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Death Panels Could Be used To Bump Off “Enemies”

Posted in politics by roving on August 20, 2009
in a moment

I think everyone pretty much knows Oregon already has a “Death Panel.” Instead of giving a person life savings drug, chances

are good you will be offered a suicide pill. Texas also has “Death Panels” except they are run by hospitals. A few people called a “ethics committee” make the final say if the person lives or dies.

It makes one wonder what kind of person it takes to be on one of these panels. Does having a God complex help? Americans are known for being a compassionate people. Anytime there is a disaster somewhere in the world, Americans always stand up to the plate. We give more then any other country in the world to others in need.

Having a small group of people sitting around at a table deciding who lives and who dies goes against everything we Americans believe in. I wonder if they feel any kind of guilt.

If this were to go national, I could see abuses taken place. It may take time but sooner or later it would happen. Maybe someone in the White House or a person with a lot power is upset with someone because they are causing problems for them and the time comes when this person becomes very ill, who’s to say someone with that power directs the panel to deny care for that person?

I can see it now. Some people with a lot of power sitting around a table with a list of names who they would like bumped off.

Legalized murder is all these death panels are.

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