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Nuclear Plant 50 Miles From Thomson. What Could Go Wrong?

Posted in politics by roving on November 17, 2009
Nuke Plant_01-30-09_5

I live in IL and a little closer to Thomson and Byron IL then I care to be at the moment.  There are times I can see the cloud  the Byron nuclear pant produces.

Obama is considering sending the worlds most dangerous men to our prison in Thomson IL. The people in Thomson are really hurting. When the prison was built the people were promised it would be full of prisoners and create many jobs. Some put their life savings into businesses only to end up losing everything because they foolishly believed the politicians.

Our military, taxpayer, hating  Sen. Durbin is all for sending the terrorists to Thomson. His reasoning is, it will create thousands of jobs and because nothing has happen at Guantanamo Bay, that means nothing will happen at Thomson.

For one thing Guantanamo is surrounded by water with trained soldiers guarding them. Another thing, What will happen to property values in Thomson? Who would want to buy a house in a town that houses the worlds most dangerous men and have a bullseye painted on the whole town not to mention all surrounding towns. The jobs Durbin is talking about, is he saying the prisoners will guarded by civilians? Most important, there is no nuclear plant near Guantanamo.

The Byron nuclear plant is only 50 miles from Thomson. Even less by the way the bird flies. The nuclear plant would look like a real nice target to some pretty nasty men who would just love to put a little fear in the lives not to mention kill thousands of innocent civilians.

Talk about a perfect storm. Durbin and Obama are truly insane.


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  1. Ken Graham said, on December 15, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    This President who believes that treating terrorists as a legal issue rather than a terrorism issue is clearly not thinking about what Americans want as these very dangerous terrorist are TRANSFERRED to little Thomson, Illinois.

    Does it cross your mind that Mr. Obama himself is setting this country up for a massive failure on many fronts.

    1. Passing an insane health care bill and rushing it through and labeling anyone who questions it as those who are not truly concerned about Americans as he is as president.

    2. Now, detainee’s are coming to Illinois and I am sure some liberal judge is going to eventually release them to the streets.

    3. Do you remember the US CONSTITUTION. It is clear that the above mentioned issues are circumventing the American Constitution.

    4. Under Bush we traded away our freedoms with The Patriot Act. Under OBAMA, the trend to gut America not only continues but accelerates as it is clear to me this man is trying to create a perfect storm that will indeed jeapordize this country.

    5. Know that George Soros has bankrolled OBAMA. This man believes that America MUST BE DESTROYED in order to save the world as he puts it.

    6. Mr. OBAMA cannot tolerate scrutiny and questioning. When asked on these issues he almost invariably starts mumbling and then says, “uh, look, uh….look here” and smiles as he demonstrates that he is unable to be honest to the American public.

    7. If we do not choose to defend our liberties, we most certainly are going to lose them.

    Wake UP AMERICA! The beginning of the end of our lifestyle is not only going to end, it is going to be OUTLAWED as a violation of UN AGENDA 21.


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