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Doing Bad Was Good For Me

Posted in politics by roving on December 24, 2009

I see the horror going on in schools today. Little kids being forced to sing praises to Obama. Textbooks omitting large parts of history. Some printing lies. Teachers trying to force their ideologies onto the students. Look at the colleges. 9 out of 10 professors are liberal.  Now look at the students.

If a conservative speaker is invited to speak, the students shout them down or become violent. They only believe in their own freedom of speech because a typical liberal is selfish. Where did they get their thinking from? Teachers mostly. After the teachers are done molding the students brain into their way of thinking, the news media takes over and keeps up with the brainwashing.

A liberal is allowed to call a republican a Nazi. Or call for the assassination of a sitting president. If a conservative said anything bad about their sitting president, a liberal will act shocked as if they never heard of such a thing. Liberals are the perfect definition of what two faced is.

I didn’t pay much attention in school so maybe I was spared being brainwashed by teachers. I tired thinking back if the teachers tried pushing off their political views onto the students and I just don’t know. I do remember being forced to watch the Watergate hearings and being bored out of my mind.  I liked Nixon but can’t remember what the teachers had said about him. I remember being forced to read a couple books. One being the Animal Farm and thought it was the stupidest book I ever read. Of course now it all makes sense.

I had more important things to do in school then studying. Things like sketching. I was always drawing something. If I couldn’t think of what to draw, I would sketch the room I was in. Tying thread around flies and letting them go. It took some practice catching a fly then tying thread around its head without popping its head off.

I was also always reading books. My favorite book I read while in school was Red Badge Of Courage. I was reading a couple books a week. I would put the book in the textbook while in class and read. I barely paid attention to what the teacher was saying.

My mother sent me to the counselor a few times during the years I was in school thinking maybe I had a learning problem and each time I went they gave me tests. I always aced them so they would tell my mother there was nothing wrong with me.  I just wasn’t trying. This was true.  I didn’t care for school. My senior year I was skipping school one or two days a week.

The hardest I ever studied was in the 8th grade. We needed to pass the constitution test to get into high school and because the high school was in a different building I didn’t want to be embarrassed and have to stay behind. I did quite well on the test. The only time I studied was when I had to in order to pass. So I read the text books more then I listened to the teachers.

Thanks to not paying attention in class, I was able learn on my own. Now, I read history and love anything to do with history. In school I thought how dumb. Why are we reading about dead people and things that happen so long ago?

I had signed up under the delayed entry program with the Navy while a senior so I already knew what I was going to be doing after graduating. Why bother with school?

I did graduate with just enough credits and a month later at 17, I was serving my country. This is when I DID study. People who fail tests in boot camp will be set back and need to do it over again. No way, no how was I going through that again.  A person could almost taste the fear when we would get text results back. I seen some pretty big men crack, breaking down and crying like babies because of the training. I never cracked but probably would have if I failed a test.

Brainwashing did work in the Navy because I paid attention. Before getting out of the service they asked if I wanted to take a course on how to deal with being a civilian. I thought, how stupid. No I think I will do just find thank you.

When I came home  I wasn’t able to cope very well. I sat around day after day doing nothing. The thought of suicide was always there in the front of my mind. I didn’t know why I was so depressed. My step father was worried so called the local recruiter to ask if anyone in the area was home on leave so I could hang out with them. He saw it. The brainwashing. Me, I didn’t know what was wrong with me.  I came very close to ending it all before I slowing started to come out of it.

Now I realize I was brainwashed and I saw the same thing happening during the campaign and still see it. We who wasn’t brainwashed knew Obama was lying even then. Today Obama is still telling  lie after lie and his people still ignore them.  But like what happen to me, some are coming out of the brainwashing. It just didn’t take me as long.

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