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The Word Black Is Racist

Posted in politics by roving on November 27, 2009

The word black should be removed from the dictionaries and anyone mentioning the word is racist.

Sounds a little silly doesn’t it?  I swear it seems to me some people just sit around all day and think up just the dumbest things they can call racists. They have no life and live to try and make others more miserable and guilty. It doesn’t work but they give it their best shot.

Its Democrats who do this. The weird thing is, its the Democrats who have been the racists for years. After over 100 yrs of being racists, who are they to tell the rest of us what or who should be considered racist?

To this day they continue to be racists by trying to keep the blacks down and in their place by offering them all kinds of free money and programs in the hopes they wont pick themselves up and try and make something of themselves.  The blacks remind me of the Jews who voted for Obama. Obama hates the Jews but the Jews ignore what is in their face and vote for him anyway.  The blacks keep voting for a party who keeps them in check by reminding them how they can’t make it on their own. The Democrats idea for prosperity for the blacks are food stamps and welfare because they know once they are on that long enough, its very hard to get away from it and if they want to continue to receive welfare they need to keep voting Democrat .  Its a very neat trick.  Its a lie but hey, it works.

Joy Behar apparently had nothing to do one day while taking a dump and came up with an idea. Hey I could go on TV and prove to everyone how a moron thinks by asking the question, isn’t it racist to call it Black Friday?

Its hard to fathom how people like this even gets on TV.  Surely there are brighter people out there trying daily to break into TV or radio.  I think its time to give a few people one.  The ones we have now are so out there, they really need some professional help.

The word racists should be next to the word Democrat in the dictionary.  Joy needs to look into the history of her party before calling anyone a racist. That includes all Democrats.

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