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If They Lied Then, Why Believe Them Now

Posted in politics by roving on January 12, 2010

I will never buy the Palin bashing book, Game Changer. Reading excerpts for free is fine by me. I hope this book finishes Steve Schmidt’s career or if we’re lucky he will switch over to the Democrats and take his “expertise” to the next Democrat running for president. He does that, Mickey Mouse could  beat whoever the Dems choose to run.

If the book is to be believed, that means about everything Sarah wrote in her book, Going Rogue was a lie. Hmm, who to believe. Sarah Palin the christian God fearing woman, or a bald headed looking dufuss?  I’ll stick with Sarah Palin. The giveaway that the book is full of lies against Sarah is they went overboard. Maybe if they stuck with a couple of things it may have sounded more believable. When I saw Sarah didn’t know the difference between North and South Korea, then I knew this book is full of crap. What I found odd was, I have yet to see excerpts of  how much of an idiot Obama was. To me, that’s just another clue.

This book is just another cover-up for the greatness of Obama from What I can tell so far. As much as I dislike Hillary, she is right. There was fraud. People were bused in to commit voter fraud during  the caucuses and after. There were many people reporting how Obama’s people were playing dirty.  I remember  the witnesses describing what had happen.  Voter fraud was happening in almost every state and all in favor of Obama.

This book is revenge mainly against Sarah because instead of reporters doing their job, they were up in Alaska digging through trash cans trying to find anything they could on Sarah Palin but couldn’t find anything so just made things up or reported rumors.  If they lied then, why should I believe them now? To this day the media reports half truths or refuse to report stories.  They continue to cover for Obama just as they did during the campaign.

Look, I have eyes and ears and I paid close attention the the campaign. Over and over I would ask myself what the hell is McCain doing? Why isn’t he going after Obama hard? It was a very frustrating campaign to watch. It hit me later they were losing on purpose and Sarah’s book only confirmed my belief. Everything possible they could do wrong, they did. I wasn’t the only one frustrated with McCain’s campaign. It was all over the blog-sphere. Schmidt was upset Sarah actually wanted to win the election.

I never seen a picture of Steve Schmidt before and when I finally did a few days ago, I could see why McCain lost. My first thought was, I wonder if he sucks his thumb every night before falling asleep while clutching his teddy bear. He reminds me of a spoiled child.

I seen how Katie Couric and Charles Gibson treated Sarah compared to how they treated Obama. They purposely tried tripping her up along with heavy editing to make sure she looked bad.  They repeatedly reported false rumors as fact.

Schmidt let the news media get away with the false reporting of any news to do with Sarah while stabbing her in the back with leaks.

As for the stories about racists remarks Clinton and Reid said,  nothing surprises me about the Democrats anymore. They are the party of hate and racists.  Only Democrats are allowed to break tax laws and continue to remain in office. Only Democrats are allowed to  spit in peoples faces, burn cars, trash anywhere they show up in in groups, silence free speech, become violent, etc.

The real game changer is coming. Its coming this fall then again in 2012