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The Blame Bush Lie

Posted in politics by roving on January 18, 2010

Obama is coming into his 2nd yr of power while still blaming Bush for his screw ups even though Obama said the buck stops here.

I don’t know if the Obama supporters truly believe the economy is Bush’s fault or are truly misinformed.  Most of the blame can be placed on the biased media for repeatedly leaving out certain facts that are harmful to Democrats.

Ever notice when a Democrat does something unlawful or embarrassing they leave out the party affiliation or mention it in the middle or end of a story? If it were a Republican, party affiliation is the first thing they bring up.

Sarah Palin was criticized about the “bridge to nowhere”  but the media left out the fact that Obama voted for it. If Obama and the rest were so against it, why did they vote in favor of it?  If the media had done their job, they would have asked Obama that question.

At my job I had overtime. All the overtime I wanted. The overtime was so much, some of the people with lower seniority were mandated to work the 6 days a week. Much grumbling was going on so the company hired temps but it did no good. We were so busy, we even had a customer willing to pay for our plants power costs and overtime if we made their orders a priority.  We just seemed to never get caught up.

When 9/11 happen and after the shock lessened, I thought the overtime was finished. I was expecting a total crash and layoffs. Never happen.

Things were humming along until a little after 2006. Slowly but surly work began to slow down. Overtime ended. People were worried about layoffs. What happen?

What happen was the Democrats took power over both houses. The Democrats began pushing their agenda through that began hurting  economy.

It’s a fact the Democrats caused the bank failures. It’s a fact Bush and the Republicans tried repeatedly reigning in the Democrats warning them what was going to happen while the Democrats claimed over and over nothing was wrong. Obama himself personally had a hand in the collapse of the banks.  Obama sued Citibank forcing them to give bad loans to people who had no way of paying it back.

I was not happy when Bush signed the first stimulus. It made matters worse but what does Obama do after seeing it wasn’t working? Why do a 2nd stimulus of course that almost totally destroyed our economy. He has seen what both stimulus packages have done. It raised the real unemployment to almost 20%. Since this didn’t put us on par with 3rd world countries, he is talking about yet another one.

Obama wants to push through in cap and trade, health care reform, taxes on banks that will be passed onto the people, and more tax tax tax. He is bound and determined to economically destroy this country and the Democrats are on board to help him do just that.

To  the media, bloggers, people who leave comments all over the web talking about how Bush ruined the economy for 8yrs,  your fibs don’t work with me.  I experienced the economy. I know the truth and if you want to live in your little world of denial, that is your prerogative but do you think  it possible of ever telling the truth even if just a little bit?

Democrats are lucky most people get their news off the air and papers or they would had been history long ago.


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