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What I Don’t Know Wont Hurt Me

Posted in politics by roving on December 19, 2009

If everyone knew all the news, the whole news and not sound bites, stories ignored, and convenient news stories that suddenly end before the whole story could be told, Obama would still be a Senator collecting a paycheck voting present.

I never take the news on face value. Fox News included. Fox is also selective about what they report. For example, you will never hear Fox News reporting about all the records Obama has sealed. No one even knows what grades he got in school. I assume they are pretty embarrassing seeing as how he acts. Its shame it has come to this but everything needs to be double checked.  It makes me wonder how many lies the news reported before we were able to check for ourselves.

Why anyone would watch the news is a mystery to me. Why would people want to watch channels like CNN, MSNBC, etc or read blog sites like potty mouth KOS KNOWING they are not telling the whole story and just not reporting stories that could make a difference on how people think?

I have thought about it and all I can come up with is they don’t want to know the truth. Maybe it makes them feel less guilty. Its the way I feel about going to doctors. What I think I don’t know wont hurt me.

I have a friend who only watches the news for all her information so when I tell her some things, of course she never heard about it before. She refuses to get on the web to check out facts.  Her excuse for voting Democrat? Her family has always voted Democrat. So in her case I guess it makes no difference if the news told her the truth or not. But I stand by my reasoning for most of the others.

Conservatives are more likely to read both sides of a story. I do when I can stomach it and get past the foul language and wishing everyone would die part.  Most liberals eventually grow out of liberalism later in life but there are some who just can’t handle being on their own and feel no one should be. They remind me of a child going through the terrible twos.  They jump around, scream until they get their way. There is no reasoning with them. You try and debate them, they call you names or always work Bush’s fault into it.

A good place to start and see just how much the news spins and seem to leave important things out of their stories is News Busters.

Its I refuse to know the truth  people who keep CNN and the rest on the air. They don’t want to know the whole story. It makes them feel better.


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