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Next President Will Need Prosecution Czars

Posted in politics by roving on August 25, 2009

Its frustrating to see Obama and his crime family commit crimes and no one seems to care. Judicial watch keep uncovering new crimes yet do nothing. I don’t know exactly their purpose.  The Republicans see these crimes but say nothing. What is wrong with these people?

When Obama is impeached or voted out next election, the new President I hope will have her hands full investigating and prosecuting the Obama administration. The President will need to bring on czars to handle the overflow.

The first person who needs to be prosecuted is Obama of course for past and present crimes. They are so numerous its hard to keep it all straight. It could start from when he was a Rep. in IL and work to the present. That could take 10 czars just for him alone.  They could start with fraud and work their way up to treason. Its all out there for anyone to look up. I have blogged a few times of the crimes Obama has committed. If anyone had done even a small amount of what Obama has done they would be sitting in a federal prison right now. That’s a fact. You libs can deny all you want. You just choose to ignore it then lie. Its one of the reason the libs fail at everything they do. The truth does them in.

The libs were all up in arms saying Bush spied on Americans by listening in on phone conversations but they cant come up with  even one American the Bush admin. had spied on yet here we have Obama wanting neighbors to turn in neighbors and illegally spamming peoples email but we here nothing but silence from the left.

The libs had a heart attack over Cheney having private meetings with big oil. Obama has secret meetings with Pharmaceutical lobbyists  and we hear nothing but crickets from the libs. Obama also had secret meetings himself with big oil.

031202_VF_ValeriePlameThe libs were all up in arms over the outing of a desk jockey not in the field not in danger CIA agent Valerie Plame.  You know, the one who had her picture plastered in a magazine. People must hang for this they said. Well now we have  Terrorists lawyers showing pictures of REAL CIA agents to terrorists putting theirs and other CIA operatives at risk. Again, nothing from the left.  This is treason and how much does anyone want to bet the Obama admin does nothing?

Members of the Black Panthers intimidating voters on election day had charges dropped by Attorney General Holder saying since the defendants didn’t show up for court, the charges were dropped. Is that or is that not blatant piss off Americans or what?  I wonder what he would have done if it were the KKK  members standing  outside preventing people from voting.

Obama illegally fires inspector general Gerald Walpin.

This could go on and on. The crimes have been so many that Obama’s administrations hands are pretty much tied prosecuting anyone because they commit the same crimes.  They must know they will be lucky to make it through just this one term and it just shows how arrogant they are by not caring.

That’s okay though. The next administration will have 8 yrs to go after all of them. And I hope she does. She did a good job of cleaning up Alaska.

Alaska Gov Sara Palin Visits Troops in Kuwait

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