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Shame On You John McCain

Posted in politics by roving on January 25, 2010
Sarah Palin addressing the Republican National...
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Sarah Palin endorsed John McCain. People are upset. Most seem to be upset at Sarah claiming this is some kind of test she was supposed to pass.

No sooner had Sarah announced her endorsement for McCain,  a former conservative congressman J.D Hayworth has decided to run against McCain.

I will lay odds Sarah didn’t go to McCain but he came to Sarah. I was waiting for it to happen and I was hoping she would turn him down. I’m not upset as some. Sarah feels she has a deep friendship with McCain. It boggles my mind why she feels friendship since he had stabbed her in the back countless times during the campaign and afterwords in interviews with the media.

I am thankful McCain gave us Sarah Palin. When I was casting my vote, It was Sarah who received it. Not John McCain. She gave life into a otherwise sad sad campaign. McCain is more fitting as a blue dog democrat and should be stripped of his republican stripes.

Sarah tried to win the election. McCain gave the election away. McCain’s people tried shutting Sarah up and hid her from the public. He saw the crowds she drew. She excited the base while he was sticking up for Obama.

Shame on you John McCain for putting Sarah in a no win situation.  You have had your time. Let it go. We conservatives don’t want you.

As for Sarah, I’ll let this one slide.


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  1. rxsid said, on February 17, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    Go J.D Hayworth!

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