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The Racists Media And Obama Supporters

Posted in politics by roving on November 20, 2009

Obama’s campaign was more about race and, well, lets face it. Lies. Bold right on your face lies. You know, things like the most transparency open government ever, all bills will be posted on-line for 3 days for all of us to see before being voted on among  many other lies to numberous to mention here.

 The media so desperate for racism stories would just make them up. The “Kill him” comes to mind. The media would show up at tea parties, look and look for any sign they think may be racists and zero in on that and ignore all the other signs. Out of thousands of people, they judge them by one or to people.

Almost daily the media shows how racist they are by calling people showing up at tea parties, “teabaggers.” constantly talking about whites as though they are the scum of the country. Cris Mathews is the leader of the racists. Making snide remarks about people waiting to meet Sarah Palin at a book signing. Did he see any signs saying blacks not allowed? No. Were there any blacks there? I’m sure there were.

I find it odd Cris and the others have a problem with whites but if Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton hold a extortion rally they dont mention the sea of blacks who showed up. They wouldnt dare do it.

Why don’t they report about the black conservatives who are singled out and beaten because they have different beliefs? If union members beat up people or try and intimidate them into remaining silent, why is it Cris has no problem with that?

The media seems to be desperate wishing harm to come to Obama just so they can say see? I told you so. The problem is, they don’t know their history. It’s the Democrats and the left who assassinate presidents. It’s the Democrats who hung blacks in trees. It’s the Democrats who wanted to keep blacks in their place. We don’t want a hair on Obama’s head harmed because then the media and his supporters will turn Obama into more of a God then they already think he is. It’s the left who they should fear.

The media and leftwingnuts are also racists against conservative women. They make fun of Palin, call her dumb, make sexist jokes about her. They say she is  insignificant and a joke yet have no examples of why she is a joke. When debating about Sarah with a conservative, the left is chewed up and spit out.

If Sarah Palin is so insignificant, why report about her every move? Shouldnt they be ignoring her? Afer all shes a nobody right? 

What the media and the leftwingnuts have done is taken racism, and turned it into a joke. Racism means nothing any longer. They killed it. Now when racists is mention, they get an eye roll and a here we go again.

They have effectively set racism back 50 years.


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