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Obama Purposely Pushing Country To Civil Unrest?

Posted in politics by roving on January 20, 2010

There were calls made to Washington, emails & faxes, polls, Townhall meetings, marches on Washington, protests throughout the country, elections of Republicans in NJ, VA, and the  “Can you hear me now” win in MA with Scott Brown.

Yet Obama doesn’t hear the people. Obama vows to push ahead with a health bill less and less of the people want. The Democrats are talking about changing the rules to push the bill through. Others are talking about cutting it up into smaller pieces and inserting them into other bills so eventually we would have the health bill no matter what we think.

If I didn’t know better its becoming clearer and clearer Obama wants civil unrest. He wants the people in this country out there in the streets angry and fed up.  He is daring the people to just give him an excuse to bring the hammer down.

It should be obvious by now Obama is a narcissists. About the only ones who don’t see it are the hard core left and the media. The media can’t see it because they also are narcissist.

Obama, the left, and the media continually thumb their noses at average Americans with their clinging to guns and religion,  making comments about people like Joe the plumber, calling Americans terrorists, calling the average American racists, making fun of people who drive pickup trucks. I still don’t understand why people who drive pickup trucks is funny. Its the trucks and SUV’s that kept people working. They hate babies and make fun of people with disabilities.

Its also obvious Obama is not on America’s side when it comes to war on terror. Generals are confused on what they are supposed to do when capturing enemy combatants.   Obama gives the enemy constitutional rights and brings them to trial in American courtrooms. Obama has caused the death of soldiers with his orders to our soldiers not to go after the enemy if they retreat into villages or houses. Obama has threaten the CIA with crimes if they do their job causing them to second guess everything they do which puts lives in danger. The almost downing of an airline shows me just how whipped the CIA is.

Its becoming clearer and clearer someone is pushing the buttons ordering Obama what to say and do. Obama cannot go anywhere without his teleprompter. If the teleprompter breaks down, Obama is left there stuttering and reaching for words. If anything interrupts his reading of the promter, like a heckler, he is totally lost at how to react.

I do see a problem with his  plan though.  He will need more people behind him then he has now. The contempt Obama shows of the military wont help him. More and more states are turning against him. Some threatening to sue. More of the people are looking at our Constitution and reading up on it.

My feeling is Obama may create some kind of crises. Maybe let the Untied States be attacked and suspend the next presidential elections until “the crises passes.”  Again, he will fail because the people are beginning to open their eyes to who and what Obama is.

Even his dream of a National Security Force will not be strong enough to stop the people.


Obama, The Sleeper Cell

Posted in politics by roving on May 20, 2009

There is a man in charge of this country doing more damage then any terrorist could do besides taking lives. Not that Obama wouldn’t like to do that.

We have a man running this country who has accomplished nothing in his life. The only thing he has done  is read what’s in front of him written by someone else.  Everyone Obama has hanged out with hate the U.S. and or are criminals.  In the senate Obama couldn’t even remember how to vote and when he did, there were a few times he “accidentally voted wrong.”

Obama would like to set the prisoners free from Gitmo. The men who would kill you rather then look at you. Obama wants to do away with our nukes inviting other countries that hate us to attack us. Obama is cutting back on development of new weapons making us weaker and  so other countries can catch up. What other reason would it be?

Obama is trying with all his might to destroy the economy so we all are dependent on the government. He is taking over companies, making sure the fail and throwing more and more people out of work every day.

Obama is raising taxes on everyone making sure there will be no extra money for us to spend and get the economy moving again.

Obama wants to take away the peoples SUV’s yet he uses one. He says we are the problem yet he flies in a man thousands of miles away to make him a pizza. He flies another thousand miles to give a little speech about how we are causing global warming. He thinks we keep our houses to warm yet it was so hot in the White House everyone had to take off their suit jackets. He sends his plane to New york to terrorize the people.

While people suffer through disasters and unemployment, Obama parties and continues with his rhetoric how its OUR fault.

When Obama speaks, the stocks drop. Obama sees this happen but doesn’t shut up because that’s what he wants to happen. Obama is going by Hitlers playbook and just like Hitler the people fall for it.

What has me wondering is why are the republicans so quiet? Are they being threaten? Does Obama have other sleeper cells here ready to do is bidding if they protest to loudly? Sure now and then they make a feeble attempt to fight back but mostly they are silent. All it would take is for just one of them to stand up and ask Obama for all his records he has put under seal and this nightmare goes away.  We throw people like Pelospi and Clinton in prison for helping in the cover-up, pick up the pieces and get this country back on track.

As it stands now all the terrorist’s have to do is sit back and let Obama bring us down without lifting a finger.

9/11 and USS Cole Families: “We’d Been Had”

Posted in politics by roving on May 8, 2009

Every day more and more of the gullible are opening their eyes and seeing for themselvees what kind of a evil liar Obama really is. Its strange they never seen it during the campaign. All they had to do was look at who Obama hung out with. That alone tells you who Obama is and what he stands for.

Over the years, the Cole families have seen justice abandoned by the Clinton administration and overshadowed by the need of the Bush administration to gather intelligence after 9/11. They have watched in frustration as the president of Yemen refused extradition for the Cole bombers.

Now, after more than eight years of waiting, Mr. Obama was stopping the trial of Abu Rahim al-Nashiri, the only individual to be held accountable for the bombing in a U.S. court. Patience finally gave out. The families were giving angry interviews, slamming the new president just days after he was sworn in.

More at wsj

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Just Wondering

Posted in politics by roving on April 27, 2009

Now that obama once again created a treasonous act by giving our enemies top secret memos, which by the way makes it   what, the 5th time Obama has committed treason? Its hard to keep track. What would you, the I support the terrorist do to make a terrorist talk? All you seem to be able to do is condemn others for trying yet have no answers. Even knowing water boarding has prevented attacks and hasn’t killed or maimed the person being water boarded, you still have a problem. Even knowing our own military goes through everything that was done to a terrorist you STILL have a problem.

The only thing missing is how would you go about getting information needed from a terrorist in order to save thousands of lives??

The problem Obama has and he apparently hasn’t thought out is, he isn’t going to be in power forever. He can go after all the people he wants but just remember, what comes around, goes around.  He has PLENTY of crooks in his administration that could keep the next justice department very busy for years.

From here on out all blood will be on Obama’s hands. He has shown who’s side he is on but the only thing our enemies are doing is laughing at him. After all like Chavez said, Obama is a ignoramus.

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Another Crises, Time For Obama To Party

Posted in politics by roving on April 12, 2009

An American merchant ship with American sailors hijacked on the high seas by terrorists who now are holding the captain hostage.

When asked about it during a press conference Obama refused to answer because it wasn’t on his TelePrompter so he had no idea what he was supposed to say.

The pirates knew it was an American ship but hijacked it anyway. Pretty ballsy of them isn’t it? Not really. They have heard Obama’s speeches he has read. They know he is weak and has no idea what hes doing. They  know who’s side Obama is really on.

What would have happen if Bush was still president? Nothing. Thats what. Because this wouldn’t have happen in the first place. Terrorists know Bush isn’t going to mess around with them and they would have never dared pulled this stunt. If they did do it, they would be dead by now.

As it stands, there are a few fellows holding off the United States Navy. The most powerful Navy in the world. Laughing at us. Laughing at Obama.

What does Obama do? Why send in a FBI negotiator and “investigate” the crime of course.  I bet them pirates are shaking in their boots.

The world is watching Obama and he is failing big time.

Anyone else notice whenever there is a tragedy Obama has a dinner party? This time its a pizza party. A few months ago while people were freezing to death because of no power due to snow and ice storms, Obama was dining on $100 per serving of wagyu steak.

I hate to see the party he will throw when we are attacked again.

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Dick Cheney Will Have Blood On His Hands

Posted in politics by roving on February 7, 2009

Dick Cheney, 17 days out of office as vice president, has told a reporter that there is a “high probability” of a nuclear or biological attack against the United States. This is because of the way Obama plans on dealing with terrorists.

Dick Dick Dick. You Dick. Don’t you see Obama doesn’t care. You saw who he first contacted after buying the election. His Muslim Jew hating  buds.  He wants to give killers from different countries constitutional rights. Russia and Iran see how weak Obama is and they are going to use it against him.

You Dick, had your chance to do the right thing and follow the constitution by asking if anyone objects when you were counting the electoral votes.  You decided to let this fraud take office with your own free will.

When we are attacked again, you and everyone who participated in this fraud will all have blood on their hands.

India to Use Truth Serum:Media Not Outraged

Posted in politics by roving on December 4, 2008

The terrorist captured in India has revealed some facts about the attack in Mumbia. Its common knowledge the police torture suspects.  Azam Amir Kasav more then likely didn’t give up some of what he knows voluntarily. The police interrogators  admit they are going to use truth serum on the killer.

What I hear from the left, the media, Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, and others is…nothing. Yet when our soldiers strip a few prisoners and take pictures or make a suspect listen to music they wouldnt like, they are called Nazis.

I could only imagine how wild the media would be if American authorities let it be known in pubic they were going to use truth serum on a terrorist who just helped kill over 100 citizens. Obama would be front and center reading a statement written for him telling us all the US is a big bad bully and heads would roll.