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Big Loss For Faux News Internet Trolls

Posted in politics by roving on January 31, 2010
Fox News Channel controversies
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Faux News. I would see that in comments across the web in comment sections. I knew they were full of it and apparently so do most people across the country. In two recent polls Fox News IS number one as the most trusted news on television.  One by public policy polling and another done by Zogby.

The trolls continually lie about the bias of Fox News by confusing commentary with news reporting.  When I watched Fox I have always seen they would bring in both sides to voice their opinions.  Now flip tip to oh say MSNBC with Keith Olbermann. How often do you see both sides represented there? Olbermann is allowed to air his lies with no rebuttal.  I actually think he is slowly becoming more and more insane and keep expecting him to commit suicide on air as his ratings go further down the toilet. Maybe he will if Mark Levin ever releases the emails he received from women who dated him. From what I can gather from hints are, he is a pervert, momma’s boy, and lets just say, “its small.”  Olbermann wouldn’t dare have opposition on his show because they would literally destroy him in facts and he knows it.

The Faux News Trolls post their comments out of fear. Fear of the people hearing the news that other news channels refuse to report or just plain lie about.

There are so many stories the other news channels refuse to air so I will pick the latest story. Obama’s HUGE lie about how he would put a end to no-bid contracts and in reality  Obama gave $25 million to a campaign contributor in a no-bid contract. So far he has given more then $543 million from the “stimulus” away with no competition from other companies.

Remember Haliburton? Of course you do. The MSM made sure to bring it up almost nightly. They turned Haliburton into a household name.  If this was the Bush administration, Checchi & Company would also become a household name. For those of you who don’t watch Fox News, they are the ones who received the $25 million who just happen to big contributors in  the Democrat campaign.

Faux News Trolls need the people to remain clueless. Its a way the liberals would be able to take over the United States and form it into their own little communistic  idea of utopia. You control the news or how people get their news, and  the people become like dumbed down sheep. Kinda like what you saw at Obama rallies across the country during the election.

So next time you see a clueless Faux News Troll leaving a asinine comment you now know the reason. Fear.

By the way, The idiot did it again. He bowed to the Tampa mayor