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Obama Paying $3500 A Day For rent & Grandma

Posted in politics by roving on December 22, 2008

money-stacklrg1Obama and family are in hawaii renting out a 9 million dollar retreat for $3500 a day. By the time he is done with his vacation he will have spent over $40,000. Is  food covered in this $3500 a day rent?  That is a 1 year salary for a lot of people.

What I wonder is, what money is he using to pay for that kind of rent. Is it from his own personal savings? Or is he using the left over campaign money. Of course we will never know. We will never know anything if Obama and the press can help it.

Obama has been spending his days swimming, golfing and getting secret intelligence reports. Obama getting briefed every day on intelligence puts a shiver up my spine.

What I haven’t heard or read is Obama having a private memorial for his grandmother. I wonder what hes waiting for. Maybe he has forgotten. He’ll come back to the states muttering I know there is SOMETHING I was going to do in Hawaii but I just cant remember what it was.

Obama is one cold  human being. Treating someone who raised him, loved and not bother doing anything for two months. I think its just one of the signs of what kind of psycho he is. He puts her down during the campaign and now would rather play golf and swim instead of paying his respects. I don’t think the man has any kind of feelings in all his body. He throws anyone who gets into his way under the bus.

Maybe the secret service or one of his aides will whisper in his ear and jog his memory before he leaves.

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