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Disaster Relief Charity Donated Money For Obama Statue

Posted in politics by roving on January 26, 2010

I gave to the United way for years and years then found out how much money they kept for themselves as pay. I was disgusted thinking I was paying for someones new pool in their backyard.

I did give a few dollars to the Salvation Army then later find out they also do a little scamming themselves. Since I gave money and not gifts, I can only hope it will be used as intended.  I  will continue to give to our veterans and the Lions Club.

I didn’t give to any charity intended for Haiti because they had received billions of  U.S. tax dollars over the years and nothing changed. The money most likely went into the corrupt governments pockets.  Obama has pledged $150 million in aid to Haiti as soon as he can borrow the money from China.   Which will cost us more after interest. If the billions we gave vanished I will assume the $150 million will also.  As far as I’m concerned, I just gave.

Indonesia built a statue of Obama as a little boy and erected it near where he went to school. It’s purpose is to inspire children to follow their dreams.   The statue was paid for through donations. One donor was a disaster relief charity. The story left out the name of the charity.  I would think that would be a story alone.  How many other charities are giving money to things that have nothing to do with the intended purpose?

How does a statue qualify for using disaster relief charity funds? Sure the statue only coast $10,000 but using even one cent intended for people in need is wrong.


Salvation Army Playing Games

Posted in Uncategorized by roving on January 15, 2010
The Salvation Army - To Give or Not to Give. . .
Image by ckaiserca via Flickr

Charities have been a let down for me. It used to be we would be given a list of charities at work and we could pick and choose which one we wanted to donate with using automatic deduction from our paychecks or one time payment. I always picked the suicide help line.  The suicide help line not only talked to people thinking about taking their lives but would talk to thoses who were just feeling lonely.

After a few years my workplace dropped them all and only gave us one choice. The United Way. I gave to them a few years until a few months after 9/11. I was disgusted where the money was going. The huge salaries were out of line and I wondered if my money was going to help or towards a paycheck so I stopped the donations.

After Obama stole the election, my thought when I saw the bell ringers out in force was I would never give to any charity except for military veteran charities  because I didn’t want my money going to Obama voters. I figured you voted for Obama, let Obama help you with his hope and change.  I did put a few dollars in the kettle anyway this past holiday.  I’m having 2nd thoughts again but this has nothing to do with Obama.

Now I’m wondering about the Salvation Army. Yes the Salvation Army helps families. There is no doubt about that. However what I learned about the gifts people donate I must wonder how much of the money donated actually makes it to families in need.

First, I have no idea if this happens all over the country. I’m just picking one Salvation Army center. Some may not  think its a big deal. To me, its just another let down.

This particular Salvation Army has names of families people on a Christmas tree and people can pick a family they would like to donate presents to.   The presents come flowing in all gift wrapped. What some may not know is, the family names are made up.

After the family leaves the presents, they are put in a room and opened. I can understand opening them up because some people can be mean or think they are funny by gift wrapping a lump of coal or something.  The gifts are then gone through and some are kept by the volunteers for their own family.

One particular gift almost got the Salvation Army busted. This person had picked a fake family name from the tree and sees the same gift at a Christmas party the Salvation Army was throwing. When confronted, The Army seemed shocked and promised to “investigate.” I wonder how that investigation is going…

On Christmas day the Salvation Army serves food to people in need. This past Christmas they served 80 families yet when reporting the number to the newspaper, they inflated the number to 180 families.  Why did they do that? I’m thinking if they can show the readers just how bad it is, people would pour more money into the Salvation Army.

Personally I have never donated a present to the Salvation Army. I have however donated to the Marines Toys for Tots program.  Formally being in the military, I KNOW the toys go to children in need.