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CIA Pays Pastor Manning A Visit. Hey Mark Levin, Heads Up

Posted in politics by roving on November 18, 2009

Pastor Manning released a video saying his arrest is coming because of a previous video he had made in which they claim he made threats to Obama.

I listened to the “threat video”  and there was no threat made against Obama in it. He only said Obama should be arrested for treason, tried, and sentenced to death because Obama is not a U.S. citizen.

Two CIA agents working for homeland security and two Detectives paid Manning a visit in his church. Manning expects to be arrested in a few days.

So, here we go. Obama is starting to come after people who are speaking their minds and opinions. My question is, who will stand up for, and help defend Pastor Manning? Oh, hey, I know. Why Mark Levin. Of course! This would be perfect for Mark Levin. He should want to be all over this.

Levin is president of Landmark legal foundation. Levin has offered to use  his foundation to defend the lawyers for free who wrote the guidelines in interrogation techniques. 

I wonder what Levin would say if his help was asked for in the defending of Manning because Obama’s thugs are going after a U.S. citizen for using his 1st amendment rights by using a bogus charge? This should make Levins mouth water.

I can answer that. Levin will ignore it. His has his orders. Do not talk about Obama keeping all his records hid. Do not talk about Hillary not being qualified to be Secretary of State. Do not talk about Obama campaigning for his cousin in Kenya when Obama was Senator then thousands murdered because his cousin lost. Including women and children locked in a church then set on fire killing everyone inside.

Levin, Rush, Hannity, Beck, and all the others will not talk about anything that will  force Obama out of office. Wake up. These people are frauds.



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  1. aprilnovember811 said, on December 6, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    He did bring the birth certificate issue up on Friday night. He said he believes Obama is American, but he said it’s weird that he won’t release it. He said he has his, his wife has hers, his kids have theirs, what’s the big deal. His final words were, come on Obama, release it, humiliate the people who don’t believe it. I’m sure Mark was just toying with him, if I know Mark the way I think I do. He certainly isn’t that stupid to believe Obama about anything. So in the words of the “great one,” come on Obama, release your birth certificate, humiliate me and other “birthers.”

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