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Obama’s COLB Filed, NOT Registered

Posted in politics by roving on October 4, 2009

The fraud continues. As our Representatives who call the birthers nuts while at the same time appear ignorant over the issue of Obama’s eligibility, continue to ignore or investigate the growing evidence Obama is a fraud.

They happily do this as Obama appoints more radical Czars, bankrupts our country, illegally takes over private companies, more men die in Afghanistan  because of Obama’s new rules of engagement and his voting present on General McChrystal’s request for more troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

First we had Nancy Pelosi committing fraud by using two different certificates of eligibility for Obama to run for president, a fake birth announcement in the Honolulu paper giving out a address Obama’s mother didn’t live at, and now   Hawaii officials are covering up the fraud either voluntarily or through pressure.

MissTickly caught the clue a couple months ago and has been working on it since. From her research she has concluded Obama’s COLB is filed but STILL pending further review.

MissTrickly lays it all out in her blog

When will the media wake the hell up? Before or after Obama declares martial law?


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  1. RadarCat said, on October 20, 2009 at 2:46 am

    I look forward to the day that Obama The Usurper is hauled out of the White House in handcuffs by the FBI and/or the U.S. Army.

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