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“I Will Stand BY Muslims Should political Winds Shift In Ugly Direction”

Posted in politics by roving on November 6, 2009

Obama said this in his book that Bill Ayers wrote. The argument is Obama was talking about American Muslims. Okay fine. I will take Obama’s word on that even though he tells lie after lie.

The massacre at Ft Hood by a Muslim and Obama’s way of reporting it raised my interest.

Obama apparently not realizing he was on TV Obama was giving his shout out to someone in the audience and thanking everyone for organizing and being there. After almost 3 minutes of gushing over himself he finally mentions the Ft Hood shootings.

Today another thing Obama said peaked my interest. “We don’t know all the answers yet. And I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts,”

Hasan, (the shooter) is a Muslim. He was born in the U.S. but put down he is a Palestinian on forms.

Hasan would try and convert his patents to the Muslim religion.

Hasan shouted Allahu Akbar. (God is great) before opening fire.

Hasan expressed some anger about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hasan posted  about suicide bombers. ( authorities haven’t proven he did post it yet) equating them with soldiers who throw themselves on grenades to save others.

If I were in the military, a police officer, or anyone who requires a gun for the job I would be suspicious of anyone who is a Muslim.  Sleep with one eye open kinda thing.

In my opinion a soldier who believes in the Muslim religion does not belong in the military. Especially the U.S. military.  For one, Muslims are cowards. They wont fight face to face. They prefer suicide bombings or the planting of bombs. Muslims normally run when faced with the enemy. The so called bible they read is full of hate and killing.

Obama who this past summer jumped to conclusions because a officer had arrested a black man now warns eveyone not to jump to conclusions because Hasan is a Muslim. Hmm.






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