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Obama’s Parents Divorce Papers: #4

Posted in politics by roving on January 1, 2009

Found on Free Republic.

What can I say? I’ll just post what the person said. He sounded credible. We’ll see.


OK, fellow Freepers,

If you were listening on the Plains Radio around 7:45 Wed evening (last night), I was the guy who called in from Texas. Let me assure you that the 1964 divorce decree from Hawaii is NOT a hoax — it does exist.

With info that Ed gave me on Tuesday night off the air, I coordinated to have the package pulled at the ramp in Honolulu, placed into a Fed-Ex Next-Day envelope by a person at the terminal to get Ed the next day for last night’s show. It was originally scheduled for Two-Day Delivery for some reason — I think either by the PI or as as standard procedure of the Hawaii Courts. However, we WERE able to change the package to Next Day (afternoon) Delivery.

It arrived at LAX on time, shortly after midnight. HOWEVER, we hit a snag — the aircraft broke for approx 4 hours, apparently awaiting a part. The 747 finally took off at 6:47 am Wednesday, bound for Memphis, FedEx’s main hub.

As the morning passed, we began to realize that the package would not get to Ed’s local FedEx hub, and then out on a delivery truck to get to him. We tried to transfer it to another location to be picked up at that FedEx depot, to scan it for Wed’s show. However, we couldn’t pull it off in time to make a departure on Wed afternoon.

Ed will have it Friday at a changed location. Arrangements have been made — it’s very safe.

Additionally, I personally spoke with the PI in Hawaii myself Wednesday morning. Let me pass on what I can relay at this time:

– as I understand, because the decree was Certified, it came straight from the Court House to Ed; the PI did not have the opportunity to copy or fax it. (If you’ve ever ordered an old deed or lien that has to be copied from archived records or microfiche, it’s much the same — it’s mailed directly to the requester …)
– The PI did seem to have looked at the Digest version of the Divorce Decree, not the full version Ed is getting. His words to me, was “it’s very interesting”
– The PI did not know if the document indicated Obama Jr’s place of birth. However, in the early 60s in Hawaii, the place of birth oftentimes does appear in the notes.
– He told me also that the divorce decree was VERY hard to find and not readily searchable — not just a $30 fee at the counter. Significant research had to be conducted. It seems to have been hidden, possibly by Ann Dunham in her youth. (IMO, if it HAD been found already, Berg would have put it on his site along with other docs he’s posted: This is NEW documentation)
– The PI indicated that there’s evidence that Ann used at least one alias tied to this. It’s common knowledge that she used many names (Dunham, Soetoro, Sutoro, and variations thereof).
– There are other copies of the Divorce Decree going other places — the one going to Ed is NOT the only copy! There are back-ups going to other parties.

Ed Hale has more information that he will relay on the Lion’s Den on Friday night on Plains Radio.

Alan Keyes is slated to be on with Ed.

Plains Radio Link

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  1. cpabooks said, on January 2, 2009 at 9:19 am

    The retrieval of the divorce decree is a testimony to the unified purpose of Ed Hale, Orly Taitz and Phil Berg, Leo Donofrio, Steve Pigeon and others. Working together, they are accomplishing the greater good.

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