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Obama’s Presidency Is Good For Talk radio

Posted in politics by roving on September 9, 2009

I’m beginning to wonder if maybe people like Mark Levin are thankful Obama is president. With Obama in office, his and the other talk radio hosts ratings are going through the roof.

History was made today in a court room. A  date is set for trial concerning  Obama’s eligibility yet has anyone heard a peep about it from Levin or the others?

I listen to Mark levin daily and frankly hes beginning to make me sick. Hannity, just keeps repeating everything day after day. He gets boring after awhile. Mark Levin however keeps boasting about how great he is and how he is a know it all with the Constitution yet not a word about Obama having a father was not an American.

I have read if anyone calls Hannity and the caller tells the screener they want to talk about Obama’s birth certificate, she becomes a bitch or just hangs up on them.

Something has happen with Levin and Hannity. Either they were threaten or they took a pay off to keep silent because they won’t even discuss Obama hiding all his other records. Never mind his birth certificate. Now why wouldn’t they even mention that?

Could you imagine if it was McCain who was the one fighting the release of his records? It would be on all the news channels and talk radio daily.

When or if it comes out Obama can not produce his birth certificate, I’ll be sure to tune into Hannity and the others and listen to their explanations of why they participated in the cover-up.

Then I hope they are finished. As far as I’m concerned, they are traitors.


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