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A Democrat Who Is Republican

Posted in politics by roving on November 4, 2009

A friend at work voted for Obama. He absolutely hated Bush. He watches the three news networks for all his information so I can see how he would think the way he does. He only hears the Democrats side of news stories.  In other words, he is very very uninformed and brainwashed.

What really gave it away was when he told me a couple times “Obama is the hardest working President we ever had.”  He word for word mimicked the network news.  Of course he has yet to tell me exactly what it is that Obama has done that was so hard and good for the country. All I see is someone who put our Grandchildren  in debt, ignores the Constitution, parties a lot, travels around to other countries, and plays a whole lot of golf. I may ask him next time what he thinks Obama has done just out of curiosity and a good laugh.

What I have noticed about my friend is we think alike on things.

We agree on:

Lower taxes.

For the death penalty.

Against paying taxes for welfare cheats.

Freedom of speech.

Everyone should have equal rights.

To many laws using the excuse, because its “for the children.”

Drill for oil.

Against taxing for things that they claim “isn’t good for us.”


I should inform him that just maybe he has been voting for the wrong party.  The Democrats are for:

High taxes

Against death penalty unless its a innocent baby in a womb

For giving welfare cheats our tax money, and I’ll throw in tax cheats.

Against freedom of speech unless its something in their favor.

Some have more rights then the majority.

They use “Its for the children” as an excuse to take away more of our rights.

Against drill for oil. Would rather we be hostage to other counties and at the same time help other countries drill.

They treat us like little children thinking they know whats best for us only so they have more power over our lives.

Intolerant. (look at a liberal comments if you have the stomach)

I’m thinking he doesn’t really know what Republicans stand for. If he would just take the time and study both sides he would realize we are not the enemy.  its the Democrats who want to intrude in his life, shut him up and take his money.

I may ask him if he Knows the difference between the two. Something tells me he does not.

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