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Buy Health Insurance Or Go To Prison. Who Goes?

Posted in politics by roving on November 8, 2009

For those us of who will refuse to buy health insurance after our workplaces kick us out of their plan because it would be cheaper for them to just pay the penalty,  we could face fines and prison time, Who exactly would do the time?

Lets say I was married. I have a wife and 2 children.  The wife and I decide not to have any health insurance because we don’t want to live under communist rule and this is our way of protesting. We both have jobs.

Do they haul the husband off to prison? does both the husband and wife go to prison? Does the Government take away the 2 children and place them under state custody?

Since our prisons are over crowed now and they have been releasing prisoners early because of the lack of room, will they build special prisons just for the freedom fighters?  Maybe put them in camps?

Because Obama is “the one we have been waiting for,” maybe we will just replace the murderers and rapists in prison now because we dared to go against him. After all, it is all about Obama and his control over his subjects isn’t it? We must never speak against the chosen one.

In Obama’s mind, who would be more of a danger to his ego? Killers or people who speak out against him?   He would send both parents to prison, take the kids away to indoctrination school so they grow up to be good sheep

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