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We Torture Our Own Soldiers

Posted in politics by roving on April 23, 2009

The so called crimes Obama and the democrats say Bush and company tortured our enemies even though it worked and  thwarted attacks on the U.S.The funny thing is, the torture  is EXACTLY what   our own special forces go through yet its okay for our own people to  be tortured but people trying to kill is we are to do nothing? This is why the lawyers said the techniques would be okay. Its what our soldiers go through to be prepared for combat. Why would Obama be okay for our soldiers to be “tortured” but not a terrorists???

Its just one more of many many examples of Obama hating the U.S. and wanting our country destroyed. Obama is doing everything he can do to tie our hands behind our back. I could swear he is begging for another attack on our soil.

What exactly does Obama think is okay in trying to get information from a terrorists?? Offer milk and cookies if they talk?

Our CIA had captured some really bad people recently yet didn’t interrogate them but instead handed them over to the military.  Can’t say I don’t blame them.  Why go to prison for putting a bug in someones cell.

What is going to  happen is, we will capture someone but will be afraid to do anything and the interrogators will demand everything in triplicate for each and every step which in turn will slow us down opening us up for disaster.  But then thats the purpose. Be attacked.

Why would Obama want us to be attacked? If the attack was big enough, he may try to suspend elections so he can hold onto power. Obama is already trying to ruin the country financially and an attack would put us over the tipping point.   He could suspend our liberties and start throwing people into camps or prisons. Obama didn’t hang out with Bill Aryres for nothing.

If anyone notices, Obama refuses to release the good information the interrogators were able to get from the terrorists. Its because Obama doesn’t want anyone to know. Obama cares more for them then he does for us. You can tell a lot about a person from the way he treats his family and he treats his family very badly. I know I would never let my brother live in a little shack on $1 a month.

One good thing about all this. Mark levin is pissed and has offered his services for free to the lawyers Obama wants to prosecute. Even John Waynes daughter, a lawyer herself has offered to help defend them.

Levin will force Obama’s administration to let EVERYTHING come out. Let the people see who  the real evil ones are.

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