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Obama’s Grief? Pic The Media Wont show.

Posted in politics by roving on December 25, 2008

article-1101566-02e387c1000005dc-992_468x286Pretty much we all saw the pictures of Obama dumping his beloved grandmothers ashes onto the rocks. You know, the grandmother Obama loved and considered to be one of the most important person in his life yet waits till he goes on vacation almost 2 months after she died to bother having a memorial for.

One commenter I saw pretty much added the whole thing up with one sentence. “Out from under the bus, into the wind.”

There is so much we don’t know about Obama. Its like the man just appeared with no past. His grandmother and mothers age seems to change every time there is a report about them. If we put everything together, I’ll admit it would make people look like kooks. Now it seems there is a question about exactly when his grandmother died. It’s  like a massive cover-up is happening. I think for now I wont take the questionable date of his grandmother dying real seriously until more comes out.  I hate to admit it all making sense. I never was one for conspiracy theories and this whole thing confuses me.

The media seems to be under some kind of spell. Because Obama cleared himself after investigating himself, the media thinks the whole thing  should be closed now and we are ready to move on. This is just a hint of what to expect from the media. I never thought about it before but before the Internet and all we had to rely on was MSM, I wonder how many lies we were told and we swallowed it all.

capture1This picture that the media isn’t showing pretty much sums the whole thing up for me of how Obama felt about his grandmother. Its almost like Obama and wife are gleeful that his beloved grandmother is gone and now is silenced forever?

Who is this man? Should his grandmother in Kenya be looking over her shoulder?

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