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Was Obama Tipped off By Fitzgerald?

Posted in politics by roving on April 15, 2010

A woman who says she is a judge called into the Mark Levin show back in 2008 said she thinks Obama was tipped off and there was a cover-up in by Fitzgerald or someone in his office in order to protect Obama.  The judge is curious of why the wire taps were ended so suddenly.

Why did Fitzgerald end the investigation into Blago so soon? The judge in the upcoming trial has already said some documents will not be released. Seeing as how all judges to date have helped in the cover-up into Obama not releasing his documents that are sealed by using a strange excuse of “no standing” I can guess who’s name is most likely in the documents the judge says may not be made public.


More Proof Fitzgerald Is Protecting Obama

Posted in politics by roving on February 19, 2009

I would like to know why it took till AFTER the vote on the bankrupt America deal before it came to light Burris lied about not having any contact with anyone having something to do with Blagoojevich and selling of senate seats.

Obama needed Burris badly  to vote on the bill. Obama wanted Burris to have the senate seat. Obama of course will act dumb again and say he was out of the loop and had no idea.  What does anyone want to bet some knew Burris lied but kept quiet until after the vote. If so, then anyone hiding the information should also be prosecuted. Oh wait. Burris is a democrat. It was a bone head mistake. He just forgot to mention he tried raising money for Blago. Being a democrat that’s allowable. They also don’t have to pay taxes unless caught and when caught have nothing happen to them. Use the Obama defense. Works for him.

Fitzgerald had Burris on tape yet, after Burris lied in the impeachment hearing, Fitz stayed silent. He let a crime be committed. Just another reason people shouldn’t put their hopes on Fitz bringing Obama down. Fitz has had other chances to get Obama and let it go. I suspect he stopped the investigation into the selling of the senate seat to protect Obama. What we need is a special investigator to investigate Fitz.

What is it about Obama that has everyone so scared of him? The MSM is sitting on the biggest story of the century about  Obama’s birth certificate and how he is fighting the release of it. They all know about it but refuse to report it or do their own investigation.

NOW Democrats call for Burris to resign. Only because they have to. I wonder if they would have called for his resignation  before the vote? Unlikely.

Everyone Falls But Obama

Posted in politics by roving on February 8, 2009

Sun-Times Tony Rezko was moved out of “the hole” back in Dec. and moved to another location.  Obama’s pal is still talking to the feds in hope of a lighter sentence.

A federal grand jury has subpoenaed records on dozens of low-income housing projects built over the last 30 years by indicted businessman William F. Cellini, convicted political fund-raiser Tony Rezko and City Hall insider Allison S. Davis.

Two projects are what Obama has acknowledged playing a minor role. Both of those projects involved Rezko, a former fund-raiser for Obama. One of them included Davis, who was once Obama’s boss at a small law firm.

In all, Rezko got more than a dozen deals from IHDA, often with the help of Davis’ law firm, Davis Miner Barnhill, a small firm that specialized in helping developers get government funding for low-income housing.

Obama has said he did six hours of legal work in 1995 on one of the deals now under scrutiny by the grand jury.

Rezko built a senior citizen home, just outside the Illinois Senate district Obama then represented. Though the project was outside his district, Obama wrote letters in 1998 to IHDA and city officials, urging them to give Davis and Rezko government funding. Obama has said he didn’t remember writing the letters, which he has called “form letters” sent out by a staff member.

Blagojevich who most likely knows all the dirty little secrets had his security detail  taken away as soon as he was impeached. Normally they would have the security for one year.

After Obama did his internal investigation that cleared himself and his top aides, his top aides were served with subpoenas. Gee, I thought Obama cleared everyone.  It couldn’t be possible Obama lied again could it? Or will be it another bone head decision? Or is it, he just can’t remember? Add everything from the time Obama was in the senate till now, any other person would be sitting in  a prison cell.

I can’t see anything coming out of this at least on Obama. Fitz is doing his best to protect him.  The people Obama throws under the bus seem  not to mind being used so I don’t count on them saying anything against their messiah either.

It could also be they know what Obama is capable of. Take a look at what Leo Donofrio went through trying to fight Obama over the birth certificate. Ask Larry Sinclair what  Obama is capable of.