

Posted in politics by roving on January 5, 2009

handcuffs Mr. Ryskamp had written and mailed this letter to Fitzgerald last month:

Dear Mr. Fitzgerald:

Today you told the press, in connection with the Blagojevich arrest, “We were in the middle of a corruption crime spree and we wanted to stop it.” And yet most of the complaint is based on evidence you have had for a number of years. In other words, if the matter concerning the appointment of a Senator were removed, you would still have had enough evidence to indict Blagojevich. In fact, the complaint shows that you have enough evidence for a number of years.

This means that you and no one else, allowed Blagojevich to continue on a “crime spree” long after you had enough evidence to arrest him. Indeed, he would never have gotten to the point at which he was about to sell a Senate seat, if you had arrested him earlier. Why did you not do so? Why did you allow him to commit more crimes?

And now you are about to show the same negligence again. You are apparently about to make the same mistake with regard to Barack Obama. As you probably know, Evelyn Pringle has published detailed online articles concerning Obama’s participation in “Operation Board Games” crimes. Below, I reproduce paragraphs from your own Blagojevich complaint, and after them, a section from the Pringle Obama articles dealing with precisely the same facts as the complaint.

Her articles show in detail that Obama has committed the same 18 USC 1346 crimes you discuss in your Blagojevich complaint. And yet he has not yet been arrested. Why not?

Just as you allowed Blagojevich to get to the point where he was about to sell a United States Senate seat, so you allowed Obama to be elected President, and apparently you are willing to let him continue his own crime spree by actually becoming President.

It was irresponsible for you to continue to allow Blagojevich to continue in office when you had enough evidence to arrest him, and it is irresponsible of you now to allow Obama to continue in office and become President, when you have enough evidence to arrest him.

Arrest Obama now. It is irresponsible of you to wait any longer.

Sincerely yours,

John Ryskamp

This letter writer is talking about investigative reporter Evelyn Pringle story she posted online: “The investigation dubbed “Operation Board Games,” into the influence peddling within the cesspool of corruption that encompasses Illinois politicians from both major parties, has developed into multiple subplots, many of which feature Barack Obama.” The rest is here.

So why is it Obama is still walking around free?

To top it off, its being reported Obama received $10,000 from Raghuveer Nayak for his 2004 senate primary run. Which is ILLEGAL.  The federal investigators are looking to see if Rahuveer sought to raise 1 million dollars for Blagojevich in exchange for the governor’s appointing of Mr. Jackson to the senate seat.

Okay, find and dandy but what about the $10,000 Obama received? What about the millions of illegal dollars from overseas donors to his campaign? Why is Obama continually getting a free pass? I think we are in for one of most corrupt presidencies ever.

Did Fitzgerald Tip Off Obama?

Posted in politics by roving on January 5, 2009

Listening to Mark levin a caller by the name of “Judge Sally” called into the show.  I know it seemed strange to me when the the wiretaps suddenly stopped because if they would had gone a little longer, who knows how far it could have gone. Did Fitzgerald or someone in his office tip off Obama or his team?

Not only that but Obama has committed some of the same crimes as Blago plus some of his own and yet Fitzgerald does nothing. Lets him slide.  I know there is talk of Fitzgerald looking into the land deal between Obama and Rezko but its been common knowledge that deal stunk from the beginning.  Why didn’t Fitzgerald go after Obama way back when?

Obama, Oops…Six Times

Posted in politics by roving on December 26, 2008


While working for the people in IL Obama preferred voting present (130 times) then to stick his neck out and commit on a piece of legislation. Maybe he always had plans to run for president and needed to hide some of his true feelings. I have no idea. Why bother running for a seat if your not going to use your voting powers?  At least 36 of those times he was either the only senator voting present or was part of a small group of up to 6 voting present.

Then comes the times he mistakenly voted wrong. Oops. How this happens, I have no idea. If a man can’t tell the difference between a no button and a yes button, its kinda scary he is the one who pushes the nuke button. (figuratively speaking)

Here are the six mistaken votes.

Barack Obama angered fellow Democrats in the Illinois Senate when he voted to strip millions of dollars from a child welfare office on Chicago’s West Side. But Obama had a ready explanation: He goofed.

“I was not aware that I had voted no,” he said that day in June 2002, asking that the record be changed to reflect that he “intended to vote yes.” Oops.

On March 19, 1997, he announced he had fumbled an election-reform vote the day before, on a measure that passed 51 to 6: “I was trying to vote yes on this, and I was recorded as a no,” he said. The next day, he acknowledged voting “present” on a key telecommunications vote. Oops.

He stood on March 11, 1999, to take back his vote against legislation to end good-behavior credits for certain felons in county jails. “I pressed the wrong button on that,” he said. Oops.

Obama was the lone dissenter on Feb. 24, 2000, against 57 yeas for a ban on human cloning. “I pressed the wrong button by accident,” he said. Oops.

But two of Obama’s bumbles came on more-sensitive topics. On Nov. 14, 1997, he backed legislation to permit riverboat casinos to operate even when the boats were dockside.

The measure, pushed by the gambling industry and fought by church groups whose support Obama was seeking, passed with two “yeas” to spare — including Obama’s. Moments after its passage he rose to say, “I’d like to be recorded as a no vote,” explaining that he had mistakenly voted for it. Oops.

On June 11, 2002, Obama’s vote sparked a confrontation after he joined Republicans to block Democrats trying to override a veto by GOP Gov. George Ryan of a $2-million allotment for the west Chicago child welfare office.

A fellow Democrat suddenly seethed with anger. “You got a lot of nerve to talk about being responsible,” said Sen. Rickey Hendon, accusing Obama of voting to close the child welfare office.

Obama replied right away. “I understand Sen. Hendon’s anger. . . . I was not aware that I had voted no on that last — last piece of legislation,” he said. Obama asked that the record reflect that he meant to vote yes. Then he requested that Hendon “ask me about a vote before he names me on the floor.” Oopsy daisy.

Sen. Hendon says he can understand someone mistakenly voting wrong however he has never done it.

Obama, The lying Machine

Posted in politics by roving on December 13, 2008

Obama says not he or any of his staff have  met with Blagojevich but its coming out now that Rahm Emanuel has in fact talked to Blago numerous times.

What I don’t get is why does Obama tell lie after lie? Every time he tells a lie, the truth eventually  comes out then he has to use the same tired excuse “I didn’t know”.

Seems each step brings us closer and closer to Obama. Looking at Obama’s very very questionable documents while serving in IL I wonder  if ANYONE would have done SOMETHING instead of letting him slide he wouldn’t be where he is today. Its like Obama can do what he wants, when he wants and there isn’t anyone who is willing to stop him. They put their heads in the sand and make excuses for him.

CNN asked Blagojevich if he had anything to say to his fellow Illinoisans, Blago replied “that he will wait to speak at the “appropriate time.”

As he left his attorney’s office, the governor did not answer a question on whether he is going to resign, saying only, “I’ll have a lot to say at the appropriate time.”

Should Obama be worried? I think Blago will be looking for a deal like Rezko has done. The FBI has enough on his wife to send her away to prison. Will Rod let that happen?

Yes Obama, soon your whole face will be one huge tic.